Fox News: Obama Answers to Koran 1st, to Constitution 2nd
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Fox News: Obama Answers to Koran 1st, to Constitution 2nd

October 9, 2019

also another fox news clip not it’s fine but probably more disturbing erica bowling saying that president
obama clearly answers first to the koran and to the constitution second kind of
bringing into things conservative constitutional fetishes and
combined with anti-muslim rough uh… racist based anti-obama sentiment all wrapped into
one this is courtesy of media matters take a look at this way to bring this guy in for questioning protested courtrooms that the obama administration to relist
appeasement in the college icing and too how bob beckel is kind of like the
liberal on there and he have to go on there and kind of
argue against this nonsense and pretend to do it in a wayward click on the one
hand on the other hand type stuff i i find it all very sad i mean it’s it’s
actually far worse than robert kennedy and calms rosa kennedy and then calms
kind of makes the week liberal argument has made the kind of not look that good
it’s even worse with bob bob beckel here and it’s really sad but putting that
aside uh… what what is a rippling talking
about and literally rapping in of a whole bunch of right wing
conspiracy theories and obsessions into one statement he has it but listens to
the crime as opposed to the constitution where we’re gonna touch on this a little
bit in the bonus you know but uh… at least there’s someone there
to uh… to call about i mean because if you if you let someone say that and then there’s no there’s no rebuttal
at all uh… they’re gonna be a lot of people
listening who just said who’s at the thing is that soak it in and beckel is there to rebut it in a way
that it’s kind of like always just crazy liberal bob beckel hill rebut anything
but we should really all the believing the stuff he’s rebutting you noted that
the context is that so i feel like it’s it’s kinda pointless well i guess is been set up that way
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  1. News alert: Fox News makes outrageous claims that incites controversy, and have no real evidence to back themselves up…
    Wait a minute, this isn't new!

  2. What Conservatives need to understand is that the uglier they are to Obama, the less support they have outside of their ignorant base.

  3. Haha yeah, but they used to bend the truth, imply things that weren't true, didn't fix their mistakes, etc. Now they're just outright telling people that he pledges his allegiance to the Koran. It's just a totally fictional universe now.

  4. I hope you mean the ones that claim to speak for all Republicans. The Republican voters I've know (I'm a Liberal Dem) are decent people who are more open-minded than we are led to believe by these blowhards on Fox (not really the) News.

  5. Actually in plenty states in america you cannot marry. Marriage you see, is a legal status. A status a gay person will never be able to get, because of who they are.
    In the constitution there IS a little thing concerning discrimination and even now someones preference for the same sex is considered a legitimate reason to deny someone a job.
    He isnt allowed to live within his means, the same way others are. That's the problem.
    Actually your entire comment is so full of fail, it's kinda nauseating

  6. Hannitty was a pitbull vs Colmes, a chihuahua. Bob B is 4 against 1, which is what Faux News calls 'fair & balanced'. He is inadequate to the challenge, his frustration of ineptitude showing itself every time he has to be bleeped.

  7. If he said that then, and you agree with it, then why don't you agree with his many discussions of his christian faith?

    It seems like your argument of convenience here is problematic.

  8. Remember how in Al Franken's "Lying Liars" book he always had Colmes's name printed in a really tiny font size next to Hannity's? That always cracked me up.

  9. For all you misinformed liberals….Islam is not a RACE. It is a religion combined with a political ideology. I know you guys like to smugly say that conservatives are "ignorant" but have you even read the koran like I have? And yeah, I'm "intolerant" to that so called religion. But intolerance is not always a bad thing. Are tolerant to the KKK? Or the Nazi party? I'm sure you would treat a skin head with a swastika tattood on his forehead a bit differently than most other people.

  10. Seriously? Gays don't need Govt. approval, they want the same rights to have a contract with each other, you know a piece of paper that gives equal protection under the law. As far as constitutional guarantee, if you work fore it you should be able to obtain it. Women should have the right to do with their bodies as they wish. As far as being happy within your means. How can you when you are viewed by many as 2nd class.Special rules? What makes you any more special than anyone else?

  11. sorry but most religions believe in compulsion. Catholics believe they got to convert people to save themselves and will do it. The only reason Christians dont protest and so forth, is due to their belief , anyone critical of God (mocks god etc) will end up in hell and be damned and its not sophistication in the calm composure. But most religions do demand compulsion not just Muslims. They just happen to be in power, if the Tea part or far right Christians where ruling America they would.

  12. You do miss with you claim "no need to push your values and beliefs systems upon others" is exactly what you and many like you are actually doing. Especially in your comments? Like many right wing people will oppress homosexuals and women, senators from the republican party are doing that. The idea that Gays are quite powerful, sounds like the whole paranoid mindset of the gay agenda. Gays should be able to get married, marriage isnt a white christian thing only. Its a human thing.

  13. People like me? Did you even read my comment? I said women should have the right to do with their bodies as the will. Gays are viewed as 2nd class because they are not seen as equal citizens, marriage would fix that..

  14. You would give a fuck if your wife was laying in a hospitol dying, and you didn't get to say goodbye because your marriage wasn't recognized..

  15. I've watched non western channels and when their leaders talk about Obama, they refer to him as their 'muslim brother'. If you don't believe me do some research.

  16. Paying a highter tax is worth it to get equal bebefits, and as far as your brother, he has the option unlike Gay folks.. As far as social security, you can't draw it off of your partner if they die unless you are legally married..So?? Mother-in-law deal, same as your brother, she has the option if she wants to. I'd like to know where you get getting fucked out of social security? Explain, I really am interested in what you mean…?

  17. You are still considered family, and yes this did happen to me, I lost my house belongingss, car and the person I spent 10yrs with and never got to see him even though he was begging to see me and me him. Fucked my world up and I still have problems with it. Not Sandra Fluke, I am a male and this has affected me in a very bad way. That is why I say that Gay folks are 2nd class to many people.. How would you feel if your wife begged to see you while she slowly bled to death?

  18. Who cares? Just because they say that doesn't make Obama a muslim. As if it matter what his religious beliefs are anyway?
    And how is that any different/worse than Christians in the USA calling a Christian president "brother"???

  19. Well , they cant get married in some churches (even black Christians in one church weren't allowed to get married, that's oppression) and actions being done by republicans and right wing/reactionist when they have been given the power to do so they spread hate. Its "unnatural", its predatory ,its related to pedophilla etc. That is prejudice- same bubble of oppression. Yeah its not like in Iran or Iraq with them being systematically brutalized/tortured/killed, you do get hate crimes and bullying.

  20. The whole accusation of them Running Department of Homeland is pretty paranoid. Some issues of sexual harassment etc and apparently that makes it run by lesbian cabal? Seriously that's just pure opinion. Seriously people with that view are so paranoid. You do get that most supreme court judges are Bush's lot? But just because if you had a random millionaire gay, doesn't mean he wants to conquer the world and make everyone gay. That is just pure paranoia. If you believe that then this is over.

  21. no western country wants to change their constitution, and if they do with sharia… it should be their banking system. i just dont want 'free will' taken away.

  22. His family took everything, and it was never covered in the news.. It happened in a small town in Ky..I didn't even know who Sandra Fluke was until you mentioned her.. I Googled her, what's wrong with her?

  23. Why would you not see your dying wife in a "hospital" if your marriage wasn't recognized? Your just making up more liberal bullshit just like man made global warming, and Bush being responsible for Katrina and 9/11. "Well, the trouble with our liberal friends is not that they are ignorant, but that they know so much that isn’t so."

  24. Again, you're believing what isn't so. A fool believes every lie and "fact" that is thrown at him, but an intelligent man will analyze and disect everything to find the truth.
    I looked at both sides, and I filtered out the lies from federally funded scientist and looked at what was really going on from independent scientist. Climate change is naturally occuring from solar activity. nothing else

  25. If you think CO2 (that less than %1 is even caused by humans) is responsible for climate change more than a 10 million degree ball of flaming rock that is so big 1,300,000 earths could fit into and spews out radiation, and magnetic rays out beyond our solar system, then you have got to be kidding me. I suppose the ice age, cretaceous period, jurassic period, and micro ice age was caused by some burning oil as well.

  26. Oh, and I'm sorry that our running cars is shooting out so much CO2 that it's melting the ice caps on mars too. I'd like to see you and Al Gore figure that one out in another backwards chart

  27. You're "facts" are backwards. Evidence has shown that rise in CO2 is a by product of rise of temperature. When the temperature rises, the CO2 levels do….not the other way around. over 10,000 scientist sued Al Gore for his false "fact" that CO2 levels caused rise in temperature for a reason

  28. And I fell for the man made global warming like the most of us. But I did some research on both sides before comming to a conclusion of what is real and what is not. I'm not gonna take every lie thrown at me as a fact like some simple minded fool

  29. You are just sounding like a fear monger now. This is not the bush administration! We had enough fear mongering while he was president. It is only Fox/Faux Noise that says these things just to rile up the base. Ignore them. They are wingnuts.

  30. what? That is pretty random jump to something, have no idea what that has to do with homeland security and Pedophilia isnt the same as homosexuality. If you actually ask any experts and even its definition in the dictionary
    "Paedophilla: the condition of being sexually attracted to children"
    "Homosexuality : sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one's own sex. "

  31. which ones? I do read the Bible but am not a 'hand clapper', what do you suggest? Have searched many websites, youtube etc and well… everything on the net seems to contradict every so called 'fact'. I get the feeling that this is what 'they' want, whoever 'they' are?? Any good facts you know of now? Help! 🙁

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