Fitz Frames app designs unbreakable 3D printed glasses for kids
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Fitz Frames app designs unbreakable 3D printed glasses for kids

October 12, 2019

so the arms snap on and off every way we make us have regular classes we just break so these ones don’t like break because you can’t put them back together you just found over and over that we couldn’t find what we wanted every time we shot for eyeglasses someone would end up in tears whether it was the kids or me [Music] hi my name is Heidi I’m the founder of Fitz frames we’re a custom eyeglass company that started out of a need for my own family so I have three kids and two of them have four glasses and say we’re really tiny follow the pace and the kicks I never expected to enter the optical business my background is in politics I really started just looking into solutions for how to make a better eye glass system we launched Fitz frames July 18 one of our goals at Fitz is to make kids feel confident in their glasses and we do that by really custom tailoring glasses to fit them and dump only this has created an app we’ve designed the process to be about under five minutes so all you do is you download the app you scroll through our six styles eight colors you do the virtual Tryon pick the one that you like best and then you just take three snapshots it’s really easy to do with your iPhone camera and with that that’s the really cool part we actually take measurements of your face down to the closest millimeter so we’re taking all this information over a thousand points on your face in order to then take that information to our 3d printers I mean they’re custom fit for every single face the most important thing is the fit because if glasses don’t fit right kids aren’t going to wear them it’s faces are changing all the time so that’s why we’re also really excited about the technology I want kids to feel really good in their glasses and to be excited about the process and then you have to follow the era we’d let them engrave whatever they want inside the frame so kids can write their name or their lucky number or their birthday the material that we use is a little bit more durable than standard acetate and we also have this great snap fit hinge if something happens they get hit in the head with the ball or they fall down it just pops right off and they put it right back in and keep playing it’s really important that parents get their kids eyes checked because the signs can be easy to miss and then kids can have resulting problems where they don’t realize they can’t see and people think that they’re behaviorally challenged or have a learning disability it’s hard for kids to communicate that things are blurry because they don’t means we’re really excited about giving kids a sense of ownership and agency in choosing their glasses [Music]

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