Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He’s Now ‘A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC
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Former Rudy Giuliani Aide: He’s Now ‘A Right-Wing Conspiracy Nut’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

October 9, 2019

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  1. Rudy threw his entire life's work away by paring with this guy. The people that ruined themselves and integrity over someone that cares about no one but himself. Painful to watch.

  2. I applaud Ken Frydman for coming on and making what seems to be a heartfelt apology for his old friend but I doubt Giuliani was ever an ethical man. He was a smart man and now he is a stupid man, of that we can be sure.

  3. Rudy learned nothing from Michael Cohen. Mike tried to tell everyone at his hearing that he made the mistake or his lfe and ruined his family as well. All for nothing because that is exactly what he got from this dude nothing.

  4. His daughter Ivanka, who serves in the White House as an adviser to the president, was awarded a large batch of trademarks in October 2018 amid trade war talks between her father and China. In 2017, she was awarded new Chinese trademarks the same day she dined with the Chinese president.

    A real estate company owned by the family of Trump son-in-law Jared Kushner tried to sell a troubled Manhattan real estate investment to a Chinese firm. Kushner’s sister also touted her ties to the White House when pitching Chinese investors in Beijing to invest in New Jersey.
    The president, too, has been criticized for the many ways he is profiting from the presidency.

    So F… Rudi , F… Trump and F everybody that support those 2 criminals.

  5. Kellyann is going to realize it to when this is all over. Worth nothing to sale your soul. This will go down in history as one of the worst times in front of the world

  6. If Trump is not M Peach ED, what will happen over the next four years? How long will this take? Is there a deadline?

  7. I’m here in Australia, just dumbfucked by your President..
    Never in my life have I ever seen so much blatant corruption from a US President… or any country for that matter. How has nobody shot at trump yet..?

  8. Who more full of Schiff than Ari. My money is on Rudy he took on corruption and crime in NY. Now he's in DC and the rats are scurrying.

  9. Where we are going here is that the Obama administration gave Ukraine billions of billions of dollars that has gone missing. Much of it has been traceable to top level Democrats, like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and John Kerry. Plus John Podesta and many others. Trump wants go like gangbusters on the whole bunch

  10. This is totally ridiculous. Should we be able to impeach a sitting president based on information that can not be cross examined and made public? If that's the case, Bill Clinton should be impeached and sent to prison in 2020 for whistle-blower information that was available in the 1990's. George W. Bush needs to be executed for the entire Iraq scandal that cost trillions of dollars and American soldiers that were killed. Let's have retroactive impeachments and set things right in the world.

  11. I think personal ambition can – doesn’t always – but CAN pervert a person over time. Ambition is always seen as a good thing, a desirable trait. Depending on what cause that ambition serves? Mmm, maybe. But in service to YOURSELF, your career, your bank account, your rising star? You, you, you? No, no, NO. Trump & Rudy are perverse creatures whose ambitions have outstripped any admirable qualities they might once have had. Or at least for Rudy. I’m not convinced Trump EVER had any decent human qualities.

  12. Ken frydman,, what a hack , I get it frydman you and this republican from New Jersey just want some attention , there’s your 5 minutes of air time , Gulianni is a smart , no one has investigated Biden , and I’m sure they would find that he did embezzle our tax dollars through Ukraine to his sons pockets, Im from Ukraine it’s very corrupt the here. I’m not saying lock Biden up but it oooks bad,, If President Trump did do something wrong or there was any actual evidence he would’ve been out of office by now , , You Americans have lost your minds against your president that was voted in ,,, you scream impeachment when he got elected , so that’s bias right there. At least wait for him to commit a crime and investigate before you hand out punishments. Everyone is innocent unless proven guilty , that’s a democracy.. President Trump has been guilty and has to prove his innocence….Europe is laughing at the US not because of the President because he has done better for his country and the people , Europe is laughing how dumb the American people really are letting Clinton’s and Biden’s give all this money to country’s only to get millions back through the Clinton foundation or getting your son on the board of directors in a Ukrainian gas company and no one cares , USA has been played for years handing out 1 billion dollars like candy and then creating ISIS by supplying the money ,and taking out there competition,,,how dumb can you Americans be they are caught red handed and you people just say it’s not true because I’m a democrat or I’m a republican , you people are just as corrupt as my country , at least in my country there is no false bs against president they need evidence and the old president ran to Russia to avoid jail time , your corrupt leaders don’t go to jail they go on tv (Hillary, Biden)

  13. You can fool all the people some of the time, some of the people all the time, but not all the people all the time!!

  14. Rudy, get off the the Lying, BS Media, including FOX. Hold your own Press Conference and stop getting interrupted by all of the talking heads wanting to show how much they know. We don't care about their opinions; We want to hear what you actually KNOW!

  15. Greed!!! Several days for the thief, one day for the master!! Things fall apart, the center can not hold anymore!! It’s coming fast!!

  16. The remarks of a unhinged man
    “You should be happy for your country that I uncovered this,” @RudyGiuliani tells @TheAtlantic. “It is impossible that the whistle-blower is a hero and I’m not. And I will be the hero! These morons—when this is over, I will be the hero.”

  17. Why do THEY hate Trump? Because he can't be bought or blackmailed and they KNOW he is going to wreck their Pay for Playhouse! He's going to "out" all of those corrupt criminals who have enriched themselves at our expense.

  18. Rudy has what I call Fox News Paranoia Disorder. If afflicts many aging citizens in this country.

    Symptoms include: decrease or elimination of critical thinking, ability to empathize, self entitlement, sleepiness, and its final form—indulging in conspiracy theories to avoid reality.

  19. I am concered he will run again and win. He has destroyed our nation in terms of global affairs and our economy will suffer. Hate crimes are at a high, that worries more, on both sides. The LAW is the LAW. IMPEACH!

  20. One key question…what if Giuliani is right…? He took down straight up gangsters in NYC my home town. Gangsters that knew they were being followed and kept things on the hush. Praised then belittled now. As we NYers say…Fuckouttahere

  21. MSNBC, the NETWORK who said Russia would Cut off our Heat and Freeze us to Death, is saying Rudy is a Conspiracy theorist? Get real..FAKE NEWS!

  22. Giuliani is obviously a alien impostor:

    some lizard took over… 🦖🛸…hahahahahahah. and the Republican Senate is sophomoric pre -teen men acting like exactly what they are.

  23. You guys have nothing else to do? Stop this already. You're making yourselves look and sound bad. "Right-wing conspiracy nut"? Really? Trying out a new word? The word "racist" isn't working for you anymore?

  24. Love me like you do ! Don your the color of my blood ! Let me take you by some satellites ! Trending now the constitution ! Remember that crazy thing ? I'm serious tho it's just unspeakable ! They put laws and things in the constitution to stop this very thing from happening ! Can't just call it fake news and go on doing whatever and ignoring it that's just unacceptable ! I want to see trending now democracy and the constitution !!!!!! Holy mackerel how about derelict of duty or that crazy oath thang ? I just can't believe that there's no checks and balances whatsoever Nathan ! Absolutely Nathan ! Use the sergeant at arms and start arresting people or do something ! Why does America even bother having any constitution ? If your not going to abide by it then throw it out and rip it up trash it or rewrite it ! It's being trampled on and ignored ! That's unspeakable !

  25. He's desperately defending Trump. We'll find out how deep Giuliani is in this. What kind of pay off is he getting and from whom/where?

  26. Where’s the “hard questions” with the Trump haters? He wouldn’t let a person finish a sentence on another video who was speaking in a legal capacity in Trumps defense. Be fair and unbiased. This is shameful.

  27. I just saw that the Whitehorse isn't going to cooperate with the impeachment – that's not an option ! It doesn't work like dat ! I don't want to cooperate with the laws either but I don't want to go to jail so I got no choice ! That's why there's an oversight committee and the constitution so an illegitimate president and Vice President can be removed and Nancy would become president – she's third in charge so the year would go to her and that's a safe play ! I think America can live with that and sleep at night again ! Cause mike pence definitely can never become president that's unspeakable ! Unacceptable ! So it automatically goes to the next in line for presidency just in case something was too happen ! The speaker of the house becomes the leader of the nation ! Can't just ignore the constitution ! I'm sorry but a democracy does not work like don trump wants it to ! He actually thinks it's a kingdom or a dictatorship or authoritarian ! Can't pick and choose which laws and regulations that you want to comply with or follow and ignore the rest and say it's fake news that's ridiculous ! I just saw that trumpet is going to not cooperate – well unfortunately that's not either or anyone's option the constitution isn't voluntary !


  29. The real conspiracy is the official 9/11 story which Rudy Giuliani is a part of but since you love him so much you don't dare expose the truth!

  30. Rudy stuck his head in a toilet…Christine Todd Whitman never did…I grew up in Cherry Hill after Hamburg…Sally Starr taught me English with her kids show…L'chaim and happy Yom Kippur…

  31. A COUP, Attempt Against The People's Sitting President…By The "D" Party And The Elites NWO…With MSM Pushing The Agenda Of The Elites NWO..They Want To Remove The Right To Freedom Of Speech, So That All You Are Brain Washed To Hear Is The Agenda Of The NWO…Which Is….Agenda 21 now Agenda 30….And The Georgia Guide Stone's Agenda to "Depopulation"…….They Don't want you to know they think Of the People's As Usless Eaters, Taking Up What They See As Their Space…The Elites NWO For The People's..!!!!🙈🙊🙉👺👺👺👺💩👹☠️

  32. Christine Todd Whitman is the sort of Republican who, unfortunately, is missing in today's GOP. A woman of intelligence and integrity, and someone I could vote for, even though I am a Democrat. I used to vote for the candidate, not the party, crossing over party lines if I thought the Republicans had the better candidate. But I will NEVER vote for another Republican as long as these thugs are in office.

  33. Secratary of State Hillary Clinton testified to congress under oath. Why can't the corrupt Trump administration face testifying under oath?

  34. If Congress continues to be so impotent, they should be disbanded. Use the money saved to do something for the American people.
    They have been worse than useless for the past 2 years and are disgracing the country and the constitution with their inaction and failure to punish those who ignore or refuse lawfully issued subpoenas. Their job is to protect the country from corruption and incompetence in the executive branch and they are obviously unwilling to do so unless they can think they can do it in a manner that benefits them politically.
    I wish we could fire all of them and start over. The entire system is broken and needs a significant overhaul with a focus on eliminating corruption.

  35. When the security apparatus is used for political purposes the country will split & civil war will ensue. Liberals & conservatives should realize this.

  36. Rudy Giulliany is the Heel of the White house. Trump needs him in order to make him not sound like the Joker.

  37. Rudy is a dead ringer for Col. Klink (someone give him a monocle). Which makes Pompeo, Shultz….. "Her Komandant, I know nutting"!

  38. I think Rudy is doing a great job and I fail to see where he has lied about anything. A fact that you are all about to face.

  39. I'm sure that the next time a drug dealer (or a mob boss arranging a hit) is captured on tape making a deal, he'll easily be able to defend himself by saying "I was just joking. Did you honestly think that I was serious?"

  40. The wrong part about all of this is the right people aren’t doing anything about the wrong people, there’s no consequences for their actions that’s why they keep doing what they’re doing.

  41. Because he was a key player on 911. Bush black water inside job. Giuliani knows where all the skeletons are buried.

  42. No, you cadre of GOD-LESS deviants!!! Relax.. count backward or something!!!! The E.U and the Dem attempt has FAILED!! YOU LOST!!! YOU'LL LOSE AGAIN!!! AND AGAIN!!! AND AGAIN!!!

  43. MSNBC is fake news. This is awful. They're just praying on people's hate of trump. And hoping to God don't really listen to what they're saying

  44. (The GOP) won't allow the evidence to come out, then crys we have no evidense to judge?

    How can we judge, crys republicans.

    This is Ostrich syndrome.

    You can't stick your head any deeper in the sand than republicans have them now.

  45. MSNBC: Mostly S#@*, No Believable Content. It is amazing how everything the Republicans bring out is a conspiracy. Even when the Democratic theories fall flat or their action constitute obvious crimes, this network backs them.

  46. Jajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajajaj FAKE NEWS

  47. There is : (1) "Do you think he was serious" , meaning did he mean for China to do that, and (2) There is :"Do you think he is serious" , meaning would China actually do that? Mostly people focus on the intent , which is (1) , and whethe it was "intended" for a particular result. But, (2) is the result of the intended or unintended request is also imminent? In general that's the whole point of being powerful, isn't it? That when you say "jump" people everywhere say "how high?" They don't decide that you're joking first. Maybe they might, after jumping, but not before. …. Or, Welcome to the world's ultimate alternate universe >> A paid experience available now, try it for FREE, paste this into your browser, and remove all spaces. Enjoy! >> w w w . b o o om . c o m / 2 . html "Honk Kong Snowden."

  48. all you have to do is look back on what Moscow mitch did in the senate to push thru those rt wing judges. he is corrupt and this impeachment will fail in the senate because he is corrupt. trump will again be elected just like Nixon was. the red party voters are totally gullible when it comes to the promises made by their chosen ones.

  49. Trump has not done a thing, other than recreate acts of past presidents, while enriching his pockets…..

    America is corrupt and these people deserve to be punished, by death………

  50. This is how deamoncrats hoax elections and and how they hoaxed the 2007/8 economic collapse to appoint the fascist Iranian/Russian oblama. Oblama explained to the Russians that biden and him would do more after the upcoming fake re-appointment of his cop killing failed ethnic cleansing and child caging presidential hoax.

  51. Does this narrative really convince you folks? C'mon, people, start putting one and one together. It's not that hard. It's been three years of this… 🙂 endless hyperbole, spin, propaganda. When will you wake up to the reality that you've been duped?

  52. I don't get it, this impeachment inquiry is to acquire more information, sounds like another Witch Hunt part 2. Oh boy…

  53. 666 to the United States Gov and to everyone elected and holds office…

    Most of them, are too busy doing drugs, to be bothered with doing their job…. Trump is an example of this, he showed up to the victims of those storms, higher than a kite, saying stupid crap, like he did at the UN, he is a POS.. America is a very sick psychologically and behaviorally. The behavior exhibited it completely unacceptable for a Governing Nation, especially given the influence America has.. I seriously believe they are so bad, they need to be made an example of, if that means war, then so be it…. But their murdering leaders, civilians, not to mention the fact that they are so corrupt, it needs to end…

    Trump should be publically executed. As should have Obama, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Reagan, Carter, etc.. and the list goes on and on..

  54. Don wants an apology from the whistle blower ? That's ridiculous ! He honestly doesn't understand English ? The law clearly states that it's supposed to be on the down low and incognito – that's unspeakable ! I just can't believe someone is president that can't speak or understand English ! Gibberish is not a real life language can't just go around speaking gibberish to everyone and calling everything a hoax or witch hunt ! That's ridiculous – where's my bae ? My girlfriend ? I'm surprised she's still putting up with all this nonsense ? It's like listening to a foreign language and not being able to comprehend anything ! I don't see much of a point to keep listening ? Who knows what good that would do for anyone things are just unacceptable ! Gone fishing is not an acceptable response to Turkish forces crossing the border ! Can't wipe out terrorists without wiping out the Kurds first that's unspeakable ! I think someone should start paying attention !!!!!' Things ain't okay the way there unfolding ! Impeachment isn't a voluntary thing it's a way to hold the executive office accountable ! It's also in that document that is called the constitution – the thing being used as target practice on the range and being ignored ! I just don't think that trending now should have anything other that the constitution or democracy ! Everything is in peril and up in the air a crisis ! Look at the video of everyone fleeing the area whose watching the prisoners and ISIS ???? Nobody is there gonna be running amok again ! Unspeakable !

  55. Trump saved us from oblama/deamoncrat hate and divide politics. Oblama destroyed our medical , our police officers, our economy, our jobs, our FBI and supported Iranian terrorism, plantation hate politics, and epstein pedophile politics. Then he pardoned 1715 violent felons and caged children. He is the most hated president alive today.

  56. When you lie to me every day and lie about the little things, inconsequential things, I can have no confidence in you. I will hear you speak, I will hear the words you say and the sentiment you are trying to present, but I will not believe you and will wait for corroboration before accepting what you said. If you can govern in that environment then good luck, you will be too slow to act and delayed in learning critical information to inform decisions. No officer of the federal government should, at this point in time, feel safe in executing a directive from this administration. There is no reason to believe that the directive is legal, made in good faith or even has the support of the issuer of the directive and should be acted on only after corroboration is made from more neutral third parties. Welcome to a second layer of federal bureaucracy just to fact check and verify the administration.

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