Florida Carry 8-18-2019 Memorial Park Police Interaction (NOW WITH CAPTIONS)
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Florida Carry 8-18-2019 Memorial Park Police Interaction (NOW WITH CAPTIONS)

August 25, 2019

Dennis: Hey guys Robert: Hey guys, how are you doing this morning? Officers: Alright. What’s going on with you guys? Robert: Well, just down here fishing. Dennis: Just sitting here advertising gun rights. Robert: We’re down here for Florida Carry, and stuff like that. We do this here every once, well, about every couple of months or so. Robert: We, you know, jump around different places in Florida. We go to the beaches, advocating for gun rights and stuff like that. Dennis: We’ve been here several times. We talked to FWC and you guys here before. Officer Jones (seeing a camera, starts speaking to Jack): You a veteran yourself, sir? Jack: No, sir but I … Officer Jones (interrupts Jack): That’s the sad part. We’re all veterans. We’re just asking if you were. Jack: No sir, I’m not. Officer Jones: I was in the Navy. You think that’s a good American? Jack: Oh, absolutely. Officer Jones: That’s what I thought. We are true Americans aren’t we. Jack: Absolutely. Officer Jones: I guess you’re JUST VISITING. Jack: Yes, sir. Officer Jones: I’m just saying… you’re a TOURIST VISITING. Jack: That’s one of my favorite parts… (interrupted) Officer Jones: I know you’re JUST VISITING the American country thus far. Jack: Oh, no… I find myself to be a true American. Officer Jones: Well, I’m saying a truer veteran. It’s a true American. He’s not a veteran, I’m just saying. Officer Jones: We’ll come back and talk to you guys. We’re true Americans. We’re veterans. We’re true Americans. Robert: Right on. Absolutely. Officer Jones to Robert: Are you a veteran, sir? Robert: Sir, no sir. Officer Jones: There you go. That explains a lot to us. You understand what I’m saying? Robert: Unfortunately I have asthma. Couldn’t do it, so… Officer Jones: Ah, there ya go. We carried the flag for you, and you can go ahead and have your rights. Sit right there… Robert: Yes, sir, absolutely… Officer Jones: You sit right there and have your rights. Jack: Absolutely. Jack: And we thank you very much for doing that for us. Robert: and we do thank you, absolutely. Officer Jones: We’re not arguing with you, we’re just telling you who earned it for you. Jack: Absolutely. Robert: Yes. sir. Jack: Absolutely. We have all the respect… I’m a member of the VFW and have been for 40 years Officer Jones: (unintelligible)… We continue to serve for you. Okay? Jack: Yes, and my point in stating the fact that I’m a member of the VFW is fact that a share support for you. Officer Jones: We’ll talk to you in a minute. I’m just telling you who is who. Just letting … you better understand who’s who. Dennis: I don’t understand what was said to start that. Jack: Yeah. I don’t understand the statement. Robert: I didn’t get that either. Dennis: What was said to start that? Jack: I’m just staying in the background. All I’m doing is taking pictures. Dennis: Okay. So he is saying that veterans secure our rights to do this, Robert: right but I Jack: Then what is the problem? Dennis: but he’s still here to babysit us. Okay. Jack: Well, ya know, if he doesn’t like the law that’s in place, then maybe he should legislate the changes. Dennis: They have. They’ve sent police officers to Tallahassee to lobby against gun rights. Robert: Apparently, it is something against non-veterans. Dennis: Lots of Sheriffs have went up there (Tallahassee)… Robert: Does he have something against non-veterans? Dennis: Apparently ! Jack: I’m not sure I got all of that. (unintelligible) Dennis: Welcome back. Officer Jones: We just have to ID you. Do you have your ID with you? Dennis: I’ll give you my fishing license so that you know I’m legally fishing. But, it’s totally lawful. Officer Jones: We just want to make sure (unintelligible) that’s all we need is your driver’s license. So we know who you are… Dennis: Here’s the fishing license. Here’s the driver’s license…And my concealed weapons license if you’re interested. Officer Jones to Robert: You’ve got that (CWFL)? Robert: I don’t have mine with me (CWFL). Dennis: You don’t have to have it. Robert: I do have one. I just… Officer Jones: We’ll check. Robert: It’s not a problem sir. Dennis: It’s not required when you’re fishing. Officer Jones: Look in my eyes. I’m asking you…Do you think I don’t know that he doesn’t have to have his CWFL while fishing? Dennis: He doesn’t have his. That is why I brought it up. Officer Jones: Don”t tell me how to do my job. Dennis: Protect and Serve (shrug). Jack: Why did you give him ID? Dennis: I did not have to. Jack: No, but I’m glad you did. It’s easier Robert: (pulls out Ipad): Let me get my (CWFL) permit. Dennis: I’m very disappointed in JSO today. Dennis: Last time JSO came, they were here for 1 minute and 7 seconds. Robert: They weren’t even here that long, dude. They weren’t even here that long. Officer Jones: Do you work for _______? What is your job title? Who is your supervisor? Dennis: Yes. ______ . ________. ” Officer Jones: You could have told us. It might have helped us out. Dennis: Why is that? It’s not required. Officer Jones: You didn’t tell us you were a Sheriff’s Office employee. It didn’t pass your mind? Dennis: Does it matter? Officer Jones: Oh, I didn’t say it did. But it might help us on the call. Officer Jones: I thought we might be on the same team, but now I don’t know. Dennis: I absolutely am on your team, and the team of the citizens, and the Constitution. Officer Jones: After that Protect and Serve comment you made, I was just wondering about that. Dennis: I just thought you were being extremely rude. Officer Jones: I wasn’t being rude, buddy. Dennis: You talked about us not being veterans, you brought up a question about whether we’re real Americans. You were being very rude. Officer Jones: Well, I have the right to say whatever I want to say out in public. Uriah: Would that change if we were veterans? Dennis: I didn’t say you didn’t have the right, I just said you were being rude. Officer Jones: Not for the way you’re acting. Pam: He’s active duty. Uriah: I am active duty. Dennis: He wasn’t even here when you were here before. Officer Jones: No, that’s not it. Officer Ingall: We’re gonna get calls all day. It’s preventing us from doing something that actually matters. Officer Jones: We’re just saying that you’re just tying us up. That’s all you’re doing. Dennis
: I’m literally not. Uriah: We’re trying to normalize it. Officer Ingalls: Normalize it? Officer Ingalls: You think what happened two weeks ago was normal? (Referring to the El Paso TX and Dayton OH shooters) Dennis: That doesn’t have anything to do with me. Officer Ingalls: Look at it from our stand point. We’re going to sit right there because we’re going to get a phone call , and keep on getting calls. Dennis: You don’t HAVE to sit there. Officer Ingalls: We will, because we have to respond to calls. Dennis: I don”t mind if you sit there, but you don’t HAVE to. Uriah: That;s the 1st time we’ve ever had officers sit there. We’ve been out to this park… Officer Ingalls: You’ve been here before… Dennis: Man, oh man. Officer Jones is in a Tizzy today.

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  1. The sound quality is awful. I get that you’re outside, but what was the nature of the dialogue besides the guy thinking he was awesome because he was a vet?

  2. Wish I could have heard them. Don't be afraid to record them up close. I remember being an explorer and doing ride alongs with Jax Police & Sheriff's. Used to respect people back then as I remember. Keep up the good work. Obviously, they need to see you more. We're they wearing body cams? Get the videos!

  3. Need to get that officer in check, QUICK. I know folks who never wore the uniform but I can guarantee you they did a whole lot more than Barney fife did. He's been reading too much press and believing it. Respect is earned ….. but it can be lost pretty quick too.

  4. A..That cop looked like he was suffering from felony lack of fiber… B…It would have been interesting watching Starsky and Hutch here trying this on CJ Grisham and his OCT guys…

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