FBI Nominee Faces Judiciary Committee Grilling
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FBI Nominee Faces Judiciary Committee Grilling

November 27, 2019

If I am given the honor of leading this
agency I will never allow the FBI’s work to be driven by anything other than the
facts, the law and the impartial pursuit of justice. Period. Full stop. My loyalty is to the constitution and to the rule of law. Those have been my guide posts
throughout my career and I will continue to adhere to them no matter the test. What is your view on the independence of the FBI generally, but more importantly
as you as director head-up that organization. Thank you Mr. Chairman. I
believe to my core that there’s only one right way to do this job and that is
with strict independence, by the book, playing it straight, faithful to the
Constitution, faithful to our laws and faithful to the best practices of the
institution, without fear, without favoritism and certainly without regard
to any partisan political influence. If the president asks you do something unlawful
or unethical what do you say? First, I would try to talk him out of it and if
that failed I would resign. Do you believe that in light of the Don Jr.
email and other allegations that this whole thing about Trump campaign and
Russia is a witch-hunt? Is that a fair description of what we’re all dealing
with in America? Well senator I can’t speak to the basis for those comments. I
can tell you that my experience with I’m asking you as the future FBI
director, you consider this endeavor a witch hunt? I did not consider director
Mueller to be on a witch hunt. In my experience it would be very unusual for
there to be any kind of one-on-one meeting between the FBI, any FBI
director, and any president. Unusual, but it happened. So, as unusual as it may be, would you meet in the Oval Office with the president with no one else present? I think it would depend on the circumstances Senator, I think it would
be highly unlikely but I think there could I could imagine a situation where
there would be some national security matter where they might call for it but
I would again my preference and my presumption would be that there should
be people from the department through working through the office of the
Deputy Attorney General, so that it’s not a one-on-one meeting. Is Russia our friend or our enemy? Senator, I think Russia is a foreign
nation that we have to deal with very wearily. You think they’re an adversary of
the United States? In some situations, yes. You think in the situation of trying to
compromise our election that’s an adversarial move on their part? Yes. Do you believe the Russians did it when it came to the hacking into the DNC and
Podesta’s emails? Do you believe the conclusions? Well Senator, as I said to your colleague, I have no reason to doubt the conclusions of the
intelligence — Would that make you a good candidate to be an enemy of the United
States? I think an effort to interfere with our elections is an adversarial act
as you said before. Do you understand the challenge that lies ahead for you
because institutions and the eyes of the American people are suffering and the
last thing we want to happen is for the FBI to fall out of favor of the American
people? Senator, I think as I said to you in our meeting I fully understand that
this is not a job for the faint of heart. And I can assure this committee I am not faint of heart.

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