FMK 9C1 9mm Bill of Rights Edition – A Quick Look

August 26, 2019

The FMK 9C1. A pistol I purchased,
fixed, and sold without ever even shooting it. This time on Gun Fzx (Physics). It came in a pretty nice box that, like
the pistol, had the Bill of Rights printed on it. I really like our Constitution and the
Bill of Rights but I ended up having a pretty strong
antipathy toward this pistol and I don’t even really understand why. The
trigger, most of the internals, and the takedown
lever – very similar to a Glock. Some have even called it a straight copy. That
insert in the back of the grip is rubbery and it’s supposed to help with
recoil. It came with a magazine release that
was quite difficult to depress – really small, extremely low profile, and it
needed to change. Fortunately there was another one in the box. All you have to do is reach in there
with a tiny little screwdriver and pull that little piece of spring steel
out of its slot, replace it, and slide that spring back into place. Now of course the profile is too high
and it’s too easy to depress that. What they really need is a bit of a
depression, a scallop, a recess This is their idea of adjustable sights –
rather than having adjustable sights just have a whole bunch of slightly
different sights you can put in a tiny little box and have them replaced by the user. The trigger at the time was under recall.
I knew it when I bought it so I called the company and requested the new parts
and this is what came. That stamped envelope is for me to send the old parts
back. So i pushed out some pins and pushed in the new trigger and now
apparently all the safeties work. This is a striker fired pistol and, like
a Glock, the trigger is: well it’s a bit spongy and it isn’t so great. Right about
then I decided to sell it. I don’t know what it is about this
pistol, the company, the website, but it rubs me the wrong way I mean made in the USA, made in
California no less should be a good thing. This pistol was
their first generation magazines didn’t drop free. And again i
have to say I did NOT even test it. So this is less of a statement on the FMK
firearm but more of a statement on my emotional state of mind. If it makes you
feel any better I kind of hate Glocks too – so the only one I could stand owning
has my favorite number 32 on it and shoots the really cool 357 SIG. So these FMKs, especially the later
generations are probably really good firearms. I’m just a really emotional man highly
concerned with fashion.

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