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Fake Image of Emma González Tearing Constitution Goes Viral | What’s Trending Now!

August 27, 2019

A series of doctored images and gifs
have become viral misinformation among right-wing social media. Welcome back I’m
Martine Beerman. You’re watching What’s Trending. Make sure to subscribe for more
social media news daily. This image of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School
shooting survivor Emma González tearing up the Constitution, has gone viral on
conservative circles of the Internet. The only thing is, it’s not real.
The original image comes from an op-ed González wrote in Teen Vogue titled, “Why
This Generation Needs Gun Control.” The embedded gif shows González with fellow
Douglas High School students Sarah Chadwick and Jaclyn Corin, along with
Chicago activist Nza-Ari Khepra, who lost a friend to gun violence when she was 16.
In the video, González is ripping up a shooting target and it comes from a
video that Teen Vogue made called “This Is Why We March.”
But the doctor image spread quickly, first through right-wing social media
network Gab, and then promoted by conservative celebrities like Adam
Baldwin. And the fake image inspired plenty of commenters who saw this as an
opportunity to take out their anger on the students. Occam’s Router says: “I say
we started GoFundMe so these idiots can move to a country they are proud of.
They obviously hate the U.S.” @JayR 15 says: “Nothing says “I am NOT a fascist”
like tearing up the greatest symbol of freedom that the world has ever known.”
Even though it was very quickly pointed out that the image was fake, the damage
was already done. Baldwin reacted by calling the image
satire and castigating liberals for not “getting it.” And some argued if they knew
it was fake all along, but they shared it because it’s symbolic. Which sounds like
an excuse that somebody who did not know it was fake would use. @Dan55645
says: “Her demanding I surrender my rights it’s literally the same thing as
shredding the US Constitution. If that meme offends you then you’re part of the
problem.” And LeighStewy tweeted she never said it was real in the first
place, even though her original tweet says: “I’m
interested to hear what US citizens think of this photo where Emma Gonzales
is ripping up the Constitution?” And @Steeeveee, who initially said the image
constitutes treason, responded to being corrected by saying: “Hey, thanks for
pointing that out. This changes everything… Now I should
listen to them and give up my rights.” JayRFifteen admitted that, even though he
thinks dismantling the Constitution is ultimately the
Parkland teens “end game,” that his initial post was under the assumption
that the image was real. This whole argument situation, gun reform, the Second
Amendment, it’s really complicated and it’s not just gonna be resolved in a day
after marching or any of the number of things that have already happened. At the
very least, I think we can avoid including young people, oftentimes minors,
into these false narratives that are somehow geared to convince people that
these teens and these kids are somehow treasonous or unamerican. And this is
just one of many attacks by the established conservative media against
the Parkland students. As the Washington Post pointed out, one of the top searches
on YouTube for shooting survivor David Hogg leads to a video by conservative
news channel The Blaze, called “A Side of David Hogg You Haven’t Seen.” And when you start hearing from your political aides that there’s a … of angry
future voters you start to worry a little bit.
What a conceited, arrogant, know-it-all. It’s hard not to just go after this kid because
calling him old as parents, he’s got no respect for anybody, including his
parents. And the comments on this video do go after him. Tricia Vassallo said: “He
needs his mouth washed out with soap. No manners whatsoever his parents should be
so ashamed of the job they did raising him and releasing him on society.” Chris
Snyder says: “Can anyone say… oh, I don’t know… umm… Satan! Little boy needs a whooping.” I’m pretty certain that putting little boy
and Satan when describing the same thing in the same sentence makes zero sense.
For pro-gun advocates I understand that it can be really frustrating to see
these young people who you don’t agree with becoming empowered and becoming
celebrities after a tragedy like this. But you have to use a reasonable
argument. You can’t just use personal attacks against these kids to make a
point. Anyone who watched Emma González’s passionate speech and moment of silence
on Saturdays’ March For Our Lives would not call her a crisis actor or disparage
her with photoshopped images and memes. We have to find a way to disagree in
this country without hiding behind our computer screens or just spreading hate
and lies. What do you guys think? Does this
makes sense for pro-gun users to use as satire and should the media be doing a
better job of filtering this kind of stuff after it’s been spread into
mainstream? Don’t forget to subscribe to our channel every single day for
trending news and for more glorious stories head to whatstrending.com.

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  1. The NRA is afraid of kids.
    Kids are tired of being killed by the only product the NRA pushes.
    NOW somebody should do a photo of a kid giving CPR to a gun shot victim showing the blood squirting out the holes with the caption "The NRA's Solution".

  2. Greatest symbol of freedom? Funny coming from a country with several centuries of lifespawn, not to mention the almost freedom women, blacks, gays or atheist had/have.

  3. My only question is why do people want guns… I mean just leave it to the government so that guns could be only used for military purposes ….

  4. I realize a great deal of the Republican party decided to abandon it completely, but there is something to be said for the 'moral high ground'. These kids are looking down at an Eagle's nest while many of their detractors are staring up at it with binoculars. At least we know they're strong enough to handle the cascade of bullshit being thrown up at them. It seems the conservatives with the biggest mouths aren't the best & brightest with mental/emotional maturity. It's why I appreciated the two young Conservatives that appeared on Van Jones' show.

  5. I find it almost amusing watching folks scream about the 2nd admendment whilst they ignore the dimsantaling of other fundamental rights. Such as the 4th admendment and habious corpus. Or the right to freeley assemble or let's not forget the potential treason looming over our highest office of government. Priorities priorities priorities. Simple solutions offten meet the strongest resistance. No civilian needs a huge clip ,a bump stock, or an assault rifle. If you hear them argue self defense ;in the face of an potential aggressive government. Please remind them that they would have most likely voted for said government… and that no rifle, or clip,or stalk will stand up against an A1-A2 Abrams tank or a sky full of drones. Its is a ridiculous argument. Just ask the Iraqi civilians -Retired Marine-Semper Fi

  6. I'm tired of these kids , they need to find a real job and stop thinking there movie stars ,they don't know shit about gun control and the 2nd amendment.

  7. More people were murdered in Chicago last year than all the school shootings combined. Where are the “young people” marching on Washington for that? The “youth” wanted to change the world in the sixties but they grew up and became the establishment…..

  8. These right wingers are the worst of the worst. . These kids had their friends gunned down like animals. . And republicans only response is they're faking their greif. Trump has helped to bring out the worst in people.

  9. Normally I don't watch entertainment channels; but, well done! You have probably given the most honest, far-reaching description of the truth, and you exposed the reprehensible people and/or organizations who propagate this most hateful propaganda.

    Good Job.

  10. Unsubscribed. I'm tired of you guys reporting on politics, and brining biased views twords the right. Keep your opinions off the show.
    These kids know what they are getting into when becoming a PUBLIC FIGURE and deserve whatever opinions are thrown their way.
    P.S (Look these up on an official government site if you think it untrue.
    People killed by guns (US on a BAD year) – 30,000
    People defended and saved by guns in US per year- 400,000
    US is ranked at 25 for amount of shootings per year. Do not belive what the biased media and these kids are brainwashed into thinking. As tragic as shootings are, they shouldn't lead to attacks on the NRA or attacks on right views.

  11. I'm so sorry "What's Trending", I just wanted to tell you that you reported this story better than FOX or CNN, in my opinion….but then this asshole below decides to be a dick. I know, I know….there is a time and place…..but he needed to be corrected NOW and here was the PLACE. If you want me to take it all down, flip me the bird on notifications and I will.

    Once again, good f***ng job.

  12. Miss Gonzalez might as wipe her ass with the U.S. Constitution because she and all these kids are doing these lousy politicians a huge favor! She has no idea what she is doing to herself and to the rest. These kids are demanding to ban guns when the FBI and the local police are the people that FAILED. In the past 20 years, all these mass shooters had history of violence and were all investigated by the local police and even the FBI and, they did nothing. Their failures cost the lives of hundreds of wonderful people. And instead of demanding for government oversight, firing FBI and local police officers and even demanding lousy politicians to be fired for their failures; everybody blames the damn gun. Which by the way that these murderers all were able to buy guns legally because the police and the FBI refused to do their JOBS and FAILED to RED FLAG these wackos.

    These kids are being used by lousy and lazy politicians, by the MEDIA and by greedy corporations that only want their agendas to be put in the laws and in power.

    Remember no Tragedy is a waste Tragedy.

    So once this is over, Miss Gonzalez will not be the face of savior, she could be the face of how screwing everybody over.
    These kids are dong more harm to themselves and to everybody else.

    Most media also doing more harm; with their misinformation, their bias and the quest for ratings.

  13. It’s obviously not the real constitution but still the meaning behind it, is very disrespectful and you don’t know how much bloodshed was shed for our founding fathers created that…

  14. If these kids seriously can’t take some backlash for them becoming public figures, maybe they should’ve thought twice about speaking out so loud ?

  15. Some of these modern day conservatives literally do not even know what's in the constitution. Anyone reading this probably doesn't either.GO FUCKING READ IT.

  16. 4:23 NO, the MSM is ALREADY doing MORE THAN ENOUGH to "filter" things to the FAR Left's benefit as it is, and NOW YOUTUBE, Facebook and Google are doing it as well.

  17. It looks like Emma Gonzales is ready for the concentration camps that are coming to a town near you.
    Once they take the guns away all the other rights will be sure to follow. Then the elite can pick and choose who lives so they can have slaves. You didn't actually expect the elite to clean up after themselves did you…? The rest will be incinerated or destroyed whatever way the elite decides.
    RIP America.

  18. Tell her next time not to wear olive green vest with the Cuban flag on it.
    This is what the murderous communist Castro's regiment has come to glorifi as the communist revered attire.

  19. Because left wing media never lies….
    Or should I say, far left media. You say right wing like its evil… Thats the damn problem with you far left media.

    It was spread by idiots online. Not all people who want are against these gun control are on the right. Many people on the left disagree and might share it.

    This is why sites like you cause tribalism in politics. It's shameful.
    (someone who's Left Wing)

  20. This crap has to stop (on ALL sides). It's okay to disagree with these kids, it's not okay to fabricate lies. Not only is this sort of thing stupid, it's dangerous. Some nut is going to see this, think it's real, and hurt one of these kids. You know, if "the right" has to lower itself to this sort of behavior to "win," maybe they don't deserve to win?

    If they ever figure out who made and posted this, I hope THAT goes viral, too.

    Just a thought.

  21. More right-wing white supremacist lies. All they do is lie. Fascists have always used lies to smear their political opponents and frighten people into submitting to totalitarian rule. Hitler said the communists and Jews were the enemy. Trump says the blacks, hispanics, and muslims are the enemy — basically everyone who isn't white. And fascists always attack the free press.

  22. You can make all the gun laws you want. Problem is, that criminals don't obey them. If you come face to face with a gun, what are you going to do? Throw a law book at them? Yeah! That will show them. We don't need any more gun laws. This whole joke of a march is nothing but a anti Trump/Gun grab rally. Who do they think they are kidding? Just know this. There will be a civil war in this country if they start passing more laws and start taking the guns entirely. Then what are you Libs going to do? You will not stand a chance!

  23. One man's filter is another man's censorship. I guess nothing of substance, like our freedoms, mattera at all to you people. I'll stick with the constitution, thanks.

  24. I'm wondering if CNN will find out which "right wing" social media was behind all this. I mean they did find that one person who created the Trump vs CNN fight YouTube video. *Cricket Cricket

  25. You're missing the point, conservatives don't care wether or not it's real or fake so long as it's consistent with their political agenda. Thats how they can claim they're for fiscal conservatism, National Security and family values and still support a pathologically lying psychopath like Trump who in the first year of his presidency has added over $3 trillion dollars to the National Debt, committed adultery with porn stars and who is a Russian mole engaging in espionage against the America people. I'm betting Mueller will prove the NRA who spent over $50 million dollars on Trump campaign ads was really just a straw man the Russians used to launder their illegal Russian $ campaign contributions to the Trump campaign.

  26. Wow they pick the fake conspiracy to exposed….please explain why nick Cruz was found knocked out face first on the grass when he was arrested? They never explained that this lame ass country

  27. Sorry but that’s what she’s doing she’s turing up are rights are constitutional rights our second amendment which is the bear arms this will never never ever happen never

  28. Im skeptical, why would they make the paper so big for a small target. David Hogg is a liar, he has 2 stories lol. These kids dont want to debate they rather bitch about everything which im not surprised because thats a phase a teenager goes through.

  29. No! It's about them demanding that others give up their Constitutional Right to bear arms and might as well be the same thing, that Second Amendment is the only one you will find the word necessary in, therefore it protects all others.

  30. but gonzalez is a communist,she hates the US and is way more proud of cuba than of america,a communist country,and hogg loves the hitler pose and is creepy looking jim jones wannabe…

  31. This generation is lost. Yes I care about the lost. I have children in school. Three weeks ago a man chopped another man at a mall with a machete in Maui and killed him. If mental people want to kill they’ll find away. Why did they let so many institutions to help these people close and release them on the streets. Don’t you realize a lot of homeless are sick people. ? Of course not all as I was homeless for couple of years due to job lost. There are Hawaii people that served in our military and took an oath to defend the constitution. We will continue too. Once a military man always will be. We don’t want people who come to our great county and tell us what we can and can’t do. When I go traveling I respect other cultures same should be if you come to the US of America. Trump is the best thing that happened are you blind to that fact? No one said anything about Obama’s disasters Now the left grumbles about everything. Get a real live into reality morons. Hawaiians for Trump and the good of United States of America. Aloha

  32. Removing guns is the first step to communism. So in a matter of speaking the video even of fake, is symbolic towards the end goal of gun removal.

  33. Emma Gonzalez is a crisis actor SHE ADMITTED TO BULLYING THE SHOOTER! And David Hogg and Emma are cousins. David Hogg wasnt there at the time of the shooting, both those people are a little too fishy for it to be a coincidence. Not saying the didn't go to parkland, just that fake news and billionairs picked the best students to be the figurehead of anti gun propaganda.

  34. David Hoggwash a shooting survivor? He said he rode his bike 3 miles to the school when he found out about it. Smh

  35. Funny how Emma admitted to ostracizing the shooter along with other kids in Jr high and the media won't talk about it! Bullying made the shooter. And what's with that butch look!!

  36. The problem isn't guns. Now, I'll just be clear. I hate gun violence just as every other sane human being does. I hate gun violence with a passion. But ask any teacher or adult about when they were students, or just began teaching, if they've heard of these school shootings. The answer is either, "Rarely" or "Never" They had guns back then as well. What is it about today's society that is increasing these shootings? That is the question you have to ask.

  37. This is the preamble to the Constitution. Read it and try to process the words as deeply as you can.

    We the people of the United States,
    In order to form a more perfect Union,
    Establish justice,
    Ensure domestic tranquility,
    Provide for the common defence,
    Promote the general wellfare,
    And secure the blessings of tranquility to ourselves and our posterity,
    Do ordian and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.

  38. Leave it to the right to make a fake video, it's like the fake video of Obama said he is from Kenya. They have no true argument so they had to make up something. Sad

  39. 'What's Trending' has nothing to do with the reality train – the top comment makes this video look like trash – Whats Trending advocates down with free speech, cause comedic parody is hurts feel bad's. Get with the program, people are not buying hurt feelings anymore. You are a budding some pile of crap or another; why don't you report on what is really trending in the comments?

  40. No shit it was doctored Sherlock. It's symbolic of her rhetoric designed to infringe on the rights of others. Nobody believes she literally tore the constitution. Her rhetoric is worse than tearing the constitution.

  41. If you go out and attempt to make political statements, you're mature enough to take the beating that goes along with it. Take the responsibility with its pros AND its cons. It is understandable that kids will have opinions as private persons, even being interviewed every now and then about the event, what it was like, and maybe a brief message, but when you start going to marches, start appearing on talk shows and traveling around doing interviews, then you're no longer a private person and have no expectation of being exempt from even harsh criticism and responses.

  42. Hey, which one is real?
    If the right can fake it, can't the left or are they still in the dinosaur age?
    Which one happened first?
    The ripping of the constitution trended first and pissed a bunch of people off..did the left then correct it and call it fake news?
    Does anyone know what real anymore?

  43. Filter!! I live in Dubai have Americans forgot their rights that we don't have every TV channel anything bad about the UAE or its close allies is banned and if you are caught using VPN you are going to jail save your rights while you still can

  44. So what happens when their gun confiscation starts what about the people that will die in the ban.it will be millions of American s it will rip the country apart and expect at least 100 million dead !!! Your saying fuck me and my family on confiscation they will seize our property and bank account s .its OK I guess so be it I wore a uniform for all of you know you say fuck all that served and were going communist .just like mexico.oh well come and get it we all lived a long and enslaved life already.

  45. Hey guys. Stop being divided. This image was not created by right wing media but proven to be a misleading move from the Russian government. Though im on the side of Emma, we can’t keep being divided by shit you see on the internet. Make sure you know where it comes from before you share it 🙂

  46. Hogg was NOT a survivor, he was a glory seeker dashing off with camera in hand after HEARING that there was a shooting at his school, which he was not in attendance.

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