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Fatal Frame II: EXPLAINED, French and Spanish CC available!

September 10, 2019

Hey guys! Today I’m starting a new series all about
Fatal Frame, one of my fave video game series ever. I know this isn’t what I usually do, but its
October and I’m feeling extra spooky! So, if you’ve never played Fatal Frame before,
all the games follow a very similar plot line: a very pretty Japanese girl follows her loved
one(s) into a haunted / in general cursed ALSO Japanese location and gets trapped there
until she can fight her way out with a camera. Since you find out the story primarily through
notes on the ground, not everyone gets all the notes or gets them in the correct order so it can
be kind of hard to get on your first try! It’s definitely a strange concept, but there
is so much folklore and mystery behind these games that I cannot wait to explain everything for you
guys. Before you watch this video, I HIGHLY recommend
you watch vulpixinferno91’s video about the story behind Fatal Frame 1! I’m going to be building a little off that
video, and this video may be easier to understand
if you watch that one first! So before we get into the backstory of the
game and the sub plots, lets first take a look at the main plot. Spoilers start now! The game opens with Mio and Mayu around the
age of 5 to 8 playing in the forest around the lost village. Mayu isn’t as fast as Mio, but Mio is a little
douche and she won’t slow down for her. Mayu ends up falling off the cliff and injuring
her knee to the point where she still has a limp around 10 years later. 10 years later in 1988 when the game takes
place, Mio and Mayu are back in their old stomping grounds,
playing around by the river for nostalgia’s sake bc its going to be destroyed by a new
dam soon. While Mio is briefly distracted by the guilt
from the accident, Mayu runs after a crimson butterfly. Mio realizes maybe a minute or two later that
her sister is missing and chases after her into the heavily wooded area. Mayu, who keeps flickering in between herself
and a girl in a white kimono, leads Mio deeper and deeper into the forest, eventually making
their way to the lost village, Minakami village or All God’s village. The village of many names! The village is a local legend said to be trapped
in endless darkness, and those who find it are spirited away, never
returning to our realm. Once they both pass the tori gate, the path out of the village closes behind
them and they can no longer find their way out. I don’t know how this works but I like to
think about it like being on the inside of a ball; You can go around forever but you’re never
gonna find the way out. The twins start looking around for living
people to ask for help and end up stumbling upon the Osaka house,
but instead of people they find creepy notes about the village, news paper articles, GHOSTS, and a ghost fighting camera, the camera obscura. With the camera is an owner’s manual of sorts explaining that it has the power to exorcise
ghosts! Mio uses this to fight off the ghost of Miyako, another woman who was spirited away, and then
passes out. When she wakes up, Mayu is nowhere to be seen. This starts the wild goose chase for Mayu. When Mayu broke her knee, Mio made a promise
to never leave Mayu again, and DAMN IT, she’s gonna
KEEP IT. They occasionally meet up again, but Mayu always either runs off or just straight
up disappears. As the night wears on, Mio becomes more and
more aware that the ghosts are trying to force her to participate in the Crimson Sacrifice ritual. They guide her around the village, and even refer to her and Mayu as different
names as well as say things like “The twins who will become the sacrifice have returned!” Let’s take a break from the plot to talk about
the Crimson Sacrifice ritual! Twins from the village usually around the
age of 15 were chosen every couple of decades to participate in this ritual. The first purpose of the Crimson Sacrifice
ritual was to reunite the twin’s souls. The villagers thought twins were one soul
split in two, and if the elder one strangled the younger one they would truly be connected forever. The twins were purified for around a week, possibly separately, in the twin houses, and
then led to the hellish abyss by the priests where the elder would kill the younger. The red mark formed by their twin’s hands
on their neck would then become a crimson butterfly, while the elder twin developed the same red
butterfly shape as a permanent bruise. The crimson butterflies were then thought
to protect over the village kind of like a mini god. The second and more important purpose was
to appease the hellish abyss. The hellish Abyss is an unimaginably deep
pit in a cave beneath All God’s village, connecting our world to the underworld. Every couple of decades, the pit starts acting
up and causes earthquakes, poor harvests and
unexplainable deaths eventually leading up to the repentance. We’ll come back to what the Repentance is
in just a second, let’s talk about what caused it first. It was a line of failed rituals, the first
being the Tachibana twins, aka Itsuki and Mutsuki. Itsuki, the white haired boy in the jailhouse,
killed Mutsuki in the correct way but he loved him too much,
so the ritual failed. I don’t really understand how this is a thing,
but whatever. Its not the weirdest thing in this series. This is also why his hair is now white. Before their ritual, Itsuki promised Mutsuki
that he would keep Yae and Sae from becoming the next Twin Shrine Maidens. He wrote his childhood friend, Ryozo Munakata,
asking him to come on the night of the next ceremony so that he could meet Yae and Sae in the woods
and take them to safety. Ryozo didn’t have enough money to do this on his own, so he asked his folklorist
mentor, Seijiro Makabe, to come along with him and help pay for it. When they arrived in the village, they were
greeted very warmly by the village master, Ryokan Kurosawa, aka Yae and Sae’s dad, and
they were invited to stay. They did, but this was a very bad mistake on Seijiro’s
part because he was held hostage in the Kurosawa house and then used as a kusabi in the hidden ritual. A kusabi was an outsider offered to the Hellish
Abyss as a snack, a way of putting off the Crimson Sacrifice
ritual when there were no suitable twins. Although it did not appease the abyss for
as long as a successful Crimson Sacrifice, it did hold it off for at least a little while. After an outsider was welcomed into the village, they would be held hostage in the Kurosawa
house. When it was time for the ceremony, they would be escorted down to the rope temple
where they would be tied up and suspended in the air. With the Ceremony Master watching over everything,
the prists would then chant while slashing the victim from below with the ends of their
staffs. They would continue cutting and stabbing until the Kusabi was in as much pain as possible
without dying because the Abyss only wants living kusabis for some reason. Immediately after, the Kusabi was brought
all the way down through the caverns and lowered slowly into the hellish abyss. Seijiro was a special and very dedicated man
and was pretty okay with this, like pretty much as okay as you
can be with being a living sacrifice to the pit of hell and his ritual even succeeded, perhaps BECAUSE of his will to live? Who knows. Before Seijiro was sacrificed though he wrote
Ryozo a letter telling him to leave and come back the night of the ritual, do not
stay here, these people are bad. news. Sae and Yae hand delivered the letter and
he promised them he would come back. On the night of the ritual, Itsuki showed
Sae and Yae the path out of the village, then presumably went off to cause a distraction. Yae was faster and very determined to leave, while Sae was panicking, realizing that even
if they did escape the village, they could grow apart and die separately anyway. Believing Yae would stop for her, Sae flung
herself off the side of a cliff, injuring her leg in the process. A mob of villagers found her and took her
back to the village where they waited for Yae to come back. Sadly, she never did. She got lost in the woods and by the time
she made her way back, there was nothing left but the tori gate on
Misono hill. Ryozo found her sobbing “I’m sorry.. I’m so sorry…” outside of it and without memories, and keeping
his promise to Itsuki, he took care of her. After Yae never came back, Sae was forced
by her own father to go through the ritual alone. This was unprecedented but the pit was rumbling
so frequently that Ryokan was getting very desperate. The priests hung her from the tori gate closest
to the Hellish Abyss, and then the mourners threw her corpse into
it. Since Yae wasn’t the one who killed her and
the pit is picky, darkness spewed forth filling up the entire
village killing many people in the village on the spot. This also caused all the spirits to become
vengeful, including Sae and the Kusabi. This is what the repentance is! It’s the disaster that’s causing this whole
100 year mess. Back to the plot line! At this point, it’s very clear that Mayu is
possessed by Sae. She starts speaking in Sae’s voice, transitions into Sae’s physical form randomly
and in general just starts acting really weird. Mio starts looking more and more for a way
out of the village just so she doesn’t have to kill her sister. Mio finds a path out of the village through
a tunnel in the Kureha Shrine thanks to Itsuki, but Mayu is kidnapped by a group of villagers
and priests before they can get there. At this point, you can either abandon Mayu in the village
or you can go with her. If you decide to leave Mayu, Sae will chase after Mio eventually touching
her causing Mio to wake up in the forest back at the same spot
she was at the beginning of the game with Mayu nowhere to be found. Canonically, Mio follows her sister and finds
the path to the Hellish Abyss where the Crimson Sacrifice ritual took place. Mayu gives her a long speech about how they
were born together, but they have to live and die separately. She tells Mio that the ritual will make them
one again and asks Mio to kill her and Mio DOES. I think this is bc Mio is possessed by the
power of the malice coming from the Hellish Abyss, but that’s just a personal theory. Anyway, after Mayu dies, the priests throw
her carcass into the abyss and she comes back out a few seconds later as a crimson butterfly
tells Mio “Thank you”. Mio frantically chases after Mayu in her butterfly
form sobbing and apologizing profusely, but Mayu says nothing else, she just lands on Mio’s arm and flies away
with the rest of the ghosts and butterflies presumably up to heaven. Sometime later in the same year, presumably
still in the summer before the events of Fatal Frame 3, Mio is back in the Minakami area looking over
the large reservoir now covering the lost village due to the recently constructed dam. Mio has a large red shaped butterfly mark
on her throat now, due to becoming a remaining. The game ends with a voice over from Mayu
saying “didnt we always promise each other…? together… forever…” There are 4 other endings on top of the two
I’ve already went through, but I’m not gonna go to into depth about them
right now. Let’s just go ahead and talk about some of
the major sub plots! Right off the bat, I want to talk some shit
about Mayu. Not only does she drag Mio into all of this, she did it all on purpose. In the hellish abyss ending of the game, the
final boss is Mayu possessed by Sae. Here are some quotes from Mayu that are played
in the background: “The pain… I was glad… That you were mine… and only mine… You’ll never leave me behind… You are always with me… Mio always thinks about me… and she will
do whatever I say.” After the battle, Sae is separated from Mayu
but pulls her into the abyss with her. Mio grabs her hand and against Itsuki’s advice,
she looks down into the pit and sees thousands of past sacrifices all writhing and fighting
to be released. Mio is immediately and permanently blinded, and Mayu is quite pleased that Mio now relies
on her. In the frozen butterfly ending of the remake,
we even SEE a comparison of Sae’s maniacal laughter vs. Mayu laughing after she fell off the cliff
when she was 5 at the very beginning of the game. In this ending, Mio fights Sae out of Mayu
and then Mayu tries one more time to convince Mio to kill her. When Mio says no, she says “OH? i didnt think you would hahahahhahahahahahaaaahaha” Mio flashes back to the accident, and then
the next thing we see is Mio laying dead in Mayu’s lap.. It could be possible that Sae was possessing
Mayu the entire time but at the same time it seems pretty exhausting. I don’t know. I just think Mayu has never been a trustworthy
person, she’s very suspicious. While these endings aren’t cannon, I still
think they’re interesting and viable evidence that Mayu isn’t as innocent as she seems. Next, lets talk about some of the major ghosts
in the game I haven’t gone over yet, beginning with the twin’s father, Misa Amakura. Misa is a descendant of Dr. Kunihiko Aso, the inventor of the camera obscura. Dr. Aso went missing around the early to mid
1900’s, and possibly from that point on his entire
family line was cursed with bad luck. It’s thought that this is the reason Misa
took his wife, Shizu’s last name. Sadly this did not save him though, and he went missing in the very same woods
that the lost village was located in around 10 years before the start of the game. Unfortunately, we most likely never see Misa,
but it’s still interesting! Next up, Masumi and Miyako, the stars of the
bloody ring sidequest. Masumi Makimura was a land surveyor for the
construction of the Minakami dam. While out on an assignment, he stumbled upon
the Lost Village and was trapped. He started frantically researching the history
and rituals of the village in an attempt to escape, thus creating the village reports Mio can
pick up during chapter 2. After the search for Masumi was called off
only 10 days after he was reported missing, his girlfriend, Miyako, went looking for him,
believing he was still alive. They finally found each other again in the
Osaka house, but Miyako’s leg was injured and Masumi had more research to do so he left
her there for a little while. At some point, he had read that the Kurosawa
family presided over the village’s rituals, so he directed his search to their house. While there, he was attacked by the Kusabi in the great hall and died in the closet holding
a ring he planned to give to Miyako. Unable to accept his death and still longing
to give the ring to her, Masumi’s ghost returned to the Osaka house where he ended up strangling
Miyako instead. In Fatal Frame 3, a note found in Yuu’s room reveals that the
search for Masumi and Miyako has been called off and they are both assumed by most locals to
be spirited away. It’s time for what you’ve all been waiting
for, the creepiest story of the game, the Kiryu twins. At only 10 years old, Akane killed her sister,
Azami, sacrificing her to the Hellish Abyss. Their ritual was a success, but Akane became
very depressed so her father, a skilled doll maker, made her a life sized doll of Azami to cheer
her up. The doll was so accurate that Akane actually
thought it WAS Azami and even apologized to her. Akane was back to being happy again, but Yoshitatsu became suspicious of the doll. They were inseparable, and Akane was constantly whispering things
in the doll’s ear. One night, Yoshitatsu heard footsteps in the
hallway, at first dismissing it as Akane. As he looked closer, he realized it was the
Azami doll. Akane had spent so much time thinking about her sister, it had summoned a spirit
to make the doll come to life. Yoshitatsu says in his second note,
“It is said that when a spirit takes residence in a doll, it can steal the soul of others. Akane isn’t a person anymore. She’s like a doll.” Sometime later, Yoshitatsu had a dream in
which the real Azami urged him to destroy the doll because she didn’t need to be replaced, she
and Akane were already reunited. Even though he knew it would crush Akane,
he made plans to destroy the doll by hanging it and throwing it into the Hellish Abyss. Throughout all of this, the Azami doll was
taking advantage of Akane’s guilt and weakness, and slowly corrupted her mind until Akane
was under the spirit’s complete. control. To keep Yoshitatsu from sending her back to
hell, she told Akane to destroy the door to the underground passageway by hiding the puzzle’s
doll parts throughout the house. Yoshitatsu tried desperately to find all the
parts but he was killed by Akane before he could. It’s unknown how Akane survived without her
father but some time after, Akane’s soul was was sucked out by the doll, killing her. We also don’t know what happened to the doll! The next ghost we’re going to talk about is
Chitose Tachibana, Itsuki and Mutsuki’s younger sister. We don’t know her exact age, but she looks
to be around 8 years old when the repentance happened. She didn’t know anything about the Crimson
Sacrifice ritual, so she was understandably very confused when Mutsuki never came home and Itsuki’s
hair turned white. She had really bad eyesight, so Itsuki gave her a bell to wear around her
wrist so he would know if she went somewhere dangerous. Chitose was very close to her brothers, but
shy around strangers and she had a habit of hiding in closets whenever she was scared. Itsuki had given her a key to give to Ryozo,
but when Ryozo arrived, she hid in the closet a nd never gave him the key. This key unlocks the cell Mayu was locked
in in chapter 7, containing documents describing how to get
out of the village. After giving Chitose the key, Itsuki was locked
up in the storehouse as punishment for helping Sae and Yae escape, leading Chitose to blame Yae for not coming
back, thus explaining why she hates Mio so much. After the repentance, she hid inside a cupboard
and became trapped. She was ultimately killed by the darkness
🙁 Moving on to the more generic ghosts, let’s
talk about the veiled priests and their roles throughout the village. The veiled priests were direct aides to the
ceremony master, and represented each of the most important
families in the village. The role was presumably passed down through
the generations. Possibly prior to becoming a priest, their bodies were covered in protective writing,
mimicking the Japanese story of Hoichi the Earless, in which Hoichi is painted with sacred writing
to protect him from the spirits haunting him. This is never mentioned in the game however
and is purely speculation; these could have appeared post-repentance. Although they played a very small role in
the Crimson sacrifice ritual, just leading the twins to the Abyss and tapping their staffs, they
played a much bigger role in the cutting ritual and hidden ceremony. As I mentioned earlier, they were the ones
who tied up the prospective Kusabi and slashed at him from below,
then carrying his hopefully still living body down to the abyss and throwing him in. Their other duties included guarding the Kureha
Shrine and Kurosawa family altar room to keep twins from escaping and information about the rituals
being leaked. They also helped the Ceremony Master capture
potential kusabis and prepare the mourners. The mourners are the village’s criminals and
those that have seen the Hellish Abyss, forced to live underground and protect the
tunnels. After becoming a mourner, they were never
allowed to return to the surface again. As the Crimson Sacrifice ritual drew closer, the mourners would sew their own eyes shut
to prevent seeing into the Abyss when they threw the body in. Sometime in between Itsuki and Mutsuki’s failed
ritual and Sae and Yae’s cleansing, the malice from the Abyss
was so strong that half the mourners were driven insane and jumped in. As ordered by Ryokan, more mourners were made
presumably unwillingly from the “sinners.” Unfortunately the rest of the ghosts in the game don’t really have much of a backstory
or connections to the plot so I won’t be getting into them
in this video. If you have any questions about them, you can either ask me down below, or you can
go to the zero wiki! I’ll link that below as well. I hope this video was as informative as possible
and if I didn’t cover something adequately, or if something is still confusing you, feel
free to ask! I love this series so much and would love
to answer your questions or even just discuss the game with you. If you enjoyed this video, please like and
subscribe! Liking helps the youtube search engine know this is a good video and if you subscribe
you’ll get to see my explanation of Fatal Frame 3, and the later games as well! Like I said, I plan on making this into a
series of informative videos on the games so there will be plenty more
to come! Have a great day and remember: “you can only suffer!”

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  1. Thank you for the explanation! I just finished playing Fatal Frame II on my channel for Halloween and was super confused by the story so this helped out a lot. I like the game but man was the story all over the place lol. I didn't even piece together that all those twins were used in many previous sacrifices for some reason. Very well done and informative video!

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    Although i do think that when it comes to Mayu…hmm i don't know, i do agree that she isn't exactly normal, but i do believe she is entirely sensitive to the supernatural.

    If Mio and Mayu played all the time as children, it's possible that during the fall, Sae possessed Mayu, corrupting her. And when they came back older, due to that corruption Mayu became even more sensitive and susceptible to possession.

    When you think about it, it is indeed possible that with sae and yae looking so much like mio and mayu, that they are actually descendants.

    Yae escaped and until the start of the game where her griefened spirit is seen in the beginning, it's possible that she found a lover and had a family. Which if you think about it makes it even more easier to explain why mio and mayu are so important and capable of handling the responsibility.

    I know this series is very dark, and in a sense sickening with the whole idea of murdering ones sister, and all this darkness shrouding the hearts of the villagers. But i find the folklore and touching details fascinating.

    it'd probably be a bad idea turning into a folklist or author in the future…less i become a victim in game 6(there are what? five games?) i don't think i'd enjoy being inspiration for the next videogame plot lol

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  13. Hello! I'm back!
    I think it's very likely that she WAS possessed by Yae. Remember the scene at the very beginning of the game when Mio spots Yae at the entrance gate? YEP! It took me forever to realize it, but some years back, I finally decided it was THAT moment when Yae possessed Mio to complete what the Kurosawa Twins began decades ago.
    Unlike Sae possessing Mayu, however, Yae was totally sane, and allowed Mio to freely do as she pleased willingly; unlike Sae, had a very  unstable and unpredictable hold over Mayu. However, during the Crimson Butterfly ending, Yae had forced Mio to kill Mayu, as she wanted both the Evil and Suffering of Sae to finally end at any cost, even that of another twin's older sister.
    Remember the Promise Ending exclusive to the XBOX, where we CLEARLY saw Yae COMING OUT of Mio's body. THERE'S the proof right there that Mio was possessed by Yae THE ENTIRE TIME. Even Mio herself is very shocked upon this realization!
    And finally, there is also that alternate chapter 8 cutscene from the remake where we saw both Sae AND Yae overlap Mayu and Mio respectively on the Heaven Bridge when Mayu almost threw herself over. Another clear sign that Mio was clearly possessed by Yae ALL ALONG!!
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  19. Though this is two years old, here's why Itsuki's at Mitsuki's ritual failed.

    Firstly, understand the idea that twins have two halves of a single soul. They are not 1+1=2, but .5+.5=1. Together they combine into one *spiritually*. Not emotionally or physically, shown by the butterflies and having your hair turn white because of the emotional suffering. If this was otherwise, Mio wouldn't be in the sleeping manor in FF2. Bonds vary between twins of course, for them loving their twin to them arguing with them all the time. Either way, they loved their twin like they were a part of them. This is hard to explain, but they loved their twin as a part of themself. Like a part of their family.

    Lets say for example that you have a twin and and a crush. You love your crush, don't get me wrong, but you'd love your brother differently then you love your husband or wife, right? In that sense, there is more union with family association than relationship association. With relationships, you love the person for who they are and there is a clear border between you and them. The only bond between you two is one of romantic love, or as the greeks call it, Eros and Agape.
    With sibling relationships, you have a certain sense of responsibility for them and more physical and…personal bond, per say. I mean, most siblings spend most of their life in the same household for years upon years. Siblings are so integrated into your life that many don't realize how much they leaned on them untill their sister or brother were gone. They've always just been there, somebody you could talk with, eat with, play with, fight with, smile with, basically your whole life. Especially with a twin, the title of older twin, although flaunted much, doesn't matter so much in reality, as they see each other more as equals than somebody else. This is storge love.

    Itsuki loved Mitsuki too much of course, but the point is, Itsuki loved Miusuki for- well, being Mutsuki. Itsuki loved Mitsuki for who he is, not as a 'missing part of himself'. Itsuki in heart was unable to become one with Mutsuki because he didn't want Mutsuki's material form to go away.
    Itsuki didn't want to become one because he was already content with how things were. He was more than ok with Mutsuki being with him like a normal twin. Perfectly content with being two in heart.

    You could argue that many other twins would have the same mindset that they're fine with being twins, and you're right. That is the mind, however. Mio didn't truly want to sacrifice her sister and feed her remains to the devil itself, but that was her mind, not her heart. The heart is what was taken into account at the rituals, not the mind. It wasn't too big of a stretch for Mio to see the possibility that Mayu and herself weren't two, but one.

    So basically, Itsuki n Mutsuki shared a really close emotional bond compared to most twins.

    I'd like to think that this is due to the situation of 'my sibling is my best friend' or 'I don't really desire romance because I have all the love I need'. (Aka I have both a friend and sibling bond with my twin, or Itsuki is asexual, lmao.) Either way, the bond is stronger than a normal bond. If Mutsuki is a best friend to Itsuki, this creates a stronger bond than a regular sibling bond, because there is more value in it. The higher you value a bond, the more you recognize them as a seperate person with their own life. The same thing is with the other sceanario too. Itsuki values his whole family enough to not need any other relationships, meaning he has some hella strong bonds. This would also tie in with his heart, as he would be very relunctant to lose a family member that is of so much value in his life.

    There's also a possibility that Itsuki might love Mutsuki more than a brother would, (romantic love or platonic love, you choose) which isn't too out of FF's league, given what they have covered already, and makes sense, since romance interferes with alot of shit in the games already. (Loving somebody too much is often interpreted as romantic love.) However, I'm not really fond of this idea, though I'm not closed off to it.

    Their bond went beyond the typical twin bond, and because of this Itsuki felt like they were two seperate people, not two parts of a whole, and loved him in such a manner that dissassociated Mitsuki from himself entirely. I mean, Itsuki didn't love himself.

  20. I beated this game in the beginning of march of last year and before struggling to find someone to explain the history for me I finded your channel and oh god thank you. Since that I became a fan of the series and beated the first and the third game too.
    This month I started to play these games again in a more difficult way to unlock new endings, I feel like it's turning like a march tradition keke.
    I really like japanese horror and I can't wait for Nintendo to announce a new title of this series for Nintendo Switch but unfortunately I don't have any idea about when Nintendo will remember of this series again and it's such a shame.
    I want you to continue with this series, great work!

  21. Hey Exosizzle. Great video. There's one thing I can't find any actual information on. When did the Repentance happen? I know the Calamity of Fatal Frame 1 happened in 1837, and I read on a site that the Repentance happened "after 1874" but no actual information. Do you know the answer to this?

  22. feel that fatal frame shd be in PS4 because of the dual shock 4 controller's light bar. for examaple when there's enemies around, the light bar turn red or if there are hints or passive ghosts, it will turn blue and shutter sound of the camera can output through the speaker on the contoller itself

  23. man i didn't knew mayu was such a dependent sicko..always thought she was just a helpless girl getting caught up in all these madness..

  24. I have a twin, so this game was always my favorite out of all the others. Made it 10x creepier too because of that.

  25. I am so glad to hear you don't like mayu! She was so evil. I know people argue that she was possessed but she scared her sister for life long before the events in all god's village and like you mentioned she did it on purpose! I never liked her

  26. I know this video is old and you probably won’t see this but did you know there’s an ending you forgot to mention?


  27. Honestly this might just be my Nier/Drakengard logical coming into play, but has anyone notice that over all for such otherworldly forces at play, the only thing you ever find as enemies in Project Zero/Fatal Frame are humans spirit corrupted by "otherworldly" Malice, but when you start to really think about it the actual cause of the pain begins with the ritual which in turn creates a negative aura around the object of interest for game, cause think of it this way when the object is first found there is no energy until they personify it as evil and creating the first link in a chain which would also tie in to at list the first three games with their iconography of tethering with the snake tattoo begin a bit of a stretch. So all in all what we're actually seeing is not an otherworldly force striking back, but in reality it's a human force relenting at the fact, that the pain and suffering they endured was all for nothing cause someone broke the tradition, so really anytime you fix the ritual or complete a ritual you've merely added another link in an unending chain of suffering.

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