Father of Muslim soldier asks trump if he’s read the Constitution 2016 07 28
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Father of Muslim soldier asks trump if he’s read the Constitution 2016 07 28

September 17, 2019

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  1. Great speech! Sheer respect for this family and their son. Now lets talk about the Radical ideology that is killing innocent ppl all around the world including Americans and other Muslims. Almost 250 Muslim Americans went to join ISIS or at least attempted. 27 terror plots were discovered related to ISIS on American soil. Lets give a copy of constitution to these Radical Muslim Americans as well and hope that it changes their mind. Lets talk about how we peace and America loving American Muslims can distinguish and differentiate ourselves from these radicals. Thats the real topic to discuss!

  2. All the U. S. citizens, that the Radical Muslims have killed WON'T BE ABLE TO READ THE CONTITUTION, BECAUSE THEY ARE DEAD !!!!

  3. Muslims like these 2 should be vetted before being allowed to stay. After their sons death they'll probably want revenge

  4. It is a popular idea that a man is a hero just because he was killed in action. Rather, I think, a man is frequently a fool when he gets killed. -General George S. Patton

  5. HILLARY VOTED FOR IRAQ WAR. Where the fuck was Khizr Khan when he son was sent to died for nothing. Now he's being used by the same woman who VOTED to send his son to his death, and Khan doesn't even know he's being used.

    What Hillary and the DNC are doing is despicable. Khizr Khan should be ashamed of himself and shut the fuck up.

  6. LMAO ! While true his son is a hero ! This loon has never ever read shit ! LMAO ! Maybe hillary's loon skipped over the part about EQUAL liberty and justice ! Not half get in line to come here and everybody that is democrat slide under the fence ahead of those doing it legally ! What amazes me is all the ignorant dummies at the DNC cheering for breaking the law ! Why the hell should the rest of us follow the law the Democrats just shit on ! That goes double for Obama ! LMAO !

  7. In case you libturds didn't get my original post, let me restate this:

    First, Khizr Khan's son was one of the un-willings, led by the unqualified to kill the unfortunate and die for NOTHING.

    Secondly, Khizr Khan is a DNC fool. Hillary VOTED FOR THE IRAQ WAR that killed his son. Yes, it was George W's war, but he couldn't have that war without 38 DNC senators and Hillary votes. Now the despicable DNC is using him to sell Hillary campaign. Fool me once, or in his case, twice.

    Thirdly, Khizr Khan is a jerk. This notion that his son would not have been there to save those soldiers, if Donald Trump had banned muslims from the US is laughable at best, anti-American at worst. If his muslim son weren't there, other brave Americans would have done the same thing and saved the lives of those soldiers. Get over your fucking self.

    To be sure, Khizr Khan is a jerk and a first class fool. It’s despicable for him to allow his dead son to be used by the equally despicable DNC to sell us on the "UNQUALIFIED" (Hillary) who will inevitably lead us, the un-willings, to kill the unfortunate in foreign lands, and die for nothing. Rinse and repeat.


  8. Khizr Khan stop it …stop it !!! just shut the Fu#k up and sit down. Lots of people lost their sons in the war, why is it YOU have to make an ass of yourself and make Pakistani people look bad ??? There has to be a reason for what you are doing…you not talking bout your sons but jumping in the political arena and shielding yourself behind your son death so no one can tell you anything !!! Tell us what did Hillary promise you to say all these things about Trump ? If you were true and genuinely concern about your son you would never have been up on that stage or mention Trump.

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