Ex-Judiciary Committee Staffer: Blasey Ford Treated Worse Than Anita Hill | The Last Word | MSNBC
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Ex-Judiciary Committee Staffer: Blasey Ford Treated Worse Than Anita Hill | The Last Word | MSNBC

November 29, 2019

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  1. Grassley has just become and old farth and💩💩. Might just be senile and have obviously lost all sense of independence and justice

  2. Anybody else see the irony in that the committee responsible for ensuring justice and process in the US legal system is doing everything to remove justice and process in this instance…?

  3. GOP trash American women and reward Russian meat spies yet half of American women let GOP do it. Why? 50 shades of self-hatred?

  4. Chuck Grassley and Orrin Hatch need to be DISQUALIFIED from voting on this matter, for having screwed up the nomination process the first time with Anita Hill.
    These two senators are blatantly violating rules and abusing power, complicitly and publicly.

  5. What a disgusting way they are treating this woman….The Republicans continue to sink lower and lower. I am ashamed to say I used to be long term R. These people have sold out all their former values. This man has been evasive from day one and why are they withholding tons of papers from people. Folks these people have a very right wing agenda to ramrod this through so they can push their off the deep right agenda…sickening….this hearing is a shame from day one…

  6. ATTORNEY SENT LETTER TO CHUCK GRASSLEY AND DIANNE FEINSTEIN CLAIMING FEDERAL COURT EMPLOYEES WILLING TO SPEAK ABOUT BRETT KAVANAUGH : https://theintercept.com/2018/09/17/cyrus-sanai-federal-court-employees-attempted-to-come-forward-to-chuck-grassley-and-dianne-feinstein-neither-responded/

  7. FBI has better things to do than investigate a non criminal offense. its a he sad she said accusation that wont prove anything. there is no physical evidence, no witnesses to the alleged accusation. the truth cant come out with no evidence. her credibility is squat.

  8. Late night , lonely road , you have a flat tire , you have a tire iron in your hand , you hear a noise and look up its Chuck Grassley , what happens

  9. There is one thing to do: vote Trump and these sick GOP out of power come Nov 2018 and 2020. Then instruct the FBI to investigate and indict Kavanaugh, and drive him out of the Supreme Court. There is no position permanently safe on earth.

  10. Let’s also remember that these allegations against Kavanaugh have "NOT" been proven to be "FALSE"!
    And setting up a "kangaroo Court" to be presided over by prodomatly the same group of Old White Males who are attempting to “Push Through” the unpopular appointment of the accused to the highest court in the land!

    ********************************Does not bode well for a fair and just hearing for the accuser****************************************

    Lets also remember that the republican party and Trump are withholding "thousands" of relevant documents relating to the background and suitability of Kananaugh for this appointment, from both the Democrats and the American People!

    ****************************************What are the Republicans Hidding and Why?************************************************************

  11. A LOT of suburban woman who have been abused but don't have the desire or strength to come forward are watching…. and vote appropriately.

  12. The GOP are trying to intimidate Dr Ford, into NOT speaking. I really HOPE she speaks anyway. But, I don’t blame her, if she doesn’t

  13. More accusers of Kavanaugh have already came out this week, several claiming to work in the courthouses Kavanaugh over saw cases in.

  14. What’s the rush for the confirmation, Republicans? Don’t you want to know if the nominee is guilty of sexual assault? Given the other men guilty of sexual assault nominated or employed by trump, are you not the least bit curious?

    Kavanaugh has already expressed his views on women, on criminal charges against a sitting president and on what he did at his school “What happens at Georgetown Prep, stays at Georgetown Prep.”

    Confirm Kavanaugh and you not only fail women, you fail democracy and you fail your Republic.

  15. Sure, hop up on the cross Cristine, these republimen are just holding stakes and hammers to keep their arms in shape. Lying cheaters !Remember Anita Hill ! We believe her too !!
    Blue Wave

  16. Does Orrin Hatch need shock therapy? Take a look:
    Orrin Hatch says he knows tRump, that "I don't think there's a racist bone in his body". Hatch btw is President pro tempore of the United States Senate.

    tRump asked Hatch to run again in 2018, so he will be in office until he is 90 since his term will end in 2024.
    Asked why tRump insisted he stay on, Hatch said:"His pitch is he needs me," Hatch said of Trump. "Things are going to be just fine."

    In March 2016 Hatch showed his flawed thinking on tRump thusly:
    Asked about Trump’s recent mixed messages about the Ku Klux Klan, where Trump disavowed an endorsement from former Grand Wizard David Duke, then didn’t totally disavow it during a TV appearance the next day, only to blame his failure to disavow on a faulty earpiece. Hatch told CNN he doesn’t think Trump, “deep down,” is really a racist. He’s just “inexperienced in expressing himself” on racial issues.

    Yet on October 7, 2016, following the Donald Trump Access Hollywood controversy, Hatch described Trump's comments as "offensive and disgusting" and said that "There is no excuse for such degrading behavior. All women deserve to be treated with respect." Hatch maintained his endorsement of Trump's candidacy

    Then again Hatch earlier had stated on May 27, 2016, after Trump suggested that a federal judge Gonzalo P. Curiel was biased against Trump because of his Mexican heritage, Hatch said: "From what I know about Trump, he's not a racist but he does make a lot of outrageous statements…I think you can criticize a judge but it ought to be done in a formal way" and said that Trump's statements were not so inappropriate that he would rescind his support.

    I'd ask Hatch how he would feel if someone said to his face "You are white, so you are a Nazi!" Would he consider that "not inappropriate"?

    So how well does Hatch know tRump, considering that Hatch has no record of ever dealing with tRump before 2016 after he (Hatch) jumped from supporting Jeb Bush to Marco Rubio and jumped again on May 12, 2016 to endorsing tRump? What are Hatch's motives, to say about tRump "I don't think there's a racist bone in his body"? The above events say a lot.

  17. The Republican leaders on the Judiciary are trying to protect Trump.

    If Grassley gives the go ahead, it is up to the White House to give the order to the FBI to investigate the issue.
    Trump won't give that order, so Grassley is attempting to force the witness to testify, so that it doesn't come down to Trump clearly obstructing the hearing by denying the procedure to find evidence.

  18. These 2 fossils of a Senator need to retire immediately. Disgusting what these do nothing senators and Republicans are trying to do to the credible woman.

  19. Because her timing PROVES this whole story is a stunt by the Dems to destroy this man. These Despicable liars will say and do ANYTHING to stop our Constitutional proceedings.

  20. The Women are here RISING UP

  21. priming their disgusting pump. all the world's a stage. corruption, the new rule of law in america. coaching kavanaugh, the new trump/gop tool.

  22. FIB should do investigation first what are GOP trying to hide we know that they are against women rights Trump call FBI investigate both sides that's fair crooked GOP won't want that

  23. There's no deadline except that they want the court stacked by October. And what happens in October – the majority switches in the House. And it takes both houses to pass legislation etc. Or to block an impeachment before it's made. They can't keep lying after the mid-terms, and they need to lie to get Kavanaugh through at all. And they need Kavanaugh to rule House sub poenas on the senate to be unconstitutional.

    If Republican Senators were ever investigated -oh boy.

    Behind their gerrymandered walls the State Assemblies have been covered by House Republicans, and combined they can fix Senate results. By using pork. blocking legislation etc. they've been an unaccountable law unto themselves for decades.

    Honest Republicans, Sr. Burr, tear down these walls.

  24. The GOP is showing thinking people that it is not about Democracy or principles.
    The GOP is corrupt! One law for the public, another for the oligarchy. The World is watching the farce that is in progress to shield a corrupt President. The USA has seriously downgraded its values. The GOP will regret these historic egregious acts, done by largely “Christian” Politicians.

  25. All these senators need to be fired cause they clearly aren't doing their job and have no ethics and misuse the law. Deep cleanse this corruption.

  26. Jeff Flake is not being sold a bill of goods, all republican senators, ALL, have made a covenant to swing the court as far right as possible. The fix has been in from the beginning. A few republicans like Flake are following the old republican playbook which is pay deference to appearance, but Grassley and the rest have have adopted the new republican way, ignore any and all past principles, even those set in writing and video, repeat your new "truth" over and over and over, a la Donald Trump

  27. So much for the so called checks and balances that as supposed to exist within American politics and policies this is proving those checks and balances don't exist except when it suits the party that holds the control. These peoplke need to be voted down and out of office to remind them they are their to serve the people not the state.

  28. What's the matter with the Republican invertebrates that are Jeff Flake and Susan Collins ? I realise that the answer is in my question… 🙁 Integrity is clearly as rare as powdered unicorn-horn these days, but this is disgusting behaviour from people who are old enough and ugly enough to know better. 🙁

  29. It's obvious this woman and her friend in Mexico have started something they can't backup and let their emotions speak instead of the truth. I am not a republican but this attempt to try and change the political landscape is sickening.

  30. They are hiding the fact that Kavanaugh is a drunk. This 2 year running joke is almost over. Death to the Republican party. Vote blue!

  31. I've lost all faith in the GOP. They are openly CORRUPT, HYPOCRITICAL and UNETHICAL.

    How average INTELLIGENT Americans still support this crooked party is beyond me.

  32. Could it be that the RNC is complicit in the Russian hacking of the 2016 election? Kavanaugh would certainly do all he could to protect them from his Supreme Court seat.

  33. Am I the only one who thinks it's possible that both Kavanaugh and Ford are telling the truth? That her account is accurate and truthful – but that he and his friend were too drunk to realize what he was doing/remember it after the fact? That doesn't excuse him by any stretch, of course, but that's my gut feeling at this point. I hate that this is being made out to be something where one side must be lying/covering up/making up the story. I have a feeling the truth is a much grayer, murkier reality made further muddy by the fact that it happened so long ago, way before the #metoo era.

  34. It is a major power grab resembling 1933 in Germany if GOP force a decades long shackle Kavanaugh on the Nation. Democracy will be endangered! If this happens without further wetting. Dr. Blasey Fords request for a FBI investigation first is reasonable. It is unreasonable to expect her to subject herself alone to a Senate or public hearing being questioned by Kavanaugh and GOP Senators. The presence of a FBI investigation can help with uncovering the truth and tempering this process to stay within prudent bounds. This must also be in the interest of Kavanaugh and GOP to remain credible. And some expression that they respect democracy. We would not be at this junction if GOP would have released necessary documentation for review on time! Fortunately, the midterms are soon here to hopefully correct possible wrongs prior to the election.

  35. Grassley and Hatch have surpassed their EFFECTIVE POTENCY / expiration dates. We now live in a time of progression, when reasonable TERM limits fot congress and SCOTUS judges must be constitutionally changed. We the people are not well represented and / or secure with this current KANGAROO COURT system we see before us.

  36. How’s a nation supposed to evolve when senators like grassley and hatch decide it’s time to forfeit past ‘approriate’ practices?

  37. Every person who has been sexually assaulted knows there is no justice and you will be destroyed if you try. There is no "up side" to being brave.

  38. Sadly, it "won't cause a lot of people to wonder why?".

    The guest has unrealistic expectations re the intellect and morality of a very large segment of the populace. Abetted by Big Business, the Govt. has, for years, enabled folk to get by absent serious education (e.g., sound bites sell best when the target is ill-equipped to counter-argue).

    Our "leaders" have only one serious issue vis a vis the population — "where can we find the brain-power to keep economic innovations flowing?" . Use to be the case that Universities could count on an influx of well-trained foreigners. But now the trumpets are cutting off that "nose" to spite their corpulent faces.

  39. MSNBC stands for "Misinforming-Sheep-News-Brainwashing-Citizens". Dumb-ING down our citizens to "led the Sheeple to slaughter" by the New World Order.

  40. guess everyone has forgotten tRUMP OWN sexual assault allegations But so far, has been unscathed by the multiple different women who have credibly accused him of sexual misconduct. This is an issue that needs to be discussed and STILL needs to be investigated

  41. They must get him confirmed at all costs because in their minds, he is the last failsafe from having a full on Trump admin implosion once the Mueller investigation is completed. He is their best and only bet. Yes, abortion, too,but it's really about his stance on investigating sitting presidents. That said, he could have been alleged to have killed someone and they would still confirm him. These people have always been just like this. None of this is new. It just has less veneer now because Trump made it ok to be openly horrible. But, again, this is not new. Ask poor people or any racial minority group. There is nothing they won't do to win and remain on top, no matter how wrong it is. When people show other people who may not look/live like you who they are, we all should believe them.

  42. These current Republicans are treating Dr. Ford worse than Anita Hill because they are even worse than the batch of Republicans who treated Miss Hill so poorly in the 90s. That includes the likes of Orrin Hatch and Chuck Grassley who were actually there in the 90s–they've become worse people over time. They've learned nothing from their mistakes and have in fact become dumber or more senile over time.

  43. I'm hearing that Kavanaugh kept a diary all through his high school years,and he is willing to share it in the hearing!

  44. You talk about "dr. Ford" but she is a criminal.

    She claims that she has known about this crime for decades. She has concealed this fact and allowed the claimed criminal to have a carrier in public office for decades.

    This makes HER a partner in crime. She knew of a crime and who the criminal was and has concealed it for decades.

    Considering that she is a professor in law this makes HER CRIME even more serious.

    Either she lies or she has concealed a crime and protected a criminal for decades. No matter which on of the to senaries that is correct, SHE IS A CRIMINAL!!!

    She has ZERO credibility. Throw her out of office NOW! #FordisaCRIMINAL

  45. Why is the title "She is treated worse than Ania Hill?" Is it because everyone knows that bp are treated bad and to treat someone as bad as you would a bp is abhorrent?? And before you start with "why does everything have to do with race," rasie your hand if you would like to trade places with a black person.. I'll wait……………… …………………….. Crickets. Just like I thought.

  46. What a REAL SHAME,
    for them to prevent or HIDE anything that would collaborate with
    Dr. Christine Ford's testimony why or what
    are these elderly men keeping us from hearing, it's CALLED the TRUTH, now they will attempting to question
    her about her account of what she has stated actually happened to her, the TIME diffinitely has no time all it should matter is does it matter how long ago it was or the TRUTH, that should be the question, now shouldn't it.

  47. Why hasn't Ford gone to the police department. Ford doesn't know the date, year or location…there is nothing to investigate. This is insane…this is unprecedented and shocking how unfair this is to Kavanaugh. You are innocent until proven guilty…you have the right of council, you have the right to be formally accused.
    Ford is not risking anything…she will be a hero even if its found out she is lying.

  48. These are public servants…being paid by your tax dollars. Call your Senate representative, and tell them how you feel. Demand an fbi investigation. Use your voice to be heard!!!


  50. Ford is a fraud. This person is running a scam on the American public. She should be held accountable for this travesty she has created to slander this judge.

  51. To think that men don't make mistakes is ridiculous. Why can't Senate or Congress stop his nomination? It is wrong to allow senators cover a man from becoming a justice, when he is questionable.

  52. This woman 36 years later she suddenly has this revelation. She’s a drama queen who wants attention and has her own agenda. Ruined this judge life. Shame on the obstructionist Democrats. Fake news

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