F*ck A False Arrest: Good Call NYC Fights Bad Policing With Free Lawyers

September 22, 2019

One night on my way home from work, my metro
card wasn’t working. At this time, it’s 12 at night so there’s
no one I can actually talk to. There’s no agent. So I proceed through the gate. Two undercover detectives approached me…
took me into the precinct. I was disappointed and I was scared. I got two calls. One was to my cousin Rod that told me about
the hotline. I wrote it down, I hung up, and called Good Call
right away. Spoke with a lawyer on the first ring, and
that was it. GoodCall runs a completely free hotline connecting
people to lawyers in case they or a loved one gets arrested. So anyone who’s arrested in any of the five
boroughs can call Good Call’s hotline number and get a lawyer
on the phone immediately. Any age, any charge, any time. Once you’re arrested, every second counts. As soon as you’re in police custody, they’re
sitting you down and asking you, “What do you know?” And anything that you’re saying, they’re
taking notes on. So being able to have someone that’s saying,
“Stop all of that until this is handled properly and
there is legal representation”, is the determining factor of whether you could be hugging and
kissing your family within 24 hours or you’re on the bus to Rikers Island. I don’t know what they were saying through
that phone conversation, but after that conversation, the detective treated me differently. Even offered me another call. “Good Call” on 3! 1, 2, 3, Good Call! Free attorneys in all five boroughs. 24/7 hotline, free attorneys in all five boroughs. Y’all got one of these already? Y’all good already. Y’all ain’t. Free hotline in case of arrest. Anybody gets arrested. So when you’re arrested, your cell phone’s
taken away and that’s one of the reasons why we exist is that, who remembers numbers
anymore? We take a lot of different approaches to make
sure that people know about the number and this resource, so we have an incredible community
outreach team. We drop hotline cards and wristbands with
the number at local bodegas and churches and schools. Since we started, Good Call has connected almost
900 people to free legal support. I’m so grateful to have known about Good Call
at the point of my arrest because I don’t know lawyers. I can’t afford a lawyer, so knowing Good Call
and knowing I can get that provided to me at the point of arrest was everything. Where I see GoodCall in the next few years
as not only in New York City, but in several states, building strong relationships places
that folks really need it. Folks get arrested every day for simple things,
like they may have a small amount of marijuana. Folks getting arrested just because they don’t
have ID. Folks should have access to legal representation,
know their rights, know what’s up when they get arrested. It’s a scary situation. Without Good Call, you’re not really utilizing
all of the resources that you have within that point of arrest that can really defend
your freedom at the end of the day. Hey guys, thanks for watching. If you like this video, subscribe to Freethink for more great videos every week.

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