Ep 08: India Wants To Know its official name, how Rajnikanth is Mr. India, and Ram is constitutional
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Ep 08: India Wants To Know its official name, how Rajnikanth is Mr. India, and Ram is constitutional

February 23, 2020

How do MBA students protest against the CAA? They send “Deck” pics Kisi ke baap ka Hindustan thodi to hai Rajnikanth fans in the house! If we invoke Rajnikanth’s name at the start of an episode, will this go viral? Hope you watched episode 7 before this and enjoyed it Watch this at a #CAA_NRCProtest to pass the time Peaceful protesters, please keep fighting the good fight! Episode 8 of India Wants to Know begins now…….. What do you mean if it HAD an Aadhar card? I love how you are in 2010 where this is concerned. Like, if the Aadhar card comes through I think it would say India that is Bharat India that is Bharat Article 1 I was going to say probably “The Republic of India” or “The Indian Union” or something like that Minus fifty to you. Its not called the Republic
of India I’m going to say Mr Bharat. Rajnikanth fans
in the house! Chennai represent There’s a very famous Rajnikanth movie by the way called Mr Bharat Mr Bharat? What’s the movie about? It’s about him, he’s called Mr Bharat Anything else?
Does he disappear like Anil Kapoor? He’s a bastard child. He finds out who his
father is illegitimate child you mean He finds out who is father is and takes revenge His father is India, he’s like I don’t have parents India is my parent Wait, he’s Bangalorean but he’s also Marathi so techinically somehow he is Mr Bharat cause
pretty much all of South India together right Two of South India dude – Karnataka and Tamil
Nadu Mr Dakshin Bharat Rajnikanth was born in Bangalore and he worked for the Bangalore Bus Service – the BTS as
it was called then Even Rajnikanth could not improve the quality
of Bangalore buses As a conductor he tried to bring change (teehee!) But he’s from a Marathi family, they spoke Marathi at home but they spoke Kannadiga outside Kannada outside What did I say?
Kannadiga outside Its Kannad
Kannad Gothilla (here we go) His name was Shivaji Rao Gaekwad
But then K Balachander discovered his acting potential and he named him Rajnikanth Where? Where did he discover his acting potential? In the theater right? On the bus!
Not on the bus! No he was part of the course to learn acting in an institute in Madras – Madras institute of films Oh. What does the Fawkes say? Fawkes says he was discovered in the Madras
Institute of Films where K Balachander saw his acting prowess
He was always a person who liked acting and there is a popular story and I don’t know
if its true cause i’ve heard it from people who have been in the bus with him
He used to sing and entertain the commnuters while they were in the bus That is also the true origin story behind Johnnie Walker – the HIndi comedian, not the alcohol Family friendly show
He apparently used to take loans from the driver of the bus where he was a conductor because he didn’t have a lot of money to travel to his shows and his rehersals
And he apparently repaid that favour by buying his oh I thought by lending money now. He repaid him by buying him a house and gives him a big loan whenever he needs it That guy has acted in a coupe of movies with Rajnikanth The bus driver?
The bus driver has come in a couple of movies It was interseting to see Gai Fawkes getting excited about Gaikwad Its a Gai (and other unintelligible things) Coming back to Mr Bharat, does Mr Bharat have anything to do with Bharat the country? No Because India is female Just one of those Tamil things that i had
to get out of the way India is female – Mother India Does India have a gender? Yes mohterland no?
India has an agenda Bharat Mata Only Germany as far as I know is referred to as Fatherland So explain to us the meaning behind your sweatshirt Manaswi So I was rooting for New Zealand in the finals of the 2019 World Cup. They screwed it up
and If there’s one thing I hate more than Nazis,
its the Poms (Brits) lifting the World Cup and that’s why I have this sweathshirt Did you just shift the blame from New Zealand to the cricketing bodies?
Because they’re kinda the people who enabled New Zealand to lose Yes as a strong Anti-fasicst I oppose boundaries as well So that boundary rule needs to go and luckily it is going now What is the boundary rule in cricket? So basically New Zealand lost because England
had scored more boundaries than New Zealand in the World Cup final Oh right. The cricket world cup? But most of the things that England have got without other people’s permissions is through boundaries. Through ignoring boundaries Yeah they’ll just go draw a line and take it.
This is ours There’s a lovely sketch by Eddie Izzard where he says “this is our area” and the other guys say – no, we’ve been living here for so long And he says no do you have a flag? They’re like what’s a flag like? We have a flag (plants it) They’re wicket people like that Any other names of India you know of? From fiction? Pseudo India – Aryavrata Where’s that from? That’s from Prayaag Akbar’s Leila The book starts off with a dedication to MJ
Akbar so we should have known how that would go I mean Prayaag Akbar so
it’s not Prayaag Akbar? Used to be called Allahabad Akbar Then 2014 happened and then Thanks To Ajay Bisht Its set in a dystopic India where segregation is by caste, very much like India of today What are you saying? So 100 points to Atulaa and team for getting India and Bharat In fact she quoted it absolutely right I know it starts of “India that is Bharat is a union of states Part I or Article 1 of the Indian Constitution says Ïndia that is Bharat shall be a union
of states. The states and the territories thereof shall be specifiec in the first schedule”
“Shall comprise of the territories of state, the union territories specified in the first
schedule and such other territories as maybe required” Enough vague definitions Enough leeway for what happened in August 2019 Basically US has a coming together kind of federation Where all the states will subscribe to being a part of the United States constitution Where the federal and state laws are pretty much at par with each other In India because its the union of states we call it a “holding together” federation And in the center we describe these are the states and these states will need an X amount of power and nothing more than the union So they still have to abide by what the Union says 50 points to Team Parwane So its actually Kisi ke baap ka Hindustan Thodi tho hai Exactly. Nice! 50 points to you for that silent protest Where do you think the name Bharat comes from? Mahabharat? From Bharatavarsha? The land which was ruled by the king Bharata,
wherein it was from the Himalayas, across the Vindhyas all the way to the Southern Ocean
All the land encompassing these boundaries was called Bharatavarsha and our country is
called Bharat based on that land So we could have also been called Varsha No. Bharatavarsha, Varsha meaning “Age of” Does Baingan Bharta also get its name from
Bharata? This Bharata is he Rama’s brother? No no that’s the wrong Bharat He also invented that form of dance right?
Bharatnatyam? He did not
Yeah So first Bharatanadam and then Bharatanatyam Bharata is not him Bharatnatyam used to be called Sadir before and then it became Bharatnatyam much later Only now like 20-30 years back
He should get extra points I think this is the Rukmini Devi Arundale So Bharatnatyam is a new-ish term for the dance called Sadir
Rukmini Devi Arundale was a lady who tried to get Bharatnatyam out of the Devdasi system
into mainframe people to appreciate and learn That’s when she changed it from Sadir to Bharatanatyam
I mean not her but a group of people which promnently featured her It was from Southern part of India That also was very incidental. Apparently
Rukmini Devi Arundale wanted to become a ballerina because she saw a performance and thought it was beautiful But because she was a theosiphist, a lot of
other people were like you have such beautiful art forms in your own country, why dont you
take that forward Oh is that what happend? She was a huge fan of Anna Pavlova and actually there’s a museum, I don’t know if its still
there There used to be a museum inside Kalakshetra Foundation (Bangalore) which apparently had a pair of ballet shoes that Anna Pavlova gifted her And she saw that dance on a cruise ship That was the origin story of Kalakshetra (in Bangalore, again). Because she went on a cruise with Anna Pavlova Must have been a fun cruise I’m going to give 100 points to Deewane, Mastane
and Team 4 for knowing such Sanskari things You guys don’t know shit. Mr Bharat is the only thing you could come up with. So basically all these Bharatnatyam dancers before doing their dance or during their break they’d go and eat curd rice (thair sadham – Tamil for curd rice mangled by Manaswi into Sadhir) Whatsapp forward
This is total Whatsapp forward I know Kalakshetra is [unintelligble, sorry!]
Its a Whatsapp forward but its a Fact Your jokes are getting Sadir and sadir Fact is that Kalakshetra recently cancelled the launch of TM Krishna’s latest book which
is on mridangam makers becuase for an institute that has lot of dance and music, it did not
strike them that the people who made these instruments which are made out of cow hide
will actually have to deal with cow hide. And that they might be dalits. So they actually
banned the book launch after having formally announced the event beacuse they said it might promote disharmony and controversy so we don’t want to do it. Book’s name is Sebastian & Sons Also fact: Palghat Mani Iyer’s family
panicked! Palghat Mani Iyer’s family were also quite
disappointed I bought the book, I read the book. That a lot of positive things that Palghat Mani Iyer did to the family of Sebastian and
his extended family by taking care of them during Christmas and giving them gifts, paying
for their medical bills and ensuring that they got housing and things like that were
not covered And it was purely written from a perspective
saying that they did not accept them I mean we all know that Palghat Mani Iyer
gave them money Its in his name
But did he really take them Iyer? He did He did
So yes, coming back to the question Where does the name Bharat come from?
It has an ambiguous origin It probably comes from the name of a king
called Bharata The region that Bharata was ruling was called
Jambudweepa, the entire land mass So it had geographical boundaries. So they
said all the land that falls between these geographical boundaries is Bharatavarsha which
is ruled by Bharata Obviosuly they had other regions next to them
where other tribes and other people were living Kandahar. Gandhari from Kandahar
Exactly. So Jambudweepa could be also another name for
India It was a really massive island. So Jumbo Dweepa So is that true? Gandhari comes from Afghanistan. Its one of the stories She came in through CAA She was a prosecuted Hindu Afghanistan is covered under the CAA. So Hindus persecuted in Afghanistan could get citizenship But considering they are Cow-ravas, I doubt it Important question again – How do MBA students protest against the CAA? Powerpoint presentations Stereotyping – we do a lot more than powerpoint presentations. What do we do? Pie charts, Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel. Google spreadsheets?
Google slides Deck deck They send Deck pics We will give 50 points for Deck pics. Do they send invites to meetings and say everybody must come, you should be present and THEY DON’T SHOW UP Like at protests and all And they spend the first 15 minutes asking ‘Can you hear me?’ ‘Is this connection working?’
No, let me tell you what the context is. So in December 2019, when section 144 was
imposed in Bangalore, IIM Bangalore students were not allowed to protest by the faculty members on campus as well as the police, because you couldn’t congregate in numbers more than 4. What did the IIM Bangalore students do? They had a slippery, sneaky way of doing it Because otherwise they would be shooed away So I think the funda was section 144 is basically if more than 3 or 4 people congregate, you
could be taken away. 4 or more I think they went in groups of 3 and they left their slippers where they would have
congregated and came back, so there was just a sea of slippers there.
With placards. I think the placards was saying, this is my
slipper, dont touch it or something Right, absolutely right. Berty gets 100 points
for that. Police prevented the students of IIM Bangalore
from staging a protest outside the campus. So because of this, the students took turns
and protested in groups of 3. And when they were warned later, saying that
you can be detained even if you protest in groups of 3, they essentially put out their
slippers, with placards outside the gate. And that was their form of protesting.
Fairly interesting and innovative forms of protests that was seen across the country. Basically so I remember, one of the hacks that people had suggested on twitter when
section 144 was imposed, is that you stand in groups of 2 and protest.
But then someone said, is there a minimum distance within which this is counted as a
group or something. Is there such a loophole? I wouldn’t be aware. So on paper at least
it is only 4 or more that would constitute an unlawful assembly But not within a certain radius? I suppose it is up to interpretation
Double arm distance. Remember, I spoke to you about this. They
were calling it decentralized protests – like you could stand in groups of 3 You can’t no, you can always say I am not with that person.
I am not with this person, they are just standing here I think how the police in Bangalore and other places chose to interpret it was very very
loosely. Even if there was one person standing with
the placard they were like you can’t do this. Which is how Ramchandra Guha got detained
no? He was, he didn’t come with anyone else. He came alone. But he was at the townhall protest, where there was a larger congregation of people But I remember in Mangalore, there were 2 women who stood only by themselves and they were actually speaking back to the police that you cannot arrest us because we are two. We have the name RAM written on the preamble page of our constitution. Wow. All of you seem to know it. Can someone tell me why am I right?
The name of the artist. What is the name of the artist?
Ram Mohan something There is RAM in the PREAMBLE
Yeah There is R-A-M
They Ramble. Anagram
anagRAM You need to Da Vinci code this. You need to
remove the P, E, M, B Then you remove everything in the constitution. That’s kind of what they want to do to the constitution. That’s a good start And then it will be like PS Find Modi Instead of Jai Shri Preamble, its Jai Shri Ram The border artist was Ram Manohar Sinha Absolutely right 100 points
to you for knowing that His name was Beohar Ram Manhohar Sinha
He was an artist who worked on the final manuscript of the constitution and specifically if you
look behind Sammy he is the one who designed the entire border around the preamble
His name Ram is written at the bottom, in fact he has always signed all of his art works
with the name Ram at the end of it. Is Alia Bhatt an Indian citizen? I dont think so. Her mom is half British and I have a feeling she might have gone there for both her deliveries. I know for a fact that she did not vote in
the 2019 elections. Probably because she would have been busy
shooting for the student of the year or something It’s fun to watch 2 lawyers go at each other We can all just pack up and go home, they
will just pick it out for ourselves We are just discussing Alia?
She is not an Indian. She is as my team member, sorry, my opposing
team said, she is of British citizenship and she also holds an OCI Card like. Does Gai Fawkes have anything to contribute? Gai Fawkes has whispered something about Akshay
Kumar, but hasn’t told anything about Alia Bhatt yet He is contemplating what to say. Bhatt he will. Bhatt he may not. No rebhattals? So much for like jobs being stolen like by people from other countries. Make in India Under the CAA she is Hindu so if she is persecuted in England? England, under Brexit? She has to be from Pakistan, Bangladesh or
Afghanistan There were stories that people thought that
Alia Bhatt was Pooja Bhatt’s daughter. Ya that was the common myth.
Quite sad though What is the fact Siddharth? I dont know How is Alia Bhat related to Pooja Bhat?
Sisters no? Half sisters Different mum, same dad. Soni Razdan and who is Pooja Bhat’s mum? Mrs Bhat.
Come on, thats a bad answer. Soni Razdan is Alia Bhatt’s mother and she
was born in Birmingham. And so was Alia Bhatt. She was born in the UK as well.
So yes you are right, Alia Bhat is a British citizen. But interestingly, during 2014 she
campaigned for youngsters in India to vote Right, she was part of the campaigns asking the youth in India to vote in the upcoming elections She said unfortunately I cannot vote, because I have a British passport. I am past the date
to get the official documents for voting this time around. But I will try to get my voting
card the next time, once I get my dual citizenship The funny fact is that India does not allow
dual citizenship. So Alia Bhatt said that even though she can’t
vote herself she said she was trying her bit to motivate others.
I have been encouraging the youth to go out there and vote because I feel if there is
a change it will happen through them. So that’s a fact that Alia Bhatt is not an
Indian citizen. But she is planning to apply for dual citizenship
which is not allowed in India. Tough times. So hard to be a celebrity. Citizenship Amendment Act 2020. Which will cover England and Canada. Alia
Bhatt and Akshay Kumar can finally become Indians And vote If that happens then dual citizenship, then British passport and the Canadian have Queen of England, her sign right? So you are an Indian, who will also have something
which will have our ex colonizers photo on it saying that Queen of England has told me
that I can also stay here. Basically they all gather Common-wealth An anonymous tipper just said something So if you get your Indian citizenship, you
will have to discard your British citizenship which is something they dont want to do, because
of which they will never become Indian citizens. She said she is waiting for dual citizenship
no? It will not happen.
She is 2 steps ahead. She is waiting for Prithviraj Chauhan to become
chief minister of Maharashtra. No one will be Raazi to do that. Its either that way or the Highway Maahi ve or the highway Which is what Dhoni says every time he sets out on a road trip.

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