Fox News Awkwardly Cuts Off Republican Senator Attacking Trump
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Fox News Awkwardly Cuts Off Republican Senator Attacking Trump

January 11, 2020

Republican Senator Mike Lee from Utah was
certainly not happy with the Senate briefing on a ran yesterday and he decided that he
wasn’t going to hold back and he was going to let the entire world know it and Fox news,
assuming that no Republican would ever criticize Donald Trump was actually airing. Mike Lee’s
rant about their briefing live on air, but then when they realized that he was attacking
Trump and not supporting him, they tried to awkwardly cut away from it as if they had
other things to do. Here’s the clip. Take a look at what happened.
Now I find this insulting and demeaning, not not personally, but to the office that each
of the 100 senators in this building happens to hold. I find it insulting and I find it
demeaning to the Constitution of the United States to which we’ve all sworn an oath. It
is after all the prerogative of the legislative branch to declare war. Article one section
eight makes that very clear. Alexander Hamilton in Federalist number 69 made clear that this
was a sharp contrast from the form of government that we had prior to the revolution. A form
of government in which the executive, the King had the power to take us to war. He did
not need the, the parliament to weigh in on it, to support it. That was the Parliament’s
job after the fact, after we had gone into war. This Hamilton explain in Federalist 69
it’s exactly the reason why this power was put in article one, section eight in the branch
of government, most accountable to the people with the most regular intervals. When we send
our brave soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines… Alright, we’ll will continue to monitor this.
Every Senator is coming out now and giving us their take on all of this. We’ve got the…
, What’s funny about that to me is that Neil Cavuto is typically pretty good on the air,
not necessarily as content, but the way he handles himself, right? He doesn’t get shaken
very frequently, and so right there at the end when he’s like, ah, yeah, we got a, we’re
gonna blah blah blah. That’s all folks, I guess? He didn’t even know what to say. He
was confused. He was a little scared because nobody expected a Republican to come out and
say, this was the worst briefing I’ve ever seen in my entire life, which is one of the
things that Republican Mike Lee had to say. Rand Paul, to his credit, even though he’s
a horrible human being, also came out and said, yes, I, I don’t believe anything.
They said this was a horrible briefing. And then of course on top of all of that, we had
Donald Trump’s incredibly slurred speech about the entire matter. The facts are the Republicans
are lying to us much like they did with a rock. They’re lying to us again saying there
were imminent threats. Okay, well can we see these threats? Can we see the intelligence?
And they say, no, no, you can’t. You can’t see the intelligence because as Mike Pence
said, we don’t want to give you everything we have because that could then compromise
some of our, some of our sources here. So we’re going to hide, you know, the most important
information, right? It’s not because it totally doesn’t exist. It totally does. Mike Pence
tells us, you just can’t see it much like with Iraq. Oh yeah. We have all this evidence
of weapons of mass destruction and we’re gonna show you a little bit of it, you know, and
maybe not be so convincing, but Hey, the real stuff, that good stuff, we keep that locked
away for ourselves. Cause you know, we don’t want to compromise
anybody. We want to keep our sources safe. And that’s why Rand Paul and Mike Lee were
both like, yeah, this, this doesn’t fly. We’ve seen this show before and we have, you know,
17 years ago, not even that long ago. It’s so they were angry. And that’s good. We need
everybody to be a little bit angry right now about this issue. We need to make sure that
we do not get into yet another unwinnable, endless war in the middle East. And right
now it appears that Donald Trump may have backed off Iran, at least for the time being.
They struck back, didn’t kill any U S a citizens. So Trump seems to be okay, and let’s hope
that we leave it at this. Let’s hope that it does not escalate any further, but if Trump,
since his trouble on the horizon, if he needs another good distraction, he now knows that
he has that Iran card in his back pocket. And as we’ve seen from the last week and a
half, he is clearly not afraid to play it. Unlike Fox news, who will now be afraid to
play any clip from Mike Lee for the foreseeable future.

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  1. Why do people keep calling FOX Entertainment, News. They themselves made sure they were designated as Entertainment.

  2. I watched the full clip. Don’t forget Mike Lee said the briefers urged them not to question war with Iran because a public debate would embolden our enemies.

  3. The only reason US hasn't go to literal shit is that the world is a little more sane that the Clown in the WH and has try to mitigate his actions, or they just laugh at him, sometimes both.
    But even Saints cant have infinit patients, get him out before its too late.

  4. They have nothing!! Fox fake news viewers need to look that show up I'm so glad I did! I was so angry ive been snowed for years by that fake news network and their republikkkan propaganda

  5. to be fair fox so called news cuts off donald trump weirdo ass interviews the same way😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  6. You know it's bad when Fox News isn't willing to let the full clip go and cuts it off so suddenly. Can't let their sheeple hear a point-of-view that might disagree with that of Trump. That might make people turn away from Trump.

    But despite the ridiculousness of it, this is a good thing. It shows that despite the 24/7 misinformation drive that Fox is peddling there are times when the truth pierces through and they are so terrified that they are willing to just cut it off keep people from hearing it. This shows that if we simply keep pushing then no barrier can hold back the truth, and both Fox and Trump know it. They know the damn could burst at any time and they are trying to plug any leaks. This is a sign of their weakness and we need to make sure we take advantage of that weakness by constantly reminding Trump supporters that they are not as unified as they think they are.

  7. Yeah, but didn't he lick Trump's butthole for like five minutes before saying this stuff? I seem to remember seeing that in the longer version of this interview.

  8. Trump was severely suffering from withdrawal after 2 weeks at maralago partying and sharing the country's secure secrets with anyone who paid a big "membership fee"

  9. The Republicans today in this Trump-ist have been shamelessly reduce to a "crystal clear" joke of a party. People who don't see that are "WILLFULLY" ignorant!🙄💔🇺🇸

  10. When he met with queen Liz he told her he had a plan to distract from prince pedo Andrew.
    He has always thought of himself as a king. King Agolf twitler bombed Iran. No need to talk it over with anyone.

  11. Caputo's producer was screaming, "Cut to break." The scream was so loud you could hear it through Caputo's earpiece.

  12. 2 Senators Are Disgusting Insulted by Outrageous Attack in Iran I knew It was No Intelligence by Killing Someliani,Was No Evidence Proof "Imminent Attack" VP Pence Lied Quickly there's News Trump is Hiding Costs Taking Trips all over the world & Secure his Family,as for Illegal Attack this I say it's Baseless Allegation Remember 02 back in Bush administration He lied to Start a war Now in 2020 it's Deja Vú Trump is Impulsive Man he'll do whatever it takes just get a Leverage in his Rallies & Campaign don't fall for it

  13. We have MAXIMUM sanctions on them for totally dubious reasons. Their people are suffering, just like Venezuela. This isn't over and things will eventually get bad. We still want regime change in Iran so they can bend to our will. We are doing this with the blessings of Israel and Saudi Arabia. Israel may do a false flag to draw us into war. The plane crash may have been done by Israel.

  14. 🤔Lol Republicons and they're
    Fox 🕸Netscapes, and caravans are all pissed off and triggered by how the Honorable Mike Lee's refusals to plays their 1980's and Bushed weapons of massive "Hide and "Seeks distractions games.
    .🤗😊sadd 😄☺️yep

  15. Ukrainian plane, perhaps shot down by the Iranian military using missiles from Dumpy Skanky Trumpy's buddy, Putin the murderous dictator of Russia.

  16. this country run by rule of law.americans are held responsible,trump didn t follow the' an con's do we get in a war for taking him out now.glad he' s gone,but

  17. My god this is frightening, Anybody who cheers on war should be the first to go & take their family . When I was young I knew a Ukrainean family who told the horror of the early 1940’s in their country. Or a close relative whose house is hit by a flying bomb in London in 1944.

  18. What about that airliner heading to Ukraine that was shot down leaving Iran after their missile attacks in Iraq? Was it the US thinking Iran needed to be punished again?

  19. Trump proves daily money can't fix stupid or buy intelligence. He can't speak or spell correctly , he's a moron. The world laughs at this clown POTUS.

  20. I expect all Trump supporters and their children over 17 to report to the nearest recruiters office and enlist to fight for glorious leader.

  21. The call came down from management telling him to cut the feed because God forbid they make the man baby in chief angry and he sends out 10 or 20 mean tweets about them.

  22. Sorry about your luck for being honest and decent for a change Michael Lee! Now that King Trump is in power bow down before your master, the Constitution no longer matters, His Highness has decreed, now serve!

  23. Sad thing about Mike Lee is even with how mad he was, he is still fully owned by Trump and will do anything Trump says.

  24. Trump lies and almost starts a war because of hia tantrum. His base continues to get on all four to take it from Trump, open their mouths and eat his lies. Shame on faux and the repukes that enable his sorry behind.

  25. Leggs Coulter has an interesting take on this. I know; I know; it’s Ann Coulter. She wrote that no Iranian has ever killed an American on US soil. Only those participating in US meddling in Middle East affairs have been harmed. She concluded that Iran does not pose a significant threat to us and that the assassination was over the line

  26. I mean, trump isn't the one fighting the war, he'll just let the troops do it. He can play boss in his oval office.

  27. The degree to which Faux Propaganda will defend Trumplethinskin is nothing short of nauseating. What, are they afraid that he'll see something negative about him on their channel and send them a nasty tweet?

  28. This senator spoke of the constitution because he is well read, he has respect for it. As for the rest their loyalty is with trump. fox cannot handle the truth, after all they are a republican propaganda machine.

  29. Faux doesn't want the truth about Trump to ever come out, but what they don't understand is that we all know the truth, and that is that Trump is a dangerous lying egomaniac.

  30. I think you give those two more credit than they deserve. Where was their constitutional prowess when it was found out Trump extorted Ukraine and abused his power? They were up Trump's colon defending him.

  31. Oh good Lord. Fux "News" can't have truth and reality poisoning their lies and trump propaganda.

  32. The C students are in charge.
    D list. Everybody gets that, right?
    80% of Trump's "best people" have
    quit, bee fired or. indicted.
    The replacements have gotten
    worse. Are we on our fifth
    National Security Advisor?
    That's not like replacing the dude
    who cleans your gutters.
    Acting. Everybody is an "acting"
    department head. Nobody wants to commit.
    So they do the bare minimum and wait
    for a way out or another "acting" to
    step in. Nobody is qualified. I hear
    45 is looking for a new Defense Secretary
    on Craig's List. No experience necessary.
    The B squad is on the field.
    The amateurs. The fifth stringers.
    All substituting for somebody.
    "Here, sit behind this desk."
    "Some people are coming. Just
    sit there and look busy."
    "But I don't know anything about
    Economics! What
    if somebody asks a question?"
    "Just make up something. Works
    fine around here."

  33. Well, at first I was not too impressed with Senator Lee’s comments but upon reflexion, I bow to his historical comments and his reality of the facts. My mistake.

  34. I as a very loyal American (born) here will not watch Fox news at any time . It is a waste of time to hear so much malarkey and Jebber jabber . And on top of that ,Fox News and other enterprise belong to a Australian Billionaire business man and a Royal Prince from the Suddan . Most likely big Donaters and friends to many Congressmen ( Republicans) who are lower class type of individuals , not all . Some do have morals of judgement as what is correct or not

  35. Fox want to keep their sources safe. …..I thought Fox not news thought hiding the whistle blower identification was absolutely horrible.

  36. This dude didn't attack Trump he soft shoed his way through something he knew was wrong. I guess the nation should feel grateful that he at least gave it a shot.

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