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  1. P PLEASE! Do you REALLY think people didn't see and hear the videos? Mother you taught your daughter to be an AWFUL, CLASSLESS, DISRESPECTFUL, HORRIBLE human being and mother, who would tell her baby that he needs to tape her murder by police over a blessed FIX IT TICKET?!?! SHAMEFUL YOU GOLD DIGGING HAG! I have NO compassion for you like I normally would because I've heard the things you have said, and the way you've gone at this is for MONEY, NOT YOUR GRANDSON! YOU'RE an evil person, and GOD knows the TRUTH!!!

  2. She gave the police no choice. She was in the wrong. The family should have got Nothing . The police were doing their job. All lives matter not just black. Blacks are no better than anyone else. We are all the same on this earth.

  3. Side note: Her daughter looks just like her. Korryn Gaines was too cute for all that man, smdh. Sometimes i wish ppl were on the inside how they appear on the outside.

  4. Hahahahaha! Overturned.

  5. As much as I feel sorry for the child, this decision is beyond any kind of sensibility. A disgusting miscarriage of justice, who loses out? the citizens of the City. This woman knew exactly what she was doing plus she held that poor child hostage as a shield for herself which showed no love for him at all. She was a typical Sovereign Citizen with nothing but causing confrontation in her heart. This is exactly why these people & the Moorish idiots are so dangerous. Most think it's just traffic stops where they cause so many issues but here is a prime example of how it can escalate. I do hope there was some kind of appeal to this decision & that it was reversed.

  6. Would they paid if she would have kill that cop this is what you call injust she was in apt with a gun with kids so she did not evan think of the all she is the blame for how it went down

  7. Never got a dime….lol. He should have been promoted, after what he was put threw for doing his job. The worlds a better place and her kids are better off with her dead

  8. are you kiding me, she holding a shot gun,with 6 rounds in it, i would like to know the color make up of the jury, i hope the city wins at a diff court case,,,,,,,,,this is unsane…………i love the mother this is for my sisters,,,,,,get real folks,……….if they get the money it will be gone in 1 yr, houses, cars, what ever else………….

  9. What kind of mother puts their child in that situation? Hopefully someone raises that boy with some sense.

  10. Kareem conveniently left out the fact that the cops were also there to serve him with a warrant too. He also didn't mention that he walked out of the apartment with his daughter and left Korryn and her son behind to fend for themselves.

  11. this was a bad jury decision… "my family has been destroyed" – she destroyed the family… this tragedy is a miscarriage of justice.

  12. Verdict was overturned on appeal. So this woman basically committed suicide by cop and left her kid with nothing.

  13. A year later, a circuit court judge overturned the verdict.
    In the end, common sense prevailed. Not all juries are competent.

  14. People has to learn to call internal affairs on spot – and have the Sargent of the prescient pages right away -once the Sargent says get out the car get out – because he is in the position to give you misleading and incorrect directions you deal with that later –

  15. Her death made her whole family rich…Her words rang prophetic ?or is this a case of be mindful of the words that we speak because words have power.

  16. Funny thing is, NOBODY thought for a second that this woman may have been mentally ill or dealing with issues with police after they did some horrific stuff to her while she was pregnant… we're just going to ignore that, right? This was an awesome decision, but it's not enough. Like Granny said, that child will suffer with PTSD for the rest of his life!!! I'm just thankful that this family had enough sense not to hug that pig in court!

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