FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…
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FDR’s Second Bill of Rights…

September 27, 2019

and here’s FDR proposing that we amend the Constitution to the United
States to expand our definition %uh rights areas hard certain economic proves from something South have September right I’m trying to do pieces securities Oscar abused for our first or restore free okay so number one is saying we
want to we want to establish these rights and we also want to make sure
that nobody can discriminate against you in your exercise up them what are those
rights franklin roosevelt among these
authorized to a useful and United drama right to reminded with
pool 3 now having the right to a job that earns enough to actually raise a family could
be played out one or two ways or both number one you can talk about
the minimum wage but number two what capitalism has failed or what a stupid public policy like free
trade agreements have failed us and there’s no good jobs to be had what if what if are you know the republicans continue to
allow mcdonnell’s in Walmart what not to game the system and pay people so little
that they qualify for welfare esta fully remainder job well if it’s
enshrined as a REIT the Walmart would be able to do that
mcdonnell’s wouldn’t be able to do that and when there are people who are
unemployed rather than saying that employment and unemployment check which
john bainer cut off a year and a half ago are you thirteen months ago incentive putting people on unemployment
you put them on a government job you can give them a decent job that actually pays well so
the government becomes the employer of last resort when capitalism fails that’s
the first next from raise sign hand which we view him as these now keep in mind when franklin roosevelt
said there’s about a third of the american economy was agricultural say he was talking a helluva lot of
people whenever there are more farmers and they were machinists or or even people working in car
factories but that’s sad I think that we need to
return to something like that we we have we have industrialized
agriculture and it is causing massive suffering
among our are food animals which includes those
that that secrete milk in laying eggs massive
suffering its harming the public health we’re
doing it with the this whole antibiotic thing in a way that is causing antibiotic resistance which is
going to be the next major epidemic that we will have no no
way to deal with here in the united say already is antibiotic-resistant bacteria as a
result a factory farm we’re destroying our soil we have it this started in the eighties when
reagan straight Eunos stop in force in Sherman Act in and allowed these giant
industrial agricultural combines a star by now
farms I grew up in Michigan I regret to the south in Lansing Michigan just I mean literally arm a half a mile
from me with the farmland began and I friends I went to school with kids
were farmers and they are on their own land this was in the fifties and sixties by
the late eighties I I pretty much everybody I knew who had
been a farmer now had a at their farm had been bought
by what are the big Ag companies and if they continue to
farm that land they did so as employees are that big company or as contractors to that the company let’s break those back up let’s go back
to agricultural practices which were actually more productive not as profitable for Monsanto or dow
not as profitable for the big egg billionaires but more productive
for you and me so that was number two number three
years right every businessman ma small for spirit freedom I am firm on from Tommy my mom is I wrong as she you have any right if you’re running a business not to get
squashed like a bug by a monopoly like Microsoft for Comcast
herbal rise and whatever it may be you have a lights to not have a monopoly
in your face if we put this into the Constitution reagan couldn’t say oh yeah we’re gonna
love his monopolies take over every every industry in the United States
we’re gonna let you know all the radio and TV stations in the
country be owned by two or three to he couldn’t do it because you’re right
to have competition you’re listening to the Thom Hartmann program call 202 536 2370 such as that you have a right
to have competition you have a right to be the competition more these rights right
Apple’s back to this conversation that we were having in
the united states in the nineteen forties with franklin roosevelt that everybody knew we were having a
conversation about and then you know we sort of stopped
talking about coming in world war two happen ya and
then the harry truman who was it is OK president but he was in the
brightest bulb on the tree and then the Republicans took the house
and the Senate for two years 1946 47 47 48 the election 46 and screwed everything up from
taft-hartley on down they they did is such a terrible job that the republicans
never didn’t begin take house representatives
for forty years Americans figured out what the
republicans were all about we never got back to the conversation
which is what should be a right what should be a pro version as in the United States and those things
should be rights they should be absolute rights which means that we the people will make sure that
they get accomplished if capitalism fails to do so there at the %uh the the these the
spokes the Institute to quote roosevelt the spokesman for power
and pray village right the shoals for the Koch
brothers and the other right-wing billionaires in this country
they will tell you that the purpose %uh our country is to have an economy in
the purpose the economy is so some people can get rich I would say not true I would say the
purpose of an economy is to do what’s best for the country and some people getting rich is a side
effect other sonya we’ve talked about having our
right to a job which means the government becomes the employer of last
resort even mind you have a right to your your
child has a right to an education now yes the republicans are trying to
chop away at that you know about rise in schools and charter schools and private
schools nothing else but still it’s a law that you have your child has a right to a free public
education quality education so if they are saying you should have a
right not just to a job but to a job that pays
enough you should have a right to what what else to recover to do
have a successful farming enterprise or is to
be a small a small business person to run a farm
and you should have the right to run a business without it being Minot
without without a been destroyed by fat cats by the novelist’s is what’s next remember families who
want peace home right two-handed medical and the opportunity to achieve drive hell house in and health care should be rights with
millions people he knows his living on the streets we also have
millions empty homes and housing units think we could get
these two things together and healthcare every other developed
country in the world says that health care is a basic human right for their citizens except the United
States in the United States health care is an opportunity for people like rick Scott to get to get rich now
granted rick Scott did it in part with fraud to his company was
convicted of the largest Medicare fraud in history the United States and he went on to use as millions to get
himself elected as governor of Florida I E you know you can fool some other
people all the time apparently on but thats you know with our consensus
now is that health care is so the people can get rich whether it’s an individual
star surgeon or whether it’s a big health care
company hears years here’s what’s up next right for promise economic already 6 awsome fun there you go the the and we use started down that road with social
security we took a large step forward long after FDR was dead when lyndon
johnson 1964 65 introduced medicare and Medicaid but now the republicans a try to roll
those back to and finally arrived 3 right which is you know arguably the weave added but let’s in shrine these things in law there’s nothing radical about in these
things in fact according to the UN Declaration of Human Rights everything that FDR just said is a right available to every person in
the world now the problem is the UN doesn’t have
any enforcement power if they did if they could change our
laws but is a time for us to have a this conversation about you know why do
we allow big banks to exist is there some public purpose
that is served by them and if there isn’t let’s stop allowing
it for example

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  1. The FDR Second Bill of Rights demonstrates clearly the difference between a society that says "In God We Trust" versus "In Government We Trust". FDR said that every American has a right to 1. a job 2. an adequate wage and decent living 3. A decent home 4. Medical Care 5. Economic protection during sickness, accident, old age or unemployment 6. A good education. My socialist friends believe this is what government is all about.
    FDR's Second Bill of Right is an anti-Christ socialist agenda. It is not my right to sell my soul to Master Uncle Sam. I belong to Jesus. Jesus will provide for my work, education, housing, clothing, family, medical care, comfort me, bless me, be my All-in-All. If you have no view toward eternity, FDR's deal might sound good. Just realize — it is Satan's deal. Read 1 Samuel 8:7

  2. I have 100% confidence that if we turn over our main capitalistic enterprises (jobs, healthcare, wage determination, welfare, education, housing, construction)  to government bureaucrats, then we are selling ourselves into tyranny.   Tyranny is not a happy condition.  Besides that, it doesn't work very well because individuals no longer have control to make innovative decisions over the resources that they would normally have.   A committee decision far away probably won't be the best decision for our resources.   If socialism couldn't work for the Pilgrims (what more dedication to community could you get than Pilgrims!!?),  it won't work for anyone.  Scandinavian countries?    The U.S. has had to rescue them twice in the past century and they still refuse to pay their fair share to NATO.

  3. In the 1950's we were lucky enough to have a REAL dairy farm down the street who did home deliveries. The owner made everything, cheese, butter, cottage cheese, sour cream, whole milk in glass jars with the cream on top. It was sooooo good.

  4. 3 down voters are koch suckers
    modern monetary theory
    Job Guarantee will make parasitic private sector competitive

  5. The powers that be are addressing over use of antibiotics but are also systematically making it financially impossible for small farms to make a profit

  6. This would have worked. We just have to be able to realize that the earths resources belong to everyone. We should have Higher Education and Healthcare for all. Our parents like Medicare and would not give it up.

  7. FDR = Saved America from the Great Depression and total economic destruction, defeated Nazi Germany, Facist Italy, Imperial Japan, not to mention Europe was rebuilt on his blue print. If the Second Bill of Rights was good enough for FDR, its certainly good enough for me.

  8. FDR = Saved America from the Great Depression and total economic destruction, defeated Nazi Germany, Facist Italy, Imperial Japan, not to mention Europe was rebuilt on his blue print. If the Second Bill of Rights was good enough for FDR, its certainly good enough for me

  9. FDR was the worst thing that has happened to us ever. He convinced the people to give up portions of their income to create Social Security. And then they use that Social Security as their own little piggy bank. Including a slush fund to pay off of people who accuse the politicians of sexual harassment. Or inappropriate sexual behavior. Stop propping him up like he is some kind of Savior. And for the brain-dead moron in the comment section down there who believes that FDR saved the world… It was not Roosevelt who pulled us out of a depression. It was the introduction of new industry. An industry that was started before the Socialists arrived. The automotive industry. Henry Ford did more for the saving of this country than FDR ever did. It's amazing how inventors and engineers and people with creative ideas can give so many people the opportunity to better themselves. And the response of the people and their government is that they are pissed about it. It's just never enough. You want more you want more you want more. And you don't want to go get more. You want somebody to give it to you. Get off your ass and go get it yourself.

  10. How do we talk to blue dog democrats about this on twitter? I'm in a debate with 2 women about how important a free education is to everybody. Their argument is (they are on their 60's) they worked their way through college and everyone else should too as it made them appreciate it more. Can't tell them it isn't like it was in the 60's and 70's. Of course it all started on the announcement that Bernie is running in 2020.

  11. At 3:45–4:10 Tom you mentioned Big Ag buying out the small farmer . This is exactly what Nixon instructed Earl Butz to stabilize food prices and get food prices out of presidential politics!

  12. … the one thing that you don't see happening with the advancement of the technological machine, is, the promotion of ' SELF-SUFFICIENCY', which would solve the majority of the problems in America! And the world. Therefore … the agenda of the industrial complex is to remove the path back towards ' SELF SUFFICIENCY'. In other words, when technology advances the environment gets destroyed, along with our freedoms!! This is what is promoted by ' MACHINE THINKING' !!! And, of course, that leads to extinction.

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