Federal Judiciary Careers: Courtroom Deputy
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Federal Judiciary Careers: Courtroom Deputy

November 20, 2019

The following program was produced by the United States Courts. “You’re like a quarterback, you get to go out on the field, you’re in the trenches,
you carry out the judge’s orders. My name is Michael Wing, and I’m a Courtroom Deputy to a United States District Court Judge.” “Catina Porter, Courtroom Deputy.” “Lisa Martin, Court Coordinator.” “Michelle Moon, Courtroom Deputy.” “Peter Castamina, Courtroom Deputy.” “Harold Smith, JR., Courtroom Deputy Clerk.”
“I’m Rachel Kaiser and I’m a Courtroom Deputy.” “I handle all the behind-the-scenes workings of the courtroom on
a day-to-day basis.” “I’m in the courtroom whenever we’re holding
hearings or trials.” “I call the cases, I create the calendars for the day.” “I also get to swear in attorneys, witnesses, interpreters.” “I am basically the courtroom manager. I ensure that everything runs smoothly in a
courtroom.” “It’s a vital part of our judicial process, and I’m proud to be a part of it every day.” “I started off here as a docket clerk, and from there I became a docket clerk trainer, and then a magistrate courtroom deputy.” “There
is a lot of opportunity for growth – entry-level, up to senior management.” “I have a Bachelor of Arts
in Criminology and Criminal Justice. Working with the Courts is a perfect opportunity
to use that degree.” “Work here is rewarding, exciting, and challenging.” “I like being in the courtroom most, especially when we’re in trial.” “During all the trials you get
to see all the expert witnesses come in.” “It’s seeing the administration of Justice in action.” “In my job I make a big difference. I feel like I’ve done
something worthwhile and made a contribution.” “We’re here to serve the public, and we take pride in that.” “It’s a very positive environment.” “A very close-knit organization.” “It takes a team to get things done, and we’re always willing to help
each other out.” “You never feel like you’re working alone and I think that’s the same with all Courts.” “I would strongly recommend people pursuing a career with the
U.S. Courts.” “Not only are the benefits excellent,
but it’s very rewarding.” “Federal Courts really had everything I was looking for in a position. It’s a wonderful place to be.”

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