Esther McVey apologises for misleading parliament
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Esther McVey apologises for misleading parliament

November 22, 2019

Mr Speaker. [Jeers] Mr Speaker, whilst speaking
in parliament in answer to questions on the NAO report
into universal credit, I mistakenly said that the NAO
had asked for the rollout of universal credit to continue
at a faster rate and to be speeded up. In fact, the NAO did not say that,
Mr Speaker, and I want to apologise. – Order. I do think this is rather …
Forgive me, I do think this is rather unseemly. I want to apologise to you and
the House for inadvertently misleading you.
What I meant to say was that the NAO had said
that there was no practical alternative to continuing
with universal credit. We adopt a test and learn
approach to the rollout of universal credit, which the NAO
says mainly follows good practice and, therefore, the point I was
trying to make was that the calls from the party opposite to pause it
seemed to fly in the face of those particular conclusions.
As you know, Mr Speaker, I asked you yesterday if I could come
to the House to correct the record. I believe it is right that, as a minister,
I should come and correct the record and I, therefore, hope you will
accept my apology. Whilst I am here, Mr Speaker,
with regards to the other issues raised in the letter sent today
by the NAO, the NAO contacted my office at the end of last week
and we are working on setting up a meeting.
And with regard to the NAO report not taking into account the impact
of the recent changes to UC, I still maintain this is the case
such as housing benefit run on and 100% advances and
the removal of waiting days, the impact of these changes are still
being felt and, therefore, by definition couldn’t have been fully taken
into account by the NAO report. I hope that clarifies
the position.

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  1. You should do more than apologise for what you have put thousands of people through. You and you're team are disgusting and have even driven people to their death. Sorry is a small word and it's not good enough and you all should lose you're jobs now. Tories are scum.


  3. I'll try "misleading" my insurance company making a false claim for whiplash, and offer an apology if they find out. Fair's fair.

  4. She Apologies but without any Consious what so ever ….She gets away with lieing to the Houses of Parliament But if WE the Public lied about Universal Credit too the Jobcentre then we would be Sanctioned for 2 Years.

  5. To fix universal credit:
    1) Payments must be in advance from the date of the claim.
    2) Any income in the first 6 weeks must be considered as savings, not as earning from a job.
    3) The percentage deducted from income during a claim must be the same as the percentage given when returning to work.
    4) Exempt UC claimants from paying council tax or any taxes.5) Adjust the UC amount to guarantee a dignified existence and to provide sufficient disposable income for active job-search (internet, free laptops, free phones, free stationary, travel, etc.).

  6. Don’t worry love. The left mislead all the time and dot apologise about it. They’re dirty cheaters

  7. Can I suggest something…
    Cold sharp steel meets throat
    Job done 👍

  8. Nice Smirk… Sorry – I got caught… Not Sorry – I have persecuted, denied shelter and starved the poor…
    The war on the poor stops when the British public refuse to tolerate it anymore…
    I wish the 90% of Britons who are one job loss, one accident or one sickness away from being in the same position themselves would recognise this truth and defend their own…

  9. If you were a claimant and were misleading about your claim your apology would be answered with a sanction
    oh the irony

  10. If this had been some poor soul claiming the pittance in benefits, and he or she lied on their application form, then they would be facing sanctions and possible criminal charges. The two-faced hypocrisy of this 'woman' and the DWP is absolutely DISGUSTING!! She should fall on her sword and RESIGN! She wanted to, in her words 'Speed up the process of Universal Credit'. In other words, that is code for, SPEED UP THE TORTURE OF THE MOST VULNERABLE!


  12. Notice how she STUMBLED WHEN saying UNIVERSAL CREDIT.. must b that KINFE stuck IN HER BACK.
    CUD of atleast sound like u mean it, dear….

  13. Just how the hell is this thing still in a job she lied and lied if this was a normal hard working person they would have got the boot long ago.AND SHE HAS THE NERVE TO SMILE

  14. disgusting human being esther mcvey ,,,, forgets where she comes from, changes her accent and forgets she was  a model in mens magazines

  15. Oh well, look on the bright side, at least she isn’t responsible for the deaths of over 100,000 Iraqis by lying to Parliament…..

  16. This is a future prime minister? I don't think so! all shes looking for is another cabinet job where she can take the piss and be absolutely useless in her new position. Resign now!

  17. Can't she articulate her thoughts without reading a bloody script? There is nothing worse or more insincere than reading lines as if it were actual communication.

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