EU Parliament urges Spain to scrap new abortion law

January 14, 2020

MEPs urged the Spanish government on Thursday
to withdraw a new proposal that will restrict abortion rights in Spain.
In a bid to gather conservative support and keeping an electoral promise by Prime Minister
Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish government backed a proposal for a tougher abortion law earlier
in December. The new bill does not allow women to finish
their pregnancy at an early stage, with the exception of rape cases or when the mother’s
health is at risk. Spain has the right to decide, but women have
the right to decide on their bodies and on reproductive rights that affect them personally.
They have the right to decide whether or not they want an abortion. Except for the conservatives, all parties
in the European Parliament do not support the new proposal.
Pro-choice groups warned that it can pose a threat for women as the number of illegal
abortions might increase. MEPs also feared that other countries might follow suit. If we allow this law to go through in Spain,
then laws on reproductive health across Europe will be under threat and may be seriously
affected. In the context of the situation in Spain at
the moment, with a significant rate of unemployment, poorest women who are the most disadvantaged
will suffer from this change in law, they will no longer have access to safe and low
cost abortions. Currently in Spain, a woman has the right
to abortion up to the 14th week of pregnancy and up to the 22nd week in case of foetal

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