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First Mistake in Composition – Photography & Film Making Tutorial in Hindi | People’s Productions

August 26, 2019

So, You clicked some pictures. Today, yesterday, or anytime earlier. For which you were appreciated. and for some of the pictures people personally told you that these are good pictures. You have just started photography, and you got some appreciation. So then you tried to click photos the same way you clicked them before. And it did not work out. Those pictures did not come out as good. So what was the mistake because of which you got those pictures, in the first place that is what i am going to tell you. The First Mistake, and the only mistake is that, when we are just starting into photography we only tend to pay attention to the subject or what ever we are clicking picture of, once it is the picture, we can see it on our screen, we get satisfied with just that. But this is wrong. We need to consider everything we see on the screen, like a painting, and compose it and decide what is placed where. What color goes where, What shape goes where, even our subject, that is placed where in our photograph. This is our only biggest mistake. Due to which we, For a long time, stay amateur. So today I will tell you three tips, with which Instantly, can start clicking good photos. So, tip number one. Take your subject away from the center. This is a big mistake too. This doesn’t apply every where, but sometimes moving the subject from the center can give you a more interesting look to your subject, object or anything. Somethings can look better when moved away from the center. It gets space and we are able to explain the surrounding to the audience. And then your picture becomes interesting. Now it has a story to tell. Tip Number Two Use the Lines. Like when you go out, you see buildings, roads, foot paths or everything, when we are walking or driving straight, we should see lines everywhere. There are lines every where. So whenever you are framing, use those lines in such a way, that the lines lead to the placement of the subject or to where the center of attraction is. Automatically, the audiences vision will be drawn to your subject. The moment they see your photograph, they will know where they have to look, and suddenly, again Your photo will have a story to tell. Tip Number Three Separate your subject from the background. Sometimes even, not having a detailed background is important. even that makes an image pretty interesting. sometimes If your image has just the subject, the audience will quickly know where to look. But this doesn’t apply everywhere. These are not Rules, so they do not apply everywhere. They have their places and uses. Now, if the color of your subject is black, Your background will be white. this is a very simple idea, you can apply it however you like. Just make sure that your subject does not blend with your background. again, your audience will know where to look. It is about where, what is important. This is how you make the image appealing. Okay, last tip. Tip Number Four. Take it as an extra tip. All I want to say is that all of these are no rules. In a creative field there are only thumb rules. These are are not universal rules These don’t apply everywhere. These are just basic ideas to guide you in imagining. If you know how to see things, differently than usual, Imagine what you will be able to show others. Thank you.

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  1. Hello! do you also make fiction films ?:D I have a a short film I would really like to share with you 🎥; you could search for "PLANETA ZEME STONJAUS" on YouTube or send me a message to give you the link, Thank you very much !

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