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September 12, 2019

hey everybody welcome to another Adam Gibbs mini adventure alright now I just left Strathcona Provincial Park this
morning if you watched last week’s video I decided to spend an extra night there
and well it just absolutely poured overnight and in the morning it wasn’t
much better so I’ve driven out east towards a town
called Campbell River which is on the east coast of Vancouver Island and I’ve
come out to a provincial park called Elk Falls Provincial Park
now Elk Falls I’ve been to once before many many years ago and it’s changed
quite a bit since I was last here they’ve built a whole bunch of new
structures including a pretty impressive bridge over over a gorge right now I’m
kind of more interested in the forest that surrounds the Falls even though
this area has been logged there are some pretty impressive large trees in the
area that haven’t succumbed to the the axe of loggers now right now I’m
concentrating on these big green leaves here this is actually called skunk
cabbage and early in the spring you’ll get these big yellow flowers coming up
from the ground and they smell almost like skunk but as the season goes on the
flowers fade and these leaves just keep going bigger and bigger so they’re
pretty impressive they usually grow in really swampy areas and it’s actually
quite wet around this area so what I’m trying to do is use these leaves in the
foreground with some pretty impressive Cedars in the background now again as
usual the the Cedars get quite lost with the wide angle lens that I’m using so
the photograph is really more about the foreground than the
the background but the background kind of gives her a nice little tells a
little story of where I am and and of the rainforest environment so what I’ve
done here is I have this leaf in the foreground and another one to the right
and then I have a small grouping in the middle and I’ll kind of go over my
thinking with you I’ll show you the back of my camera and we’ll kind of see if
the composition is going to work or not I mean in my mind looking at it it works
quite well but I know that as soon as they open up in Photoshop or Lightroom
then I’ll probably have some different thoughts on the whole composition okay
now I’m just uhming an ahring of whether I should be using a polarizer on this or
not you’ll notice that the leaves have quite a bit of glare I’m not sure if
that’s going to help the image or detract from the image so I’ll take a
few images without a polarizer and then I’ll take some with to get rid of this
this glare and the leaves here but as you can see what I’ve done I’ve actually
centered the cedars in the background here and then I have these two prominent
leaves in the foreground and what I’ve tried to do is I have this leaf going
out to the right but then I have a fern that kind of veers in to the left to try
and keep your eye into the frame and direct it over towards the cedar okay
then on this side I have this leaf veering over to the left with other
leaves coming in from the left to try and keep your eye in the frame and then
up the top here right here I have some fresh green needles of the
of the evergreen kind of veering down into the base of the cedars in the
background now in theory this kind of works for me I’m not really sure about
this area here it looks a little bit empty but I’m sure with a bit of
manipulation by dodging and burning I could probably make that look pretty
pretty nice it looks great on the back of the camera and it looks great looking
at in real life but we’ll see how it works
out as a final image this is quite a pleasant little scene I
think what I like about it is the the repetition of the shapes of the trees
they kind of mimic one another except going the opposite way especially down
there’s one that’s curves over to the right and then one that curves over to
the left but what I kind of wanted to portray in this image is try to show
some of the large trees in this area now this Sitka spruce I think that’s what it
is it’s not massive but it’s it’s pretty big and one of the ways that I that I
try to make a tree look bigger is by not including the whole tree just a section
of it rather than the whole base or the trunk of it and that way it kind of
gives the viewer you know visual cues that this tree could be really massive
or it could just be quite small but it’s usually the opposite it makes it by just
including a part of it rather than all of it it makes it look quite large if
that kind of makes sense I’ll show you two examples of what I mean I’ll take
one image where I’ve backed off and I’ll show the whole kind of base of the tree
and then I’ll take another one I’ll get closer to the chunk of the tree with the
wide-angle lens to try to emphasize it and the background will I’ll try to keep
it more or less the same size as the first image and then you can kind of
compare the two and and hopefully you can see what I’m what I’m talking about all right and that’s it for this week’s
video now you may have noticed that the footage was from two different locations
the reason being is that the video I had actually taken for my regular videos but
the videos were just getting way too long so I had to cut some out but I
thought the information was somewhat useful let me know in the comments below
if you found it useful or if you just found it totally useless I won’t be
offended now then for the next several weeks I’m going to be away I’m off to
the Rockies I have a couple of workshops that I’ll be doing there and also a
couple of small trips so I won’t have an awful lot of content on my on my channel
but if you go to the home page and in the titles there you’ll see one called
community and if you click on that you’ll see some of my latest photographs
if you wanna have a closer look at those I’ll also be posting what I’m up to and
when my next video will be out and every now and then I’m gonna be putting a poll
up there mostly to try and find out what you kind of want to see on my channel
and also I have a couple of projects that I’d like to work on but I kind of
want to get an idea if if it’s worth my while or not so please be sure to you
know just take the the the polls and also if you want to leave a comment that
would be great alright everybody I really hope that you
have an excellent fall of shooting and I guess I’ll see you either at the end of
September or the beginning of October alright thanks ever so much bye bye

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  1. Thank you for a great video, nice tips about your composition. As a norwegian I love that you have a relaxed attitude. Looking forward to the next…

  2. Thanks for another great video! I don't blame you for not getting a shot of Elk Falls. It's a difficult location. I was there last winter and couldn't get a good composition. Everything was either black or white!

  3. Really enjoyed! As always. I need to catch up tho missed a couple Adam and that just can’t happen 😂 you sent my head spinning with the morph cut! I gotta add that to my videos 😁👍 really enjoyed

  4. Good stuff as always Adam. Looking forward to seeing content from your Rockies trip. Heading that way myself soon and can’t wait to see some new territory (for me anyways). Safe travels. Cheers!

  5. Very, very irritating thing you do is the slooow panorama across finall image, and showing 1-2 second the whole picture. I want to see the result much longer.

  6. Always useful Adam. I loved the 3rd image the best (the 2nd photo of that 2nd scene) I thought the natural bordering on the right from the tree helped pull my eye right to those gorgeous quirky trees in the distance. Beautifully lit…well done!

  7. Many thanks for sharing. Wonder if there was another, vertical image in the 2nd image focusing just on the twisted trees? Have a great time in the Rockies…..very, very jealous!!!

  8. Very useful, Adam. I love your lessons on composition and find myself trying to guess where you are going next with the scene.

  9. Your intros are always so amazing! Your forest photography really stand out for their composition. I don't know if you know Toma Bonciu (Photo Tom here on YouTube), but his forest photography is also very good. Have a great trip…

  10. Hi Adam , Very useful information .With so much to digest in photography and still keep the joy in all this,
    You make these vlogs intresting. With amazing drone and b camera footage, Im following more of your advice /tutoring along with coarses im taking its starting to come together. Thank you again for viewing and effort you put into these vlogs for us. Safe trip Adam

  11. Fantastic video, beautiful drone footage, atmospheric and artful images. I aspire to your vision and processing so thanks for sharing as you definitely help me to compose more intersting images. You will be missed and look foward to your return after successful workshops.

  12. Hi Adam, great video as always. I particularly enjoy this type of video when you run through the composition & explain why you have framed the image that way. Look forward to the next edition. Thanks for sharing 👍

  13. I'm finding myself setting up a comp and saying….what would Adam do? As always very useful. I'm off as well this month to try my hand at Grizzly photo's in the Great Bear….have a good trip Adam.

  14. Adam, I really enjoyed this video – your commentary on how and why you created your compositions together with images showing alternative versions were very insightful; am definitely a fan of this type of video as you are a master at explaining and demonstrating how you derive your compositions. Thanks for this!

  15. It was great to see the comparison of the whole foreground tree and the partial tree. The partial tree was much less of an attention grab and kept the focus in the centre of the frame with the curving trees. Such a lovely image! Enjoy your time in the Rockies!

  16. Another interesting vlog. I liked both of your photos. I thought at first you were going to go past the second one, I was glad when you came back to get it.

  17. Adam, nice inclusion of sound of falls and birds in forest in your opening video. Great job! My drone days are over for a little while. Just made a zig where I should have zagged and, yep, the dji refresh has now paid for itself. Always enjoy your instruction and seeing what can be done.

  18. Good job Adam ! Following you since some time I think you are a lot underrated compared others….1! BUT do not give up and continue…your faithful followers will be with you!!

  19. Thanks for another spheric and learnfull video Adam. I like the glare on leaves of the first photo. It looks naturel, and so it is. You can use the polariser to much! Glad you didn’t. Good luck the next weeks with the workshops. Paul

  20. yes the last image really demonstrated the point about forefront image with the tree trunk , it looked massive … really nice image as well adam … have a good trip and a safe journey and thanks for sharing …

  21. Once again Adam – VERY, VERY well done!

    The footage at 0:38 is something that I personally have in the past sopped filmong as it appears you're about to invest in a new drone, however, the camera angle on these things can be a bit deceptive – sometimes….

  22. as always, it is a pleasure to watch your channel, inspiring and captivating. the subtlety at the moment of composing … I hope some time to be able to coincide with you somewhere … greetings from Chile

  23. Good stuff as usual Adam.
    Have been lurking about for some time and I find you are growing on me like the moss on the trees you so artfully capture.
    Keep up the good work. Inspirational and educational. Thanks!

  24. Good stuff. Definitely found the video useful. More little tips that hopefully sink in a little – like just shooting part of the tree. 👍

  25. Hi Adam, another and inspiring vidoe. For me the second tree image works better. On the image with the full width of the trunk there is another light area which distracts my eye. In the second image the cut off trunk works as a border so my eye stays in the light part of the image. But this is only my personal opinion. Have a good time in the Rocky Mountains.

  26. Very useful! Always enjoyable seeing your thought process regarding composition. Have fun in the Rockies. Looking forward to more videos.

  27. Excellent crop on the large tree on the right, both work well, but in this case, "less is more". Thanks again for my moment of zen Adam! Cheers

  28. Always look forward to your vids mate. Stunning woods there! Don’t think there’s anything like that in South Wales. Wonderful in the fog! Loved it mate. 😊👍🏻

  29. Thank you for this one. I find it a struggle to isolate an image when standing in woodlands surrounded by lush green and magnificent trees. Including us in your thought process is a big help.

  30. So many things i like about your videos Adam. Firstly the style: Relaxed and with a smile etc. (suits my pace). Then: the mixture of good filming and good Pictures. Trying to create some video myself, using drone footage and making a good holistic story («I am on this trip, I show you my cup og coffee/tea, my environment, my photo handcraft and my way of translating what i see into pictures») really makes a huge difference. I enjoy seeing Nikon in use. Living in Norway, it is easy to relate to your environment. Most of it could have been in my «back yard». Last: I simply like your pictures and your colour «signature». Your Videos are definitely high quality products Thanks!

  31. Another great video. Any chance of talking about when you focus stack for depth of field vs using hyperfocal distance when it comes to the foreground and getting things to look larger than they actually are?? Thank you.

  32. once again some beautiful images …. love how you continue to give the colour green a good platform as us landscape photogaphers sometimes avoid the lush greens like a plague … safe travels …

  33. Great video. I loved the framing of the first shot and was really curious to see the “with/without polarizer”. Personally I found the glare on the right leave very distracting and thought the polarized version would be more pleasant. Have a good trip in the Rockies. Cheers

  34. Great content and photos as usual Adam! You and Simon are Masters in Woodland Photography, but have to say that I envy your locations more.

  35. Great video Adam. How can anyone give you a thumbs down? Some really great tips and a couple of awesome images. Just one thing I keep trying to sign up for the newsletter but never seem to get any confirmation or newsletters. Just wondering if you can help out on this, my email is [email protected] cheers Tim.

  36. I think including the whole tree looks better. The second photo is isolating the background too much and just serves as a distraction

  37. Great work. Adam. I am just getting around to viewing this video and I loved it. The images are great as they always are. I liked the version of the tree where you can't see the entire tree. I really like the cinematic feel to your VLOG's…they are like watching a movie and I really appreciate your work and the thought you put into every one….like the sound of the rain or water dubbed over the music, that makes it so special. Can't wait till the next video.

  38. That was great. I found the tips so useful, especially the one about making the tree look huge. What a clever technique. I especially loved the final tree image, where you showed us exactly what you meant. Great stuff.

  39. Many vloggers do this for the images they show. First they show zoom in portions and then the overall photo. I think it is more appropriate to see the overall as that is what is photographed and then if it is necessary zoom into parts of the photograph.

  40. Great information. I love the compositions. Forests are really tough to "organize". You did a great job. Loved the presentation with only the small suggestion in my previous comment.

  41. Although you posted this video months ago, I only just now found and viewed it. I find all your videos to be educational as well as entertaining. This one is no exception. It's -21 F as I type this, so not likely to get outside for any photos in the near future, but I think I can see how to use your foreground tips from this video in my local (and very snow-covered) woodlands.

  42. Hey Adam,
    after watching this last week I wanted to come back and say, I've been applying your tips from this video (with a Nikon 20mm f1.8G), and the slight change has helped setting up my compositions "trezmendously!" (thank Gavin for that, lol) I found I wasn't emphasizing my foreground enough, or at all in some shots 🙂 I was using it like a gun scope, aiming too straight, now I see my better images are looking down, more than "straight out", lol.

    P.S. Living here in Newfoundland, that's one thing I don't miss about the mainland, no skunks! lol…no snakes or porcupines either, and probably some other common animals I'm missing…but there are a lot of moose!
    If you ever get a chance to come to Newfoundland, be sure to see Codroy Valley, it's one of the most scenic parts of Newfoundland, and of course, Gros Morne National Park (UNESCO World Heritage Site) the west coast has the best scenery (IMO). Not much for landscape scenery where I live, I'm on the North East coast, Bonavista North, better known as Ice Berg Alley, I do get to see ice bergs in spring, so I'm not complaining….much 🙂

    Can't wait for your new videos from China!!

  43. Every now and then, I watch a video about composition and something deep inside about the vision and creative process of an image just makes perfect sense.
    This is one of those videos.
    Thank you Adam.

  44. Funny the tricks your ears/brain play on you. You said '. . . axe of loggers.' I heard 'acts of vloggers'. 😎

  45. Great stuff Adam I’m learning so much from your content it’s very good and I would like to thank you

  46. Hi Adam! Love your images & I'm keen to get out and try these tips. I'm about to go on a cruise so might see what I can find to shoot.

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