Flipping Conversational Frames On People – Persuasion & Influence
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Flipping Conversational Frames On People – Persuasion & Influence

October 8, 2019

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  1. Fascinating- I appreciated the examples you used where you put this into practice as it makes it much easier to understand how to apply it.

  2. Hi Damon, have you ever had to deal with someone that has NPD (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) or if not full on NPD, has those traits? They are experts on frame flipping to say the least. My problem is that my husband is a covert narcissist who, on top of that is extremely passive aggressive and always chooses to Gaslight me instead of engaging in a productive dialogue. I am very straight forward, direct and articulate. He is evasive, tricky and will absolutely never take accountability for anything he's done or said. Yes, that 'Crazy making' nightmare! It usually starts with me trying to simply dialogue with him to help make a situation easier or clarify in issue. He talks in loops, denies, tries to flip everything around on me so we're no farther along by the end of a 2 hr argument, than when it began. Can you give me some advice/tips to keep him on track, counteract the Gaslighting, so that I am able to shut some of that down to have an upper hand or at least an edge? Whew! I know that's a lot but anything would help and be very appreciated. Thank you! Love love your channel 👌👍

  3. The way I've experienced conversational frames is when guys hit on me and I say I'm not interested and they say: "you're just cold and bitter because someone hurt you in the past so you hate all men now?" Or "fine, have fun dating assholes". Realize now its all frames they put on me so I feel like I have to justify myself and prove them wrong.

  4. Amazing . I have watched all of your videos in one go.

    I have a question about this video. When attending job interviews we often get stuck in the frame of interviewer. Is it appropriate to flip the conversational frame in this case or should we remain defensive. How do we tackle this one out?

  5. you defused that bomb, like a fucking champ lol XDXDXD could have gotten ugly very easily. Owen Benjamin has a great bit on how women think and how men think. check it out

  6. This video is excellent. I am so impressed that just one question flipped your companion and got you quickly off of the defensive. Very helpful. Frank Bettger always asked why. I need to do this every day.

  7. Wow. I've just noticed what I've been doing wrong in most of my conversations. I was feeling weak every time I started explaining myself and now I know why !! And I know how to change that now. Thanks !!

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  10. Always control the frame when dating and especially w online apps. You ask the questions she answers. Extract info Playfully not aggressively and then you can reciprocate and give back. It’s like playing catch and is super fun w someone on equal footing. Most females w run right over your questions and try to lead the convo so never let them or she’ll get bored and stop talking altogether. she will either like the fact that you’re a man taking charge who isn’t someone she can walk all over or get pissy because she can’t disqualify you like she wants too lol. and those types aren’t who you want anyways and it’s on to the next. If I’ve learned anything it’s that being too nice, too agreeable, trying to be what you think he or she wants, and just flat out anything but who you are leads to a bad decision ah ha moment down the road.

  11. I realized that I dont know enough about you and NLP so I need to do more research. I didn't know that you replied so quickly to my comment. I actually returned so I could delete my comment. And so far what I heard from you can be very helpful to me, it's very clear and concise, practical and usable. So I will study more before I make further comments I wish you well and thanks for teaching on YouTube

  12. ooooo I'm glad that homegirl checked you, and I applaud you for telling the story … and you are decently attractive but an asshole. You "flipped the frame", but she'd called you out, and you knew that it was true, that you'd take it to the bridge on chocolate in a way that you wouldn't have a vanilla girl …. And, next thing you know, she just flat out lets you know that dinner doesn't just mean poon … Oh, you're interest in her disappeared, huh? smdh …. It's just way too twilight zone my watching youtuube videos on this nlp mess, ,as it seems as if I've communicated this way intuitively forever … but you told that story and I hollered, and poor punctuation, quickly typed and all, I had to leave this comment, because had she not spoke up, you would have got it and judged her for that too … So, consider yourself jerk checked … And yes, I just made that phrase up especially for you. <3 C

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