Fox News Fool Wants Trump To Be King
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Fox News Fool Wants Trump To Be King

October 17, 2019

>>Increasing number of Republicans are arguing
that Donald Trump should be treated as a king, and the latest individual is Joe Digenova,
who was previously considered as one of Donald Trump’s lawyers, but there was a conflict
that prevented that from happening. When news of Ukraine came up that was nixed
in the White House. But nonetheless, Joe Digenova goes on Fox,
on Laura Ingram’s show specifically, and he makes this case.>>What you’re seeing is regicide. This is regicide by another name, fake impeachment. The Democrats in the House want to destroy
the president. They don’t want to preserve the Republic. There’s nothing honorable about what is happening. We get first one anonymous informant, then
a second anonymous informant, I refuse to call them whistleblowers. These two non-entities are suicide bombers
that the Democrats have unleashed on the democratic process. It’s pretty obvious that this first suicide
bomber who sent that complaint to the Inspector General was a paid democratic operative of
the democratic party.>>You mean political suicide bomber, obviously,
before we start getting people messaging, you really meant suicide, get a sense of humor,
okay? If you still think that then you really should
watch another show when we have to spell it all out for you.>>So before we get into the disgusting rhetoric
that was used in that clip, I do want to just quickly note that the Inspector General for
the intelligence community specifically weighed in, released a statement, which is rare and
unusual, released a statement on the whistleblower, and his or her political leanings. The statement specifically said that that
person’s political ideology played no role. There was no bias involved in the formal whistleblower
complaint, and by the way, the whistleblower complaint doesn’t even matter. What matters is the transcript. Now, I know we have a summary of the transcript,
but that’s summary of the transcript that was released by the White House is damning,
okay, and no one knows who this member of the intelligence community is, no one. They’re just preemptively smearing this individual
because they’re going after their dear leader, in the case of Digenova, a king.>>Yeah, so let’s break it down. First of all, this great irony. The reason is, Anna partly explained to you
guys, that Digenova couldn’t be Donald Trump’s lawyer is because he was helping one of Manafort’s
associates. In other words, he was a lawyer for one of
the people that were involved in the Ukrainian corruption.>>Mm-hm.>>How do you like that for irony, right? We’re really concerned about corruption in
Ukraine. That’s why I was gonna hire the guy who’s
defending the guys who were corrupting Ukraine. And Jeff Ward comes on and Fox News is like,
you were helping the corrupt people in Ukraine? That’s perfect irony. Come on, on, and we’ll pretend we’re really
concerned about corruption in Ukraine while we brought out a lawyer who’s attempting to
corrupt people in Ukraine. Hilarious, hilarious. Okay, so now, but let’s talk about what he’s
saying. Regicide means, killing a king, not a president. Definition, is king. And so, he’s just saying it. He’s saying it out loud, well of course, they
don’t believe in democracy. These guys are fascist.>>Yep.>>Through and through. Okay, then move on to the next choice of words
he used. See, he said, I refuse to call them whistlebrowers,
they’re informants. Does that really make it better? Informants means that you’re informing on
a criminal activity.>>We don’t like information.>>Yeah, no and law enforcement, they’re bread
and butter is using informants against mob figures, against drug dealers, against murderers. That’s what a informant is, and this idiot
who is a lawyer that Trump was considering hiring as his lawyer comes out and goes, no,
no, no, Trump is totally innocent. I can’t believe these, I gave them the Trump
hands. Anyway, I can’t believe that these informants
are turning evidence with law enforcement. That sucks.>>Yeah, and then he later refers to them,
of course, as suicide bombers.>>So now I’m getting to that. Now let’s break that analogy down. So one, suicide bombers die. So, that’s an interesting way to refer to
them. Two, they take their job is to blow things
up, and are there terrorists? So, we have laws protecting whistleblowers
for good reason, cuz we don’t want the government to be above the law, and if the there’s evidence
that someone in the government, and not just the president, anyone in the government, is
doing something wrong with, they killed someone, they broke a law, whatever it might be, that’s
why we have whistleblower protections. Now, these thug fascist go on fox news, and
say, yeah, okay goddamn informants, trying to blow us up, okay, I guess they’re gonna
die along with it, okay suicide bombers. Now that’s not an accident that you’re using
that, and Laura Ingrim clarified that there are political suicide bombers. I’m glad she did that actually, cuz with Fox
News audience, I mean, other people in the Fox News audience have heard rhetoric like
that and went and tried to kill people, and if you notice Digenova didn’t play along with
that at all. He didn’t back that up. He almost seemed to shake his head when she
was mentioning that. So, okay, so all of this is in service of
their beloved king who they know is corrupt, and that’s why they call the people against
him informants. They hate law enforcement, they hate rules
of law, and law and order. They just wanna be able to get away with their
crimes. That’s who they are.>>And I just want to note that the right
wing is notorious for making this argument that the second ammendment is necessary, and
a lack of gun laws is necessary in order to protect the American people from a tyrannical
government. So they’re disingenuous about all of that. We know for a fact it’s all about the NRA
money. It’s all about the corruption that they’re
guilty of. It’s all about protecting their own special
interests, while at the same time pushing for authoritarianism, like he referred to
Trump as a king. It’s disgusting.>>They never believed in democracy.>>No.>>Those guys, Digenova, Guiliani, Laura Ingrim,
they’re all deeply un-American. They don’t believe in democracy at all. They don’t believe in rule of law. They just believe in power. We have the power, we use it to oppress people. Historically, that’s exactly what the right
wing in this country have done, and they want to do it again, and one of the things that
they’re absolutely terrified of, and that’s why they hated Obama so much, and why they
love Trump so much is, my God, minorities now are rising as a percentage of the population,
and we might have to treat them equally. Ugh, instead of having being able to oppress
them. That is why they are now talking of kings,
and talking about, and who cares about the constitution and impeachment proceedings. Donald Trump is going around and his stupid
allies are going around saying impeachment are unconstitutional.>>My God.>>Well, that’s funny, because it’s kind of
in the Constitution. I mean, they’re making absurd arguments like
this, cuz they don’t believe in democracy. It was a thing that they used to oppress others
and to lord over them, and now that they’re going to lose a their majority in their opinion,
and according to the facts, well then screw democracy, no voting rights, voter suppression,
screw the Constitution, we got a king.>>Yeah.>>All right, thank you for revealing who
you really are, authoritarian fascist to your core.

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  1. When are you going to report that the2nd “Whistleblower” worked for Joe Biden when he was VP.
    This is another Democrat circus and the usual clowns are running the show. This is going to be a hilarious disaster to watch unfold.
    All Hail King Trump

  2. If I was a "suicide bomber" like the idiot calls it, I think everybody knows that I would not write a long ass report…….

  3. Trump is the 'poster child' of why America fought England and got rid of the Monarchy!
    And what a dirtbag this guy is, comparing the whistleblower to a suicide bomber.
    But shows how deep the hatred of America runs through Trumpers (many would make him King, sadly!).

  4. Nope! That's not a sense of humor!
    Those are well though & calculated word to make the Dems look like political terrorist so they brain wash the right & Trump hard core base.

  5. I don't see much problem with "regicide". We are supposed to have a President; not a King or Regent. Didn't the Revolutionary War rid us of a King? If we find we have a regent or king at this time – our political origins say get rid of him. Let's maintain that tradition.


  7. He was a US Attorney WTF!!!! How the hell did he ever get given that role. Aren't they supposed to be 'stable' people? He's off his head.

  8. Bitch it’s not about sense of humor, you know damn well that language is propaganda and it drives political discourse to target legal avenues for justice. Obama went after whistle blowers too. If you close up our first amendment rights, even the left wing will become 2nd amendment supporters.

  9. The fact that idiots like this are employed while my master's degree has gotten me seven years and counting in the NYC homeless shelter system is proof that meritocracy is a lie.

  10. This country is filled with Peck's like these three, they create monster to fight later on in war…that's why they are always afraid.

  11. Oh so now you’re worried about the constitution? It seemed like you didn’t really give a shit about the constitution win the second amendment was being talked about. Are we back to picking and choosing what parts of the constitution we like again?

  12. It is amazing how rightwing attack left leaning people as falling into personality cult when rightwing literally just fallen into the biggest personality cult they could LUL

  13. Republican's plan from the start was to exploit the Democratic system to place their far-right totalitarian guy in power, then find some way to leave him in power indefinitely. Watch them closely.. Republicans should be looking for a way to get rid of Congress any day now, be it a "mysterious fire" or whatever, while blaming Democrats for it (the same way they accuse Democrats of "cheating during elections" but it's merely a smokescreen to take attention from their operatives that alter absentee ballots in places like North Carolina to steal elections), so then Trump can claim "emergency powers" to abolish all other political parties, and declare himself the "fuhrer" of the U.S.A. Guess where they got the idea? Watch them VERY closely.. they'll do anything to stay in power indefinitely. Anything..

  14. Isn't it interesting how "elect-ability " has been shifted….. to the candidate with the most money? The ONE thing that we will NEVER be able to really compete against, because the rich will ALWAYS have more money than the rest of us.

  15. Read up on the Fall of the Roman Republic. I’m a little worried about Trump trying to pull a Ceasar. Worse he might be able to pull it off. Ceasar was facing the Roman equivalent of impeachment. The political situation in Rome, is similar to our current situation. Some of the more extremists views. Like stacking SCOTUS, Gun Confiscation. Now taxing churches, to force them to tow the liberal line. The pressure cooker, is definitely in the yellow, nearing red. Trump needs to be impeached. Need to be careful though

  16. I am awfully grateful that my time here on earth is coming to a close. With the average life expectancy being 79, I am 72… going on 73 in February. I am so damn tired of politics as usual. It sickens me to no end. My only regret will be of not being around when Babylon, aka the USA, crumbles as Rome once did. Good riddance!

  17. Didn't the Prez already basically admit being the authorship of the transcript. And isn't that slander that we just heard..,.?And and AND!!! There isn't denial, just a its a plot. Well, shouldn't the Prez have Hus opportunity to deny? No, why not? Oh the Dems want to unseat him….sorry, should he have a pass?. No? I'm sorry, unless he runs and wins, his lane duck time period will be in full swing. So what good would a plot dio it won't have anything to effect. And frankly I'm tired of the misinformation and patent manipulation either you trust in the system., or you try to skirt it. As in support or don't.why can't thus bull be not given platform? Make em use Twitter, if its good enough for Trump…especially when everything else is supposed fake news, except when it helps the Prez, right?

  18. Calling regicide but the real irony is that he’s saying that democrats don’t want to preserve the republic? Didn’t he just refer to Trump as a king? Monarchies aren’t republics…🤦‍♂️

  19. Conservative logic.

    1. We fight against tyranny.
    2. But if the tyrant promotes and validates our bigotry then we support him.

  20. And here we thought we'd rooted out all the Tory roaches during the American Revolution. Apparently, we missed a nest.

  21. Thank you Cenk and Ana for saying this, not enough people are saying this or even realize it yet. The republicans and their assorted corrupt individuals have been gradually eroding democracy by eliminating or discrediting any group, media, or organization that investigates. There is the concerted effort to “kill the messenger” instead of discussing the message.There are analogies towards Trump being a king, the “Chosen one” WTF???, a “third term president”, and others. Terminology is being used by the Republican Congress and Trump, such as “ proclamation” instead of “ executive order”.

    In all of this, why do the Republicans in the collective Congress want to keep Trump in office, a narcissist who makes statements about himself like “my great and unmatched wisdom” and “stable genius”, who compulsively latches onto conspiracy theories and tries to make them into public policy or investigations, who reveals classified information, who never met a dictator he didn’t love and is a patsy for, who is a general fool frankly.

    I thinkTrump is the most dangerous to our country in terms of our overseas relationships. Why is he sending all that armament and thousands of soldiers to “protect” very wealthy SAUDI ARABIA against Iran (do we see how Trump is creeping up to that war with Iran? I have seen this movie before) but actually causes the deaths of our allies the Kurds – children blown in half, losing limbs, ( both actually happened) because Trump gave the green light to Erdogan to go ahead.
    I am sick in my heart and head, and wish that this was not happening. I would love for Trump to have been a great president, a mentally balanced one. He is neither.

  22. That's unconstitutional, Article 1 section 9 clause 8 of the US Constitution. Any US lawyer and law maker should know this…except Trump clowns.

  23. Do they know how a modern Kingdom works in a modern world?
    In Europe there are 7 remaining Kingdoms: U.K., Holland, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Spain. In addition there are 4 principalities: Luxembourg, Lichtenstein, Monaco and Andorra.
    Now, how many of these Kings, Queens, Earls or Princes have you seen at ANY negotiation tables in ANY context.
    They are "A-political", which means they can not participate in ANY political campane, discussions, negotiations etc.
    They can NOT voice any political preference in ANY direction.
    A Monark has to be a Monark for ALL subjects in His/hers domain, left, right, center, labor, socialists, tory, drug addicts, jailbirds, gay, lesbian, you name it.
    I don't have a feeling that these are criteria the Republicans have in mind for their King, nor do I think Trump are able to meet these criteria.
    A Monark doesn't govern, that's the government's and Parliament's job.

  24. Trump is a king alright he's king of the idiots.
    Seriously Joe diGenova is full of shit to compare a whistle blower to a suicide bomber.

  25. Joe Degenerate on Fox News is a Fat Slob who could not cut it in the real world. Of course when you look at anyone that works at Fox News (that was a joke by the way, people don't work at Fox News, they either poop or vomit their propaganda out) has probably never had a real job. Look at Laura Ingraham for example, could you seriously see her doing a Waitress job standing on her feet for 12 hours a day? Try not to laugh or throw up at that last example. Steve Doocy for example, does this guy look like someone who ever worked Construction? Yeah, I didn't think so. And what about Tubby Fatso Brian Kilmeade? Now there's a classic case of someone that never ever had to work for a living, let alone step on a Treadmill at the gym. And lastly, why is it that mostly Fat Rich White Bloated Men either work for, or support Trump?????  Are they all in some sort of Fatso Contest with Mr. Trump to see who can be "The Biggest Loser"????????

  26. Laura Ingram is a white supremacist. Her own brother said she always was just like their late father who was a Nazi sympathizer.

  27. It is deeply… DEEPLY… saddening, that this 'Trump for King' buisness has to be spelled out… but it does.
    If you think rusted on political beliefs are bad – try rusted on rulers!

  28. Trump: King of the Republic!

    That says everything about the Cult of Trump.

    Trump is the Suicide Bomber blowing up Common Decency and Civility.

  29. This guy is more unhinged than most of the idiots that show up on any fox (faux) news(?) program! Regicide is the killing of a king! orange boy doesn't qualify.

  30. He used accidentally used a word that properly said is referring to a king so where gonna say “Fox News Fool Wants Trump To Be King” and then spend the rest of the time talking about how republicans are “anti democratic fascist” without any evidence to back it up.Its actually hard to watch TYT.

  31. trump said send that woma nback here to the uk so we can jail her for killing that lad, tyhis proves they dony care about the law

  32. I am almost 100% sure the US will not make after 2020 or 2024 as 1 nation. The Republicans that support Trump will carve up their country and the US will end as we know it.

  33. Everything goes back to that seminal paper that said minority numbers are rising in America. That pretty much got the wasps and kkk and yahoos riled up and scared. They are doing their best to stay on top, trumpee is fighting their battle by using immigration department for stopping the inflow of new immigrants(legal ones with visas) many of whom are non Whites. Thanks tyt for showing that angle.

  34. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE!!!!! LET HIM BE KING!!! and then we do what the french did to their last king, now that would be good for the country

  35. Nazi Fox News will always twist the truth and lie and as far as Donald Duck Trump being King someone's forgot to lock the sane Asylum up.

  36. The first American King, he'd also be the first American King to be immediately assassinated along with his entire family by the US Military

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