Fatal Frame 5 Final Boss & Yuri Good Ending   [English CC]
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Fatal Frame 5 Final Boss & Yuri Good Ending [English CC]

October 12, 2019

go down…go down… I will dissolve soon.
I…will dissolve…and disappear…. Hurry…Get here…..Catch me… You have come here. In Kurokisawa. You need not to waver. Let’s go down to the shades Before I will collapse…. Before the shades will overflow again…. He left this mountain. I will go too. I will keep going down in the shades for good…as a sacrifice.. It’s my duty. go down…keep going down… While holding last emotions in my arms…. While repeating death of all kinds for good…by myself.. Please catch me…please someone catch me.. I love you. Those words was so hard for me. Those words is the curse. I would not want to die with him but want to live with him. At last…I get the feeling a curse is lifted. So,I will pass away by myself. to end of the flow You were beside me at the very last moment of my life. I could entrust my last emotion to you. I am glad that I could meet you. Yuri You should sleep still. You should take more rest. What? I don’t go anywhere. Don’t worry.

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  1. Sankyu for uploading ne
    I have watch your vid from first until the end
    Athough i confuse a bit with its story about..
    Demo ne yokatta, now i understand 🙂
    Onegaishimas,upload more Nihongo game
    I am looking forward for it zentaini!

  2. Thanks a ton for uploading this with English subtitles. I'm still extremely pissed off at Nintendo for once again not releasing a Fatal Frame game outside of Japan, so I can at least enjoy the game through your videos.

  3. Do you guys noticed why this entry isn't that scary at all? It's because the cute and sexy outfit of the protagonist. not to mention she's gorgeous too, I keep on looking at her face and her body the whole time and not giving a damn about enemies and whatnot.. Seriously, when you play a game like this with pretty girl as a main character, your fear will easily go away and instead your boner will…. you know….

  4. Fixed camera and dark environments what made FF great. Without them, the game isn't scary. Also, I see that things are faster after FF3 which makes it more like an action game. Finally, the games are too colorful!

  5. Nintendo, its time to let go of this series and hand it back to PlayStation. this series would be SO MUCH more successful on PlayStation/XBox and we all know it. 

  6. These games are fun to play but my personal favorite is still Crimson Butterfly FF2. Beat this one in one day exploring the maps etc under hard mode and played nightmare mode right after but it's a shame nightmare mode isn't that much of a challenge when spirits can't 2 hit kill you anymore.. though the character design I love because it's Dead or Alives character designs but sadly Nintendo only made this one for the water and rainy environment effect which was done nicely but still would have been better if playstation keep the series going instead of stopping on The Tormented FF3

  7. I can see the boss is annoying xD the creepy scenes not scares me ahhaha FF1-2-3 is way better than the next two relese lol

  8. so again because of "love" everything was ruined .. sheesh!
    FF1 the maid was in love and she was forced to die, conclusion the apocalypse
    FF2 the both sisters loved each others to the point they wanted to stay together forever, they got separated and the conclusion the apocalypse
    FF3 Rieka the shrine maid saw her bf getting killed before her eyes when he visited her to chat a bit the conclusion apocalypse
    FF4 ……tbh I kinda forgot their story but what I know about it had to do something with mirror's and with rituals again anyway conclusion apocalypse
    FF5 the girl loved the guy but she had a duty when she accepted her sacrifice someone killed all 5 shrines maids and she felt like she was left alone and she needed someone to hug her again because of her lack of love conclusion apocalypse
    FF1 she touches you , instant death
    FF2 Sae / Kusabi touch you instant death
    FF3 Rieka touches you, slowly freeze to death with tattoos
    FF4 one look at her face instant death
    FF5 you look at her eyes and she'll force you to suicide

    FF1 the shrine maid just wanted someone to calm her down and remind her of her duty to shut down the hell gate
    FF2 Sae just wanted her sister to come back, and perform the sacrifice together without leaving anyone behind
    FF3 Reika wanted to be bale to sleep in peace without having to remember her bf's death all the time
    FF4 .. again I can't remember because the story wasn't that clear
    FF5 the ghost just wanted someone to conform her so she gains her sanity back nothing else

    FF1, FF2, FF3 , FF4, FF5: when you begin the game "die now!!!!" , when you get bad ending " why the hell did I play to begin with it anyway? screw it! damn it!" , when you get happy ending " oh my god! that's all what it all was about .. awww she is very poor i'm glad I could help out .. ohh i'm sad for what happened to her but i'm happy I helped her out!"

    very great game specially for a console  like Wii U thanks very much for recording thanks for the good ending now i'm satisfied! I watched the whole thing through 2 weeks now I feel all my time wasn't wasted for nothing! thanks!

  9. it's impossible to become scared because this series it's more attractive and interest field not about villain

  10. And I like theme song "in this cage" then FF3 "koe" from singer that tecmo presented her "tsukiko amano" nice btw.

  11. thanks bro for your fatal frame 5 walkthrough….but Unfortunately no English subtitles , i do not understand the Japanese language 🙂 I really enjoy it

  12. So if you hug a tormented ghost girl it will solve all her problems, why can't the other protagonist from the previous games follow the same example? I guess because it's way better to make a drama over it, And what about the lesbian ending? it reminded me of korra's… It seem like lesbianism its becoming more popular on the media nowadays.

  13. “Kurokisawa, or the interspace between life and the afterlife where ghosts and oni exist in our world as opposed to Jigoku or Hell” => I actually have a question: Where did you get this information from? Because I found this word from the game Fatal Frame 5 and wonder is it really exist in Japanese culture or just created in this game. I used online and found the word in my language will be written “Hắc Trạch”, the meaning is “Black Bog”, and I can’t find the word anywhere else

  14. OH MY!. Tsuki Amano gets better and better in her songs with each new Fatal Frame game. Especially since Fatal Frame 2 remake on WII!

  15. See this is what happens we get wii u with no games. Over sea's they have all the support for main stream. Damn this region locking the systems in america.

  16. Getting this ending was a major pain in the ass, I just couldn't do the final glance on her, it took like a million tries. But it was totally worth it.

  17. so in order to get the good ending you have to 1. know that you have to beat the boss above water and 2. get a glance during a very, very small window in the above water phase. I wouldn't even know you can glance above water if I hadn't read about it.

  18. Conclusion of all Fatal Frame is always same. Girls are scary maybe you will face an apocalypse when they mad.

  19. How to F* does glancing at Ouse work?
    I stood next to her pressed the button, I stood within her pressed the button. Walked around her like a chicken around it's dead mother hen…
    I get no prompt to glance.

  20. <iframe width="854" height="480" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/FZNA9C9SQ-I" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

  21. Thanks so much for this video, and thanks for no obnoxious commentary!
    I was stuck, because I didn't realize you had to touch her right after defeating her. The first time I tried, I got game over…I was also wasting alot of film on the maidens. This is an excellent game!

  22. i just got a bit feels in my even though i didnt knew there was ff5 😉 ps idgaf about spoilers in this but a little rant. the cam is like re6 :T or some camera style related to that

  23. Yeah fatal frame more spooky and scarier than dread out i had played fatal frame 1 and i'm not finished yet cause this is ghost can walk through wall and everything 😱😵

  24. The devs put too much emphasis on jiggle physics and soak-through effects. The game suffered for it, as the controls are just a nightmare. Scarier than the game itself actually.

  25. I got all the endings – minus the bad ending – including Ayane's ending. Also, Ayane being in this game makes very little sense.

  26. The story is a inside heart of woman. Hide all the pain by themselve , too senstive.. Keep waiting and waiting. Sink down all the feeling in the heart of sorrow. Sry my english bad^^

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