Flow Hive Honey Bee keeping  Update YES the Queen can lay eggs in the Flow-Frames
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Flow Hive Honey Bee keeping Update YES the Queen can lay eggs in the Flow-Frames

August 25, 2019

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  1. So what if I added a second brood box between the bottom box and the excluded (and full) flow super at the beginning of August? I panicked because I knew the queen would die if I didn't add another brood box below the super in time for them to fill it, which is why I did what I did. The workers immediately moved some of the stores down when I added the second brood box. I haven't checked to see the status of the second brood box.
    I had intended to leave the flow super on all winter, this being their first year. Do you think I should drain the flow super and take it off?

  2. Great video thank you: Live in Orlando have two 8 frame brood boxes that are doing well. Used the metal queen excluder under my flow hive and got very little activity in the Flow Hive and it became a safe place for the hive beetles to become a problem. So took out the queen excluder and the bees exploded into the Flow Hive and the queen is now laying up there just as in your video. Good news beetle population is now hardly an issue. Any thoughts on what to do with this now very expensive brood box?

  3. Have they moved down into the bodies? As I understand, as the frames fill, the queen should move down towards the hive bodies and the top will hatch out. They should then backfill with honey. Similar in idea to Warre hives. Did they?

  4. You seem very knowledgeable Mr. Dunn. I am attempting to learn as much as possible so I can start a business myself but wish to know as much as possible before purchasing any hives. I have about three acres I can plant in various flowers both wild seed and the garden variety bulbs and perennial bushes for them to feed on. I also plan for fruit trees in addition to an orchid house. Thanks for sharing what you know as it be a great help to me in the very near future. I live in a densely wooded area that grows more or less wild in southern Alabama with about six neighbors on a three mile long road. Very low population here which is nice. The temperatures here very rarely go below twenty degrees and that lasts for only a few days at a time and the temps go back up in winter to an average of 45 or so in jan and feb. My question is how many hives could I have in proximity to one another? There is no danger of neighbors being swarmed as the nearest one is about a thousand yards away maybe even a little further. The rest is just woods as far as you can see.

  5. Out of interest Fred, when the brood hatched from the flowsuper, were the bees larger as they had more space? A nuisance if the queen gets in but I should imagine when she is encouraged out, you just allow the brood to hatch and apart from any drones, they will migrate out, the cells cleaned & honey put in. Job done!! I'm really enjoying my flowhive & getting ready for the winter. We have ivy which sets solid so my flow supers are off and I have a broodbox as a super almost full for the winter.
    See you next spring (so to speak)
    Cheers Gervase

  6. Thanks Fred. Interesting observation. I've heard that when bees have no foundations to build on, the cell size can be smaller. As the flowframes are so much bigger (depth) you would imagine the bees would grow into the available space. Nature is wonderful. May you have a good and safe winter. Looking forward to the spring now. Cheers Gervase

  7. Misuse of the product will lead to poor results. Interesting you would use these for any purpose other than obtaining honey.

  8. I really like your videos on Flow hives.
    Would it work if you put a queen excluder under Flow super and make an entrance hole on the front of the flow super so the bees could come in directly from fields? So it wouldn't slow down honey production.

  9. Is this bees friendly or something? I've seen in other videos of flowhive. What should I know before its too late?
    Should I worry about ferocious killer hornets (japanese samurai)?

    Just finished watching killer hornets by the way.

  10. How can you be sure that the queen won't lay her eggs in the plastic flow frames while using the queen excluder? I think bee keeping is interesting and I might get into it, but I don't want to have that fear of having bee eggs/larvae inside of my honey when I harvest it..

  11. With your upper entrances, how do you use that super handle with bees coming and going?  Even after smoking, I would think you'd have traffic that would prevent you from using the handle.

  12. I was thinking about getting some honey bees for myself but I was wondering what is better the easy flow hive or the old fashioned wooden box ones ?

  13. My mother, a former beekeeper, asks where you are located? She has found that in our location, Missouri, plastic frames promoted excess moisture. Have you found this to be the case?

  14. So.. a person has to open and clean their hive like every spring? or how often? I was thinking of trying to have honey bee's, but would they do okay in like the state of NV? where it gets hot and dry? also.. does a person need flowers and such growing close by or would the bees travel to find and bring it back?

  15. hi from Australia. quick question. i have seen several people have a second entrance to the top box. it looks like the bees struggle for landing rights. do you think a small purpose built landing board attached under top entrance would be of benefit? loved yr video and enjoyed reading yr comments and suggestions etc. thank you

  16. Why do you limit the entrance because of temperatur? So they wont freeze at night? Isnt it better to open up so they can all get in and out?

  17. Out of curiosity, did you happen to get a look at the bees that hatched from those flow frame cells? Did they end up looking similar to Queens?

  18. Thanks for the info. Just wanted to let you know that I felt like there was a lot of unnecessary repetition in this video leading to the pace feeling quite slow. It seems lots of other people like this relaxing pacing though so I'm quite possibly in the minority.

  19. So what would happen if you put in a queen excluder but had a landing ramp on the flow super so workers could get into the flow super? Would the queen still find her way up into the flow super?

  20. Do you know if it is possible to buy a queen excluder for the 6 frame flow hive? My local store only sells US langstroth and on the Flow Hive website, they don’t sell them individually…

  21. Well, okay, but if you left the queen excluder in place and had an upper entrance to the super, would the queen be able to make her way up into the super?

  22. Thank you so much for your video's. I have learned so much from them. What size is the top entrance hole and could you explain
    how to set up a hive using the flow hive( on top) from the ground up and still leave enough honey for the bee's to winter out. I think some of new back yard bee keepers think they can take all the honey from the Flow Hive and then wonder why their hive died over the winter. Flow Hive only sends you two (2) deeps. One for a brood box and one for honey extraction. I have a flow hive and this is my first year but still would like to know how to set the hive up before my bee's come. Thank you so much.

  23. Dumb question: Once the Flow frames have been used for brood, can you then add a queen excluder? My question is after the brood is hatched, will the bees go back to using the formerly brood frames to store honey?

  24. Interesting that the queen can lay in the artificial comb. This may be a good thing if starting a new colony say from a package bee or just trying to get a small nuc colony moving along a bit.

  25. Love all your videos. Hooked on this channel now. At 6:57 there was a bee with what appeared to be almost reddish pollen on its' pollen sacks. Any Idea from what type of flower?

  26. In your final scene at 15:48 a drone arrives, and two workers appear to be trying to persuade him to go elsewhere. With some success. Were they, or was he just in the way and they clambered over him?

  27. Question. Can you put two sets of frames into the hive? One normal frame-set right above the brood box and then a Queen Exluder and Flow-frame on top of it.
    So they can lay eggs in the frames and at the same time keep the Flow clean.

  28. How large can you make a colony frame? Obviously, it depends on the number of bees in the colony, but is there a limit of how many brood frames you could stack? (Without them being unstable and tipping over of course). Also, I would assume the higher the population of a colony, the quicker they collect pollen and honey, meaning they fill the flow frames quicker. Is this true?

  29. DOESN'T LOOK ANYTHING LIKE THE 🐨2015 Aussie Invention 🐝FLOW 👉🐝FREE HIVE 🐝this Looks fooking messy as Hes Flow hive Is NO1 ALL U DO IS PUT A JAR UNDER & TURN THE HANDLE -> iVE Watched It Working 2017 & Pours Out fast IN SUMMER -#1 U plug a tube in bottom #2 open a cap at the top & turn the handle & whalla fill your jars 👉🐝🥫🥫🥫🥫🐝 gumtree honey is probly the best i have ever tasted and flow like syrup no1 👉🥇🥉🥈👍🐝🆗💬

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  31. Wow what a great Channel , Im a young guy interested with passion to get into beekeeping and hives , Cant wait to give it a go. Im 24 , from the U.K

    Thanks Fred

  32. I have been keeping bees now for two years and watching your videos on flow Hive has convinced me to get a couple to expand

  33. Do you think the added shallow super on top of 4 may have had any affect on the queens decision to brood the flow frames?

  34. I'm conflicted about using the Queen Excluder. Wondering if leaving it off during high pollen/nectar times (summer) helps improve production of honey – but if leaving a filled Flow Hive on for a winter food source, I could then add the excluder to avoid egg cells etc. Would that approach work?

  35. Why do you use the higher flow tubes if you don’t extract the honey. I’m getting into bees not for honey but to produce more bees. It seems a lot like gardening everyone does it a little different 👍

  36. The footage at the end of your video was really cool. They sound like little P-51 Mustang's 😆 So, in your estimation, if you were to use the excluder above your brooder frames, below the FLOW super, but have access to the upper frames for the workers, would that still limit honey production? I don't like the idea of having to use excluders, but don't want to reduce honey production. The upper access being the variable, I guess. Thanks again! Awesome videography and narration.

  37. Do you have to collect the honey out of all 7 flow frames or can you just collect as much as you need from 1 to 7 frames ?

  38. Hey Frederick, why don’t you put a landingboard on the upper entrance. Would it make sense to put another hole to the upper entrance to get more traffic through and a little landing board too? The smaller part or box on your hive is just a spare one to provide more space for the bees? And what about Varoa and the checking and counting for that. How do you do that with the flow hives? For this year it would be to late for me to start but next year I want to set up my own bees now that I would have enough time and space. So for the cold season you leave the flows in the hive for providing them with enough food?

  39. Another question or thoughts…some of the beekeepers claim and do it for sure as well that they use normal box as spare box under the brood box to prevent early swarming. The say it gives the option to make a certain „wild building“ area where there would be so much space that the bees start to build theses hanging combs like in nature with honey and brood an that they would start to hang out there as huge flocks so to say in GermanEnglish. This should calm them down and prevent for a certain extend swarming…what do you do preventing the bees therefore?

  40. My pleasure to subscribe to your channel . As a 15 yr old i started with a hive and kept it for about 2 years . Didnt keep after that but i am getting ready to go . Bought some gear already . . Your videos hit bulls eye when it comes to their purpose , exchanging knowledge with collegue beekeepers and teaching new comers . The pictures are clear and so is the fluent narration . Very relaxing . Thank you .

  41. Those bees were watching the camara trough the window. Over here we have other type of bees. They are like slender. I live in the tropics it is always hot. No snow only rain, wind and sun. I want to cultivate these native bees. Can I do that?

  42. You're in PA I'm in Indy how do your bees fare in the midwest type cold winter season. Neg 10 below I thought would kill the bees. Do you put hard board insulation on the sides of the boxes? Would that even help? I'm only looking for honey and pollination of a garden. But I dont want to invest into this system if 1 I'm only going to kill the bees due to the environment and 2 if I caint meet my goals.ie the pollination of the garden (neighborhood included )
    And the honey.

  43. Thank you for showing this. I added my flow hove super this past week. I realized 2 days later that I forgot the Queen excluder. I added it, I sure hope she didn’t come up into the super within those 2 days. I’m a new bee keeper, still learning.

  44. Hi Mr Dunn. Would a second entrance, like in hive no. 3, and the queen excluder placed below, aid in having the flow frames filled faster? Perhaps just having a thin entrance section to serve just as entrance, without needing to fill that with short frames and doubt the queen would risk going outside just to lay eggs in the upper frames. I am guessing that your second entrance has frames serving as brood frames or reserve food/medicine. Thanks, love your videos

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