Federal Judiciary Careers: Case Administrator
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Federal Judiciary Careers: Case Administrator

November 20, 2019

The following program was produced by the United States Courts. “You have people’s lives in your hands. I administer the case from the beginning to
the end, and I make sure that the attorneys follow
the code and the rules. My name is Tory Grant and I’m a docket specialist.” “We basically take care of the day-to-day activity
of the whole docket for an accurate account of what goes on with the Court, and how it reflects your pleadings or your filings.” “I take in new cases for people who are filing bankruptcy. We
assist the proceed debtors as well as assisting the attorneys, who file cases – Chapter 7s, 13s and 11s.” “I handle Guantanamo Bay matters as well as attorney discipline cases.” “It’s critical, without me and the team of case management specialists that I supervise, the Court wouldn’t run.” “I am responsible for providing quality control for the overall
operation of the clerk’s office.” “When the case processors docket electronically, I make sure that the entries are actually correct.” “I assist the attorneys if they have any questions about filing their documents electronically.” “I train attorneys in use of our electronic case filing system. I am also responsible for making modifications and changes to the ECF system, as well.” “When it comes to generating policies, training, facilitating implementation of the program — all of
that comes through my office.” “I supervise the people who provide services in
the courtroom – deputies, electronic sound recorders, court reporters, and the jury clerks.” “Whatever it is that you do here is part of a
team effort to ensure justice.” “You do not need a legal background to work
in the Federal Courts. Most of the work that we do is administrative
work, clerical, and the work that we do is in support
of the judges.” “The work that we do on a daily basis ensures that each defendant
has their right to a day in Court.” “Our customers are the public, the attorneys, the trustees, creditors, debtors.” “We are the first line of
people that you really see and deal with when you have a case that’s getting started in the Federal Courts.” “United States District Courts, this is David. How may I help you?” “What I like about working here at the Courts is being able to help the customers, being a listening ear. That speaks volumes to people.” “What we do
really helps people and that’s the reason why I stayed with the Courts.” “Every day I come into work and I say – what today — it’s never static, it’s never the same.” “It’s fun, it’s interesting.” “You may walk in one morning and have to open a case
that could change history.” “We’re setting precedence in this Court. Detainee
treatment petitions have never been in existence until they were filed in our courts.” “Government wire tap cases, to high profile security fraud cases; we even have a couple of death penalty cases coming up.” “This organization provides you with the tools that you need
to succeed, not only professionally, but personally.” “It’s very much a team environment.” “We support each other, whether it’s on the job or outside.” “It’s a place where people can get their foot
in the door at a young age, perhaps right out of college, and work their way up through the system and want to stay.” “I really enjoy the fact that we’re able
to give something back to the people that we serve.” “It’s just a great place to work, I would recommend it to anyone.” “If you really are interested in challenge, and the opportunity to grow, yourself, I say go for it.”

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