Fatal Frame 5 Final Boss & Yuri Good Ending [English CC]

October 9, 2019

go down…go down… I will dissolve soon.
I…will dissolve…and disappear…. Hurry…Get here…..Catch me… You have come here. In Kurokisawa. You need not to waver. Let’s go down to the shades Before I will collapse…. Before the shades will overflow again…. He left this mountain. I will go too. I will keep going down in the shades for good…as a sacrifice.. It’s my duty. go down…keep going down… While holding last emotions in my arms…. While repeating death of all kinds for good…by myself.. Please catch me…please someone catch me.. I love you. Those words was so hard for me. Those words is the curse. I would not want to die with him but want to live with him. At last…I get the feeling a curse is lifted. So,I will pass away by myself. to end of the flow You were beside me at the very last moment of my life. I could entrust my last emotion to you. I am glad that I could meet you. Yuri You should sleep still. You should take more rest. What? I don’t go anywhere. Don’t worry.

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