Fix Lag, Dropped Frames, Bitrate Issues on your Twitch Stream
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Fix Lag, Dropped Frames, Bitrate Issues on your Twitch Stream

October 19, 2019

What’s up guys, welcome to the Gaming
Careers YouTube channel. My name is Pete and you are here today because you’re having
issues with your Twitch stream and you want to get them sorted out. Now you’ve
come to the right place because the Gaming Careers YouTube channel is a
channel completely dedicated to helping you make a profession out of your gaming
passion through streaming or content creation on Twitch or on YouTube, so if
you’ve got issues with Twitch you’re at the right channel. Today we’re going to
be looking at two different tools that will analyze your Twitch stream and help
recommend what might be the issue so that you can sort it out and your stream
viewers can get back to enjoying your content. Now obviously there’s a whole
handful of technologies and things going on between you streaming, Twitch
receiving it and it being sent out to your viewers, so there are a lot of
different things that could be going wrong but these analysis tools they’re
going to analyze all the things like bitrate, how stable your connection is, if
you’re dropping any frames, which ingest server your streaming to. All these kind
of things are going to be analysed by these two tools and hopefully then you
can pinpoint exactly what is going wrong with your stream so you can fix it. Just
finally before we jump in I do want to mention that the YouTube channel you’re
on now, the Gaming Careers YouTube channel is a channel completely
dedicated to helping you improve your livestreams, improve your content
creation and make a profession out of your gaming passion so if you haven’t
subscribed yet please do and we will jump into the analysis tools. So the first tool that we’re going to be
using is called the Twitch inspector. Now this is an official stream inspector
tool built by the fine folks at Twitch that lets you run a test stream without
actually streaming to any of your followers and then analyze all of that
juicy video and audio information in real time. So what we need to do is point
our browser of choice over to the URL which is and login
with our Twitch account. You’ll probably also need to authorize the application
to be able to access some of your twitch account information. Now when you log in
the dashboard page that you arrive at can look a little different depending on
if you’ve streamed at all in the past week. If you have, you may see some
information here about your previous broadcasts, but if you haven’t it’ll
probably look quite empty like mine. In the top right hand corner if you click
this little down arrow you’ll be able to add other Twitch accounts that you own
if you want to be testing more than just one account. Below this you should have
an option to be able to run a test stream, if you click this it will open up
a new window which details some of the things that we need to do to be able to
run a test stream. Now as I mentioned before it’s important to note the good
feature here is that when you run a test stream it won’t actually be putting you
live to all of your followers. Nobody will be able to see that you are live
except yourself and it will be a totally realistic test since all the work being
done between your end and Twitch’s end is exactly the same as if you were
actually live. So the first thing we need to do is to grab our stream key from our
Twitch dashboard. Now I imagine most of you have already put this properly set
up into OBS but if you haven’t you can head over to your dashboard, grab your
stream key from there, copy it and then head to your OBS settings click the
stream settings and paste it into the stream key box. Before we hit OK we need
to add the test flag to the end of our key so that Twitch knows that we are
running a test stream, so head back to the Twitch inspector and copy the
‘?bandwidthtest=true’ and paste this directly after our stream
key into OBS. Once you’ve done that you can click OK to save it. Now it’s worth
mentioning at this stage that hopefully you have followed my ultimate guide for
setting up twitch which goes into loads of detail and choosing which bit rate
and resolution you should be doing based on your internet connection. Just because
you want to stream in 1920×1080, 60 frames
per second and 6000 kilobytes per second it doesn’t necessarily mean you can.
You’re going to need a really amazing computer and a super stable internet
connection if you’re going to be able to handle anything near those kind of
numbers. Twitch has recently updated its guidelines on stream settings,
resolutions, bit rates, frame rates all those kind of things so I’ve added a
link to their new updated guidelines in the description below. Obviously if you
are already set up and you’ve followed a previous guide then you want to just be
testing your stream and seeing where you’re running into issues. So once
you’re ready hit the start streaming and let’s head back to the Twitch inspector.
Now you might have to wait 10 to 20 seconds for your stream to actually go
live and be ingested by Twitch, you should eventually see the page change to
show a graph of your stream stability. Now we’re going to want to run this test
for at least 10 to 15 minutes to properly be testing your connection.
There’s no real point of just testing for 30 seconds because as I’m sure
you’re aware your internet fluctuates and if you don’t have a particularly
stable connection then it might take you know 15 minutes for that instability to
show. As the test stream is running we can click on either the stream link here
on the left or on the graph directly on the right to open up the proper analysis.
Here we can get loads of details about the stream we are running as well as
advice from Twitch if they notice anything isn’t set up properly. The graph
here on the left shows both the bitrate over time as well as the framerate
over time so we want both of these to remain as stable as possible. Just as I’m
editing this I’ve realized that actually the graph that you’re seeing on screen
now the framerate is remaining at zero so I reached out to Twitch on Twitter
just to ask about this and apparently if you are using the test bandwidth command
at the end of your stream key you’re actually not going to be able to see
your framerate here which is always going to show zero. However it will show you a
framerate if you are actually screaming so if you think you might be
having issues specifically to do with your framerate I’d recommend removing
the bandwidth test and just having a look at the Twitch inspector after you
finish streaming and it should show any problems with your framerate, but as
you’re using the test bandwidth like I am here the frame rate actually isn’t
gonna work and it’s just gonna show zero. This little box in the top corner which
says configuration check, this will recommend any changes that Twitch
notices that you need to make to your stream settings to get the optimal
performance out of what you send to Twitch. Now obviously the ideal situation
that you would be in right now is that both of your graphs remain nice and
stable over the 15 to 20 minute test that you run. The more likely scenario if
you’re watching this video is that you’re experiencing some sort of drops
in either your frame rate or your bitrate. The Twitch analysis tool should
highlight any issues that it notices with any instability on the graph, you
can then use any information that twitch gives you on that instability and
research maybe what you need to change to be able to fix that instability. One
thing I’d recommend doing is opening up the help guide at the top here and that
can help you identify what your issue is based on how your graph looks along with
the recommended steps on how to fix that issue. You can also run a more extended
test which I definitely recommend doing if you can afford to, you know run it for
a couple of hours to really get a good snapshot of what your connection looks
like. To make this a little easier to be able to do Twitch provides a handy
little notification box here that you can check and it will notify you if it
notices any instability so you don’t have to keep watching this page and you can
get on with some other work. Just make sure you’re not doing anything
particularly internet heavy whilst this twitch test is running. Now once you’ve
finished running the tests you may well have some issues that you want to
resolve, if you want to get some more information on what changes you might
need to make it can be worth opening up the full help menu which goes into a lot
more detail about the different settings you can change. To do this what we need
to do is click on the all broadcasts link in the top left and then toggle the
help guide back open again. Now you’ll be able to see plenty of tips and
troubleshooting on things like dropped frames and setting proper bit rates and
choosing the proper ingest server. I unfortunately can’t go through every
possible instability issue that could arise from streaming video like I said
at the start there’s so many different things that could be wrong but hopefully
now you have an idea on what the issue is and it’s just about lowering or
changing one of the values in OBS to be able to fix it. By far the most
common settings that need to be lowered are your video bitrate, your video
resolution, or your framerate. The second tool that we can use that runs when we
are actually live for our viewers is something called Rich’s analyzer. This is
a handy little website where you can enter your Twitch live URL and it will
take a sample of around 10 to 20 seconds of your stream and analyze all sorts of
information about the data that Twitch is receiving. It’s just quickly worth
noting here that this is actually analyzing your live stream when it is
live for your viewers, so if you want to use this tool you need
to go back to your OBS settings and take out the appended part of the test bandwidth
that we added to our stream key. On Rich’s analyzer we can look at things
like bitrate stability, drop frames, video frame rate and quality
checks as well as gathering loads of other information about the stream
settings. The other reason that I recommend using this tool is if you want
to see the settings that another streamer uses, just paste in their
channel when they are live and you can look at all sorts of settings as to how
they’re making their stream look the way that they do. Hopefully between these two
tools you’ve been able to discover a little bit more about what’s happening
with your stream and hopefully fix your instability. Unfortunately sometimes it
can be just as simple as your internet connection isn’t good enough or stable
enough or maybe your computer actually isn’t good enough to be able to play the
game that you’re playing at the resolution as well as streaming. In the
very near future I’ll definitely be making some videos on the more common
problems, how you can fix them as well as how you can reduce the strain on your
CPU by using a graphics card or a capture card. Let me know down in the
description below exactly the issues that you were facing and how you fix
them and if you haven’t been able to fix them comment anyway with the issues that you’re finding and maybe one of the Gaming Careers community will jump in
and be able to help you if they’ve seen something similar. I’ll definitely be
down in the comments looking at any issues and helping out where I can.
Hopefully you found this video helpful, if you have got to this point and you
found it helpful please do give it a thumbs up, it does really help us out and if
you’re new to the Gaming Careers YouTube channel have a look around or all the
other guides that we’ve got and subscribe if that’s the kind of thing
that interests you. Subscribers I’ll see in the next video… Peace!

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  1. So I came across this channel 9 months ago and I thank you for what you are doing. I've looked through the videos a few times now and came across an issue that could throw someone for a loop. Let me explain:

    Last week I upped my Download and Upload Speeds from my ISP. Got my new rig all set up and ready to stream. Looked back at all the helpful videos of yours to get OBS set up once again. Then went to do my test stream for checking bit rate and dropped frames via the Twitch test and it came back fine except for 3 hiccups over the 3-hour test but overall performance was good. The next day I went live to stream a raid for someone that was sick so they could at the very least watch and cheer us on.

    That is when disaster struck, constant buffering, choppy frame rate. Did another twitch test and that came back fine. So I was totally lost on what was going on reset my Modem, router, switch, rebooted my PC. Tried streaming again same deal. This led me to do speed tests and that's where I saw something. My upload speed was not what it should be, it was in the KB/s range of what is at max a 20 MB/s connection.
    Techs came out we bypassed the router and plugged right into the modem same thing was happening replaced the modem worked fine for about a day. They had to come back yet again swapped out the modem, checked line noise all within normal tolerances but this time when we plugged the cat6 into the back of the modem all the issues where gone. Ok done deal let me plug everything back into the normal layout and that's when the other shoe dropped. You guessed it the router was bad as well.
    It took about a week and a half to get that all worked out. So just because the Twitch test says you are set up right until you are really sending actual video streams you might not know there is an issue and it might not be with your settings. Take the time to find where the problem might be at it could very well be a modem, router or any of the other network connections you might have that are at fault.

    Again thank you, Pete, for all that you are doing you are a great asset to new streamers where they are just doing it for pleasure or for a living!

  2. I have 10mbps upload and I stream 480p on a 1250 bitrate… can you explain why in the holy fuck my ping goes through the roof? Sometime up to 400 in fortnite while I’m streaming🤦🏼‍♂️ pleaseee send help😂

  3. hey i do the test all looks great but when i open a game (Dota2) and watch some live tournament with the test activated my bitrate grapsh jump and in game from 20-30 ping it dorps to 70-80 sometimes for few seconds so what i need to do? all work great in test when u dont play a game or you dont do something but i wanna have a normal ping when i play games not in normal desktop 😀

  4. ok everything looks good but my stream still lags. Not sure what it is, can anyone help me?? IT only lags when i stream from stream labs OBS not from the elgato capture

  5. on obs its running smooth then on twich itts laggy and looks like im telerporting or hacking but its just laggy my twich name is roblox1player

  6. Nice tutorial but it would be better if you added on how to change your stream settings based on what you’ve seen on test

  7. I know this is a year late, but when I stream and use the investigator page, it shows the nitrate going up and down (a lot) but it says no recommended changes… I was just wondering if it should do that or no.

  8. Also, when I hit authorize on twitch inspector, it just closes the page without anything popping up and says [“status”:401,”message”:”invalid csrf token”)

  9. yesterday i could stream pubg without any problems at all but today i plugged in my new facecam and in the beginning it was good but after 2 hours or so the stream lagged it went in to slowmotion and i dont know what happened plss help

  10. I stream every now and then. I had no problem with laggy stream gameplay until I added a facecam. Now its almost impossible to watch. I have a pretty good pc and I have gig internet any clue what it could be?

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  14. Hey y'all… I've been trying to stream monster hunter world on a new PC i just built. Non overclocked. Ryzen 5 2600, gigabyte 1060 6gb, liquid cooled good temps, 16gb 3000mhz corsair. Can I play this at High settings 1080p and stream at 720p60fps? My internet speed is 220mb down 25mb up. also using free sync in monster hunter and on my asus monitor… Help.

  15. It’s not that the frame rates of the graph aren’t working, the graph and test are working fine. It’s a bandwidth test so that’s the only thing it will test for not you fr

  16. Has anyone run into an issue where only certain people will get a media error 3000 when live? i have tried looking into the situation, but the popular opinion seems to be that it is a communication error between the internet browser and twitch.

  17. is not consistent unless you are actually live also moving around on the video game. it wont actually tell you anything if youre just looking at the screen doing nothing for it to have an analysis

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  25. My stream get delayed like 20 minute and i only set it for like 3 second i have tried everything to fix it and ask Stream labs but cant that is the problem im am facing

  26. Yo does anyone know if these specs are good for streaming integrated graphics 4600 + amd hd something Intel core i7 4000 or something series m and like 400 – 500g of hdd 8gb ddr3 and whenever I play a game the square in the corner goes red and fps goes to like 30 to 5 and like 14 and yeah it's just random my bitrate is 2000 my res is 480p as it's not working as that was the problem but it's not so I went to 360p and that don't work and it is just insanely laggy I move it freezes and teleported me to another player 1 minute later it still was stuck please help

  27. omg you have helped me so much tweaking my stream. thank you so much. i was very new to streaming and i have watched several videos and i can say either i cant understand them or they just simple fly through everything to fast to even think. i was able to follow along with you and tweak as u talked about it the different settings. again thank you so much.

  28. I have a Ryzen 7 2700x, 16GB 3000Mhz and a GTX 970 (I know the 970 is a little lacking but I have a GTX 1070 in another system and plan to SLI soon, reasons just shh lol) anyway I can stream perfectly fine, 720, 4000kb/s, 60fps BUT if I have too many sources, overlays, browser sources, etc etc my stream FPS is all over the place, it's super unstable, if I simply switch over to a scene which is just Game capture and Webcam my stream FPS is a solid 60, no problems AT ALL. Why? My CPU is being used as the encoder, obviously… It's a 2700x I can stream at the CPU present of Medium and still have 30% CPU left, it's a mind blowing CPU for streaming so BYE NVENC! Anyway what is causing it? If my CPU is being used for streaming and it's not struggling at all, why is my stream FPS unstable with more active sources???? I can't find an answer anywhere, I've tried seeing if it is a particular source, but it's not, as I slowly delete them 1 by 1 the framerate slowly becomes more stable, it is 100% a cumulative thing

  29. I ran a test stream and everything went fine, I tried another the exact next day without changing any settings, I opened up Streamlabs and hit ‘go live’ and my stream was frozen, I used the Inspector like the video says and it told me i’m ‘incompatible’ but how can that be? Bitrate is at 2500 I even turned it down to 2000 still nothing. I have an upload of 6000 so i’m not over doing it. i’m hardwired on ps4 and laptop. someone PLEASE HELP MEEEEEE

  30. The Twitch Inspector tells me excellent on my test but my stream had bits all over the place. when i dont move the mouse on stream the quality is fine but it is the bits that ruins my stream. i have a beast pc and a nice and stable internett. i use 6000 bit in obs. please help

  31. my average bitrate is like 300 apparently when im playing somthing but before it was just fine until i got my new router and modem

  32. My download is 150, my upload is 20-25, I’ve tried 3000-6000 bit rate but I still lag. I have an ethernet connection, my fps is fine, but I somehow jump to 200 ping every few seconds and have .5 – 5.7% dropped frames

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    But when i go back and watch my VOD everything seems gittery and super laggy….. When i personally view it also seems super lagged out.

    Is it just me? What can i do to fix it?

  34. I got a new pc with a ryzen 2600, vega 56 and lan connection. 100mb/s connection and i got my frames fixed so that obs is showing me constant 60fps and always green cpu but when i watch the stream, it lags every 2 sec. that sucks ass and i dont know what to do about it 🙁

  35. Thank you!! I was able to analyze my last stream and use the help to determine the issue. Now to solve it 🙃

  36. When I authorize my twitch for twitch inspector it just goes back to the first twitch inspector screen and doesn’t do anything or when I try again

  37. I have trouble with a certain kind of lag, when I play minecraft and fly around suddenly in the stream in jumps back a few frames, it's kind of tearing the picture. I don't know if it's my bitrate or something else, when I play everything is stable and none of my hardware is fully used. It happens when I move really quick in the game or look around fast.

  38. Anyone know why I lag when I stream rocket league but when I stream Fortnite it's fine. I stream at the same settings for both games

  39. I know this is an old video. BUT… I wasn't streaming and I was at about 4.2 on the left of the analyzer. and then started streaming the test and it shot up to about 6.5… Is that a good thing or bad thing….?

  40. When I stream, my internet is usually 75 download and 6 upload. I have a wired connection. However, my stream is often fuzzy. What could be wrong? Also, I stream directly from my console, and I login on a laptop to watch it and monitor chat

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