Erosion of the Constitution (S1107) – Full Video
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Erosion of the Constitution (S1107) – Full Video

October 10, 2019

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  1. Great! Stresses the importance of how ethics and morality is the edifice of many, if not all, the actions of economic activity in the public sphere.

  2. Summary: The will and power of the majority (the citizenry) must be curtailed in a democratic society so the the rule of law, the sanctity of contracts, and the rights of property owners can be utilized to expropriate the resources of nature and human labor so that monopolies of minority ownership (by the oligarchy) can seek unlimited economic growth and wealth consolidation through the externalization of mutual social and environmental accountability.

    If one believes in the deception of free market fundamentalism, as a means of cognitive-capture, then the truth of tryanny imposed by neo-confederate slave economy (I.e. "tranquility") is the end goal of constitutional reform. The oligarchs know this, yet hope the general public will remain in denial.

    The irony of their neoliberal circular logic is self-deceit, while the cynicism of their followers is simply wilful ignorance born out of manufactured consent based on fear of a legitimate democratic society. Buchanan is careful to note that the symbolism of Democracy is needed as a false-front to ensure that despotic rule can be sustained indefinitely.

    One need only look the lack of growth of non-rentier GDP to realize the extent of the social and economic oppression over the past 45 years. Wealth accumulation through financialization of the economy has accelerated income and wealth inequities in an effort to destabilize the Republic and prepare us for global inverted-totalitarianism in the guises of freedoms, liberty, and justice for none but a ruling class of parasitic psychopaths. Pragmatism masks the myopia of the hobbled mind. Fortunately, it also masks the vulnerability of reductionist ideology to unanticipated counter-revolutionary actions.

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