Eminent Domain – Full Video
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Eminent Domain – Full Video

October 25, 2019

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  1. Glad to watch more facts about the Kelo case. A note to the Supreme Court's decision: it perceived "public purpose" as "public use" in view of "an unbroken line" of case law. Public purpose is more than just raising tax revenue, it also mentioned employment opportunities, and reviving an economically depressed area. Doctrinal argument dictated the outcome of the Kelo case. But this presentation made a one-sided argument for the local people, and ignored the government's side of story that the City was designated a "distressed municipality." The presentation further ignored the fact that although Kelo did not want to sell her property, at the end she received more than tenfold economic compensation of the fair market value when she purchased the property. People understand that money (alone) cannot buy an ideal home in an ideal community where people relationships that do not have any "fair market value." But such relationship is the result of government actions that warrant the use of the eminent domain power.

  2. And after the Kelo decision, Pfizer decided to leave. (http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/13/nyregion/13pfizer.html?_r=0))

  3. What's ironic is replacing a local restaurant which has long established revenue with an expanded parking lot actually just winds up with fewer people in the city having long-term jobs. The people contracted to tear down the restaurant and build the parking lot have stable jobs as contractors already- meaning that few if any people are actually gaining jobs under such a project. This leaves the employees of the restaurant with no jobs, and if more jobs aren't being provided to others in the city, then you now have a higher unemployment rate.

  4. Eminent domain is a law that allows the government to acquire private land for the public purposes. It doesn't state anything about whether or not the purposes have to be direct or indirect. Acquiring land for taxpayer revenue is an example of an indirect purpose. I wonder these people lost at the court.

  5. That Phizer property in new London? Yeah it's fucking derelect and full of smaller businesses that arent fucking Phizer. Because Phizer failed there….and hard.

  6. My family and I have been fighting our city for the past 7 years. I'd never wish eminent domain on my worst enemy… well except for the mayor and city council members they can get bent.

  7. Though shale not steel, though Shale not covet whats not yours, though not bare a false witnesses(paying less than somethings worth)honoring money over gods will. The rath will come to them all of them.

  8. I live and work on a farm all of the buildings were built by my great-grandfather and my family has owned the actual property for nearly 200 years, we have passed this farm down for generations of my family, and the idea of eminent domain is scary for this reason even if for public uses, this is socialist. If you own a property it is your property.

  9. any wealthy investors willing to develop in the areas where these judges own homes? lets take their homes and see how they like it…

  10. Did anybody even notice the legendary drummer BERNARD PURDIE at 1:27 come on people don’t be so serious all the time

  11. Emminent Domain is an Abomination
    A threat to free society
    We do not Own
    We lease from Govt
    In China govt gives you 70 year lease
    How is that any different from us.
    Try not paying property tax

  12. advice if you have a home thats a historical home.. make sure to register it… as such.. forver no one can touch it not even government.. only ting is you cant add too it or build just fix and keep the color…. also dont buy near stores or on streets with stores… this world sucks ass… the rich dont want us around but funny thing is we build their shit.. if you accept money and find out someones home was taken like this quite that job

  13. I’m going through this now. Miami Florida palmetto expressway is expanding and taking 20 homes including mine.. :(. I will be paying higher property taxes when I get another home forever. That’s not fair. Just compensation Does not cover higher tax payments forever.

  14. Maybe is some of these politicians ended up DEAD, the rest of the elected traitors would think twice before screwing our citizens.

  15. Why do we never hear of eminent domain being used for low cost housing now the only way to get low cost housing is to share with someone else a single person has a hard time covering the cost the reason we have homeless people and it's only getting worse

  16. Here's a principal, theoretical issue with eminent domain… Think about it… If "fair market value"–generally the measuring stick for fair compensation in eminent domain cases–was all anyone's property was worth to them, it would be for sale to get that value for it. However, the properties in the Kelo case and others weren't for sale. Thus, the property was worth MORE to them than fair market value. So truly fair compensation is never achieved by forcing people out and giving them fair market value for it. The proper method for such activities should be to ask the owner what it's worth to them to sell and pay them THAT. Then everybody gets what they want, not just the government entity and whoever subsequently benefits. And if the price is too high, then that's too damn bad. That would make things very challenging for municipalities to do things. But do you own your property or don't you? (Hint: You don't. You pay rent to "own" your home in the form of property taxes.)

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