Finishing the Stern Frames! (TALLY HO EP47)
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Finishing the Stern Frames! (TALLY HO EP47)

October 9, 2019

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  1. Thanks for all the great feedback! If anyone has time to help more people enjoy this video, please follow this link to contribute by adding Closed Captions / subtitles –

  2. Wow! Beauuuutifulll! So amazing! I appreciate this like MARVEL COMICS appreciates the AVENGERS! { … A word to teamwork} Anyway… A huge favor would be to hear more about the bandsaw. DID YOU CHANGE OUT TO A CARBIDE TIPPED BLADE? And if so which company did to go to for the new blade?

  3. so your parrot is "trans", no one cares 'bout that. it's 2019. 😁 I'm sure Pancho doesn't mind her name.
    how long before we see you sailing Tally Ho? I as expectant as you must be at this point.

  4. That short little portion of unfolding the bandsaw blade was priceless. Large bandsaw blades are dangerous. I have seen people just toss them as hard as possible into a large clear area so they can explosively unfold. Not a great idea if you want a new blade to be in good shape when it goes on the saw.

  5. That's pretty damned cool! Happy to see the progress is moving along at LIGHT SPEED! Great crew you guys put together!

  6. There's some blood , sweat, tears, fingers chopped and a lot of money gone into it but keep going because nothing is impossible …

  7. The sequence of the boats' interior at 9:07 is mesmerizing . It looks like the growth of a mysterious plant .Well done.

  8. I'll be visiting Sequim in a little over 2 weeks. Although I won't be able to volunteer I just may and try to sneek by and see the boat.

  9. I do understand how tired you must be but if you could find the time for even a short video to tide us over it would be most appreciated. Good luck on your break, you have earned it ten times over. JP

  10. Great work Leo and the lads rebuilding tally ho your skill is amazing looking forward to seeing her later in the year hope to visit you and see her Liam Keogh

  11. Another great one. So exciting to see the whole array of stern frames…. favourite moment was seeing the last two rotten frames coming out. Enjoy the break!

  12. Heck yeah, do some videos on sailing. I am so interested in sailing, but being landlocked I have never had the opportunity. I'd love some instruction videos on not only some basic sailing information, but how the different controls and rigging of a boat work and what they do. Of course watching someone sail is so relaxing as well. Thanks again for sharing the journey.

  13.'s funny, I found your site from the acorn to arabella channel…only to see your guy photobombing for the a2a guys. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your awesome work!

  14. Interesting fact……Sailing La Vagabonde (not much sailing takes place) the You Tube channel is making in the region of $US 500,000 a year….probably more….so it is possible to make heaps of money.You need a long legged blonde though who looks good in a bikini…..the skimpier the better.

  15. By all means, please do some video of your sailing experiences while in Europe on a well-deserved break. Your outstanding woodworking talent is inspirational! Thank you!

  16. Awesome video and great progress!!
    It just occurred to me that with your two year rolling schedule and completion date, at some point you are going to have to stop referring to Tally Ho as a 109 year old yacht, and add a year or two to her age…

  17. Joshua Humpheys designer builder of America's first six frigates is dancing a jig in his grave. The old art lives. Congratulations.

  18. I had a similar cold molded dinghy made by Hamish Davidson in Vancouver. He had made them while working at Boeing during the war and then went on his own. He started with the cold molded version and then fibreglass with a wooden transom. The first fibreglass ones had no gelcoat and apparently people were concerned as they could see the shadows of things on the bottom passing under them. He added gelcoat or paint to assuage that concern. His son is a Doctor in West Vancouver and has a collection of all the Davidson boats made. I had the 12 foot fibreglass version with the wood transom. Earl Hall

  19. Hello Leo

    I had an idea that might help you make money for your build. The off cuts of the new keel and any of the old timbers and keel wood that still have any usable wood.

    Take and cut them in to knife blade scales for handles and wooden coins with a burnt in image of tally ho. They could be sold to the people watching your channel so they can have a piece of Tally Ho with them and you can have the cash you need to fix Tally Ho.

  20. Great work! Hope you'll enjoy sailing in Europe and also find some time to relax. Such a huge project must be exhausting. But she looks great and I really admire what you and your team are doing and creating. Have a great time!

  21. You are doing fantastic work, your exactitude in copying the parts and reusing the original techniques as much as possible is epic. But I wish some international body would set the percentage of original wood that must remain to be the same ship – not a museum quality reproduction with a few original pieces. Reminds me of a displayed "complete" dinosaur skeleton that has only a real jaw and 2 vertebra. I am not just attacking you, if you have the log book and ships bell , you can register and insure a copy/recreation of a yacht claiming it is the same boat, this has been fought in maritime court and the re-builder won. The new yacht has the title/ build document of the old one.

    A friend of mine just read the above ask me, if I ever get my brain and spine put in a cyborg body will I still be me. So since I will be me, your yacht is TALLY HO .

  22. Hey Leo, I see you've never tweeted but check your account if you have access to it fella… Good cause requires your input if you have one. <3

  23. I think if I lived and worked somewhere where they thre a Ceilidh when their frames had been raised, I would never want for anything ever again

  24. It doesn't look like any of the original vessel was salvaged. Not a restoration but a copy of the original.

  25. I hope you and Acorn have talked about meeting at some port once you get on the water. That would be awesome.

  26. It appears you are replacing the boat one piece at a time! I'm wondering how much of the original boat will be left in the end? Don't get me wrong its still a great boat and project and it seems using an old boat as a template to build a new old boat works. Great job!

  27. Usually I say its hard to find good help. But, in this case it looks like they found all the best help! Insane!! The amount of extreme detail work done with so many different people in play is awesome!

  28. suggestion – around 3:30 you are sitting in front of the original tally ho timber. I'm sure people would pay $20-30 for a small piece of that, just a few inches block…. you've probably enough to make hundreds of cuts / blocks… would be a good money earner and tally ho would be treasured by thousands for years

  29. I'm sure that you have it figured out, but is the route to launch the ship an easy one without its mast and spar ?
    I live for sailing … Only you'd understand ….

  30. At 14:57 So, sad Kurt could not be there. To Kurt and the passing of his little "Diego." There's nothing more painful on earth. Sorry Kurt.

  31. I"m absolutely stunned and amazed, Leo, that such a young man as yourself knows so very much about such traditionally built boats as this. And your engineering skills for improvements to it are even more impressive.

    You're obviously a highly skilled boatwright.

    That said, I think you could have been more than passively allowing one of your volunteers to show some love to the 'Acorn to Arabella' project. You said, "He's lucky I like those guys". C'mon, dude, they deserve a decent shout out, not just some dodgy acquiescence. Ya know?

    I follow several boat building and boat rebuilding projects, and most give a sweet nod to the guys behind Arabella. They're not boatwrights, but they're seriously building a magnificent vessel. Be kind. It won't hurt.

    Anyway, I'm no less impressed with your progress on Tally Ho! Push on!

  32. Eine irrwitzige Arbeit, ein irrwitziger Aufwand, ein irrwitziger Einsatz von Zeit, Geld, Ressourcen, Material, Werkzeugen;….!?!?

  33. What a great time I have watching You all in this harmonic team. Some skilled but it looks like everyone are learning. (Don't mind my bad english). To get a newbie up an running fast boost his confidence, and the effort pays off fast. And giving away responsibillity is a big step. And nice to see Leo so open for new way of dooing things. That is sure å big inspiration for all this kreative minds. Well done evrybody!

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