Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk Custom Hot Wheels
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Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk Custom Hot Wheels

January 12, 2020

TolleGarage presents 4.3L V-8 – 479 horsepower A G-Force Generator Designed to get the experience of F1 driving Custom Hot Wheels Ferrari F430 Liberty Walk The video link to how to open Hot Wheels rivet is in the description Done Thank you for watching Please Subscribe, like & share

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  1. Hi Tolle! !!!
    First video and custom of the year!!!!!!
    Incredible transformation!!!!!!
    Cheers! !!!
    And a question, how do you do the miniature tampos???

  2. Hi mate. I really like your videos, but I think one way to up your YT game is to practice your English. For example at the beginning you wrote “siquential” instead of “sequential”, or “peddle” instead of “paddle”. I know English is not your native language, but you can always check those words in a dictionary. This is just a bit of feedback to help you. I really hope this is useful and thanks for the content!

    Edit: by the way happy new year!

  3. Nice! Диски лучше бы золотыми оставил,они с красным нормально смотрятся,а эти серебристые не очень.

  4. Good morning, good evening, good afternoon… Can u use the FRONT BUMPER from the "2020 series Volvo 850 Estate" on the "BMW M3 E36" models as bigger and lower bumper?

  5. Melhor custom feito em uma Ferrari que já vi, excelente trabalho parabéns, ótimo vídeo 👏👏👍👍👍

  6. Fantastic job great work Cheers KC Tasmania, Happy New Year all the best for 2020 Hope your doing ok after the flooding my friend

  7. Es muy normal el rojo en eso coche yo esperaba un color diferente ya que le diste un par de toque le faltó más vida un color más esotico ya para eso coche el rojo ya es muy normal es mi opinión las opiniones de otros están muy bien pero es lo que yo pienso bueno el trabajo pero rojo no

  8. Hope all people in Jakarta are in safe. Are you and your family okay, Brother? I like Ferrari but your Ferrari custom is much better than the original. Definitely I will expect your next project happily. Take care, brother.

  9. Beautiful job, good restoration of that enjoyed car, I just believe you missed paint the roll cage in another color, because when the car closed, the roll cage it's not easy to spot

  10. Dude your videos are so good , other people on YouTube who custom hot wheels use new bought hot wheel cars and you use old or broken ones.

  11. Hello mr Tolle, I really admire your work and i want to make my own custom hotwheels cars. So I have a question. What kind of marker are you using in order to highlight the black areas and the seats and also the engine cover? In addition, where do you get the sticker (i.e the Ferrari logo ) and what are you using to apply it on the car. Last , can you use all of those products on the stock paint or should I repaint the whole car ? Thank you in advance.

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