FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights p1
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FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights p1

August 25, 2019

you know i mentioned the f_d_r_ second
all rights and tom barking basically blew it off
and you know we kinda got into a discussion of but i mean the main mind
you showed his candidate for governor are candidacy and his is platform i believe that franklin roosevelt second bill of rights actually really important and needs to
be added to the constitution etc even liked all right is something that government has to put
into place legislation to either protect or implement and if you have if you have a right to a job then congress has to pass legislation
that says okay this person is not a job can find a job there are no jobs so we
will hire so it’s just a cisco through some of
these this is uh… club number one this is f_d_r_ just basically setting up the
concept in this was in the year before he died he didn’t he
didn’t you know and tragically didn’t want to live long enough to to really really push this hard but i
think this is a really important point here spears is uh… clip the point and so that made the comment dot com action ashok amma sample right um… through pieces prospered previously are wrong reconnaissance armories or right now notice he said in our day these things have become accepted back in the thirties i mean this is this
is from frank lautenberg has died frank lautenberg was was a kid when franklin
roosevelt was same as he was a teenager and shit heat got it mean people that generation who
were dying off now we don’t have that wisdom and knowledge
with the same but but not good but back then every american understood that the role of government was and
franklin roosevelt made at the role of government was to guarantee certain
rights in here are some of those rights this is the right to a job and a fair
way armond all right anaheim now micro provide adequate bumming around renewed arrested you know people used to actually use big
words earlier div who is a fancy way of saying
good paying job and uh… you know enough to actually
live on but should be a right not a privilege all right he also said that his should be free from monopoly now again lookin any any city in america
and a shopping mall anne anne anywhere you go and what do you see spot this is not so much maybe case show in small town for a
month but that’s about it what you see his monopoly or duopoly or
try out believe that uh… you know it’s it’s functionally all monopoly and so roosevelt said no we need to be
free from this we need the individual human beings have a right in our small business owners have the
right to be free from from monopoly areas cooked for from prospero freedom hahahahahahahahaha hahahahahaha on our approx there you know i mean that is pretty
simple stuff now for some reason reagan dot my that’s you know we’ll just do the
opposite of that and literally did but can you imagine this was the
president of the united states saying that this is what it takes to make a free nation is that free people have these rights
and by the way to the best of my knowledge every one of
these rights is considered a enright in virtually every country in europe and for him but you know most of the
word the the fully developed countries of the world australia canada he said that he should have are right to a place to live and too decent health
care all right not the privilege say you can’t live on
the street down-and-out hit the right to home in health care here’s from harm right to adequate medical care on the opportunities delight help and roseville actually made the former
happened i mean you know he backstop to mortgages they they as a massive mortgage failure disaster going on in nineteen thirty two
ink and office ’cause they’ve been selling always five-year the the standard mortgage in the
twenties during the republican administrations of hurting coalition
hoover from nineteen twenty editor to nineteen thirty two the standard more each was a five year
mortgage of the balloon at the end and they’ve been housing prices have
been going up so fast in nineteen twenty twenty nine it was a bubble the people would do that they’d buy it
they gather five-year balloon and then when the balloon guy get they just roll
over they gain a bit but all of a sudden after the crash twenty nine e controlled
over to always people are stuck with
mortgages so f_d_r_ created a federal agency that
bought these five-year mortgages and turn them into thirty-year
fixed-rate low-interest mortgages guaranteed by the federal government
that program wild itself up in the sixties or seventies and actually showed
eight profit to the government in addition the saving homeowners who can’t
be allowed banks troops he bailed out and with regard to health care group b_ in other words they were
efforts made back in those conversations about national security officers how do
we do this of the biggest thing i think is that
these that hospitals had to be and health insurance companies had to be not
for profit in virtually every state

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  1. FDR also bailed out farmers/ranchers & didn't let corporations buy their land on the cheap to set up real estate for the rich or massively polluting ecologically destructive factory farms/ranches. Instead he helped the dust bowl restore its land & support families again.

  2. his second bill of rights is a joke.

    people don't have a "right' to a job. It's just fucking stupid.

  3. Why not? If a man is capable of work and wants to work but cannot find it, why would you waste his labor? Help him find SOMETHING to do! Otherwise you're just wasting MASSIVE loads of human capital, just throwing money into a fire.

  4. So, once this LARGE FINE is imposed, how is the business supposed to make payroll for the employees they DO have? Is the goal to fine businesses out of business? What happens to your dreams of the 'right to employment' then?

  5. The government should be the employer of last resort. What could conservatives have against this, except that it puts average people in a more secure position, and thus they are not so easily manipulated by the propaganda machine on the right?

  6. You're making a really bad strawman. No one is asking the governmet drive a company out of business. If a company goes out of business it's the owner's own damn fault because he'd rather pick up his toys and go home rather than play by the rules. I thought your lot were about personal responsibility?

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