Fox host calls out Newt Gingrich, who impeached Clinton, for hypocrisy
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Fox host calls out Newt Gingrich, who impeached Clinton, for hypocrisy

October 12, 2019

As far as Democrats and their push for impeachment
in what we’ve seen this week, Newt Gingrich joined us earlier. The former speaker of the House seemed to
suggest, Chris, that the whole thing is going to backfire on Democrats. Here’s the former Speaker. Nancy Pelosi is simply carrying out what is
an unconstitutional coup d’état, an effort to use the power of the Congress to change
the outcome for the American people. It’s a direct assault on the whole idea
of representing the American people and instead imposing Democratic members in Congress as
the ultimate electoral college and I think it’ll backfire very badly. A year out from the next election, will this
whole thing backfire on Democrats, Chris? Well, we don’t know. I mean, because we don’t know what the results
are going to be. But I’m a little surprised at Speaker Gingrich,
who I greatly respect. This is the exact opposite of unconstitutional. The Constitution specifically says that impeachment
is left to Congress with very little statement as to how they want to conduct it. And in fact, I think I remember that Newt
Gingrich did an impeachment effort—led an impeachment effort against Bill Clinton in
1998. Was that an effort to overturn an election? No, he was investigating stuff. I mean, we may find out that there’s some
there there, that there’s no there there. But to call it unconstitutional or an effort
to overturn an election, that’s kind of a reach, particularly for someone like Newt
Gingrich who was involved in the last impeachment effort. The thing about Republicans in the Trump era
is that every last one of them has footage or audio or – oh I don’t know – an entire
history of impeaching a president from a different political party that makes them look like
complete hypocrites. So for Newt Gingrich, of all people, who was
Speaker of the House during the Clinton impeachment, to claim all of a sudden that impeachment
is this assault on the constitution is just Republican hypocrisy personified. To be clear, the House moving to impeach Trump
isn’t unconstitutional; in fact, it’s literally their job to conduct oversight on
the executive branch. You couldn’t find a more constitutional
route to take if you tried. But this isn’t about facts; this is just
another partisan Republican throwing the Constitution under the bus because it’s politically convenient
to do so. If Gingrich truly deferred to the Constitution,
do you think he’d be so quick to betray what it actually says? It’s almost like – and I hope you’re
sitting down for this – he doesn’t ACTUALLY care about the Constitution. Gingrich even goes so far as to claim that
impeachment is an assault on the idea of representing the American people, only… a) the American
people favor this. Depending on the poll, the percentage of Americans
who now support impeachment has reached a staggering 58%. Even Fox News’ own polling is showing a
majority of Americans now favor impeachment. For comparison, polling showed that 57% of
Americans supported impeachment for Nixon when he opted to resign. So to suggest that our representatives aren’t
behaving on behalf of their constituents is to have your head completely in the sand. And b) we have elected representatives in
place to know the law and defend it. So when Trump conspired with a foreign power
to interfere in our election, when he solicited dirt on a political opponent from a foreign
entity, when he engaged in a cover up to hide the evidence and instructed his officials
not to comply with legal subpoenas, he broke the law. And we fully expect that our representatives,
whose salaries our tax dollars pay, hold him accountable and do their jobs. This isn’t an assault on the idea of representing
the American people; it’s the system working as it was designed to. Also, since when is the Republican Party in
support of defending limitless presidential power, including the right to commit crimes
without fear of any congressional oversight? The extent to which the GOP has contracted
every ounce of what it claimed to once stand for, all in desperate defense of this criminal,
is pretty staggering. Any, by the way, it’s not just their support
for an authoritarian president. I’m old enough to remember when Republicans
pretended the were for family values, before lining up behind a guy who has spent more
money paying off porn stars for affairs he had while his pregnant wife was sitting at
home than most of us will even see in our lifetimes. I’m old enough to remember when Republicans
were the fiscal conservatives, before lining up behind a guy who has completely exploded
the deficit, perhaps to the point of no return. The list goes on and on. The Republican Party doesn’t stand for ideals
anymore so much as it’s just some apparatus to blindly defend Trump and anything that
he does, regardless of its legality or morality. It is nothing more than a cult of personality
that’s opted to hitch their wagon to a presidency going down in flames before our eyes. Ironically enough, Gingrich was a key player
in the demise of the modern Republican Party. If you didn’t already think that Newt Gingrich
was responsible for dragging for GOP into the bowels of politics when he impeached Clinton
for lying about a sexual act – a move so blatantly political that he LEFT Congress
shortly thereafter – rest assured he’s responsible for the destroying what’s left of it now
with his flailing defenses of Trump.

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  1. I bet that there will be a screaming of rigged election when Donnie loses….
    and I'm betting that he will yell rigged election and call for marshal law…..

  2. You better believe Tiny Hands is currently taking notes on whats going on in China right now. He won't leave without a fight

  3. When trump leaves office, you republicans wil be sorry for supporting this f ing idiot , you won't to able to tell the next democrat in the white house a f. Ing thing

  4. Looking at the the numbers in this comment section makes me wonder about the 2020 election,does anyone think that we should brace ourselves for another huge red tsunami?

  5. No Trump supporter offers any defense based on facts or even using Trump's own insane words.
    They merely hate the democratic party and it seems, democracy.
    The debt, trade wars, real wars, abandoning allies, attacking our friends, making nice to bloody dictators and kleptocratic leaders.
    Which of those are core republican values? Historically none were, and yet…. Now all of them are what republicans are today.

  6. When Newt impeached Clinton, he started with a full floor vote of the House (as is precedent). They also cited a statue that they believed Clinton violated. Complete night and day differences from what Pelosi is doing.

  7. Chris Wallace needs to stay at Fox News until things change because he’s the last voice of honest journalism they have.

  8. impeachments are not coups. Coups happen quickly-like the dems storming the WH or having trump killed. Or the French storming the bastille.

  9. Without hypocrisy, there'd be no GOP. Where was your conscience when McConnell killed the Garland appointment to the SC? The GOP has no soul. Party above country. Win at all costs. Well, we're seeing the costs.

  10. "Unconstitutional coup d'eta" what a load of rubbish from Gingrich. My, My, Mr (Gingrich) different era-you were too happy to call for Clinton's getting impeached, now your conclusion are totally different but the situation is not dissimilar but worse from other Presidents that got impeached! Stick to your principles not the party .

  11. I see Newt crawled out of his hole to malign Democrats and especially Ms. Pelosi. Hey, Newt!! Are you using the fake tanning crap too?? White around the eyes!! Nobody gives a crap what you have to say. You are a fool. You are not relevant.

    !!!😳⚾♥️GO YANKEES ♥️⚾😳!!!

  12. "…whom I greatly respect…"?
    If he wasn't being sarcastic, there goes any respect I might have had for Chris Wallace.

  13. Newt is very aptly named bcuz he sure is a lizard. He went after Clinton over a cum stained dress and now he has a problem with a Trump impeachment when his crime and corruption is worse than all previous presidents combined. The hypocrisy is absolutely sickening. Talk about your double standard. Too bad the republican base is too stupid to think for themselves because they will swallow any bullshit their shameless representatives feed them. America has become a world wide joke. Blatant obvious lies have become the norm and it's pathetic. Worst country on the planet. You are a disgrace to the rest of us law abiding democracies. Shame on you

  14. Does anybody remember just how nasty and rabid, as Dann said, that the Republicans were extremely nasty when impeaching Clinton. They had spittle and drool hanging out of their mouths. Anybody else remember Fox News " fair and balanced". Not even close.

  15. Newt – if most americans agreed with you, if most of our public servants agreed with you, if most of the decent countries around the world agreed with you, then I MIGHT consider agreeing with you. You're on the wrong side of history here. How does bone spurs poison so many people's souls? Amazing. Lindsey Graham is the poster image for souls sold. Weird.

  16. Representing the American people somehow meaning that Congress must bend over to a president regularly breaking the law does not make sense. This is not party politics anymore, it is fascism and they have proven they would rather demolish our democracy than play by the rules

  17. Well, the GOP has shown their true colour: black, as in 🖤 hearts. Also, this confirms my belief that those who keep supporting the worse idiot EVER to be the "leader," (sarcastic tone) of our country. Folks, we have several options: 1. hope that the House gets all the evidence needed in order to file the articles for impeachment that cannot be torn apart by the senate; 2. that ol' wattle neck aka "grim reaper," aka a$$hole has no choice based on the black/white evidence collected by the House (complaints by both whistleblowers, information disclosed by those who testified [Volker & the Ambassador,] and any others that have come to testify.); 3. That enough republican senators have the cojones to vote for conviction; or 4. The orange 🤡 pulls his head out of his big ol' ass and resigns. I also sincerely hope that any of those who are/were involved in all of this: pence, barr, guilani, etc will be either forced/fired from those positions, or in the alternative, impeached (any civil servants of the government can be impeached as well pursuant to the consitution, which means pence, barr and any others working under the orange idiot.) Those who are not government employees can be legally arrested, tried in a court and may be found guilty or aquitted (being aquitted just means that a jury did not find that there was not enough evidence to prove guilt. It does not mean "innocence.") RE: Shep Smith, I think he did the right thing by leaving "faux news," as their employees are basically additional mouthpieces for the occupier. I sure hope that he forced the powers of "faux" to give him some sort of compensation upon him leaving voluntarily. I would have, especially since it was apparent that they were "protecting" carlson, even when it was clear as day that faux news only wants people that grovel to the orange jerk.

  18. Gingrich eres in pendejo in capital letters vato and you are defending a guy that called you worst than I did, alot worst

  19. You need to understand trumpanzees and repubes, their base is low education, low knowledge, highly tribal and racist. They don't care about any of this, they don't understand. Taking Trump away from them is taking away their hate, which they love the most. And newt and every other goper knows this, therefore they play, posture and connive in interviews giving their base idiotic talking points.

  20. Trump continued to cheat on Melania after she gave birth; the louse is known for turning into Queen Victoria at the sight of a woman breast-feeding or using a breast pump.

  21. Come on someone needs to ask old Newt “what is the best position to get a blow job in a parking lot of the capital??” How can ANYONE call this fat perv “respectful”?? Family values my ass!

  22. Newt is a card carrying pathetic hypocrite. His party impeached Clinton for lying to Congress about an affair ….no treason of any sorts, but a freakin affair. Now we have an idiot for president who admits to treason, and these republicans have no backbone let alone a moral compass to stand for what's right. Say what you want Newt, at least Clinton has a better legacy than you , and the idiot in chief.

  23. You know Fox news and republikkkans are desperate when they gotta drag out old ass Newt Gingrich.😂😂😂😂😂

  24. Republicans are ruining their own party. I've heard from quite a few diehard Republicans switching sides to Democrat, libertarian, and other politcal third party's because, "I don't recognize my party anymore." That was one of the more common statements. Btw, i worked on public opinion polls about 3 years ago and they were saying that then.

  25. What's pathetic is that Gingrich was having an extra-marital affair along with Bob Livingston (Republican majority leader) when they impeached Bill Clinton for exactly the same thing. Money is what these characters are about. Ken Starr, these people say that they represent "family values," the party of "fiscal conservatism", for "states rights." Anyone that has a general knowledge of this history knows how low the party of Lincoln will go. Brian love your takes on this current criminal in the White House needs to be exposed.

  26. And while Newt was attempting to impeach Clinton he was engaged in an affair, you know cheating on his wife who later divorced him.

  27. Newt, Graham, Moscow Mitch in the last 40yrs pretty much the entire Republican Party took a wrong turn on the path of Hypocritical deceptions pushing double down on trickle down Tax cuts benefiting the 1% while the middle class has been slowly squeezed out their political direction regardless what Republicans promise their political agendas are Average American citizens and the struggling your on your own instead of We are all in this together..this is a real godly bunch right!!

  28. Next time you ever feel shameful about something, remember all the republicans with the gall to lie on TV the way they do

  29. They know that the idiots that voted for them will believe and repeat whatever they say. The Republicans have lost their minds and are as un American as an ISIS fighter.The video tape of these cowards in Congress will never be forgotten.

  30. The Wicked Witch needs to put Newt in the Cauldron, but it would just ruin the Spell, you'd end up with nothing scary, just a bunch of "RIGHT WING WUSSIES"

  31. Newt Gingrich…one of the original sociopathic, narcissistic "modern" Republicans. If you're sick of Republicans who argue and yell and repeat talking points mindlessly (and rudely), this is the guy who literally started all that back in 1992. If you don't like "divided" America, these are the guys who orchestrated it…and still do. Vote Democratic until this bunch has died out.


  33. what BS talking points no one is subverting the election. its called holding people accountable for their actions anyone who believes newts points is a moron

  34. Newt, is it a crime to impeach a man for adulterous behavior, but not ok to impeach a crooked criminal in all aspects of life?

  35. Gingrich is the king of sleaze and hypocrisy, and that's saying a lot in his line of business. Slimy Newt led the charge against Clinton, declaring loudly (and endlessly) that the President had to be held to "certain standard" of ethics and impeached. Clinton's violations were having an affair with an intern and then lying about it. Even as Gingrich was waving the "family values" banner and trying to take Clinton down, he was cheating on his wife, who was in treatment for cancer. Now Gingrich has nothing to say about Trump, who has a long and continuing record of cheating and lying, with women and in business. Good for FOX news to have at least one person brave enough to allude to Gingrich's outrageous hypocrisy.

  36. Damn, republicans are just sorry excuses for human beings, lying sacks of shit, truly deplorable and totally anti American.

  37. Newt Gingrich's a complete idiot …he's got his tongue sooo far up Trumps ass Newt can taste what Trump had for breakfast

  38. All balanced viewpoints on FAUX News will end by Q1 2020 to sow bait for the narrow minded audience.

  39. Poor Wallace. With Shep gone he's the lone voice of reason on that network. That must be like a sole adult working at a day care while all the kids are on a sugar high.

  40. Newt impeached Clinton for having an affair, while newt was having an affair at the time. The house reprimanded newt for using a charity organization for political gain, and he resigned.

  41. The only thing that disgusting newt deserves is to have his tongue cut out and his fingers chopped off so he can't communicate anymore.

  42. Who the f*ck are these selfie-saved Christian morons continuing to support these criminals?And what does the main character in the writing they swear they believe in says about hypocrites??

  43. It’s funny how ppl act when there pointing a gun at someone and how they act when the gun is being pointing at them!!

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