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  1. Absolutely gorgeous! You are a huge inspiration, Jennifer! I am always learning from you. Love this technique! Thank you so much for the video!

  2. This video on the floating die cut frames was interesting to watch. All the Altenew stamp & die sets make such beautiful cards, but teamed with this technique, they were just stunning! Thanks!

  3. This was such an informative video, I think it's one of my favorites from you so far! (Which says a lot, I live your videos 😊) The Press N Seal is like a mini-revelation, can't wait to try it myself!

  4. What an awesome idea. I love the look of these cards. I cannot wait to try this technique. Must agree with Linnea, I use more kitchen stuff in my crafting than in my kitchen.

  5. This is why everyone imitates Jennifer McGuire. You are simply the card making bomb!🙌 Awesome technique!!!! I can't wait to give it a try. TFS💕 Sidenote, I've had press n seal in my craft room since you first showed a similar technique. It is as much a staple for card making as freezer paper is to a quilter or artist. Please give your hubby a huge thank you for that!😉 My kitchen and craft room really can't be without that magic stuff!😂💞

  6. So innovative – I would have never thought to use the press and seal but now I have to go back to the store and not for the food! LOL Thank you for sharing your beautiful creativity.

  7. This is an awesome technique. I will be trying this very soon. Great way to expand the use of the stamp/die sets. Thanks for sharing.

  8. These are gorgeous! I keep thinking of all the different sets and dies I have but I could use for this. Thank you so much Jennifer.

  9. Thank you so much for introducing us to press n seal, (your amazing husband too) we don't have it here in Ireland so you can imagine my delight at seeing it in Walmart last year while visiting my cousin in Canada, I came home with 6 rolls in my suitcase, x x x x Merry Christmas!

  10. In Europese we dont have press and seal.I think we van buy in a specialty shop buy than IT cost a Fortune.Masking paper I dont see It Working.I AM afraid everthing gets riped apart.

  11. So wish press and seal in Australia. Yes, you can use masking tape/paper but it's a lot more fiddly.
    Love these cards so much and the new altenew stamp and ink colours are amazing.
    Thank you for sharing your crafty life. I so look forward to watching what you create.

  12. Oh – these cards are wonderful, Jennifer! Beautiful, yet so very clever! I can't wait to try this technique, though it may have to wait until after Christmas! Happy Holidays to you!!!

  13. When I use Press n seal in my kitchen it tends to leave sticky residue on my bowls. Is there any residue on the die cuts after running it through the die cut machine?

  14. I’m really loving this! I’m going to make a set of cards using this technique, and gift them to my brother in law! He’s a priest and doesn’t have money to buy cards( he’s a Franciscan) and he loves my cards! Thank you for being so creative and sharing it with us!

  15. You’re an amazing artist!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE this technique Jennifer!!! Hugs & gratitude to hubby as well for creating Press n’ Seal!!! Great tutorial, thanks so much for sharing your time and creativity with us, blessings & hugs 🤗!!!

  16. I'm really impressed! You always have great idea, but this one is very unique! I love the floating frame, and your way of achieving it is very easy. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  17. Wow, this is such a cool technique. Went right over to my favourite vendor on the web to buy the Seal'n press before everybody has seen this video and prices for overseas deliveries soar! No, we don't get it in the household section of German supermarkets. 🙁
    Thanks for showing us this fun and impressive technique.

  18. Such gorgeous ideas! How do you manage to produce videos so often? I find it hard (but who is going to stop?) keeping up with watching leave alone trying the ideas. Maybe next year I will do more 🙂 Keep up the good work and have a wonderful festive season

  19. So glad I watched this video – great crafting tip. The cards were just beautiful. I don't have those exact stamp sets, but I do have a couple of others I can use.

  20. Jennifer you really are amazing! Not only are you the most kind person on YouTube you share the most ingenious ideas and techniques with us! Press and Seal will now become part of my craft supplies. Thank you so much Jennifer, for all you do for us! ~ katz baugh

  21. Hi Jennifer, Thank you for sharing these beautiful cards. I have two questions: Can these cards fit into a regular size envelope? Do you need to add a piece of tissue paper, when you mail it. to make sure nothing falls off the card? Thanks

  22. Does anyone know where to buy press n seal in Germany? Weiß jemand wo man die press n seal Folie in Deutschland bekommt?

  23. I don’t know which one of your videos I saw the embossing powder being used but I was wondering if you could email me the black embossing powder that made a thicker word image Thank you Diane Fitzpatrick

  24. Jennifer I have just recently discovered you and I am so glad! You have become my card guru! 😄 I first got into mixed media and took up card making also. I love these kinds of ideas where it takes something basic that we all may have and make something extraordinary! Thank you so much!

  25. Hi Jennifer! I don’t have the altenew inks or even so many dye inks that I can do stamp layering! Can I use Distress Oxides for this technique?

  26. Absolutely stunning!! All of them!! As usual! 😉 You are an amazing paper-crafter Jennifer!!! Thank you for sharing!! ☺

  27. Oh Jennifer,you never cease to amaze me with all your creative ideas! Your cards are so pretty,and as I'm visiting Australia soon I'm going be looking out for Press & Seal to try this technique for myself-thank you!!

  28. What an awesome idea to use Press n Seal. We just discovered that product last month and we are hooked, but I never thought to use it for crafts but it is really perfect because you can remove it without any problem or remaining stickiness. So cool. (I’ve been using it to keep soft drinks fizzy when I want to save the remaining portion till the next day. It’s the only thing that has worked so far.)

  29. Super! Press'n'Seal was on sale today ($3.49 or two for $4), so guess what I'll be doing as the snow starts today. And tomorrow. And all month until I finish both rolls. Thanks.

  30. Ive used press and seal when putting letter dies on cards to make eclipse cards but now i have a new use for it love it. You have such creative ideas. Keep them coming

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