Friday 22 June 2018
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WELCOME to the little schoolhouse at Read the Constitution, Stupid.

Here you'll be able to explore the Founding Documents in greater detail using self-paced tutorials on the various sections of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Additionally, there is a collection of lessons on miscellaneous topics related to the Founding Documents.

Given our belief that the educational system is woefully, and negligently, inadequate with respect to teaching our Founding Documents, the lessons included here rely almost exclusively on original source materials. Accordingly you'll have access to the various sides in the founding discussions enabling you to draw your own conclusions and obtain a richer understanding of our core documents.

As this is always a work-in-progress, we'll 'be adding material to the existing courses and adding new courses as time permits.

We hope this material aids in your understanding and appreciation of our Founding Documents and thereby enables you to become a more effective citizen.

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