[Fire Emblem: Heroes] Flier Team Composition
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[Fire Emblem: Heroes] Flier Team Composition

September 25, 2019

Hey guys! welcome to my explanation video for my main flier emblem team it’s the main team i use for arena this three plus a bonus hero each season this three have a brave weapon build it makes them have some similar skills the first skill they have in common is reposition this is just the best assist skill for melee fliers it gives them a lot of mobility, being able to ignore terrain so it’s just really good the second skill they have in common right now is wings of mercy it’s mostly here for arena score it is just a nice skill to have, also good in arena defense the third skill they have in common is goad fliers which is just the best flier buff for a budget aggresive team i like hone fliers but i don’t have a Hinoka, so goad fliers is just really good, and stacks so the first hero of my team is Cherche she is just really strong, has really high attack, low speed so she is really good with a brave weapon death blow gives a lot more damage she has also really high defense which is why i use ignis when it procs it gives like 26 extra damage i think she is currently +SPD -HP she is not really that good. i’d like +ATK, but this is the one i have for now my second hero is Palla Palla is just worse than Elincia, but i like her a lot also she is easier to merge, which is why i use her she is currently +2, i’ll probably soon have her at +3 she has lower attack than Cordelia and Cherche and lower speed than cordelia she is still fine, she also has my summoner support she can use all of them stats she has dragon fang it gives just a lot of more damage when it procs life and death, more attack more speed she is just nice she is also the one with the better nature in my team, she is +ATK -RES she is ideal i think maybe -HP would be better, i’m not sure +ATK is just really good so my third hero is Cordelia she has nice attack, really high speed which makes her good for a quad build i have brave lance, darting blow gives a lot more speed if i hit 4 times and get hit once back i can just proc Galeforce in one turn so this is really nice, also Galeforce gives really high arena score so yeah, cordelia is just really nice i’ll probably some day have a firesweeper build on her it just hits stronger, it’s safer but yeah, this is what i have for now, i don’t have a Roderick and i’d also need life and death maybe so yeah, this is nice for now i also have this three other heroes i want to talk about Elincia is a better Palla she has higher attack, higher speed, better weapon she is just really good, but she is 5stars locked so she is really hard to get and to merge she has flier formation, which is a really nice skill gives a lot of mobility during battles but yeah, i’m just using Palla for now i also have Catria, Catria is really nice she has really good stats right now i have this killer axe(*Lance), quick riposte well i have drag back, but usually quick riposte build on her she has nice defense but i think a brave build would be better on her too so if i ever give my Cordelia a firesweeper build maybe Catria will be my brave lancer yeah, for now this is fine i also have Camilla, she is a really nice tank, flier tank she has really high resistance, decent defense she’d need distant counter to be really, really good and maybe slayer axe, or killer axe it’s just really high investment, and i’m not interested in building her right now i don’t have a Hector but i’d really like to build Catria and Camilla eventually i’d also like maybe Beruka or Hinoka Hinoka i’d sacrifice, maybe for Catria for brave lance and hone fliers i’d also like a Minerva, i’d build a whitewings team her, Catria, Palla, and maybe Est but yeah, i really like my fliers my teams is really fun so yeah, that was it for today, i hope you enjoyed thank you for watching, check out my other videos if you want share, like, subscribe, or comment, and see you guys next time bye

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  1. I think the biggest weakness of all melee filier emblem is they can't deal with archers, unless they are equipped with Iote's Shield.

    I think if you can, give Cherche Iote's Shield to tank archers, she can do that pretty well, and with Goad Filers, she can still kill most units with her insane high atk stat.

    Using mage fliers like Spring Camilla or Summer Corrin with Raventome can deal pretty well with archers imo.

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