Federal Judge Rules Education Not A Fundamental Right
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Federal Judge Rules Education Not A Fundamental Right

November 29, 2019

A federal judge last week ruled that children
in this country actually don’t have, they don’t have a right to learn how to read. I mean, if you really drill down on the ruling,
that’s what it is. I think what bothered me about this, about
this story was you have this judge that had the ability to really to say that, you know,
there are some rights that we need to protect. Right. And one of them should be the right to get
an education, the right to be able to read and instead gives us all this flowery language. Gee whiz, illiteracy is a terrible thing. Illiteracy is something we got to stop, but
I’m not going to show any courage and find a way to make that happen. Now understand, this judge did not, he could,
this judge could have ruled favorably without ever going down the path that he said he had
to go down. Pick it up from there. Well, you know, they wanted to make this as
a, it’s a more of a moral issue, not a legal issue. But, but really if you think about this, because
the, the people who brought this were representing children who are arguing that we were provided
a substandard education that did not prepare us, one to pass the mandated tests for public
schools and two, to be productive members of society. You failed us. Now on the legal side, they should have argued,
okay, first and foremost, we don’t have an option to not pay taxes for schools. We pay for that. It comes out of our checks. There’s number one. Number two, you’re legally required to send
your children to school. And so if I’m legally required to pay for
it, legally required to send my kids to it, you should be legally required to provide
some kind of substantive education such as learning how to read. Yeah. And the judge specifically says, you know,
as plaintiffs point out voting, participating meaningfully in civic life and accessing justice
requires some measure of literacy. But that doesn’t necessarily make access to
literacy a fundamental right. Yeah. What’s bothering, what’s bothering me about
this is they did, the judge didn’t even have to go there. Yeah. The judge did not have to go to a fundamental
right argument. He could have mandated, look, you know, it’s
just like busing. I’m mandating that this take place because
you’re failing to do your job, not based on any type of, you know, fact that they’re,
that we’re giving, that we’re reviewing this from the standpoint of this being a fundamental
right. There, there was no need to get there. Now either one or two things happened, either
the, either the people who brought the case kind of screwed the pooch and, and, and pushed
it that way. At which time the judge could have said, well,
you know, you’ve got another way you can come at this. Or the judge said, well, you know, I’m going
to say all these, I mean, listen to this. This is the judge, plainly literacy and the
opportunity to obtain it is of incalculable importance. This is the judge, judge Murphy, judge Stephen
Murphy, US district court, and it goes on to say like, oh, this is awful. It’s awful that these kids don’t have an education. But rather than me being creative and rather
than me doing something that there is another way to get to it, he, he chooses, well, I’m
going to, I’m going to save myself. I’m going to say that they’re asking me to
determine that education is a fundamental right. Didn’t have to go that far. Could have gotten this another way. And a 40 page opinion is what it was. 40 pages where he’s trying to say I so support
your literacy. Yeah. yeah. To me it almost is reminiscent of the, the
prosecutors with the, the Baker who didn’t want to make the cake for the gay wedding. That would have been a slam dunk case if the,
the… The lawyering had been right. Yeah. Yeah. And it seems like the same thing happened
here because this, you could’ve gotten what you wanted out of this case, 100%. There’s no question. There’s all kinds of mandates they can come
up with. They could have said, look, here are the standards. You’re violating the standards. I don’t have to get to the issue of whether
this falls in any kind of suspect classification. I don’t have to get into fundamental rights. I can make you do this anyway. So it was either the lawyers that blew it. Even if they did, if this judge really wanted
to accomplish some equity, he could’ve gotten there. And I think that’s what bothers me about this,
it’s just nonsense. It’s, it’s like his opinion was written because
sometime I want to maybe on a higher court and I want to make it look like I really,
really cared about this. And hopefully at that point someone’s going
to say, well, you know what, if you cared, you weren’t smart enough to accomplish it.

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  1. As a retired teacher many middle school students weren’t reading on grade level and parents didn’t care. I realized I was teaching in a dominant republican area. Who knew.

  2. All children living in the US have a right to free public education. The Constitution says all children should be given equal educational opportunity

  3. Doesn’t anyone remember that China shut down all higher education during mao’s cultural revolution,maybe we could have a trump cultural revolution.

  4. At one time, parents could be held at fault through the law due to their children's truancy. I guess that means absolutely nothing now.
    Good old-fashioned American educational system, eroding away one brick/one brain at a time.

    Good luck.

  5. Fuck that dumbass judge, learning to read or any other basic and fundamental skill is a God given right, not to be denied to anyone! Seriously how stupid are some people?! Fucking hell!

  6. In 20 years or so classics like Moby Dick or Great Expectations will become unreadable to most Americans. We already have people reading said classics in modernized and abridged versions because they don't have the vocabulary, focus (technology has for example reduced our attention span) or analytical skills to read said books. Something that I've found curious Is that authors like Poe get much more views in the audiobooks section of YouTube in other languages. In Facebook the biggest Poe's groups, where people can go on to talk about Poe or share about him,are predominantly composed of Spanish-speakers.

  7. I'm gonna bet this judge is a Republican appointee. I go further and bet that this judge also enjoyed every possible free advantage that was offered.

  8. And with this…. I am honestly contemplating why anyone still thinks this is a 1st world country. Lead in the drinking water, roads are falling apart left and right, some of the worst schools in the world outside of 3rd world theocracies and dictatorships(For now!), still dealing with inbreeding in a few states, a leader with a 3rd grade intellect and early onset dementia(Ontop of the drugs he snorts messing with his head), and the fact that we'll still be burning fossil fuel decades after the rest of the world has moved onto some Practical source for energy. 😒

  9. Allowing blind people to not only own but also carry a gun is a right

    Only in the fucktarded capitalists shitholes of america

  10. Uneducated people tend to rely on more atavistic, brutish impulses… If folks don't have a basic education to function in civilized society, then folks are going to get by via "the ski-mask way".

  11. `WTF Is Betsy devos involved? OMG the US just cannot get anything right…Kids in Cages, shootings, it seems like its everyday its getting worse…trump is going to to bring another 911 in one of the largest cities again.

  12. Guessing that piece of shit cock sucking cunt was a retardican? Only orangetard supporters would vote yes for these type of shit. Fuck american citizens that's the way of the retardicans fuck america.

  13. You have to understand that the schools have changed immensely in the last 10 or so years. It is normal to have 30 to 35 kids in the same class. It is also normal to have administration that does not reinforce policy or backup teachers. Parents don't answer the phone or call back when left a message, if the phone number they gave is even a working number. These students attend school as a social function. They don't want to listen, learn, practice, quit talking…"Hey teacher lady, hush it, we'er talking back here," Did I say students are not worried about being sent to administration? Then the legislature in their infinite teaching wisdom, throws more and more paperwork at teachers. I miss the days when there was space and supplies to have labs 3 days a week and a small lab or demo to grasp their attention on the other days. Even with space, never would be caught up on paper work.

  14. He doesn't give a fuck, he's gonna get to send every single one of them to prison eventually because the system made a conscious effort to fail them so egregiously.

  15. Was this decided by a Conservative activist judge? C'mon! Having a brain is necessary, and having an education is the be all end all!

  16. Being unable to read will cause you to be able to pay less for taxes, because you will not be able to get a job that allows you to pay taxes

  17. I do agree that people currently do not have federal right to education in the USA, but morally it’s a shitty move especially because it is mandatory to attend a school in all states.

  18. An easy way to control the masses is to limit their education to what you want them to learn. This ruling is horrible and truly a rubber stamp to authoritarianism. Quite simply an uneducated peasant will have limited tools to challenge a dictatorship. This ruling is truly frightening.

  19. Hmmm we dont have the right to an education but we can have all the guns we want??? Do we have the right to not have politicians and spineless judges?

  20. Well, if anyone is wondering how Trump gets any support in America, this is why. Stupid voters vote for stupid candidates.

  21. I've heard this clip for the third time now and I missed the part, how the federal judge has justified his opinion/verdict.
    Thanks in advance for an explanation or a link, for I am geniunly interested.

  22. You know I had to think about this arrival n the judge is right it is the parents responsibility to raise there children THAT IS THR READON YOU HAVE CHILDREN if you don’t want to raise a child then DO NOT HAVE ONE. Don’t put the responsibility on all of us for your decisions. Now having said that I know that an education is important therefore the parent is required to supply that education that’s your job

  23. Sadly we already knew this because not one set of curriculum is the same across any County in the US! The kids in Stow have better class sizes better technology and a nicer building the kids in the inner city of Akron tough s*** we don't get taught the same nothing I don't want to know what it looks like across all 50 states it's probably shameful! If you live in an area where is mainly housing projects the school's not getting funded you literally have to live in a higher tax bracket neighborhood to go to a decent School and they wonder why so many people walk around here dumb as f*** we can't afford it!

  24. Rich republicans would rather get tax cuts then to educate our children. Republicans are ruining this country !

  25. Hahaha you Regressives lose again… you don't have a right to education, health care, housing, free food, a free iPhone and free high speed Internet… you regressives only have the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and anything else you're free to earn it in the marketplace 🙂

  26. This is nothing knew America has always tolerated the stupid and ignorant. This is what happens when a society glorifies wealth and power but not merit. We assume those in power deserve to be because acknowledging that our system is no better than the monarchy we fought against would lead people to know America never was the greatest country ever and the American dream is bs.

  27. That’s perfect for the establishment. They’re easier to socially control by lies and propaganda brought to you by the elites, the ruling class.
    Fuck the judge. We don’t need this government. They are “without a doubt the Republican Party is the most dangerous organization in human history” (Noam Chomsky). As far as I’m concerned the established democrats take a close second with a dividing line I can’t determine with a naked eye.


  29. The 1% elite ruling class loves a population of "have nots and know nots".
    "I love the poorly educated" ~ Trump
    "Knowledge is power" Trump cult followers don't have any.

  30. In the meantime many tiger economies like China, India and Korea are putting more and more value into students and workforce who have a strong grasp on S.T.E.M. knowledge and qualifications.

  31. He is probably one of those low grade moron judges that the repugnant party are so desperate to stack the benches with. Third rate idiots like himself have no right to try to dictate law but rather to decide if any laws were broken and to remedy the situation.

  32. Words have meaning!!! There are truly very few "rights". They are outlined in the constitution. However, in speaking of "morally right" actions and duties of a society, owed their citizens, is a different conversation. Stop going off half cocked!!! Doing so obviates understanding, agreement and growth. Think on it. Thinking involves more than just letting the gears run!!!!

  33. We have a Oligarchy since 1981 they have control in all branches of government our Democracy has been taken away . The last time this was done was in the 1880s and 90s by the railroad and the rich. Oligarchs have been trying since the 1840s and 50s and succeeded several times since then.

  34. Superb and powerfully persuasive point made by Cousins. I hope that the judge's incomprehensible decision will be appealed and reviewed by people with brains in their head – as the saying goes, it's not rocket (or even rocker) science!

  35. Well of course it isn't. What 'murica needs now is cannon-fodder for the military and stupid Republicans who will worship at the altar of trumpsy. 'Murica biotch!

  36. This is comedically stupid and hilarious!!! But the reason for this is because, if EVERY American was well-educated, the republican party would be gone.

  37. one of the reason why all ancient great empire collapse when elites controlling the educations and economy. soon or later US will follow the footsteps of fallen empires.

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