FDR’s 2nd Bill of Rights p2

September 21, 2019

k i d alana finish up f_d_r_’s second new deal it’ll just take
a second then will pick up some in your thoughts on this cuz i got people here
live who won tell me i’m crazy and others who think
that this is that this is gonna save america so we don’t want the rate of thirty on
the other thing for farmers is not so much farmers anymore in business of free from apple a home in
health care uh… here is speckled number six this
is f_d_r_ about the social safety net here you go no probably economic head already shipment the prime aldape sickness accidents and
unemployment let’s let’s quite literally a social
safety net and ch uh… number seven good education this is fascinating this is the pan crd pretty straightforward but everybody should have the right
track not not the privilege not if you’re born into the wealthy family now
if you’re uh… belittling tertiary abortion if
your dad was a yale alumni uh… girl on the syrup a bit but uh…
actually a good education and annie went on to say that this is
going to mean if we do this this will mean security and pieces as franklin roosevelt and spell security annapolis mall right mom we must be prepared to go palmer implementation of a big right review bone tokyo uninhabited and
well-being our last area security here at home but god long-lasting page in the world tigers i would uh… ads every in fact i would
say one other things that drives the neo cons in the war mongers is the lack of security people are are
experiencing free-floating anxiety fear their there will be out three pay checks
away from a poor house there one bad doctors visit away from bankruptcy and
they know what from being almost from being a whatever
it may be from from having their having that romney ship their company to some
other country and people know it and they’re frightened by it

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