Fox FINALLY Admits Trump Is Violating The Constitution
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Fox FINALLY Admits Trump Is Violating The Constitution

October 22, 2019

>>As we know, the Trump administration has
announced that the G7 Summit in June of next year will be held in one of Donald Trump’s
properties, the Doral Golf Resort in Miami, Florida. And this has led to a reaction from the right
wing that we don’t often see. Some of the hosts on Fox actually have spoken
out against Trump on this. And Judge Napoilitano who, to be fair, has
been consistent in condemning Trump when he’s wrong, has spoke out about this is as well. Take a look.>>They are arguing that this is not a violation
of the emoluments clause where someone is profiting off of something. I believe that Judge Napolitano has a different
notion of that. What do you think?>>Well, Neil, it’s not my notion, it’s the
Constitution’s notion. When the Constitution does not address profits,
it addresses any present, as in a gift, any emolument as in cash, of any kind whatever,
I’m quoting the emoluments clause, from any king, prince or foreign state. The purpose of the emoluments clause is to
keep the President of the United States of America from profiting off of foreign money. Here we go again, not on the campaign, but
in some event or entity that he controls or is running. He has bought himself an enormous headache
now with the choice of this. This is about as direct and profound a violation
of the emoluments clause as one could create.>>So he is indisputably correct there. He read you the text of the Constitution,
there’s no doubt about it. But he went on to make a really good point
about it doesn’t have to be profit because Mulvaney said, well it’s okay because we’re
not going to profit off of it. One, there’s no confirmation of that at all,
okay? Number two, even if it were true, even revenue
matters. And Napolitano talked about how Trump not
only owns the property, but he also gets money for managing the property. So he can actually make more money from the
management fees than he could from whether he turns a profit as an owner of Trump Doral. So he can make money in two different ways. And even if he made no money at all from either
one of those, which is pretty much inconceivable cuz he, no question, it helps in management,
even having a bottom line or top line in this case of revenue that is greater helps the
valuation of the company and of the property. So it indisputably helps him. Even if you were to be crazy enough to believe
that Donald Trump when he says, no, I’m not gonna turn a profit on it.>>Yeah, exactly. So Mark, before we go to Neil Cavuto, do you
wanna chime in?>>No, the only thing I would say is it was
just, it was refreshing to hear it stated so explicitly there on Fox News Channel, where
you just don’t expect to hear that kind of thing.>>Exactly, and I started of with Napolitano
because you can expect him to be fair on these issues. I don’t agree with him ideologically, we’re
not similar. I’m obviously a progressive and he’s not. But when it comes to these legal matters,
he has been fair and I do respect that. Now when it comes to Neil Cavuto, that’s not
necessarily the case. But in this case, let’s hear what he has to
say about Doral.>>All of this comes at a time when a lot
of people are saying appearances count for a lot. And given the fact that the President has
made a central focus of what the vice president, the former vice president, Joe Biden knew
and when he knew it and the business size of his son, Hunter on just the appearance
level alone. The President of the United States, rewarding
his his family-run business and perhaps one of its premier moneymakers, the Doral Club
Resort, to host this big event, the spillover effect from that even at cost is very good
for whatever event locale you choose.>>So look, they’re having to admit things
cuz there’s just no way around it.>>Yeah.>>And in fact, look, we’re going to give
you one more clip from another Fox News host. Cavuto, he’s very conservative. If you’ve watched The Young Turks all these
years, Cavuto drives me crazy. But on Trump, from time to time, he has dipped
his toe into sanity. And so like, I don’t make any.>>Just a little dip. Just a little.>>Yeah, and I don’t make any sense, okay? And so even Sean Hannity, on this Mulvaney
situation. Now you’ve got Doral, right? But Mulvaney also said, yeah, we did a quid
pro quo, we just flat out admitted something that is deeply illegal. And Hannity said, what is Mulvaney even talking
about it? I just think he’s dumb. I really do. I don’t even think he knows what he’s talking
about. That’s my take on it, and he went on to call
him stupid and I believe also idiotic.>>Hannity said that?>>Hannity, Hannity. Okay, so now what’s happening there is that’s
the Trump team throwing their Chief of Staff under the bus,
>>As the White House turns.>>So there’s no end to it. There’s no end to their stupidity and their
law breaking and their unconstitutional behavior. So every night they gotta sacrifice someone
to the gods. So they’re like, okay. And just earlier today it was Rick Perry. They’re trying to blame Ukraine on him. Now they’re like, also Mulvaney. So it was Sessions and Tillerson and Flynn
and Perry and Mulvaney and Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon and Anthony Scaramucci and
by the way, I’ve only done a quarter of them.>>That was impressive, an impressive list.>>Right?>>That was impressive, you listed people
I forgot about.>>And, it was all those people surrounding
Donald Trump->>All of them.>>But not Donald Trump. Come on, who believes that? Even Fox News doesn’t believe that, which
leads us to the next clip.>>All right, so this next clip features Chris
Stirewalt, he is the news editor at Fox News. Take a look.>>The idea that this administration, dealing
with what this administration is dealing with, right? A lot. You’ve got the unraveling in Syria. You’ve got the march to impeachment here at
home. Breaking news stories every day. The world is on fire, why? It is beyond my imagination why this administration
thought that number one, to do it at all, given the criticism that the President will
receive for using one of his own properties for an event like this. That’s not necessary in the first place, that’s
an unnecessary problem to create for himself. But then the next step, today, to do it now
and do it in this way is just, I wish I could think of a good reason for it.>>You know.>>Well the reason is that priority one is
making money for Donald Trump.>>Yes.>>That is the biggest priority. And from the first hours of this administration,
they were concerned with making money. When it came to setting up the inauguration,
they were looking at different ways they could siphon off money into the Trump organization. Look back at the very first germinations of
this administration and it’s all about money, so when he says why at this time when the
world is on fire? Because that’s always what he’s thinking about. How can I loot the taxpayers for money?>>That’s exactly right.>>In fact, I’m sorry Mark, you’re gonna lead
me to make two more predictions, okay? So I think that Trump will come out at some
point and say, why shouldn’t I make money off of being president? What, am I stupid? Cuz he doesn’t get it. One, ironically, it is because he’s stupid
that he admits all these crimes and two, it’s because of what we’ve been talking about all
day, which is there is no accountability. So since the Republicans are backing him no
matter what, Lindsey Graham tried to send around a letter to the Republican senators
saying sight unseen, we will vote no on impeachment, we don’t care what the evidence is. That’s amazing. So when you have a get out of jail free card
on everything, you break the law nonstop.>>I know.>>So I think he’ll actually say it. He’s like, Mulvaney and everybody else, as
dumb as Mulvaney is, must have told him, Mr. President, really? At your own property, and we’re gonna force
the foreign leaders, right? And he said yes, why not? Why not? Of course it’s the best. It’s the perfect property, right? So I think he’ll actually say it in public
himself. And so it doesn’t matter man, the guys a guilty. So look, we had a Canadian person watching,
tweet earlier today going, you guys have any laws in America? And now this is rubbing in our face in it,
all of the different people in this country that have to abide by the rules and the laws
and Trump brazenly violating every part of the Constitution, every legal norm we have,
and goes, so what? I’m an elite, I’m part of the elite. And so, I’m above the law. So, I think he’s gonna say to Mulvaney, tick,
tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick.>>That’s the most obvious, I don’t even give
credit for that.>>Yeah, Mulvaney’s-
>>Right now, preemptively.>>All right, then I’ll put an over under
on it. He’s, now this is super aggressive.>>By the end of the month, that’s my-
>>No, you know me, I love to be too aggressive. Two days, two days.>>Wow.>>Okay, no Mulvaney’s gotta go, he admitted
two different crimes. And so look, here’s the thing.>>Gotta make it that.>>No, no, no.>>Okay fine.>>Look, I’m often wrong about the timing,
caveat, okay?>>I know, I know, and I need to make some
more money.>>But Mulvaney’s a goner, but look guys,
he’s killed off too many of his political allies and they know too much about him. So when he throws Mulvaney under a bus, it
is one too many times, right? So imagine he throws Mulvaney under a bus,
which is not hard to imagine, that’s definitely gonna happen. At some point, one of these guys, maybe it’s
Mulvaney, maybe someone else and then Mulvaney joins in later, are gonna go, screw this. Okay, you know what? Let me tell you what Trump did.>>No it’s already happening, Cenk. It’s already happening. People are already playing ball with the impeachment
investigation, even though the State Department has advised them, do not respond to these
subpoenas, do not testify. You had Fiona Hill, she testified, you have
Gordon Sondland who testified today and we have some of his opening statement to share
with you later. But I mean, people are already turning on
him. And in regard to Donald Trump, the point,
the prediction that you made about Donald Trump just coming out and saying it out in
the open, just admitting things out in the open. I agree with you, I think that will eventually
happen. But it did remind me of the one thing that
typically leads to the downfall of all criminals and you’ve said this on the show before, throughout
TYT’s history. What is it? When they get too what, greedy.>>Yes.>>Right?>>Yes.>>When they get too confident, when they
get too greedy, and Donald Trump because he’s gotten away with so much throughout his entire
life, not just during this presidency, his entire life, at some point, he’s gonna go
too far. And it’s not gonna be his actions that convince
the GOP to act, it’s gonna be his actions that convince his actual base to act, cuz
you see the numbers changing as well. The amount of Americans who support not just
the impeachment investigation, but the removal of Donald Trump, is increasing. It’s now the majority of Americans, Republicans
included.>>Look, another thing I said on the show
is if you start impeachment proceedings, he will unravel and and we were dying for Pelosi
to start impeachment proceedings. She begins, immediately he unravels, of course,
of course, which leads me to the poll question, this one is at theend>>So will Trump make it to the end of his
term, okay? So this is my original prediction from day
one, that he would not make it to the end. We’ve had a lot of conversations, Anna and
I have had several bets over it. It’s finally your time to weigh in. Okay so with the emoluments clause violation
with the Doral, with them admitting quid pro quo today, with all these people turning on
him, will he make it to the end of his term?>>So you listed some of the strong evidence
that backs you up. But I have to list just one piece of evidence
that backs me up. Remember yesterday, we talked about how Nancy
Pelosi refuses to hold a formal impeachment vote and not to impeach Donald Trump, it’s
just a vote to start the impeachment formally, right? And she refused to do it. So her weakness could be a problem. But I will admit that your case is looking
stronger and stronger.>>Yeah, he’s just, we have a bungle off.>>Bungle off is a good word for it.>>So Pelosi, her epic weakness is leading
to Trump still being in office. So is there anything the Democratic leadership
couldn’t bungle away? Where then Trump comes and goes, hold my beer. I’m gonna outbungle you guys. Even though you’re the weakest, most pathetic
party that’s ever been seen in this country’s history. And I already beat you guys. I beat your anointed leader on Democratic
party leadership grounds said we don’t really want a primary, we’re gonna anoint Hillary
Clinton, which was the worst possible candidate you could have. And I beat her. So he won the original bungle off, or I guess
the Democrats did by losing to him. And he’s like, no, I can’t stand it. Okay, I’m gonna beat you guys this time. I’m going to bungle this harder than you and
ironically, he’s gonna prove Nancy Pelosi right. He’s gonna do a self impeachment. And, in fact, today, somebody I saw on social
media made a decent point. They’re like he never wanted to be president
in the first place and he didn’t think he was gonna win, he was just trying to make
money off of it. And so maybe subconsciously he can’t take
the pressure anymore. And he’s just like what do I need to admit
for you to throw me out of here?>>Wow that could be. I don’t know, I think he’s also, just to represent
the other side for a second. Remember, he’s being told that you can’t be
guilty of any crime as president. He sort of has this sense that he can get
away with all the stuff he’s used to getting away with, in ways that he never thought he
could get away with them. And so I think, I see objectively how he should
be taking on water, but I don’t know that he is taking stock of all the water that indeed
he’s taking on in his presidency. He’s been successful in just firing people,
trying to change the narrative. Sort of rebranding whatever needs to be rebranded. So I’m not so sure that he’s going to run
from the Oval Office in any kind of desperate way any time soon, but again-
>>You never know.>>Yeah and the tick, tick, tick is one of
my favorites so.>>We’re in strange times.>>Yeah.>>Yeah well, now you get to tell us if you
think it’s tick tick tick tick.>>Tick tick tick tick. So looking forward to hearing what you guys

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  2. Whining Democrats seem to think everything done in this country needs to meet their approval seeing as how they have controlled our agencies and institutions to their advantage forever

  3. The venue in question went through the same process as other locations considered for hosting the G7 and they were issued the contract. There is nothing sinister about this. What is sinister is all the stocks and shares in oil companies, social media platforms, etc that politicians profit from and make laws about.

  4. Tyt is so lame lol look turds.. Trump, love him or hate him, has been looked at harder than anyone even before he was potus.the Clinton cartel would face the death penalty for the stuff we know, imagine what we don't know? Thats whats most frustrating, there are criminals in plain view and you want to find something on a particular person.. So don't for a second act like the rule of law matters to any of you gunning for trump. If you REALLY gave two shits about justice you would go after the obvious, and if trump was corrupt, he'll be found out, but don't make shit up, thats so pathetic. We KNOW Hillary and bill are criminals. Yet tyt dose not care about ALL justice. Don't act like your morally superior, your just as bad if not worse than the ppl you slander . tyt is a garbage club.

  5. You guys are forgetting one very important aspect of this, even Alec Baldwin as Trump said it on an episode of SNL, Trump (Alec) welcomes Mike Pence into the Oval Office and he says "oh Mike Mike you're the reason I will NEVER BE IMPEACHED!"

    Mike Pence has been around along time, he is scary radical however he is extreme in a very hard way to taint. He is the extreme Jesus freak. It's difficult to argue his faults in sound bites and he is a gifted sidestepper.

    Not only that but Pence is squeaky clean so good luck coloring him with some scandal and he has had a front row seat to all the slights, back room deals and out and out corruption that all the people in the senate and many in congress.

    Trump has been in the shit, but Pence does all he humanly can to stay as far away as possible.

    Pence could likely finally out Graham, the dirt he has on McConnell would be jaw dropping at the very least he could publicly humiliate them and at worst provide enough information to send many to prison, insider trading, money schemes, and corruption, corruption, corruption.

    It is just me or have anyone else noticed that the mouth pieces for Trump lately have been the new or relatively newly elected republicans, Matt Getz, Devon Nunez, Volkee, Sondland this is for a couple of reasons, number one is to baptize them in the corruption, to dirty their hands so they go along, second they then become one of the pack, promises are made everything from passing laws that help their constituents to making some side money, to goods and services perk and last but not least is to make sure they don't snitch them off because covering makes them culpable.

    This entire Republican Party is involved as crazy as that sounds, even the ones not actively participating even they are involved because silence is complicity.

    This system is a totalitarian method from wAy back. It's a very effective method and a cycle that is hard to break.


    If the shit gets too deep for the party, which there are signs of breaking away, and the party sees they clearly have a loser, they will cut bait, they will either force him to redo for they will push hard for impeachment so they can seat Pence and retain the presidency, it's not the best option but it's all they got.

    If it looks like they are positioning themselves to do that then the dems have no choice but to go ahead with impeachment but they will have to include Pence, that is critical.

    Otherwise the Dems will run out the clock with a shit cascade of constant offenses and claim to be using information gathering because to remove him now and swear in Pence resets the party and the supporters will swing back in line and cracking the Pence NUT will be tough! The will need all they can get especially if they remove both Pence and Trump.

    The lady trick Trump has up his sleeve is to make the claim that the whole thing is a Pelosi power grab for the Presidency, that it reverses the 2016 election and yeah it might not be Clinton but it damn sure is a Democratic First Woman president by default or election won't matter its mission accomplished.

    Anything that Trump did or was accused of will go out the window his base will come to his rescue and we are in for round two.

    Take note, Trump hasn't brought this aspect up yet because he is saving it, because it's the bow on the end game gift!

    Pence and trump and the rest of the WHACKADOODLES have to be swept out by the election, then if by some chance he wins again then best believe impeachment will hit him like a ton of bricks!

    They really can't impeach right now, they cannot risk Pence taking the presidency. In my opinion this has always been the plan!

    I always said we need to worry more about Trumps pick for VP, BECAUSE THATS WHERE THE TRUE DAMAGE WILL COME FROM.

  6. TYT, I think you are right about Pelosi!! She is not doing her job right!
    For a long time now, I think she has to go!

  7. Trump been violated though the fact they know he is doing wrong and trying to look the other way is beneath me. How are they the same people who make the laws and constitution is the same people who break them. Money is the root of all evil

  8. Trump cheated his way into office and now look what was done is the dark is coming to light, Trump and his whole family needs to be investigated

  9. I don't agree with Anna about not having a vote immediately , which Donald Trump called for.
    This is just my opinion based on a gut feeling.
    If you let Trump dictate what you should do, my gut says, Trump is saying that, to steer things to something that will benefit him.

    It's the bait Elizabeth Warren fell for about taking a DNA test.
    She let Trump bait her, she took the the bait, had the test, and, Oops.

  10. So everything after all our ancestors and forefathers went threw for this country is out the window now cause of Trump corrupt we may face some serious trouble from our true enemies smh to them all. I don't think we have law's to begin with

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  16. Trump has literally admitted to crimes on national TV and suggests more crimes that he thinks should be committed. It's absolutely appalling that anyone is still behind him. He should be in jail already and 80% of the people around him probably should be too.

  17. @ 13:37
    Maybe Pelosi is Brilliant?

    My take: Nancy Pelosi knew AAALLLL this time that he would do a self impeachment. She figures: Why risk an impeachment that dies in the Senate and doesn’t remove Trump… when you can just wait it out and give him enough rope, trump will hang himself!! AND… the Senate/their constituents will demand impeachment. 👍

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  26. Didn't Trump actually already had said something along the lines of "so what if I make money [off foreign investors] as a president? That's a big opportunity, I'd be a fool if I didn't." That's not a direct quote, I just have this vague memory of him sort of almost having admitted it blatantly already, and having no consequence whatsoever, like he's just an innocent toddler who doesn't know what he's saying. Like very early on, with China and his Trump brand. Often Trump's news/scandals seem to be reruns, I was watching it on auto-play, I had to check if it wasn't something from 2017 or 2018.

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    " time–out " will only give him time to plot against the strictures, he needs a God's honest spanking ! P. S. Your guest made some very astute observations as well !

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  39. That Trump has now reversed himself on holding the G7 at Doral does not remove the fact that he tried it in the first place. His initial efforts to do this puts in-doubt his denials about other emolument offenses. If he was willing to try this in the open, what won’t he do if he thinks we’re not looking?

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  44. Why did Trump change his mind about hosting the G7
    Congress was going to set a resolution on Oct 22 against Trump's decision
    The Emoluments clause ALSO notes that only with Congress approval can the Pres. accept such "gifts/revenues"
    The resolution would have been another impeachment clause
    Great job Mr Trump – you dodged that bullet

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  49. When ChuckleHead 45 is booted out of office, his excuse is going to be " I did everything that I could for them to IMPEACH me starting with day ONE " but the PEOPLE just loved him!!! Narcissist Muthafuka…

  50. The Young turks love taking their children to drag queen story time to you have convicted paedophiles like Albert Alfonso Garza read to them and teach them there is no such thing as boys and girls.

  51. The only law Breakers are the Curruptables The Dems, with Nervous Nancy And Shifty Schiff , They stand more Chance impeaching a Peach than President Trump, How about Biden and Son, And Hillary Currupt Clinton, What a Joke this panel is

  52. How is it that suddenly, all democrats are the dumb ones?!? We're not the ones believing the constant lies and misuse of power by the President of the United States! You can come up with all those 'clever' little nicknames you want, and it doesn't change the fact that the President has broken the laws, and now he's going to have to pay for it. He is NOT above the law folks…

  53. Fox news gets props for NOT lying for once. These propaganda artists are the ones who twisted reality and peoples minds to the point where they vote for Trump and believe his lies, but they are Fox lies. Fox is cancer. Republicans are sick, evil clowns.

  54. Democrats lose because people don't vote for them. You can say it's thier fault, but politics is a game where the crowd (voting public) determines who wins, not the teams. You blame Democrats all you want, but voters make the call. They were stupidly fooled by the media, (like you) that voting was a waste of time because Clinton was sooooo bad. I know, at the end there you said you'd vote for Clinton with a gun to your head. That was part of your terrible analysis. Now you want to give Trump credit for getting himself impeached. Ridiculous analysis again…The left is passionate, but often overthinking situations because they don't get the basics.

  55. The Republicans will say or do aannny thing to win, makes them feel like patriot's fighting for their hate filled race controling idiology but will lye to the death that their not racist, the government is the people in control of it, I think that the people see now that the real problem with this country is the GOP now let's lay down our manners, and kick some ass..DEM you gota deal merseylessly with these Crooks…stop talking and handle this!!!

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