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FATAL FRAME (2014 Movie) – Gekijô-ban: Zero – FULL HD | Cine First

October 11, 2019

There is a curse that only girls can be affected. I… …had always… …been affected by the curse. I beg you. Free me from the curse. Ms Aya. Ms Aya. [ Zero ] Ms Aya.
[ Zero ] [ Zero ] February 10. Seven days have passed since Aya locked herself in her room. I feel uneasy when I will get to see Aya. I’m sure everyone feels the same. Aya’s absent again. What happened to her? Something must have happened. Why don’t she come to class? – What’s going on?
– When will Aya show up? I don’t know. Please come and see us. We all… fell in love with Aya… from the first time we saw her that day… This is Ougai Mori’s translation from 1889 of Ophelia’s part from “Hamlet”. We will sing these pieces in chorus. To start, I will give the first phrase to… Ms Aya. ~How should I your true love know~ ~From another one?~ ~By his cockle hat and staff~ ~And his sandal shoon.~ In the end, it became the last time we saw Aya. I want to see you once again. Aya… Mother Superior. I am worried. I can’t help but think Aya will never get out of her room. She might be under a curse that only girls can be affected. She must have fell in love with someone and that someone has broken her heart. I’m kidding. You all have somewhat reached maturity. You are not children anymore but not yet full adults. You are like in the state of chrysalis or pupa. To be able to graduate from being young girls, you all need to die once. Die? That figuratively speaking. She is currently withstanding the pain of taking off her shell. Aya… Aya. Aya. Aya… Kasumi? You haven’t eaten anything. Are you okay? It’s nothing. Why won’t she come back? One month… It has been one month… I haven’t seen you for that long… Please… Aya… Please come back… Hey! What the! – Say.
– Hm? This is the second time we skipped class this month. Are you sure about this, Itsuki? Don’t worry! Besides, the classes are boring and useless anyway. Come on! Here. Ah! Dammit. Let me do it. Come on. I’ve been wondering. How long will you manicure my nails? If I opened a nail salon, won’t you come everyday? The man arranged to marry you is rich, right? I actually want to marry someone I really like. Do you remember? The last day Aya went to school. Only one month is left until we graduate. This is a tradition every year. At the graduation ceremony, we will sing Ophelia’s parts from Shakespeare’s play, “Hamlet”, on stage. I will ask Aoi for the musical accompaniment. Okay. Now, is there anyone who would want to take the solo parts? It should be Aya. Okay. Aya Tsukomori is assigned for the solo parts. I decline. I wanted to hear Aya sing Ophelia’s parts one last time. She acted like that when you even recommended her. And to think she locked herself in her room annoyed at something. Makes me pissed. Just forget about her. Ah! Right, right! I heard a charm for someone who doesn’t like you to like you back. Late at night, exactly at midnight, at the moment when it’s not yesterday nor today, you kiss the picture of that someone you like! So there’s still that rumor? That takes me back! What the! Ms Mary. That charm was also popular during our time. Huh? Is it from our graduates? You can’t tell this to anyone! That is… …a curse that a girl will inflict another girl. A curse? Yup. A long time ago, at the school, there were girls who used that charm. There’s a legend that a girl died and forever tormented the girl who was left alive. That’s why the graduate in our school sings the song of Ophelia who died with tragic love. I see. That’s the story. Um, we have curfew so we need to go. Hurry, let’s go. Excuse us. Don’t believe what Ms Mary said. She’s not even a graduate. She’s just spreading rumors. These flowers are called Dimorphotheca. They will fully bloom by spring. Exciting, isn’t it? How filthy. What’s so fun working like this very early in the morning? Do you need help? Sorry about him. It’s hard for my brother here to talk to people. Forgive him. But he’s really good at gardening. I asked permission from the headmistress for him to help us. Right dear? Ah. Since you’re not used to gardening yet, you can just learn from him. Yes, Ma’am. Kasumi? What’s wrong? Not feeling well? Yeah… Kinda… I see. Well… I don’t feel well too. Hey, let’s get out of here! What? Hey, Michi. We’ll get scolded by the teachers. Ah, right. Sorry that I haven’t taken any photos of Aya. I was actually trying to get one at the courtyard yesterday… But she never showed herself at all. It’s alright. I don’t think it matters now. Really? You really wanted one. You said you badly wanted a photograph of Aya before we graduate. Could it be that the rumors are true? Rumors? Everyone said that Aya maybe is under a curse. Anyway, you’re going to a junior college after graduation, right? You see, I don’t really have anything I want to do. Even though I’m thinking of going to Tokyo to study photography. But if I go there, I have to get serious about it. I’ve been thinking if that’s what I should really do. I’ve been thinking about it everyday. So Kasumi. What do you think? That day… Kasumi disappeared right in front of me. Hello?! Hello?! Is anybody there?! Even though the search is being continued, there seems to be no trace of her until now. I’m sure all of you are worried. But please be calm. And let us pray to the Lord for Ms Kasumi Nohara’s safety. Amen. Kasumi is missing? What? Dumped by Aya then went missing? Just where did Kasumi go? I heard she was cursed by Aya. What? Heard she was spirited away. It should have been long over… Hey kid! Is it true you’re secretly taking pictures of girls from Seijitsu Academy? Lemme see! Have pictures of them changing clothes? That’s not it. It’s a ghost. Huh? I’m taking pictures of the ghost of a girl in this town. – A girl?
– The hell is that? Huh? The hell is this? Nothing’s in the picture. Hey! Give that back! – Hey, hey, hey!
– Someone gave that to me! – There’s just nothing now!
– Someone gave this to you, huh? We are not happy at all that nobody’s at the photograph of the pool! Yeah! That sucks! Who cares about ghosts! Get a photograph of girls in swimsuits! – Yeah! Girls in swimsuits!
– Give that back! – Hey, hey!
– Oopsie! Let’s get out of here. Kasumi. So you had a photograph of Aya. Beautiful. “Then the frost came after the snow.” “The little Swallow became colder and colder” “but he would not leave the Prince.” “At last he knew that he was going to die.” ” ‘ I’m not going to Egypt, but the House of Death.’ ” “he said to the Prince.” “He kissed the Happy Prince and fell down dead at his feet.” “Early next morning the Mayor was walking below.” “He looked up at the statue…” Free me from the curse. Ms Michi? That sounds really fun! And you know, I found a new nail color that I think will suit you. – Really?
– Let’s try it next time. Okay. Sure. Alright! I wonder when we can try it. Are you okay? Thank you. Hey Michi. Will you be alright? You should be careful. Here. It’s Aya’s photograph. Where did you get this?! Ah… I found that at Kasumi’s room. I want one too! It’s Kasumi’s treasure. Let’s keep it somewhere safe until Kasumi returns. Really? Yup. Really! The audition the other day went good. What do you mean good? Hmm… Hmm… Even though I didn’t pass the document screening, I think I was very close. I was one step to my dream of becoming an idol. Good for you. Thinking positive and all. What do you mean positive? I meant you becoming an idol. Thanks. Good night then. Good night. Aya? You’re finally back! What’s wrong? Free me from the curse. What’s wrong, Risa? I feel strange recently. I see hallucinations of Aya everyday. I feel strange. Maybe I like Aya too much. That’s not it. Me too. I also see her. I see Aya. Day after day. Starting from the day we saw the picture, we started to see Aya. And then, without us noticing, we are in front of the picture found in the attic. When we’re back in our senses, we are about to kiss Aya’s picture. Isn’t this… …what Ms Mary told us? Isn’t this the curse that a girl will inflict to another girl? You mean Aya is cursed? No. Aya gave us the curse. Because isn’t this strange?! She locked herself in her room! She appears like a ghost! And she seduces us! She… She put a curse at her own picture! She makes us crazy! Free me from the curse. No! Everyone, please listen to me carefully. After Kasumi Nohara, Sakuya… Itsuki went missing. It’s like how Kasumi went missing. The reports of going out has not been issued… Is it because… …she kissed… …Aya’s picture? For some time, we will prohibit everyone to go out of the premises. The sisters will make rounds in all the rooms for every hour. They will check if everyone is in their rooms. There is nothing to fear. The Lord Jesus is with us. We must not forget to believe in our faith. Free me from the curse. Hey, wake up! Hey, wake up! Ms Kotomi. Wake up! Please wake up! What happened?! What just happened?! Are they alright? Are they dead?! They’re dead?! Hey! How can you inflict this curse that only girls can be affected? I heard that late at night, exactly at midnight… at the moment when it’s not yesterday nor today.. you kiss the picture… of that someone you like. That girl… That girl is calling everyone at school. False rumors spread inside the school quickly. That girl’s curse is also spreading. Three girls went missing yesterday. I think there’s no way to stop this. Takashi… As your sister, I will protect you. Risa? Risa! Why? Why?! I hate this! Everyone… Where did you all go?! Please stop this. You’re doing this, right? Answer me! What are you planning to do with them? Answer me! Hey! Answer me! What are you planning to do with them?! Hey! Come out! Come out right now! Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… I… I am… …being called… …by her… You know about her too, right…? You know her… Help me… She’s calling me… She’s calling me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Until now… All this time… To be able to meet her… I… …keep on walking… I have to go… She is calling me… She is calling me… She is calling me… ~How should I your true love know~ ~From another one?~ ~By his cockle hat and staff~ ~And his sandal shoon.~ [ Death: Missing 5 schoolgirls ] The cause of death of the girls who were found
[ Death: Missing 5 schoolgirls ] can be seen to be due to drowning.
[ Death: Missing 5 schoolgirls ] There is a possibility they committed mass suicide. The police
[ Death: Missing 5 schoolgirls ] [ Police: Possibility of Mass Suicide ]
There is a possibility they committed mass suicide. The police follows the behavior of the students before they went missing.
[ Police: Possibility of Mass Suicide ] They look into both sides of the incidents
[ Police: Possibility of Mass Suicide ] and continue the investigation.
[ Police: Possibility of Mass Suicide ] [ Police: Possibility of Mass Suicide ] I’m sorry. I’m really sorry. I’m so sorry… I’ve had enough. I don’t care anymore. I’m tired. Take me like everyone else. Free me from the curse. Open your eyes. This is not me. Aya? Believe me. I didn’t do anything. It’s just that… I… …saw a strange dream… There was this girl… She was floating in water and said to me – Free me from the curse. That girl… …looks exactly like me. Answer me! Hey! Answer me! I can’t get her voice out of my mind… And I stayed at my room all this time. Come out! I’ve thought maybe I inflicted some kind of curse. But… I after I heard that the girls I saw died one after the other… Aya! Who is this girl? Please help me. I want you to help me solve the mystery of this girl. What…? Takashi. Did you went there again? Come here. Your feet are completely cold. Let’s go take a bath. I’ll wash your feet. It’s okay. “If he had visited Japan,” “he would have drawn” “many pictures…” Michi. “If I had to do it,” “I would have done it at that time.” “As her…” Michi. “She is not happy.” “It is time he went to bed.” “He ought to go to bed now.” “If you had not…” I heard there is someone who knows about this curse that only girls will be affected. That someone who knows the secrets of the curse is somewhere here? Yeah. She heard about what’s happening in our school. Are you Ms Mary? Come inside. Though it’s messy. Wanna eat? They’re leftovers from my part-time job. Thank you but we just ate. Ah right. Of course you won’t eat these sandwiches that were left unsold in the local convenience stores. My kid also don’t want them. Um… Kisaragi. Huh? My name is Kazumi Kusanagi. But I know you girls call me “Ms Mary”. Um… Ms Kusanagi… You are a graduate of our school right? Oh… So, what about it? We want to know about the curse that only girls will be affected. The girls who died in our school, they all kissed a photograph as if they were possessed. How could this curse be stopped? I’m sorry but I don’t know. But even way back, that love charm had been popular to girls in this place. Back in the day, love between two girls was not accepted. Adults unreasonably separated these girls. Though it’s now filled up, there was once a lake at that piece of land. That was where the two girls committed a lover’s suicide. Here. This was our old shop. We had once a photo studio. And we took a photograph of their love charm. The girls at that time, found this studio a very sacred place. I grew up here. I was surrounded by these girls. – I love you.
– I love you. – We’ll always be together.
– I’m always with you. I pray we won’t be separated even if we die. – I love you.
– I love you. I pray we will still be together in the afterlife. If I do this… I can still hear the voices of the girls even now… It’s her. She is the girl who is a legend of your school. So that they can be together in the afterlife, she made a charm and they committed lover’s suicide. But she didn’t die. What happened to them after? The girl who died didn’t go to afterlife and instead wandered this world as a spirit. The girl who lived was haunted by the spirit of the other girl and suffered the rest of her life. I’m back. He’s my son. Hello. He won’t listen and keeps saying he wants to succeed our photo studio. He said he takes photographs of the ghosts of the girls wandering in this town. Right? Yup. Here. This is a photo of a ghost. What? I saw her at the end of the bridge. It’s a ghost of a girl. It’s my first photograph of a ghost. Kasumi. She got the photograph from the boy during the time we were working at the flower bed. But that is not me. I wonder what he said is true. If the ghost was really photographed, could it mean that there is a ghost who looks exactly like me around here? There it is. It’s the bridge the boy took the photograph. When there was still a lake here, I wonder how many girls committed lover’s suicide here. Aya! What’s wrong? Let go! I don’t want… …to go any further… If we won’t be able to stop the curse, I think nobody would be able to stop it. That’s why… I want you to tell me anything that has happened. During the time… …when I was adopted by this school… …there was another girl who was also adopted. But that girl… …died. She died right in front of me. What? I wasn’t able to save her. Even though she asked me to save her. In the end… I was accepted to this school alone. Everyone at this school was good to me. Not long after, everyone started to like me. But… I didn’t like that. I wanted to be alone. To be honest… I don’t know the feeling of being in love with another girl. Well… I don’t know the feeling of being in love with a guy either. Get out, murderer! Come here! We won’t let you get us! We won’t be killed by the likes of you! Come right here! It’s her! She came out! Stop right there! Kill her. Everyone will be saved if she’s dead. Stop! She’s not the one who gave the curse. But if you’ll die if you kiss her. You’re wrong! See? It’s alright. She’s just a normal human being. It’s weird. What is? It’s those dead bodies. I can’t say their residual thoughts. But I can’t feel they are dead at all. Huh? What do you mean? They’re empty. It seems like they got separated and got blown away. Isn’t she…? I’ll call the headmistress! – Call the police too!
– Yes, Ma’am! – Risa!
– Risa! Risa? – Risa!
– Risa! Risa! She’s like the dead bodies. She got blown away. She’s not that far. I’ll talk to her. He’s… …a shaman. In other words, he can separate his spirit from his body. Help me… Help me… Help me… Help me… Risa? Help me… Help me… Risa. Where were you planning to go? To where she is. She’s calling me. She? But I can’t get near her. What do you mean? I don’t know. Everyone can’t get near her. She looks exactly like Aya. She’s… …dead. Help me… Help me… Please help! Please free me from her curse! Help! Help! Please help me! Help me! You said they found Ms Risa. Yes, Ma’am. But she’s still unconscious. – She’s unhurt?
– Yes, Ma’am. Ms Risa. Ms Risa! It’s the girl in the photograph. The girl who looks exactly like me. She’s dead. Maybe she’s finding someone to be with her in the afterlife. Just like the girl who committed lover’s suicide a long time ago. But there is no lake anymore! I’ll kiss the photograph. What? I’m sure she’s waiting somewhere. Somewhere that is not a lake. To know where she is, I’ll inflict the curse to myself. What are you saying?! If I don’t save her, the girls who’ll get cursed won’t stop. Promise me. You’ll come and save me no matter what. And also.. You’ll be the one who’ll free me from the curse. Michi? Michi? Michi! Michi! Michi. Michi… Help… Help me, Michi! Help me! Help me! Ms Michi! Where were you?! You were not at your room! Ms Michi! I can’t let you go there no matter what! Takashi… Did you went there again? You went in the water reserve? You can’t go there if it’s closed! Nobody must not know what’s inside! It’s for your own good… Please listen to me. I’ll do something to anyone who notices what’s inside. It’s okay. It’s alright now. W…water… Girl… water… The girl… the girl in… the girl in the water… She’s… she’s alive. She escaped… That’s why I threw her back… Takashi… You threw a girl in the water again? No, no… No, no… I… I just… …put the girl back to where she was! Why did you do that?! Help! Help! Help! Aya… Aya! Maya! You twins look exactly alike. What are your names? Aya. Maya. Aya… Maya? Aya… Aya… Aya… I’ve waited all this time… I’ve waited for you all this time… Ever since then… All this time… I… …inflicted a curse. An unbreakable curse until I see you again. Did I die? Did I live? I do not know… Long ago… When this was still a lake… A lot of the emotions of the girls who drowned had been accumulated… – I love you.
– We’ll always be together. – I’m always with you.
– I pray we won’t be separated even if we die. I pray we will still be together in the afterlife. While you are growing up… I also was growing up… Please… Free me from the curse. Maya. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I was too afraid to remember. I didn’t want to remember. I was… …always running away… We’re now together, Maya. This time for sure. I’ll never leave you alone. I will… …be always… …with you now. No. You must not stay here. You must live, Aya. Maya? You will grow up and be an adult. Live for my sake. Promise me… Aya? Aya! Takashi! Takashi! Takashi! Takashi! Takashi! Takashi… Takashi… Hello! Hello! Is someone there?! Michi! Aya! You came to help me. Thank you. I also want to thank you. You freed me from the curse. We made a promise after all. What was found in the water reserve was the remains of a seven year old girl. I don’t know if the 18 year old Maya I saw was just a hallucination. Everyday, Takashi offered flowers to Maya who’s in the water reserve. In order to keep the secret of the dead body in the water, Ms Asou drowned all the girls in the lake who approached the water reserve. …is what the rumors say spreading in the school. But… It seems like I’m forgetting something. I’ll give this to you. Are you sure? Yes. Please take it. I finally met Maya again. Even if we are apart, I feel that we are always connected. Always. Today is our graduation day. If you want, please listen to our performance of Ophelia’s song. That takes me back. Hmm… I’ll decline. What? I’m not a graduate of this school anyway. ~How should I your true love know~ ~From another one?~ ~By his cockle hat and staff~ ~And his sandal shoon.~ ~He is dead and gone, lady.~ ~He is dead and gone.~ ~At his head a green grass turf~ ~And his heals a stone.~ ~The glaring light~ ~And the darkness of summer~ I have been searching for you all this time. So you are the girl in the legend. The girl who died didn’t go to afterlife and instead wandered this world as a spirit. The girl who lived was haunted by the spirit of the other girl and suffered the rest of her life. It’s true that I’ve been suffering. I’ve been haunted by her spirit. No. It might just be a hallucination. A hallucination made from my memories. Her dead body… …never… …never faded away. Even if I became an adult, she’s always there. I can’t even have an ordinary romantic life. I just grow old. I suffered for years and years. And then, one time… Free me from the curse. I realized this. I have to free her from the curse. I have to give her a companion in the afterlife. You two are now students of this school. You twins look exactly alike. What are your names? Aya. Maya. There is a reason that you two have been adopted to this school. One of you will start living in this school with ease. But… …the other one… …will have to die here. Whoever among you is fine. Would you choose between yourselves? Or should I choose for you? I… I should go because I’m older… Maya! Maya! Aya! I killed her. Ms Asou and her brother had nothing to do with it. ~My sister loves me~ It feels good that I get to hear Ophelia’s song again this year. It doesn’t matter who. All was freed by the curse anyway. ~You should return, my love~ ~I myself suffer at the doors of the underworld~ ~There’s one flame in the candle if we look~ ~Falling in love with the dream of despair~ ~Let us return to the present~ ~Let us look back~ The girls leave. And then new girls will arrive. Please protect the girls. I pray that there would never be another horrible curse. ~Even if you are separated~ ~You’ll always be in my memories~ Do you know the curse that only girls can be affected? I heard that you just kiss the picture of the person you like. You do it late at night, exactly at midnight. At the moment when it’s not yesterday nor today. Is that the one where Aya is cursed? Who is this Aya? Who would have thought Waka become an idol. Even though she sounds like she’s lying, it became true. How about Risa? She said she’ll go to a nail school. She wants to fulfill Itsuki’s dream on her behalf. I see. As for me… I’ve decided to go to Tokyo. I see. Good luck. How about you? I’ll stay here. I’ll become an adult in this town. That’s what I decided. I see. We’ll all go our separate ways. Michi! I want to take a picture of you. What? You see, I’ve been meaning to take a picture of you. You don’t mind, right? Susumu, let me borrow that a bit. Okay. Thanks. Can you crouch a bit. Like this? Are they the ghosts of everyone? Or could they be… …just my wishful thinking? You won’t take a picture? I think it’s best I won’t for now. Why? I… …will study at Tokyo. Become an adult. Someday for sure… I’ll come back and be sure to take a picture of you with my own camera. So please… …wait for me until then. Okay. And just like that… we became normal adults. Our time of being young girls is over. But… We will never forget this. That time… We were under a curse only girls can be affected.

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  1. Aya and Maya that names I feel familiar, Like some story of Parasite Eve Aya and Maya also have a same name as Fatal Frame even twin sister.

  2. Not fatal frame but damn good movie, has alot of elements from the video game though

  3. Melhor que Another kkkkk conheço praticamente nada dos games, lógico que se fosse o caso a experiência seria melhor, mas funciona muito bem como suspense eu curti.👍

  4. Interesting. Not what I expecxted for sure. But I could see glipmses of FF 1 and 2 in the plot and progression of the movie.

  5. gracias por los subtitulos en español amigo like. la verdad conozco los juegos pero no e jugado a ninguna pero si duda alguna la película me ha encantado.

  6. Beautiful film. Thanks for uploading. It's refreshing to see a ghost movie that uses the genre to tell a complex emotional story without relying on jump scares and horror cliches.

  7. this movie is a classic. its exceptionally produced and crafted. its better than any stupid video game! with this asinine and childish addiction to damned stupid video games i seriously doubt humanity has a future beyond that of herded sheep and slaves. I really just can't believe how gullible and conformists the youth of the last 30 years has become. your corporate masters are very proud you. you've fallen their scam once again! but this time our youth has become more sick and twisted than ever before! you're a bunch a blind, idiotic morons!

  8. Amazing movie. The Japaneses knows how to do films and games like this, phantom, souls, dark history, I liked. When I saw that cameras in the hand of the susumo and in the kusanagi's room i remember the Fatal Frame series, the best game in genre for me, I cried because this… The music that the girls sing also in so beautiful…. Amazing movie! Thanks for uploaded this Movie!

  9. The students are preety,the sisters are preety even the ghost are preety damn so scared at the amount of preety girls in this movie 😍

  10. Going back and re-watching it, I found little easter eggs that seem like a nod to the game franchise. I was expecting it to be more like the games, but after seeing it, I am glad they went with a different approach, and a new story. I'm glad they didn't go the whole taking pictures of the ghost aspect. that would've made the movie campy and unenjoyable. thanks for the upload.

  11. Big fan of the fatal frame games and i didn't know thay had a movie lol thank you uploader for the full movie

  12. Big fan of the Fatal Frame games! Great movie. Aya and Michi are perfect for a fatal frame movie. The most important item the camera to see the ghost wasn't used properly. I feel the school should've been abandoned for some time with the same concept of the two ladies doing the sacrifice there long ago. That way in order to find clues they'll have to search this abandoned creepy school using the camera. In the process they see different ghost instead of one saying break the curse. Fatal frame (II) is the only game that I can't play at night and this movie falls on bringing that sense of fear. Overall a great movie.

  13. Thank you for uploading this full movie bro. For anyone who said "This is nothing like the game" can read this http://horrorfuel.com/2018/01/13/picture-tells-story-review-fatal-frame-gekijoban-zero/ just for reference though

  14. That in no way resembled the games, but if I look at it as something unrelated, it was a decent movie. Not great, but pretty good.

  15. Apesar de eu ter jogado os jogos, eu não entendi nada do filme em relação ao jogo. A história não tem nada ver.ou eu tô errado. mas ótimo filme msm gostei

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