Forest River Travel Trailer: Flagstaff A-Frame Demo & Review –  2018 Flagstaff 21TBHW
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Forest River Travel Trailer: Flagstaff A-Frame Demo & Review – 2018 Flagstaff 21TBHW

September 16, 2019

hi everyone and welcome to happy trails
hiking Matt and I wanted to share our thoughts about our first night in our
new a-frame camper and I guess we decided to name it “Alf”. we’re not sure why “Alf”, but it came up with on the way down and we’re never able to think of
anything better. Alf the A-Frame. Alf it is. there you go. well, we had that
conversation as we were coming in from the st. Louis area
the towing experience was actually not much of a problem I haven’t done an
awful lot of towing in my days but we got it hooked up we got out of the
driveway yeah didn’t hit the mailbox anything that was awesome
I notice the weight behind the truck and every now and then and an interesting
we’re coming downhill then start going up I can feel it push over here fill a
bump I can kind of feel it move the truck a little bit but it was never a
problem that was never scary so first towing experience well second towing
experience actually it was quite good so this time we’re at Onondaga cave State
Park here in Missouri and we got well we didn’t have reservation soon enough to
get an electric side or water or anything so we’re dry camping this
weekend um and so we ran off the battery and propane last night for the lights on
the inside as well as the furnace because it was about I would say it got
down into the 40s high 40s low 50s it was pretty chilly it was chilly and we
also didn’t fill up the freshwater tank so we didn’t have the use of the
cassette toilet but we set up the king-size bed and we used the stove to
heat up water for coffee this morning um we had sheets and blankets and we I
guess we added a sleeping bag on top of that last night in the furnace ran these
just a pretty nice night we did notice that it was a little bright this morning
when we woke up and the Sun came up the Sun you know oddly I think we actually
had less light coming in the morning and the
darker tent because it was specifically designed to block out light whereas this
one isn’t but I’ll take this well we can see the Stars last night who knows
that was pretty cool so anyway um yeah we’re hiking very positive time for a hike
I agree. okay we are on morning of day 2 we have
found that the a-frame attracts a little bit of attention and we’ve made some new
friends this morning lots of folks have stopped by to ask us about it and
welcome us to the RV community so if we talk to you thanks so much for stopping
by was it was good to meet you and we appreciate the warm welcome if you see
us out on the road we’re at another campsite stop on in say hi we love that
so now we’re going to show you how we take it down it’s not a complicated
process but it is an interesting one and part of the how-to of it all here we go
all right so Matt is in the dormer area and dinette area and we took the table
down already and unlatch that and then there’s these two latches on either side
that just fold in and then we have to go outside to shut
the dormer down cuz right now you pull it from there and pull the pole there we
go actually that’s about as far as we can
get without breaking my arm okay don’t break here okay okay so you
basically pulled on that handle up there Matt to get it to come down okay I
pulled it down partway inside and then let that handle and so now we’re gonna
cinch it down over here okay so you’re just throwing the latches I’m standing in the door now and Matt’s
gonna take down the kitchen side or the driver’s side of the trailer and so now
you can obviously see that you’re looking outside that’s light enough kay
could have actually done it so disconnect the door so that the
bottom can close yeah it’s the same operation so it’s the same operation bring it down and then you go through
the door then you step out well this door gets closed on top you
have to push up on that side and then we hit the retract button let me do the
same thing on the other side okay wait stop okay it did it so it came off
up there already okay so we’re good I’m gonna go a little
more ever get it down all the way there’s one on the other well all we have left to do is pull up
the stabilizers and hook it up to the truck and remove the wheel chocks that
kind of thing and apart from that we’ll be good to go until next time this is
kay and Matt from happy trails hiking thanks for watching

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  1. Congrats on the new camper! We have a Rockwood a212hw and love it! Much better than a tent and so easy to tow. Can’t wait to see more of your adventures!

  2. ALF!!!! Yes great name!!! Been on vacation all last week and had been waiting to watch this overview. Can't wait to see all of you adventures in this camper! Cheers guys!

  3. Thumbs Up! Had to watch the time-lapse you mentioned. Glad to hear the towing was good and added popularity. I like the video of the inside. I'm going to make the 2 minute pop up video and point people over to this video for more details. Sound good?

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