Field Survey: How to Use a Daubenmire Frame – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]
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Field Survey: How to Use a Daubenmire Frame – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

October 18, 2019

[crickets chirping] Biologists use the Daubenmire Frame to quantify the vegetation
that’s in a habitat. What the Daubenmire Frame
allows you to do is take inventory of your vegetation, or understand the composition
or structure of your vegetation. I’ve made mine out of wooden
sticks, but you can use anything. Whether it’s PVC pipe or yard
sticks or even a hula hoop. It only needs to be a defined space
that you can count vegetation in. The first step is to get
a map of your area. You want to use a map so that
you can lay out exactly where you want to take your samples. And you want to make sure
you sample all the different vegetation types in your habitat. The reason you lay out a grid
on the map is so that you can make sure you take enough
random samples to get a good picture of what’s
going on in your habitat. Once you’ve found your sample
point, you’re going to toss the Daubenmire Fram onto the ground.
You’re going to stand directly over it and take an estimate of either
the type of the species that are within the frame, or the
actual species themselves. And the percent cover that each represent. Now you’re able to collect data. And then you’ll be able to take
those data back to the lab or to the classroom and analyze it based
on the parameters of your study. The Daubenmire Frame is
a simple but effetive way of quantifying the vegetation
in your habitat.

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