Ex-Trump adviser on the birthright citizenship controversy
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Ex-Trump adviser on the birthright citizenship controversy

November 13, 2019

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  1. Good, end birthright citizenship. It will also slow down if not stop illegals from coming over and having their babies.

  2. So we can’t change the 2nd amendment but we can the 14th? I’m conservative before u guys start calling me a leftist, btw.

  3. This controversy about birthright and anchor babies has been questioned several times over the decades. But this time I think its going to be brought to some sort of serious debate within the government. The 14th Amendment is going to be amended sooner or later. Its inevitable! And just 4 words added to read, to parents who are , put in front of the phrase, "subject to the jurisdiction thereof" would help on clearing up any ambiguity as to what the requirements are for anyone born inside the US regarding citizenship. In addition, add 'complete jurisdiction thereof' which would prevent foreigners from using just being inside the borders as the sole definition of the phrase, "subject to the jurisdiction thereof"

  4. I agree completely, but I have another question. How does a person hold dual citizenship if they can not have allegiance to another country? I ask this because if anyone would check, there are many in Congress that have dual citizenship with the U.S. and Israel. There can't be exceptions, because there are no exceptions listed.

  5. This victor soto anchor's rage is infantile and hilarious, obviously is not easy and pleasant to handle the truth. No more anchor babies, no more bullshit, enough has been enough.

  6. Paul Ryan shooting his defeated never Trump mouth about 'birthright citizenship' highlights the reason he can't get voted in as dog catcher. Go away quietly failed RINO. No one cares what you have to say because everyone knows you are a failed cowardly puppet with bad judgment.

  7. This American President wants to discard parts of the Constitution by executive order because it does not suit his current political aspirations, why not just scrap the entire document, its out lived its usefulness, throw it out as just so much rubbish to be placed on top of the scrapheap of historical chronicles where other outdated legendary charters like the Magna Carta Libertatum of 1215 went to die, only to be reinvented many times over several centuries, later finding a permanent home, embedded in such legal principles that can now be found in the likes of British and American law, I give you, habeas corpus, guaranteed by the 13th and 14th amendments to said Constitution, so sayeth the king…

  8. Wow, this Hannity expert guest is a “Lecturer” at the esteemed, small Christian college in Hillsdale, MI. And of course he has a “Senior…something or other” title in the plastic toy Trump administration. That’s not even as prestigious as being Assistant Administrator for Bullshit Academic Affairs at Trump University. This whole Trump thing is just so flimsy and embarrassing. What a joke.

  9. I don't have a fully formed opinion on the subject BUT from a demographics perspective – should we really end birthright citizenship? Our social welfare system depends on the idea that each sub sequential cohort is larger than the last. We already have a HUGE problem with the baby boomer generation because the cohort following was smaller. Do we really want to exacerbate the problem?

  10. Black people should be angry with these illegal immigrants. The 14th Amendment was introduced because of slavery yet illegals benefit from it. They take the jobs and educational opportunities away from a cultural group that has been here for over 400 years. An illegal is most likely going to be the one who gets hired over a black person who could do the job just as well. Illegals are benefitting from Black Blood, Sweat, and Tears.

  11. Than You ICE! For leaving all immigrants on the streets here in the United States! We knew trump couldn't deport all these people! He really doesn't wanna be dealing with this!! He wants to make even more money! with his real estate!! Remember! He's not a politician! He's a businessman!!! Don't cry trump supporter's when you see even more Mexicans! in this country!!!

  12. Well, anyone criticizing Trump for this action should read the 14th amendment first. He doesn’t have to change anything, just start enforcing it as it was intended.

  13. People would be surprised about who started with the idea of getting rid of the Birthright Citizenship Controversy. Most people know its the Democrat's. If you don't look it up. Having problems finding this info start with a Senior Leader Senator Harry Reid. I'm a Democrat that is sick of everything being blamed on Trump. The Democrat's and media needs to stop with this one side party issue because most issues they complain about the Democrat's have been guilty of.

  14. So, why is the black population not up in arms about this? This was the defining law for black citizens paving the way forward for them.

  15. So what was the case between the time of slavery ending and the time that the liberal started to use the amendment for their own personal gain? Were
    there instances of illegals coming to this country and it was used legally for that purpose to given citizenship once the child was born? Or was that not something that happened? Fill in the gap of time with how it was used in between those two time periods

  16. Finally someone who actually read the words instead of paraphrasing it! Judicial: governed by the laws and ideals of America and with no previous pre existing and not renounced citizenship!!!!'nnm

  17. THEY, ANCHOR BABIES, COST U.S. TAXPAYERS OVER $3 BILLION EVERY YEAR! Does anyone think we could use that $3 Billion annually on AMERICANS addicted to Mexican Drugs, for example?

  18. I did know this either……I am very glad to hear that President Trump is going to challenge this "birthright citizenship" and also "chain migration". Perhaps, the second Caravan can now turn around and go home!L.o.l. Yes…"subject to the jurisdiction of" is the key phrase in the Constitution….if an illegal alien is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and they are not since they are not citizens….they are subject to the jurisdiction of their own countries where they are citizens…..than they have no legal claim to "birthright citizenship" of their baby born here…..

  19. Thank God for conservative Constitutional lawyers and their "Originalist" interpretation and viewing of our Constitution and it's content and meaning…..

  20. So, nobody born here by immigrant, after 1870s is not a citizen. That will cover most of us. Trumps mother was not born in America.

  21. Trump is far smarter than the democrats. He knows that if he signs this order, the dumbocrats will immediately fight it and send it to the SCOTUS, where conservatives now have the edge. Which is what he wants. This will allow the court to decide once and for all what the 14th amendment is for, which most have said only applies to descendants of slaves. If the court agrees with Trump, it will become precedent, and just like that he'll wipe out this broad brush of the amendment that liberals have been using. If they were smart they'd do nothing and just let the next Democratic president overturn the order. But we all know that they aren't that bright.

  22. hillary did interview where she says all blacks look a like they call pres trump raciest but yet makes commits like that in an interview not only did she laugh with a big smirk on her face but the audience also laughed hysterically everyone needs to see this interview

  23. EVERY FREED SLAVE AND THEIR DESCENDANTS ARE AMERICAN CITIZENS. Black people we got to let go of this African fantasy. THIS IS OUR LAND!!!!!

  24. Yup Immigrants are abusing laws meant for black Americans such civil rights and that the birth right. I personally know several women who came here on a tourist visa just to deliver their babies. They use the babies for the free benefits. I know a lady who left behind a 30 k hospital bill and laughed about it. This is sick.

  25. What's more frightening that caravan of only 7, 000 people or you lossing you ENTITLEMENTS . S.S. MEDICARE , MEDICADE , A.C.A. as you know them That's what's going to happen to you if the G.O.P. retains power some have all ready said so that' s THE BOTTOMLINE PEOPLE

  26. Subject to the jurisdiction thereof= subject to the laws of the US. Imagine you were a female refugee or immigrant fleeing from your home country to America, you are pregnant, you are caught and detained by ICE. Why are you detained? Because there are ICE policies and laws that dictate that you should be detained. Therefore as the pregnant female refugee you are subject to those laws or subject to the jurisdiction thereof. You have a baby while you are detained in ICE custody, that baby is also subject to the jurisdiction thereof, therefore that baby is a US citizen.

  27. Put in other words: illegal immigrants have their babies here which abuses birthright citizenship? Let's punish the legal non-citizen residents as well!

  28. "it means you're not citizen of another country"
    So dual-citizens (US and another citizenship) who have their babies born in the US should have their babies denied from the US citizenship as well, right? No? That's what you've just said.

  29. Most of the people in USA are Europeans and Africans, based on jus sanguinis, not jus soli. I do not consider the people in this video "Americans". In the old world (Asia, Europe and Africa), which is most of the world, most people think in terms of jus sanguinis.

  30. You dumb fucks don't care that man is trying to change the Constitution. You fake ass patriots are dumb as a bag of rocks. You agree with that clown trying to change the Constitution. He has brought out all you undercover racists. Sad… Paranoid conspiracy theory believing fools.

  31. I belive in birthright, but i also belive in not keeping fellons. Let them be put up for adoption if they cant stay, or baby leaves with them

  32. The author of the 14th amendment (Jacob M Howard) wrote a statement (and used that statement in his speech when presenting the amendment for a vote of 1866) clarifying the intent of the amendment in 1866 stating that it does NOT apply to “foreigners, aliens, ambassadors or foreign ministers “ !!! and He quote…[E]very person born within the limits of the United State, and subject to their jurisdiction, is by virtue of natural law and national law a citizen of the United States. This will not, of course, include persons born in the United States who are foreigners, aliens, who belong to the families of ambassadors or foreign ministers accredited to the government of the United States, but will include every other class of person. A clerical typist intentionally left out the true nature and intent of the 14th Amendment.
    The 14th Amendment is clearly read and written incorrectly to citizens and non-citizens today. Martial Law to close the borders on Immigration.
    The 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, ratified in 1868, granted citizenship to all persons born or naturalized in the United States—including former slaves—and guaranteed all citizens “equal protection of the laws.” One of three amendments passed during the Reconstruction era to abolish slavery and establish civil and legal rights for black Americans, it would become the basis for many landmark Supreme Court decisions over the years. BirthRight Citizen is not the 14th Amendment. It is a movement to make it a consitutional law from leftist agenda. I say HELL NO!

  33. Can Trump revoke jurisdiction with an executive order? How would that be worded in order to prevent a class of people who are not subject to US laws?

  34. my parents came here from S. Korea. my father went to serve the US army to get naturalized. I was born here in Denver. I stand for President Trump and yea anchor babies are totally abused and wrong. This is very eye opening for me.

  35. Duel citizenship parents' kids born here are not US citizens if the law actually means "not subject to any foreign jurisdiction" which it does not mean explicitly. No. Trump has to revoke jurisdiction the way it is interpreted for this to work. I'm just not sure he can do that with an executive order.

  36. Just remember the so called "defenders of the constitution" want to open it up to appeal and or amend the constitution to take away rights. You NOW have open the door for other amendments to be done the same way. The Constitution is a holy sanctified document that affirms our GOD given rights yet the Rabid Right like the Loony Left will be the ones who will cause the down fall of this Great Country and take our freedoms away.

  37. This shows how uninformed the Democrats are. They are like herds, they move where others move. They are incapable of stand alone on their own. They are incapable of getting themselves educated about the rules of laws to be more reasonable.

  38. Birthright citizenship is unconstitutional! All Trump has to do is order the immigration department to STOP violating it. In fact it's his duty to do so!

  39. Does anyone realize that jus sanguinis birth right citizenship includes the children of members of the military that have children oversees because the US government sends them oversees as part of their service? Ending birth right citizenship ends citizenship for the children of people that fought for your freedom.

  40. Leave it to the Democrats, to do this. But it's not all Democrats and universities to blame, it's the American people that won't learn their true history and stand up and vote for those that have their best interest at heart. Complacency leads to captivity, and yes we are one generation away from losing our freedoms if we don't hand down the truth to our children and make them understand how dangeously important it is to be involved with the elections.

  41. how many people know that ALL men including illegal aliens MUST register for Selective Service? What does that tell us about "the juridiction thereof" ?

  42. Well then a lot of white people better start packing their bags. A lot of those people that took advantage of birth right citizenship were white people.

  43. Finally, someone who knows what the hell they are talking about unlike Judge Napalitano who is speaking out of his ass about this.

  44. To a legal United States citizen yes they can have legal children. Not to Illegals who come just to pop out a baby and live from the welfare. Illegals only adopt which amendments they want. Also a child born to a Mexican citizen is MEXICAN… NOT AMERICAN. Go look at Mexico laws

  45. The SC made it clear that parents who arent citizens and who dont live in the US cant have babies and just get citizenship(for the baby obv). Its like in the last part of the wiki page for that section.

  46. However, Russians are Caucasians and they are culturally closer to White Americans than Somalians or something who want to come to the US but hate each and every part of the Western civilization. We all know Russian migrants who become citizens give English names to their children, unlike Muslims. And it is something you can see in the whole West when it comes to immigration.

  47. Interesting the fourteenth amendment shouldn’t be taken literally, because of jurisdiction. But anyone living in America is within the jurisdiction, so how is an anchor baby not within the jurisdiction?
    But the second amendment is set in stone and selling assault rifles to unstable crackheads is an inevitable and acceptable result of not messing with the constitution.
    Very very interesting.


  49. 14th amendment citizens are BERTHED in Admiralty currents of the Cee's, which is WHY they are PERSONS. The 14th amendment was not properly Ratified after the 13th Amendment (the ORIGINAL one which states NO LAWYERS/ATTORNEYS may EVER hold PUBLIC OFFICE) was codified. "US CITIZENS" are merely THE CHATTEL PAPER of the NAMES of VESSELS Registered upon the Assignment by a biological parent to THEIR derivative created under a Merger. THINK People. THINK. Men and Women are Born. PERSONS are BERTHED. This is the Purpose of the CERTIFICATE (a Manifest describing the Details of the Asset DOCKED by Witness of a doc-Tor of The Event of Delivery "on the lands".

  50. Trump needs to end this by executive order. A liberal judge will stop Trump but then the Supreme Court can rule on it. Trump might be waiting to see if Judge Ginsberg will leave first.

  51. "Subject to the jurisdiction thereof" in other words… If you're breaking the law to be there, it does not apply. End the anchor baby confusion and eliminate it from happening!

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