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November 19, 2019

A little less than one year from today you will go into the voting booth and you will select the next president of the United States of America. [Clinton]
I think elections are about the future. But how you determine what
will happen in the future? Well you have to look to the record You have to look to what
we say in campaigns. [Edwards]
Egotism, narcissism. [Huckabee]
Islamofascism is real. [Romney]
Their goal is to unite the world
under a single Jihadist Caliphate. [Obama]
Use fear and falsehood… [Romney]
My view is we ought to double Guantanamo. [Biden]
What do you talk about
when you have nothing to say? [Edwards]
This is insanity. [Gravel]
Some of these people frighten me.
They frighten me. [Giuliani]
Ha ha ha ha ha. [Audience member]
President Bush has talked about
our staying in Iraq for 50 years. [McCain]
Maybe 100. [Obama]
The danger from Iran is grave. [Romney]
Well I’m not concerned about the voters. [Giuliani]
It’ll be a really nice fruitcake! [Huckabee]
But I can’t be president
unless you choose me to be. [Huckabee]
And I hope you will. [Ron Paul]
Deficit financing, big government,
more taxes, more bureaucracy, more regulations, more policing the world. What are you guys talking about, you know? So many people say “Oh Ron Paul, he’s crazy.
That guy’s crazy.” And it’s because they don’t understand.
And the reason they don’t understand is because they’re getting all
their news from the TV. I’ve been called everything.
I’ve been called crazy. When I got in a fight with the
neocon guy he said I’m a nut job. He said Ron Paul’s a nut job. Ron Paul has forgotten more about
economics than this guy knows. Ron Paul has forgotten more about
the Constitution than this guy knows. If what’s presented to them
as right is absolutely wrong
how do you know any better? Do you know what I mean? Everybody’s too busy paying the bills,
trying to put food on the table and support their families to be
as big a political nut as I am. Or some of you are. You know, to keep up with it.
Just regular working people. Listen to talk radio some,
maybe watch the news. If that’s your world view,
if that’s your perspective,
how do you know any better? There is no news anymore, as you know.
News is gone in television. It’s entertainment. It’s all entertainment. The media are almost incapable of
reporting, and even understanding the Constitution. And the way that the Constitution
is supposed to be respected. [MUSIC] If he can get in the debates
and if he can make a statement and if he can really clearly enunciate his views I think it’s a story
that deserves to be heard. I think it’s a story
that deserves to be told. And I was the one the most
hesitant to get involved because the time isn’t right,
young people haven’t heard about this I’m not the right guy,
we need more education. Because I believe that ideas move countries. Individuals don’t, unless they’re
in the right place at the right time. The big impact was when Ron Paul
started to appear in the debates. There were 11 guys on the stage and
10 of them were saying the same thing. And Ron Paul was standing out. We must win in Iraq. We’re gonna have to engage in the Middle East. This is a global effort
we’re gonna have to lead. We will do whatever is necessary. The Iranians could grab the Shia south. We have a new strategy. Very confrontational and very aggressive. There will be chaos. That will spread to the region
and to the rest of the world. They ultimately want to bring down
the United States of America. Congressman Paul, you voted against the war. Why are all your fellow
Republicans up here wrong? Ron Paul is not the snappiest speaker.
He’s not the soundbite guy. He can’t just say something real quick. I believe that when we overdo
our military aggressiveness what it does is actually weakens our national defense. I mean, we stood up to the Soviets.
They had 40,000 nuclear weapons. Now we’re fretting day in and night
about 3rd world countries that have no army, navy, or Air Force
and we’re getting ready to go to war. The things he’s talking about
don’t have soundbite answers. You have to explore things a little deeper
to understand what he’s talking about. So he’s trying to do some back story
when he’s giving you his answer. His style had rough edges, wasn’t as polished. I knew a lot about that because
I helped prepare a candidate Herbert Walker Bush, for the debates. I was a shill. And so
we would debate ad nauseam. So every line every question
was anticipated, and I could tell that what Ron Paul was saying was not
for purposes of winning an election. They were gut reactions,
truthful reactions to the issues. At core, the justification for his positions the reason he took positions that
he did was based on individual freedom. A national tamperproof ID card. Yeah, I think that’s critical. They have to have a document. A national, special card. Absolutely. A tamperproof card. A database. Name, date, birth date, biographic information. Dr. Paul? I am absolutely opposed to a national ID card. This is a total contradiction of
what a free society is all about. The purpose of government is to protect
the secrecy and privacy of all individuals. Not the secrecy of government.
We don’t need a national ID card. Ron Paul is completely uninterested in
telling other people what to do
or being told what to do. And there are very few people like
that in politics anywhere, ever. Because politics is of course about
amassing the power in order to tell
other people what to do and Ron Paul rejects that. I support federal funding. That’s a yes, Dr. Paul?
Yes or no on federal funding? Programs like this are not
authorized under the Constitution. He would take even issues that
most people would consider minor but vote on principle even if it
meant he was the only one voting. Against or for, whatever it was.
Usually against. Would you work to phase out the IRS? Immediately!
That’s what they call a softball. And you can only do that if you change
our ideas about what the role
of government ought to be. I was just absolutely shocked
that I was listening to a man
who was speaking the truth. Speaking the truth about economics,
speaking the truth about foreign policy. And I just said to myself,
“Who is this guy? Where has he been? And what is he doing up on stage with
all these other Republican candidates. He’d talk about central banking,
which is off the table. It’s not even an issue.
No politician raises it. No presidential election has ever turned on it. It’s just been quietly removed
from the political conversation. He brings it back. We live way beyond our means with
a foreign policy we can’t afford and an entitlement system
that we have encouraged. We print money for it,
the value of the money goes down and poor people pay higher prices.
That is a tax. And I began to realize
that this man is no joke. He is America’s last true statesman. And he’s actually been saying the
same thing for the past 30 years about what our federal government
needs to do to serve the people. That is namely, follow the Constitution. Suddenly a lot of people
who love the country and haven’t voted precisely because
they feel it would be an insult to the great history of this country
to vote one or the other criminal. Are so excited at the
prospect that, “Wait a minute!” “Maybe the country can be saved after all?” I think there is a market for,
an appetite for his ideas. And his ideas are pretty straightforward. If you allow people to do what they want. They’re gonna make a ton of mistakes. They’ll do more things right than wrong. But in either case you don’t
really have a right to intervene. This was the first election
where you had somebody like Paul where you could actually see a
reflection of grassroots support you know, through the Internet. The closest thing I can think
of is Howard Dean in 2004. But that pales in comparison to what happened to Paul. Especially with young people. [MUSIC] My name is Michael Nystrom. We are in my home here in Arlington, MA
which is a suburb of Boston. And I created and run a site
called the Daily Paul. We had to become our own media. That was a big part, I mean the
Internet was a major driving force in spreading the word. What was so wonderful
about the Ron Paul campaign is the new Free Press
was utilized. The Internet. And that was wonderful because
that’s the next generation. Going back to take a look at
world headquarters of Daily Paul. Here it is. Probably not what people imagine, but. It’s funny, you know, you’ll hear
Limbaugh and all these guys talk about, “Well some blogger wrote,” Well some blogger, who are you?
I know you make $400 million a year but what are your political credentials
that your opinion is more important
than some blogger? This is just right off the kitchen.
I like to say that I work from
the kitchen table. This is the power of the Internet.
That a guy in his kitchen can have
this kind of an impact. The community of websites that was
created by the Ron Paul Movement was really quite phenomenal.
It’s like its own world. The Ron Paul Forums and the Daily Paul
became to be the two prominent user communities for the Ron Paul movement. I look at it as somewhat of a crucible. It’s a place where ideas get
thrown in and there’s lots
of fire and sparks and then something comes of it. Me and Brian we met at a Meetup group
and we talked about ways that
we could harness the Internet. Meetup is a website where people
with like interests can form
social organizations, groups. And use the Internet as a basic tool
for the structure of their organization. Where they’re gonna to go,
when they’re gonna to meet. It’s basically their communication hub. We were explosive growth for a long time. The number of people in Meetup groups?
McCain, he’s got like five people. Blew away every other candidate by a mile. 4000, 5000, something like that,
groups around the world. And not just in America,
I mean around the world. They were in Belgium and Australia
and just, they were everywhere. Well he is one of the 10 presidential
candidates to face off in
tonight’s debate right here on Fox. But I gotta tell you I have never
seen so many viewer e-mails urging us to get a candidate
on our air as I have with
this particular gentlemen. How are you going to stand out tonight? Well I guess just telling the
truth like I did last time
and we did very well. In the debate, when you get 1 minute
and 30 seconds maybe for a rebuttal and it might take you a sentence or
two to really collect your thoughts. It’s a bit challenging. So sometimes after I looked at it, I said, “Well I did better than I thought
I was going to be able to.” It is the Constitutional position. It is the advice of the Founders to
follow a non-interventionist foreign policy. Stay out of entangling alliances. Be friends with countries. Negotiate and talk with them
and trade with them. They looked at that Republican stage
that night and they’re like, “What is this guy saying?
We’ve never heard anything like this.” “And what’s better, it makes a lot of sense.” So there’s a lot of merit to the
advice of the Founders and
following the Constitution. And my argument is that we
shouldn’t go to war so carelessly. [BELL DINGS]
When we do the wars don’t end. He was talking more about the things that really matter. Not the war in Iraq, but should
we be the policeman of the world? Should we be at war anywhere?
And why and when and
under what circumstances? Congressman, you don’t think that
changed with the 9/11 attacks, sir? What changed? The non-interventionist policies. No! Non-intervention was
a major contributing factor. Have you ever read about
the reasons they attacked us? They attack us because we’ve
been over there. We’ve been
bombing Iraq for 10 years. You know if we misbehave around
the world, there are going
to be people in the world who don’t like the United States.
Period, end of story. I think that’s just common sense. I think most kids know that
at the kindergarten level. It’s very easy be Rudy Giuliani and say, “We got to get the terrorists.”
Yes, people will vote for you for that. It’s very hard to get them to vote
for somebody who actually makes them think or says, “Wait a minute! These
slogans are fit for a 7 year-old.” Right now we’re building an embassy
in Iraq that’s bigger than the Vatican. We are building 14 permanent bases. What would we say here if
China was doing this in our
country or in the Gulf of Mexico? We would be objecting. We need to look at what
we do from the perspective of what would happen if
somebody else did it to us. I thought, “What fun!
How are they gonna answer that?” It must’ve been embarrassing, haha. For the other candidates
to have to sit there and
hear this deep discussion and to know in their hearts
the guy’s absolutely right. Are you suggesting we
invited the 9/11 attacks, sir? I’m suggesting that we listen to
the people who attacked us
and the reason they did it. They’ve already now since that
time killed 3400 of our men [BELL DINGS]
and I don’t think it was necessary. Ron Paul had the courage
and integrity to call out
the established fantasy that a lot of the neocon
and establishment politicians have. Which is that anything the
United States does around
the world is morally good because we have “the moral high ground.” Why are we being attacked?
You’re not allowed to ask that question. We’re being attacked because
we’re such wonderful people.
Why else? [Giuliani]
That’s really an extraordinary statement.
That’s an extraordinary statement. As someone who lived through
the attack of September 11. That we invited the attack
because we were attacking Iraq. I don’t think I’ve ever
heard that before. And I’ve heard some pretty absurd
explanations for September 11. [APPLAUSE, CHEERS] And I would ask the Congressman
to withdraw that comment and tell us that he didn’t really mean that. And Dr. Paul wouldn’t back down. Everyone in the audience
wanted him to pander and say, “Oh yeah, no, no, I didn’t
mean it like that.I meant this way. ” And he took that opportunity
to educate the people. Paul explained the concept of blowback to an audience most of whom
probably did not want to hear that or more importantly have never heard that. Congressman?
[APPLAUSE, CHEERS] I believe very sincerely that
the CIA is correct when they
teach and talk about blowback. When we went into Iran in 1953
and installed the Shah,
yes there was blowback. The reaction to that was
the taking of our hostages. And that persists. And Paul pointed out that
the primary cause of
the threat of terrorism in the United States comes almost exclusively, not even sort of and piecemeal, but almost exclusively because of our foreign
intervention over there. And if we ignore that, we
ignore that at our own risk. That if we think that we can
do what we want around the world and not incite hatred, then we have a problem. They don’t come here to attack us
because we’re rich and we’re free. They come and they attack us
because we’re over there. Every single Republican on
that stage wanted to get
in their two cents about what Dr. Paul was talking about. [Giuliani]
Can I have 30 seconds please? [Romney]
Oh no no no, wait a second.
We all get 30 seconds. [Candidates talking over each other] [Giuliani]
We all want 30 seconds. [Romney]
We all want 30 seconds
to talk about this. [Moderators calming scene] During the Republican primary
after each debate. Fox News would do the phone texting. Sean Hannity would say, “Text us right now!”
Whatever the digits were for your candidate. And each Fox News poll, this
was a poll conducted by Fox News. Ron Paul overwhelmingly won. Here’s a look at the early
results of our text message poll. In 1st place, Ron Paul. Surprisingly. What does it say
that he’s doing so well
in our text messaging among those watching Fox News? To be honest it says absolutely nothing. Maybe he is a little bit better
organized and having his organizers
do the necessary dialing. On the one hand you’re taking it
seriously enough to put it on. and then on the other
hand you’re saying, “No, don’t pay attention to
the person who’s in 1st place.” Look, text polls are text polls.
It’s like Internet polls. It’s not even phone calls. He did not win that debate tonight.
He did not win it. No no. Why would he try to
discredit their own poll? It doesn’t make any sense. In 2nd place, Governor,
you’re in 2nd place with 27%. If Romney had won you would’ve
seen ticker-tape parade stuff
happen in the studio. They would have brought out horses
and Clydesdales and chariots. Would have talked for about 10
minutes how great Romney is and
it makes sense that Romney won. Sean Hannity, more than
anybody else on Fox, just, without any subtlety, rips down anything that he disagrees with
and doesn’t even provide an
excuse or an explanation. If we feel strongly about it,
why don’t we declare war?
[Hannity interrupts] If a woman is being raped
next door, do we just do
nothing there either? This is just going to
shake the establishment. They do not want this
guy running for president. I want to be president of
the country, not president of
the Republican Party. [Colmes] You gotta get
the nomination first. This is an unusual figure.
A liberty-minded antiwar person. This is not only not a
contradiction in terms it’s the only sensible
political philosophy there is. I think Ron Paul, basically
for me, it’s done. That was a fabulous boost
for Ron Paul’s campaign. I think that’s when a lot
of people woke up. There’s no question that
Ron Paul struck a chord and
it resonated with many people. The Ron Paul moment. And
that’s exactly what that was. And it was after that
moment, after May, that traffic all over online
really started to explode. When Giuliani gave us a
boost then I realized that there’s a lot of support out there. [CROWD CHANTING]
Paul speaks truth!
Paul speaks truth! [MUSIC & CHEERS] What happened to your party? They’ve lost their way. It was the lead story in the
next 24 hours news cycle. I think what they are figured was,
“Well, that’ll be the end of Ron’s campaign.” Ron Paul is a no one. Ron Paul really has no business being on stage. And they have no idea what’s going on.
[LAUGHS] Why stomp out the grassroots candidate
and only reward those with $100 million that get money from the special interests? Republican presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani
is being assigned some summer reading. If there was a Guinness Book of
political showmanship, Congressman Ron Paul
would be in it today. I am giving Mr. Giuliani a reading assignment. We have Mr. Giuliani studying tonight.
He’s home, reading all those books.
[LAUGHS] And he’s gonna come back and
he is going to apologize to me. And he’s gonna say, “I’m sorry Ron. I just didn’t know.” This is what I expect him to
read before the next debate. The titles include, “Dying to Win” which
looks at the motives of suicide bombers “Blowback” which examines US foreign policy. Ron Paul was able to have a press
conference afterwards showing that indeed the government reports themselves had
been talking about the same things he had. Paul brought along Michael Scheuer, the
former head of the CIA’s Osama Bin Laden unit. Our leaders tell us that the Muslims
hate freedom, and hate liberty,
and hate women in the workplace. And that’s got nothing to do with it. It has everything to do with
what we do in the Islamic world. [Cafferty reading viewer email]
Jeremy in CA: “Giuliani’s response to Paul
and the subsequent applause by the audience just goes to prove how ignorant
and arrogant we are here. That’s a book list all Americans
would be well served to read.” [Hancock]
The reason this got so large so fast was because people did exactly
what they wanted to. To express themselves to their peers. The people that mattered on their
street corner in their neighborhood. You know, traditionally in politics,
and I was told early on when
I first got into politics you develop your logo. You stay uniformed,
and everybody does this and you put this on every piece of literature.
Your TV, your bumper stickers, everything else. I kept remarking the characteristic of
our campaign was there was no characteristic! It was miscellaneous, spontaneous, homemade
and all shapes and sizes and colors. And it turned out that it was
not uniform and everybody knew it,
but it didn’t seem to hurt us. [TRAFFIC, HORNS] The sign bombing culture that developed
as a means of spreading awareness. It was something that I did.
Climbing up on overpasses,
putting up signs with zip ties. These are all things that the
grassroots thought of because their
man wasn’t getting the attention. So they basically had creative tantrums. We started the Ron Paul Revolution sign production. Okay, here we go.
[LAUGHTER] We would do this every Friday. We would have a least 1 to 3
stations across, just in Arizona,
The Valley of the Sun here. We would have people on a Friday
making 200, 300 signs. See, that’s another batch of
another 42 more signs for tonight. Young people, are natural born activists.
It’s in their blood. They’re rebellious. They rebel against their parents and
their teachers and so it’s in them
not to be fearful and to stand up. Don’t just play by the rules.
Think of ways to do unique
things that break through. It’s not just what kind of places.
It’s like, can you attach it?
If you can attach it, it went up. Just walk down the street inconspicuously
with the signs, then you get somewhere. Put up a sign. Just keep on walking. And all these young people
that had never even thought,
“You got a permit to put that sign up?” Never even crossed their mind. It didn’t blaze over their cortex, brush it all that they were going to seek some kind of
permission from the man to challenge the man. Don’t you like that little Spartan thing going on? It looks just like him, man.
It looks just like him. Campaigns are very leery about
this sort of volunteers. That is, they want people to
come in and volunteer for the campaign. And they want you to do
exactly what you’re told. Come in and stuff envelopes, or do this. What they don’t want is anybody
who will have any kind of a loose
connection with the campaign but also some initiative who
is sort of freelancing. Because those people can end up
violating the law because they’re
not consulting the lawyers. And that gets the campaign in trouble. And so we’ve seen this sort of death
of this type of spontaneous campaigning. And we have seen the centralization of campaigns.
Campaigns become more and more centralized. Especially presidential campaigns. Many many people got very passionate
and gave their time or money,
or just rose, in a way above those regulations you
were talking about and said,
“We’re not going to do things the normal way.” And I think that’s why the
Ron Paul campaign was successful and why people who have tried to
imitate it haven’t done very well. Because they’ve tried to plan it,
and you can’t plan it. You have to inspire people
and let them do what they do best. I wrote about one of the first times people
tried to mess with the Ron Paul Movement. It was in Iowa. When there was
a candidates forum being put on by the lowans for Tax Reform. They didn’t wanna let Ron Paul participate. Ron Paul’s been long said to be
the taxpayer’s best friend. I don’t think he has ever
voted to increase taxes once because he doesn’t think there should be any.
No income tax in particular. It would be like not inviting Batman
to your convention against the Riddler. How could you not invite Ron Paul to this? So the Ron Paul people decided they were
gonna have their own event in the next room. [CROWD CHANTING]
“Who you gonna call? Ron Paul!” [CHEERING]
They ended up getting twice as many people at
their event which was much more interesting. There was no propaganda in it.
It was all real information. We now live in an age, now for a
good many years, way too many years that the the federal government owns
all our income and we’re permitted
to keep a certain percentage. That is the terrible notion of personal
income tax, which we should get rid of. [CHEERING] And here’s Ron Paul by the way,
he wants to abolish the IRS
and replace it with nothing. [Woods, sarcastic]
Well yeah, I can understand why you wouldn’t
want to have him at your candidates forum. [CHEERING] [Lawson]
I’ve been involved in startups before. My background is starting a hospital
software company. So, you understand
the power of organization. But what I hadn’t really experienced in my
life was the power of spontaneous order. Where people see a shared vision and they
come from all different political philosophies all different life experiences but
there’s a shared vision of what it means to be Americans and have a
country that follows the rules. And things just started coming together. [MUSIC] As you can see, Mitt Romney’s
got buses coming in from the
four corners of Iowa. They gave all their voters yellow shirts. We were parked right at the entrance. We watched every one of
Mitt Romney’s buses pull up and they’d have their little delegation
out there to round these people up. They didn’t let them talk to anybody.
I mean, you could not even talk to them. [Cameraman]
Restore our Constitution! Ron Paul. [Granny]
Just herd them in there. I guess they got them to vote, then
they would do whatever they wanted. [CARNIVAL MUSIC] [Cameraman]
Looks like it’s a carnival. [Cameraman]
Get the kids in, so you get the parents in. [Cameraman]
One big carnival ride. [CARNIVAL MUSIC] [APPLAUSE]
We haven’t had the richest campaign but we have had the hardest working most enthusiastic dedicated group of people who know
and understand it’s worth the effort. [MUSIC, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY] I think all of us, including
Dr. Paul himself, were blown
away by grassroots response. I don’t want to use the
word out of control.
[LAUGHS] It was unbelievable from then on. The kids would hear about
the campaign on the Internet
and look at the videos and get their parents involved. [MUSIC, YANKEE DOODLE DANDY] We have allowed our nation to be
overtaxed and over-regulated,
and over run by bureaucrats. The Founders would be ashamed of us
for what were putting up with. [CHEERS] This is of a piece of a 230
year old American tradition of rugged individualism and independence,
and a reverence for liberty. Those things are not as alive as they
once were in American society obviously but they still exist, and I
think Ron Paul speaks for a lot of
people who still uphold those ideas. The Constitution was written very precisely. To restrain the power and force of
government and to protect the liberties
of each and every one of us. [CHEERS] Well I do think you should value
people who speak from the heart
and who tell the truth. And you should also value people
who honor the vision of your Founders and respect the most sublime Constitution
devised by human intelligence. You’re basically saying that we should
take our marching orders from Al Qaeda? If they want us off of the
Arabian Peninsula we should leave?
[AUDIENCE CHEERS, CANDIDATES LAUGH] I am saying we should take our
marching orders from our Constitution. That’s where I take my marching orders.
Not from any enemy! [MIXED CHEERS & BOOS] They were downright rude
to him during the debates. Some of these anchor guys would
marginalize him and disrespect him there. In front of national television
audiences, and it was shameful. Congressman Paul, yet another
question about electability. Do you have any, sir? Fox News’ intent and purpose was to
discredit Ron Paul because he represented
what the Republican Party used to be but better yet what conservatism is to be. So you are suggesting that
I am not electable, and the
Republicans don’t want me? Because I’m a strict fiscal conservative? Because I believe in civil liberties? Why should we not be
defending civil liberties? And why should we not be talking
about foreign policy that used to be
part of the Republican party? Let me see if I get this right. We need to borrow $10 billion from China and then we give it to Musharraf,
who’s a military dictator who
overthrew an elected government. And then we go to war we lose all these lives promoting democracy in Iraq? I mean, what’s going on here? [APPLAUSE] Congressman, we are one nation.
We can’t be divided. We have
to be one nation under God. That means if we make a mistake
we make it as a single country the United States of America,
not the divided states of America. When we make a mistake, it is
the obligation of the the people
through their representatives to correct the mistake!
Not to continue the mistake!
[CHEERS] And that’s what we do
on the floor of the stage. No! We’ve dug a hole for ourselves
and we’ve dug a hole for our party. We’re losing elections and we are
going down next year if we don’t change it and it has all to do with
foreign policy and we have
to wake up to this fact. Even if we lose elections we should
not lose our honor and that is more
important than the Republican Party. [CHEERS]
We’ve lost over 5000 Americans over there in Afghanistan and Iraq and
plus the civilian killed. How many more do you want to lose?
How long are we going to be there? What do we have to pay to save face?
That’s all we’re doing is saving face. It’s time we came home!
[CHEERS] I want to tell you but that
kind of isolationism sir, is
what caused World War II. We allowed Hitler to come to power with that
kind of attitude of isolationism and appeasement.
[BOOS] I just finished having Thanksgiving with
the troops. And their message to you is “Let us win. Let us win.” [CHEERS] [Kokesh]
The presidential candidate that received
more campaign contributions from active duty troops than all others
put together, of course, is Ron Paul. And it really says a lot that the
politically aware people in the military,
those who are paying attention and engaged in the political
process are supporting someone who
advocates an immediate withdrawal. So what John is saying
is just totally distorted. He does not even understand the difference
between non-intervention and isolationism. Ron Paul’s non-interventionist view was,
“No, we shouldn’t bomb these people.” “We shouldn’t put sanctions on them.” “We should instead have
free trade, cultural exchange.
We should understand each other better.” What in the world is isolationist about that? Trying to make this distinction
with John McCain, seriously I might as well try to explain the
Copenhagen theory of quantum physics to him. So we’ll leave him to his own mistakes. I think Congressman Paul
should not be reading as many of
Ahmajinedad’s press releases. It really bothered me how
unfair they were with him. But then at the same time it reminded
me of that saying that Ghandi said. First they ignore you. [MUSIC]
You say that you would eliminate the IRS, the CIA Then they laugh at you. the Federal Reserve,
the Department of Homeland Security Then they fight you. [Paul]
Do you have proof of that?
There’s no proof. [Hannity]
There’s absolutely proof. [Paul]
No there isn’t, you’re wrong. And then, you win. [Colmes]
1st place with 35%, Ron Paul.
Oh, here we go again. [Colmes]
Rudy Giuliani came in second.
Oh, here we go again. [Colmes]
We’re driving Hannity crazy.
It’s driving me crazy. [Hannity]
I got very angry with you tonight. Oh my. [Hannity]
We have some agreements. First time? Is that the first time ever? No, not the first time ever. [Laughs] You should be nice to your guests. [Anderson]
It’s a shame that the
Republican Party pushed Ron away. If they would’ve just
grasped this message and said “Yep you’re welcome, come on in to the party.” the Republican Party would have been huge. But instead they shut it down. But I didn’t walk away.
I guess I was confident enough
that they were wrong. This country is in a revolution.
They’re sick and tired of
what they are getting. And I happen to be lucky
enough to be part of it.
[CHEERS] Ron Paul had a good day yesterday.
A very good day. Supporters dropped $4,380,000
in 24 hours. And it’s believed to be one of the
biggest Internet fundraising efforts
by any candidate ever. Ron Paul’s fundraising was actually
done by volunteers who simply
stepped up to the plate and said “Alright everybody out there
on the Internet, we are going to
give money on this particular day.” What if 100,000 of us
donated $100 each on November 5th
for a $10 million day? [Beck]
His supporters raised
the cash on November the 5th
to commemorate Guy Fawkes. This guy was a British terrorist
who tried to overthrow the government by blowing up Parliament
and killing everybody in it. Two important things can be thought
of or represented by that date. One is, yes, Guy Fawkes. But the other is
the movie “V for Vendetta” which was a movie that touched
on that historical date in
order to create a new theme. That was a reaction to
the propaganda of the state. The police state, the spying.
All these things that were going on. I want everyone to remember
why they need us! And so was no shock they
would try to focus on something that really wasn’t the
motivator for the day at all. Were they contributing to
your campaign or was this
all about Guy Fawkes Day? Explain to me what those supporters
who are drawn to you on that kind
of anniversary are trying to say. That’s what they do.
The media, I believe
intentionally from the get-go has marginalized his message.
Has tried to make it something
that it isn’t. So that’s what news
has been reduced to.
And it is very dishonest. Is the same kind of thing, or
is this worse then what it was in
the 60s with the radicals then? Oh I think it’s much worse. Totally in bed with
the Islamofascists, and have
turned against this country. [Wead]
But it’s out there, it goes,
it’s gone, it’s believed. Becomes part of the
subconscious of the electorate
and how they vote. Our supporters of course are
a lot different than others. Others are doing it
for superficial reasons the people joined our
campaign did it because
they were philosophic people and they believed in something
and they were motivated. So I think it represents a huge movement. You hear grassroots all the
time with Ron Paul’s campaign. And one thing I’ve learned it’s
not a word it’s not like “change”. It’s not just something you just hear.
It’s something you see. Ron Paulers outnumbered and out rallied
all the other candidates’ people combined. It blew me away. So I knew I was in the right camp.
[Laughs] And we had fun. Because if you’re not
having fun, you’re so doing it wrong. [MUSIC] For liberty!
[BELL RINGS] Ron Paul kind of strikes you
as the grandfatherly neighbor next door. He’s not the kind of guy you think is going
to lead a charismatic movement, you know? Everything about the whole
campaign was so innovative and different from what
you’re accustomed to seeing. I think everybody is bewildered in
the whole political arena right now they’re going “How did this happen?” and “How come I can’t make
this happen in my campaign?” [OMINOUS MUSIC] [Blitzer]
Supporters of Ron Paul may
dominate on the internet but now they have their sights set on U.S. airspace. [Scream] I think the blimp has got to
stand out in everybody’s mind. I mean, that was just such an
outrageous thing to do.
[Laughs] You know, you can ignore people
on the ground holding signs. You can ignore people on the Internet
who debate passionately in forums. It’s really hard to ignore a blimp. [Spyrou]
The Skyship 600 is quite special,
it’s the largest blimp in the world. It is about 200 feet long,
about 70 feet high,
65 feet wide, and I think it’s probably
the only time that an airship was used to promote
a presidential candidate. In fact, or any politician
for that matter. Which I thought was a great PR stunt,
I thought that was a great way to
advertise Paul, and unique. Everybody was talking about it.
Ron Paul supporters or not. It took off December 12th, and it flew
pretty much until the end of January. We were very impressed at how
quickly a seemingly random group of people could pull together this rather
unusual, unique project [Cafferty]
This is great stuff. The imagination that
people who like Ron Paul are showing. It does a heart good. Somebody
who’s become jaded by the
‘same old same old’. [Memole]
We had a certain leisure to do
something fun with the blimp. Whereas with traditional campaigning,
we send out brochures, we send out fliers,
we have a bus. Traditional campaigns don’t
put blimps into the air. I mean, you didn’t see Obama
or McCain having a blip.
That was unique to Ron Paul. What really works is when people
are passionate about their work. When they’re passionate about the campaign,
they step up to the plate and do what they think is right without having to
take instructions from the higher-ups. In my experience, I saw too many people
worrying about getting somebody else to do something, and not enough
people doing something themselves. And the next thing I knew, I was
pedaling a bicycle across the country. [MUSIC]
I pedaled 3700 miles, from the
Santa Monica pier in California, in Los Angeles, to
the Jefferson Memorial in Washington DC. My whole life, for six, seven, eight months
was Ron Paul Radio, get Ron Paul elected. That’s the only reason that I was alive. The newspaper ad in Iowa
before the straw poll. That was probably the first big
project that the grassroots put together. Where everybody just contributed from all over. My husband went to work one morning,
he came back and I had already started painting on it. He said, “Oh my God. Oh, babeÉ ”
Then he helped me. “A group of political activists is spreading
its own message. One step at a time. They are walking from
Green Bay to Minneapolis.” “And Jerry, their message is relatively simple.” We feel that the Federal government
is overstepping its bounds, and treating the Constitution like a suggestion
book, and not like a legal contract. And so I called up USA Today and I asked,
“What does it cost to run a full-page ad?” They said it was about $70,000
to run a full-page black-and-white ad. and I said, “Okay. I can do that. We’ll do that. ” We probably had 2,000 editors of this ad. For the High Tide promo, somebody introduced
the idea about making a video that would promote Ron Paul’s message. Kind of like a campaign video,
but a little bit different style, something that’s never been seen before.
Like a movie preview. People that saw the video who didn’t know who
Ron Paul was said “This is an amazing message.” “Who’s the guy in the video?” That’s one
thing we were trying to show also, is that it has a timeless feel to it. The message of freedom is an everlasting
message. It can never get old. And it can never die. One of the really appealing things
about Ron Paul, is that he understands
the importance of history. He understands the importance of
seeing where you’re coming from. And of not having the presumption
in one generation, to toss away the
accumulated wisdom of ages. Today as we gather here in Faneuil Hall, we are going to set a record for fund-raising. We are sending a message to the world
that we won’t be ignored. The Establishment in their high-rise
penthouse views laughs at you. They laugh at us. The Ron Paul rabble. But you know what?
They’re not laughing today. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] [Radio voice]
Revolution’s in the air.
The resistance is on. Take action right now ladies and
gentlemen. Call everybody you know. [Rally speaker]
We are blessed to have had Ron Paul
stand for us all these long years. Now we are here today to stand for him! [CHEERS, MUSIC] So what do you think, man?
That was awesome! Success? A Success?
Absolutely. $5.5 million so far. [MUSIC] You set the record. In the history of American politics, nobody has ever raised more money
on a single day then you. And yet this is happening without
your campaign people coordinating it. This is completely about grassroots and it’s completely about you
just saying what you believe in. There was a lot of interest building
up to the first primaries in
Iowa and New Hampshire. And there was so much interest online that nobody really knew how he
was going to perform in the primaries. We’re about to go where
no man has gone before. We don’t do it ’cause it’s easy.
We do it ’cause it’s hard. One small step for man. One giant leap for Ron Paul. [LAUGHTER] New Hampshire was just a blast.
We put up so many signs in freezing
cold weather. We were spray-painting signs
at two in the morning. The spray paint cans were freezing. So you’d have to take them inside
after they had cooled down too much. It is so cold out here.
My hands are too numb to even
know they’re cold. We had the stuff inside, bring it outside,
spray it real quick, go around,
we had a circle. We just- you know,
hundreds of signs that we did. The primary hasn’t happened
yet. Nothing has been decided. The final push is under way to win
the people of New Hampshire over. Some reporters would ask me, in the
run-up to the presidential primary, whose hide were Ron
Paul votes coming out of? My usual answer was, “No, Ron
Paul’s people are Ron Paul people.” I guess I did some sales on
a highway once when it
was shut down, but I’ve never done anything
like this in a snowstorm. Ron Paul is trying to save
the country. Believes in this- what’s it called?
ConstaÉ constaÉ Constitution! That’s what they call it, yeah! A lot of politicians aren’t sure what that is but… Most successful, all
successful campaigns in New Hampshire especially in the presidential
primary have grassroots support. There are campaigns that try to do
what I call Potemkin village campaigns. It looks like there’s grassroots support, but you look underneath and it’s
all Astroturf. There are no roots. [WOOKIE BATTLE CRY] Those ones get exposed and fail every time. Please welcome, Ron Paul! [MUSIC, APPLAUSE] Now, I got to ask you.
This seemed really unfair to me. You were excluded from the debate
last night, and I’m trying to figure out why Fox News chose
not to put you on. “One of the five men sitting
at this table tonight will be the Republican
presidential nominee.” It seems like you should be
kicking somebody’s ass right now.
[LAUGHS, APPLAUSE] In 1964, my father was
not even showing in the polls but he went on to win the
Republican primary. it’s too early for you to
decide who’s going to be the nominee. You should allow all the voices
to be heard especially early in
these races. We don’t let the media or anyone
else pick who is a real legitimate candidate and a serious top
tier candidate and who was not. The voters make those decisions.
And so we withdrew our sponsorship. [CHANTING]
Live free or die! A lot of people put a ton into
the campaign, and when they could see
someone else just wipe out so much of the work
because of their position in the media,
they didn’t like that. They didn’t appreciate it. [CHANTING]
Ron Paul Revolution!
Give us back our Constitution! The truth of the matter is
we do enjoy the circus, and the
fact that it’s a very competitive primary on both sides
of the ballot only made it a better show. But everyone had a lot of hope.
I know I had a lot of hope that he was really going to break
through and come in first or second. Your generation, the young
people of this country have
awakened and this is just going to be the
beginning of something very very
big for this country. [CHEERS] I thought Ron Paul would
probably be in the mix for that,
and could finish as high as third in New Hampshire. He finished
a couple of thousand votes out of that. With a lot of support both
in-state with out-of-state people coming to New Hampshire
to try and promote the message. I was totally surprised by how
the results went. But I mean,
what can you do at this point? Besides not agree with it. After Super Tuesday, which was in February,
a lot of enthusiasm just got drained away. Super Tuesday is almost completely in the books. The polls get ready to close for Republicans. Here we are. New Jersey Republican
primary. John McCain we project the winner. In New York, also John McCain. In Connecticut we project John McCain
the winner there, as well. California is his. McCain is garnering enough GOP support. McCain with a large sweep of victories
around the country. [MUSIC] You feel it in your heart. You know the guy is right. You want him to win. And the numbers don’t show. You see the support. What do you do? I mean… Of course you are going to get discouraged. [Ron Paul]
Though victory in the conventional political
sense is not available in the presidential race we must remember elections
are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects. I was disappointed when that
letter went up on the website. I didn’t want it to end. I wanted Ron Paul to stay the course. It’s not for me to say. I mean,
who would want to be in a mess like that? Who would want to campaign the way
that he had to campaign,
and for as many months? You know, it is a thankless task. He was the vehicle by which
we could express our dissent. Give a finger to the man, all the way
up to the end as far as we could take this. But there’s another thing
that I think we ought to do. We ought to make a grand display. We ought to have a true march,
to show what our numbers are. Ron Paul came out with his video,
telling people he wanted to have a march. And they took it upon themselves to organize it. And they did it themselves. Without the campaign. Without Ron Paul.
They just did it. [MUSIC] My theory has always been that if
you ever can bring about revolutionary changes, two things would be required. Young people would have to be involved and you’d have to have music. [MUSIC]
“The freedom sound. It rings past
politics and all its empty words” That was like the thrill of a lifetime to be playing in front of the Capitol
building, with all those protesters. It felt like something out of the 60s or something that I had
only seen previously. The revolution is worldwide. It’s always been worldwide. [MUSIC]
“Would you listen to a poet,
Or a prophet journal all this world’s injustice. Try and stop it
Can you feel the coming change? Though hell is here today
Hope is on its way.” 95 or 100 degrees, it was unbelievably
muggy and hot and miserable. But these people showed up and the DC police told us that at the height of
the march there had to be 15,000 people there. [MUSIC]
“Let’s bring an end, to the tyrants
and the good ‘ole boys.” As a Iraq veterans against
the war, we are resisting an occupation that we once risked our lives for. We swore to support and defend the
Constitution of the United States of America but we found out the hard way but the
greatest enemies of the Constitution are not to be found in the sands
of some far-off land,
but rather right here at home! [CHEERS]
“Hope is on its way.” No more central planners,
no more bailouts and billions
for the bankers. We’re surrounded by the John McCains,
the Bob Doles, Hillary Clintons, Barack Obamas, Chuck Schumers. All these interchangeable
nobodies and liars and thieves and killers! Even though people were upset about the government,
upset about some things that are happening it was so…happy! [MUSIC]
“Though hell is here today
hope is on its way.” After the Revolution March, people started
talking about the Rally for the Republic. It was like the next big thing and
everybody was really excited about it. I started getting all these e-mails. “Hey, I’ll see you in Minnesota.
Really looking forward to
hearing you again.” [MUSIC] St. Paul. Happens to be
the evil twin this year. The GOP convention was getting ready. Everything was kind of blocked off,
so that’s what made it such a ghost town. Then you have the military standing
on the roof of the building with their binoculars. You have the national police state
in evidence at the Republican convention and the Democratic convention
with all of this security, and the elevation of these people into some
sort of American royalty. What I understand is they spent
$50 million on security. They built
a cage around this building. They had riot cops with their
big Billy clubs, and their tie wraps for handcuffing people, and they just
looked intimidating as hell. The Republican Party has all
the money. They can spend tens of millions of dollars
on their crummy convention. We got these huge billboards
with Ron Paul quotations up upon them greeting the
delegates as they get there. I thought, “Man, that is such
a gutsy in-your-face thing.” Things that are in your face.
We are here, man.
We are not going away. Morning! Ron Paul came on into the University area and met with us. He led us for 2 miles through the streets proving that you can lead
the country at 73 years old. And it’s just a joy to be able
to walk with him, walk behind him,
around him. He led us over to the Fed building, and we were just chanting
and cheering the whole time. We just finished off leading
a protest march to the Minneapolis
Federal Reserve bank where Ron Paul gave a wonderful
speech in front of this wonderful palace
dedicated to fake money. [MUSIC] It certainly was an act of defiance to go ahead and choose an arena
just on the opposite side of town from where the national convention is going on. Even after the guy is not in the race anymore Again, who is doing this for any other candidate? Who would do it even if being paid to do it? [MUSIC] This is real. This is where it’s at. This is where we take our country back. We just arrived for the big event the Rally for the Republic.
We’re ready to go! Everybody’s pumped, everybody’s is excited. [CHEERS] Ideas spread, they can’t stop them. An idea whose time has come cannot be
stopped by any army or any government. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] It was the culmination of everything
that his whole campaign stood for. In a stadium like that,
and to see all these people interested in something that I
thought I was a loner in almost in the ideas, and I’m sure Ron Paul
felt the same way at one time In past 18 months, it was discovered
that the ideas of liberty and the revolution was alive and well,
and we’re celebrating it here tonight. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] [Wead]
History constantly recycles and reinvents itself. Ron Paul touched a nerve, a deep nerve. Some people didn’t even know that
it was there until he touched it. So once again I want thank you
from the bottom my heart for the trust you have placed
in me, but more so the trust that you have placed in
the concept of our God-given rights
to our life and our liberty. Thank you very much! [CHEERS, APPLAUSE] They almost feel as if he is saying, “You know
what? If people want what I’m offering, they’ll make it happen.” And I think that’s why the
grassroots just simply hasn’t given up on him. We want an America full of principled people. Not people who say one thing
and then do something else. Say anything to get elected. But who say what they mean,
they mean what they say, and they live their lives
by those principles. And that’s why he can animate
the grassroots. [MUSIC] For the long-term, it’s changing
people’s hearts and minds. And that’s where we’ve made the progress. But really what has happened,
we have awakened a lot of people
to look into our philosophy. [Woods]
Don’t give up. Don’t retreat into
cynicism. Even if we don’t win. Life is about fighting for
something greater than yourself. It’s a good thing to fight for what’s right.
It’s enjoyable to fight for what’s right. And it’s immensely satisfying
to fight for what’s right. Let it not be said that we did nothing. [MUSIC] I have no doubt that what was
sparked by Ron Paul is not finished. It’s not consummated.
It’s ongoing. [MUSIC] [Hunter]
What we saw in 2007 & 2008
was the beginning of something that not only is still with us,
and it endures. Why? Because it is about policy.
It’s about ideas. It’s time! I want my freedom back!
Who else wants their freedom back? [CHEERS] [CHANTING “END THE FED”] The Federal Reserve, which
many conservatives now recognize is the root of our financial problems. That was off the board.
You couldn’t talk about it
a couple years ago. Can we talk about it now? Why? Due in large part to Ron Paul. Thanks to the fact that
he was running for president. [MUSIC] He was Tea Party before
there was a Tea Party. And that was certainly the
beginnings of what we recognize
as the Tea Party today. It was the genesis if you will. People who never cared about
politics before got involved. [MUSIC] What brings me out here today
is that, people need to
let this government know both State and National that we are fed up
and we have had it! [CHEERS] If you voted for TARP you’re out. If you voted for the
bailouts you’re out. If you supported Bush’s
spending you’re out. The Tea Party doesn’t like that. And that’s why a guy like
Ron Paul becomes more popular because his conscience
and his record are clean. We have gone a long way from
the dictates of the Constitution. That is not part of
the American tradition! [APPLAUSE, CHEERS] Fox News is broadcasting it right now. Ron Paul won the straw poll
against Mitt Romney. 31% to 22%! It’s awesome!
[CHEERS] When freedom dies in your heart no speech, no emotion not even a reaction to a tyrant
can bring it back. But when freedom
lives in your heart
[CHEER] no speech, and no tyrant can take it away.
God love ya. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE]
[MUSIC] [Hunter]
A show like Judge Andrew Napolitano’s
show “Freedom Watch” on Fox Business wouldn’t have even been popular 2 or 3 years ago. The views that he expresses, accepted
by mainstream conservative audiences in a prime time slot on a major network like that. That’s a revolution in and of itself. We had a little election
down in Kentucky. We’ve come to take our government back! [CHEERS] [Hunter]
Rand Paul winning the election,
becoming a Senator has a little different style than his dad. It’s basically the same Constitutional
conservative message, but between the two you’re seeing a bigger, a bolder Liberty Movement. [MUSIC] To see how much influence
Ron Paul is having on Capitol Hill
now vs the past decade where he gets to question
members of the Federal Reserve
in front of everybody. He gets to drag Austrian
economists up there on Capitol Hill
and question them. That’s a revolution in and
of itself. People are hearing things
that are not Keynesian economics. They’re hearing things that
are the exact opposite of what
they’ve always been told. Why does that happen, why does
Ron Paul have that Chair? Because you cannot deny his influence.
And even his harshest critics
on the Republican side now have to admit it,
accept it, and deal with it. Put your hands together
as I introduce the
Champion Of the Constitution. Congressman Ron Paul. [CHEERS, APPLAUSE]
[MUSIC] Glad to see the Revolution is continuing! [CHEERS]
[MUSIC] The winner of the straw poll…
[CHEERS] Congressman Ron Paul.
[MUSIC] It’s great that I’m able
to announce once again that I am a candidate for the presidency
in the Republican Party primary! [CHEERS, APPLAUSE]
[MUSIC] [Hunter]
If we’re really going to turn this country around we have to have a revolution
in our minds and our politics
as much as anything else. More Americans than ever are
not only beginning to see that but are waking up to it
and are excited about it. Things are trending our way. This is our moment.
This is Ron Paul’s moment. And we’re going to revolutionize this country. [CHEERS FADE DOWN]

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  23. Why yes, I have a Bachelor's degree in economics (not kidding). More importantly, I have studied social history, the history of industrialisation, so I know exactly why the billionaire class, the Kochs and their sort, support this bullshit libertarian crap. Check out who OWNS the Reason Foundation . Fuck Ron Paul, Rand Paul and all Libertarians.

  24. Why is it that it matters how much money people have that support a typical cause? There are plenty of leftists that are billionaires. At the root of it, you have to make a decision, which is basically, do you want to be a grown up and make your own decisions or be a child and have big daddy government make them for you, and fix everything when something goes wrong. And also, if you have studied all that, surely you know that Authoritarian government of any kind only leads to economic disaster.

  25. I ran into Paul by accident. I always wanted to be a politician & do things that matters for people & make real changes for people to be free & happy. This man changed my views. I have always been for fighting for freedom & government regulations, but I have always supported the Iraq War, the Afghanistan War & I have always supported drug regulations. He motivated me to research on marijuana & now i even smoke it once a month or so & I still take very good care of my life & money. Cheers from DK

  26. Not if he was taught Keynsian economics in a school run by the government. I'm at a State University and all the economics courses are taught by professors who are Keynsians. This makes sense because the statists want to protect their flawed economic system by indoctrinating successive generations.

  27. That's a great point. Luckily for me (I'm currently working on an Economics degree), my first few professors were relatively unbiased and my current micro professor is at least somewhat of a free-market guy. The blame, though, doesn't lie with the professors, it lies with the students who don't bother to learn anything for themselves. It's certainly possible to get a degree in Econ, and still have no idea about it, because you've been fed Keynesian crap your whole career.

  28. Love this video, thanks for those who made it happen. Ron Paul is my hero. I never believed in politics, I think they do more harm then good, we need more Ron Pauls in this world…not just our country.

  29. First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win. You will win someday Dr.Ron paul, in the hearts and minds of people all over the world. Just like Gandhi. For america's sake, lets hope you are alive and contending for elections.

  30. We need an updated version to include Rand Paul, and it needs to compete with the upcoming Hilary Clinton Docudrama.

    Is this possible?

  31. In my opinion, the Patriot Act was put into affect under false assumptions and media lies, to take away the Free country it was meant to be. It has been exposed it was not the middleeast iraq which did 9/11 precursor to the act. Paul is right on all counts

  32. I will take a bullet for this guy and I am Indian , he is the only true leader left in politics in USA wait not in USA , But in whole world

  33. 28:45 – 30:00…just pure, unmitigated mouth garbage from everyone not named Ron Paul. Absolute, shameless bullshit. That's the only way to describe it. Just bullshit. And what makes it even more bullshit, is that they say it…as if it's not bullshit. But it is bullshit. And they know it's bullshit. Fucking bullshit.

  34. Dr. No will always get a Yes from me!

    Anyone have a list of the background score?
    Specifically the music track starting @ 17:25?
    Thanks! 🙂

  35. spontaneous order is a beautiful thing, it's the opposite of the modern American state. It's the way that a child thinks the world is, before they learn better. I think that a lot of teenage rebellion and misbehavior is the subconscious rebellion against the invisible hand of social control, the injustice of the justice system and the facade of lies and propaganda that modern society is built upon. we live in a civilization that has largely been planned by psychiatrists, sociologists and PR marketers.

  36. This video is a redpill in itself these days. The young people are ready, but it's already habbening. 2:50 : "…the time wasn't right; young people haven't heard about this. I'm not the right guy, we need more education. Because I believe that ideas move Countries, and individuals don't; unless they are in the right place at the right time."

  37. Anyone else then trump or these other fear mongers who just wanna make people scared.. and the fact is that America is in a deficit because of the insane money you give your army.. scary fucking money.. I like ron Paul.. but I hate American politics, cause it is a joke.. we in Norway just laugh at it.. so happy I live in secular Norway.. because religion has ruined America.. it's actually evolved Americans backwards

  38. Incoming autist libertarian rant prompted by Tucker's (I would argue) misplaced and false characterization of libertarian thought:

    I find Tucker Carlson's commentary condescending and it misses the point. But he always talks about libertarians this way. That its just about "rugged individualism" and people "doing what they want, good or bad"

    Like so many statists he conflates what the government forces us to do and not do through violent coercion with what should be done and how people should act – as if social norms, consensual collectives and leadership, common law and courts, order and cooperation, shared goals and complimentary enterprise… only exist because the men with guns and bullhorns force it into existence.

    It's just the opposite. The more centrally planned by government our society is, the more wealth extorted and funneled into the "public" sector, the more control the ruling class in Washington has over the lives and transactions of 300 million people – the more atomized we become. The less cooperative we become. The more adversarial we become. The more we have to fend only for ourselves at the expense of greater society. The more chaos and lawlessness there is. The less unity.

    That's just a fact. And that's the point of libertarianism. It's not "leave us alone so we can make our own mistakes and live in beautiful chaos" … it's "the federal government is ripping this country apart, it is causing more inequality and exploitation, it is eroding rule of law and social and moral standards within society, it is forcing people into more dog-eat-dog chaos.

    I can appreciate individualism and self reliance, but the way Tucker talks about libertarian political principles, the way most people talk about them, imply that it's just this lifestyle preference for people who want to live eccentric atomized lives away from society. And while libertarian thought certainly allows for individuals and communities to do this, it's not like that's the liberty message's prescription for all of society – just the opposite. We know human beings are social, communal people and we know that we need order and leadership and standards and rules… And a prosperous society has all those things.

    The entire point is that centralized massive coercive political authority only pretends to provide us with these things . They claim a monopoly on them, and then claim that they are the only ones who could ever provide society with this, they manipulate every institution in society they have sunken their tendrils into to convince and propagandize people into believing they are the sole provider of these things. Then they claim the only logical progression (what it is progressives are progressing) is to expand their power and control even further, and bring law and order to every corner of the earth.

    And furthermore they zealously persecute and dismantle any institution that even begins to provide a semblance of what they claim to be the sole providers of that isn't connected to political authority. They rightly see anything like this as a threat to their dominance (alternatively they co-opt and integrate these institutions into their monolith, make damn sure public funds are involved and that they can get everyone on the same page, their page, Washington's page, the page that continues to enrich and empower the ruling elite at the cost of the every man).

    Even on a small scale – just look at the way the state treats utopian socialist communes, or how they scramble to get involved in any large charitable effort that starts to pick up steam, how they become deeply entrenched in every major industry that has big impacts on the way humans live their lives or that is making game changing innovations. It's an illusion – they claim to be the driver of positive social change and basically anything good in society, but the name of the game for government when it comes to any kind of social institution that begins doing for society what government claims only it can do sufficiently, is really just to play catch up and co-opt. If that's not an option, then they do what they do best: obliterate it completely. Usually through violence and/or propaganda.

    And then on top of all that they slowly but surely regulate and legislate away any room society and the groups within it have to do these vital large scale communal things without coercive political authority (and we get closer to comolete state control of every social and economic institution, and as we can see with the soviet union once the free and productive elements of society no longer have any room to innovate and to form cooperative projects except through politics, society stagnates completely if hasn't already started regressing since the public sector cannot actually produce these building blocks for human flourishment itself, all it knows is control, prohibition amd punishment).

    So by the very nature of their system, as they expand they in fact erode law and order even further. The nature of the monopoly is such that it is much more convenient and simple for them to propagandize and coerce people into believing they provide these tenants of a society than it is to actually provide those tenants in the best possible way. Particularly since the more of our scarce resources are in control of the massive parasite that is the public sector, the more inefficient everything becomes, the more scarce everything is, the less innovations and productivity actually occurs – so even if they were well meaning they are left with no choice but to lie and deceive endlessly (rather than attempt what many of the real elite know they can't actually do – namely deliver on the promises they've made, promises humanity instinctively knows we are capable of fulfilling, except never through coercive political authority) lest the public snap out of their complacency and shake off their shackles. And while not every actor within the monolith state thinks this way, they can still see when a non political force threatens to shrink their gravy train, and all their career advancing incentives are aligned with sticking their nose (and with it the threat of massive violence and imprisonment that is implicit in everything they do) in every sphere of social life possible.

    What irks me is that Tucker often says he "used to be" a big libertarian and yet he doesn't grasp this very fundamental libertarian point that is like day 1 stuff, and in fact all his criticisms of libertarian thought pretty obviously come from a place of ignorance about what libertarians actually believe and understand.

    It's like these folks that think libertarians are just "selfish" and uncharitable. It's nonsense, and is in fact precisely the opposite of what libertarians stand for. It is only through liberty and a common understanding of natural rights that we can actually have a 300 million person society that works together, that coexists, that spreads the fruits of our prosperity in a way that lifts up the disenfranchised and disadvantaged and puts restraints and checks on the ambitious power mongers /power hungry and denies them the ability to exploit and enrich themselves at the cost of others. It is only through liberty (and the absence of a federal government basically) that we can have a society that can effectively cater to the needs and wishes of the vast number of communities within the country, while also allowing those communities to not fight over a piece of the pie (as they do now) but to compliment each other in growing the pie for everybody. It is only through liberty that we might temper racial animosity and deny those who would oppress and subjugate whatever group is the focus of their prejudiced hatred the ability to actually do that on any meaningful scale.

    I do not think libertarianism is about rugged individualism, or I guess I mean to say I do not think anarchism and statelessness is about rugged individualism. It's a vision for a cohesive society that in all likelihood would be more united, more communal, more empathetic and compassionate and selfless, more comprised of people willing to live for a higher cause they have in common with the people around them. When the state demands a pale imitation of this natural and laudable human tendency at the point of a gun, they make it hollow, sour, fake and ultimately they will destroy it, and head us in a direction that necessitates people relying only on themselves, being suspicious of their neighrbors, living selfishly…

    The role of the libertarian is to move us in the other direction, slowly but surely move us toward the (admittedly) utopian vision I describe of a stateless society.

    If Tucker were really knee deep in libertarian thought, we would know this philosophy to be the best answer for the causes he champions – national unity, eroding the power and influence of the depraved cosmopolitan elite, and lifting up flyover country's working class.

  39. In 2004, Libertarian nominee Michael Badnarik received 397,265 votes, then after Ron Paul dropped out of the race in 2008, Libertarian nominee Bob Barr received 523,715 votes, but after Ron Paul dropped out of the 2012 election, Libertarian nominee Gary Johnson received 1,275,971 votes, then in 2016 Gary Johnson received 4,489,341 votes. Wow! Also, instead of NeoCon Jeb Bush getting the Republican nomination, "anti-globalist" Donald J. Trump won. Interesting.

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