FAA – The First Jobs & Innovation Bill of the New Congress
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FAA – The First Jobs & Innovation Bill of the New Congress

October 17, 2019

As anyone who’s recently flown on an airplane
knows our airport transport system is strained, and it is subject to increased congestion,
and an increase delay. We have to upgrade our system now or we’re going to face absolutely enormous consequences. The FAA bill is exactly the
type of investment in our future that will propel our country forwards spur growth,
create jobs. According to an industry estimates the bill will result in 280,000 good-paying jobs in communities across the country. Another major factor will be the improved
flow of commerce. 40% of the value of commerce and trade travels by air. A lot of what travels by air is in the high-tech industry
and so forth. You wouldn’t have as many of those leading edge jobs in this country without aviation. Travel is how America does business and how
we lead our way of life. uh… The problems really simple. uh… Americans are avoiding travel because
the hassles in travel, and those hassles come from as you’ve heard delays, cancellations, and long
waits and unpredictability in the security lines. This new investment in our infrastructure will help ease the problem with delays by allowing us to build new run ways.
By allowing us to move forward with new technology investments like Nexgen. The Nexgen system allows more flights to fly
safely and land more quickly because it uses a satellite based radar rather than the ground-based radar. Nexgen is a GPS for airplanes essentially it’s like car. But it’s a smart car to allow for a more streamline operation, to get you from point A to B
in a more efficient manner. Nobody in the industrial world uses radar. That’s why we have so many close accidents. That’s why we have incursion problems on the tarp
when planes run into each other. People just aren’t aware, we have to stop that.
This is exactly what President Obama was talking about in his State of the Union.
When he said need to reinvent government and be able to compete. The Nexgen system
will not only help us compete it’ll help us grow jobs in America. We also need to pass this FAA authorization
bill because it would put a passenger bill of rights into law. No one should ever be forced to stay aboard a plane
on a tarmac for a extended periods of time. We need to make sure that air service across America is served in communities large and small. This
program assures that rural communities are provided a minimal level of service to preserve their connections to the nation’s airport transportation system. I believe this bill reflects a shared vision and our mutual goal of making sure that the United
States continues to have the safest, most efficient, and most modern aviation system possible. This is a critical piece of legislation it speaks exactly to what this country
wants us to do which is to create jobs and get strong again.
it’s time for a permanent fix, it’s time to pass this bill. This is truly where the rubber
meets the runway.

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