Frame 394: Toronto Man Entangles Himself In Police-Involved Shooting | Oscar for Documentary Short
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Frame 394: Toronto Man Entangles Himself In Police-Involved Shooting | Oscar for Documentary Short

October 10, 2019

[wind blows] [multiple gun shots fire] Reporter 1: Chilling video
released early today. Reporter 2: South Carolina
police say Officer Slager pulled over Walter Scott’s car for a
broken taillight Saturday. What happens a short time after
is all caught on video by a bystander. [gun shots fire, (video) play on
cellphone] Reporter 3: Disturbing graphic
images captured by Feiden Santana. A 23-year-old, Dominican-born
barber, who was simply on his way to work. As a result of that video and
the bad decision made by our officer, he will be charged with
murder. Reporter 4: If convicted, Slager
could be sentenced to the death penalty. He needs to know that that
wasn’t an animal that he–killed. He was my son. Reporter 5: Do you think that’s
what happened, that’s why he initially ran from police. I do think it might have been
something in his past. An outstanding warrant, maybe
for child support. But it’s still not a reason to
be gunned down. I couldn’t believe that a
traffic stop could go from a stop to a Taser to a shot. I just couldn’t believe it. ♪ ♪ [muffled audio plays on
computer] Daniel Voshart: When I first saw
the video I was pissed off, shocked, and fascinated that it
was caught on tape. I offered my video skills to
help indict the officer. Finding frame 394 was an
accident. The work that I’m doing in a
legal setting would be considered the work of an expert
witness. I am not an expert witness. Prior to a month ago, I had no
idea that this job even existed. ♪ ♪ Daniel: Sometimes I zone out
when photocopying something. I stare transfixed at a shiny
bar of light scanning over my textbook. I’m looking at this thing back
and forth and I’m trying to figure out how’s that scan
turning into a page. You open up a magazine and look
at an image, I like look at the pixel arrangement of how it’s
printed. I just obsess over all the finer
details, until it gets like granular. ♪ ♪ Daniel: And it’s that for
everything. ♪ ♪ This one was an experiment made
in 3-D software with like a fake sun, so I knew where the sun was
at any given time. Poked holes in it and projects a
dot matrix at the time of day. And then I’ve got like the final
play for like a burning man, like a giant one, but that keeps
getting pushed aside. Reporter: The officer is seen
handcuffing Scott as he remains face down after the shooting. Reporter: In addition the video
appears to capture Officer Slager planting a Taser gun next
to Scott. A cop actually planting
evidence? That’s crazy, like you never get
that on camera. Like every cinematographer, I’d
messed up enough footage, so image stabilization has always
been like part of the process. The New York Times
reported that an object was planted beside the body. I just wanted to know, was it a
Taser or was it not a Taser? I can figure this out pretty
quickly, stabilize the footage, post it to Reddit, and shit goes
bonkers. It became the most commented gif
ever posted to Reddit. I was reading what everyone was
saying about it. Lots of hatred. “This cop should fry.” Like electric chair fry. I realized like I pretty much
fuelled hatred. I didn’t like this guy but now
people want death on him. I felt pretty guilty. I knew there was important
information in all the shakiness. So if I had captured this
footage myself, and I wanted to present it to people, I would
want to make it as clear as possible in order to communicate
what happened as clearly as possible. I made a timeline of rustle on
the ground, the shooting, dropping of the Taser, going to
the body and cuffing it, highlighting key moments, all
stabilized, telling a clear narrative. I pretty much lost track of time
and my friends told me I was weird. I just wanted to know, did he
plant a Taser? Turns out he didn’t. He planted a Taser for 30
seconds. It is more like he would have
planted a Taser had a camera not been there. So why did he plant a Taser? One of my next questions was,
“Who dropped the Taser?” There’s a part in the video
where the Taser falls backwards and it’s bouncing on the ground. It’s hard to see, you’d have to
watch it four or five times to see an item–and that’s only if
you’re watching it in hi def. Most people watched it on their
iPhone or on an iPad. There’s a stainless steel part
of the handle. When it’s being thrown it’s sort
of rotating through the air, and then sometimes it’s reflecting
more the sky and it picks up as a bright patch. This frame maps one more clear
point in the ballistic’s trajectory. Which means that the officer
didn’t throw it, it means that when the officer was
unholstering his weapon that Walter Scott threw it. Michael Slager [muffled voice on
radio]:–shots fired, subject is down. He grabbed my Taser. Reporter: But did the suspect
Walter Scott really grab the officer’s Taser? Frank Piazza is an expert in
video forensics. I don’t see anything dangling
down. If there is, we sure can’t see
it. Daniel: So I built that in 3-D
because I wanted to know, does it make sense? Is it gonna feel like a thrown
item once that’s animated. This is where I start to–I feel
bad because I’m almost building a case for someone I initially
didn’t like. It is entirely possible that the
officer didn’t see the Taser being thrown. The Supreme Court states that if
you feel threatened for your life you can shoot to kill. You only have like a certain
field of vision, you don’t see the throw and you’ve already
gone for your weapon, he’s gonna think it’s a threat. As I figured this out I started
posting some of it, and generally no one cared. Reddit was great for
perpetuating the “this cop is evil” story, and it was awful
for telling the more nuanced story. You want to be able to say: this
person is evil, this person is not evil. This is not that, this is real
life, someone is kind of lying, kind of not lying. You have someone running because
it makes sense to run, but it’s against the law and then
the–it’s a mess. [phone rings] I contacted the attorney of
Walter Scott first. [phone rings] Never really heard back. And then I reached out to the
FBI– Phone Recording: To provide a
crime tip to the FBI press 9. Daniel:–which was like
basically phoning air. Andy Savage was the last person
I contacted. We’ve handled many high-profile
cases, but to me every case is important and I work hard to get
the best possible result under difficult circumstances. Daniel: He said my work was a
hundred times better than the FBI. Apparently the FBI did a sloppy
job. Any time someone flatters me, I
just assume they want something out of me. Andy wanted me to sign a
retainer, and I didn’t want to. Money influences people. I gotta keep this pure,
academic–leave money out of it, I don’t want that levelled
against me. And explaining that to people,
they’re like, “Are you out of your mind?” “It’s a job, you just take the
money, you do it, you do the thing, and then like society
goes on.” I’m like, “No!” I have a certain sell-out point,
but the truth is the foundation of everything. Andy Savage wants to meet with
me. He has information I want. The only thing I have to my
advantage to getting information out of him is that there’s
things I haven’t told him. Going to South Carolina, home of
the Civil War. I’m like techno-nerd, he’s like
lawyer-nerd, it will be a very weird conversation. ♪ ♪ The worst-case scenario is that
I make things worse. Like I start the next
conspiracy, or this somehow fuels a pro-white agenda. Or it’s like, “Ah, it
turns out this guy said this and therefore it’s true,” and
not really step through how it came to the conclusions. Because just that piece of info
on its own is so charged. ♪ ♪ Andy Savage: Everybody in
America is entitled to the same respect and the same application
of the law. We believe that firmly. That’s why we’re in this case,
not because we like Slager. We saw that a fellow lawyer
abandoned his client in a time of greatest need. We then accepted this
case–we’re not getting paid one penny. And Madam Pocketbook right
there can tell you we’ve spent over $105,000 to date. So you’re contact with us was
when we internally were starting to realize what happened. Mm hmm. Andy: You know those statements:
“White man kills unarmed black man after traffic stop,”–that’s
true. But that’s not a true
narrative–that’s a false narrative. I worry that like I fit the
narrative and therefore in your mind I’m correct. You’re a layman–hell, you don’t
even live in the United States. You have nothing to do with this
case at all–nothing. No, other than– You have not the first hour of
credit in college or law school, yet you looked at the video and
said, “Ah, there’s more to this video than what’s been
editorialized and put on TV, so let me look at the rest of it.” It’s so important that you’re
independent from the American narrative of police misconduct. Where the default position–the
presumptive decision is that if a white cop shoots a black man
it’s unlawful. I think the public perception is
that, it doesn’t–you know, there are these rules of
escalation for police and how they’re trained. But a lot of people are like,
“Well those are wrong.” You know, “He’s still shot in
the back.” If your Taser weapon is removed
from you, you lose possession and control of it–lethal force
is not only suggested, but you’re told to use lethal force
to regain that. There’s Scott’s DNA all over the
Taser. Mm hmm. You get the blood all over
Slager’s shirt. So we’re quite satisfied that a
jury will be able to see that Scott was not the angel that
they thought he was. But there’s enough on the video
where you can tell that Scott’s on top of Slager, only because
of the clothing that they were wearing. Yeah, maybe we’ll go to that
frame, because my analysis of the video is that the smear that
makes it look like Scott is on top of Slager, that’s the camera
smear that only shows up in a couple frames. In my view it was–Walter
Scott’s on his side and Slager is just slightly on top of him. And then there’s a moment of one
person getting up on the other, but–mm, yeah, I don’t know
what–yeah. Yeah, but I’d rather deal with
what he has. There’s a number of other things
in the video as well, which I have not talked about and I
haven’t mentioned. Can we go look at the video? Ah–yup, I have it on my laptop,
you can load it on the screen. Andy: And I’ve got a call into
the jail so we can’t get Slager, so you can talk to him if you
like. Just thank Dan
and all that. Woman: Dan did some
transcription of the in-car, of Micheal’s dash cam, when he did
the initial stop. So he was trying to see
if it was– Cheryl: OK. –how close his the
transcript was. OK–I do know something you
don’t know. Andy: You know a lot of things
we don’t know, Dan. What’s the latest thing you’ve
discovered we don’t know that you know. It’s not latest, the video I’m
about to show you is like, most of the work was done I think
five months ago. I’m gonna get a different video
player. Andy: So Dan, are we looking at
yours? Yeah, this is sort of the
compilation. Andy: All right. I have not
seen this. Call and see if you can find
Steve, see if he can get down here. Steve Russell? – Andy: Stop here Dan–
– Daniel: Sure. Andy:–because this is how Andy
interprets this, and I want you to correct me please. Daniel: Sure. I interpret this as two
individuals. Daniel: Yup. Andy: Neither one is standing. Daniel: Neither is standing on
their feet. Andy: But I think there’s a
point on here you can definitely see the green over the blue. Now you think that’s a smear? Andy: The bottom line for me is
contact. Now, to get Slager on the bottom
would be interesting and it would be helpful, but it’s not
necessary. We don’t need in precision in
who was on top, who was on bottom, who hit him with the
right fist to the left jaw. We don’t need all that
specifics, what we need to show, really, is the contact–that
there was an assault. So this is the point where most
of the media cuts to. I’ll just quickly jump forward,
so this is the– Andy: OK, so this is the
critical spot right here. Yeah. – Daniel: So this smear–
– Andy: Mm hmm. Daniel:–is what I think is
consistent with the–it’s like a metallic handle, and I think
that’s a glint of light off the Taser. I’m thinking back to almost like
tag when I’m a kid, you throw the object in the opposite
direction to get a running head start. If Slager saw it, he would have
had to go back and pick it up and then continue chasing. But if he didn’t see the Taser
being thrown then he would have thought Scott’s holding it. So he calls it in saying he
grabbed my Taser, but then he goes over to find out that the
Taser’s no longer there. [computer beeps] – Andy: That’s it; surprise.
– Daniel: Hello. Andy: This is Dan. Dan is the–from Toronto,
remember early on he sent us some video work? I really just wanted to talk to
you and tell you that we’re working on it–Dan came down
here on his own. He switched sides–he’s a
Benedict Arnold–he started out on their side until he looked at
the video and then he switched sides. Apparently Scott didn’t want to
hear from him anymore once he told them what the whole picture
was. Officer Michael Slager: Really. Tell him the story. Daniel: So the–originally I was
trying to, you know, make things look worse for you and that went
viral. I think there was 6,000 comments
that were not in your favour–to put it nicely. Yeah, and then I just sort of
went down the rabbit hole of what else did I miss in this
video. So what’s odd is that the
clearer the video gets the more–is innocent the right– Andy: Well– The more consistent it is with
your statements, the cleaner the video. – Andy: Right.
– Which normally– Michael: Yeah. Which normally you want a video
of a crime to not exist, or a video– Yeah, we want your video to be
the best to convey, we don’t want mud. Michael: Yeah. So what Dan has showed us this
morning is very compelling. But I’m not opposed to switching
sides again. Well, TSA might not be his
biggest problem if he says that again. Michael: All right, thank you
guys. Good to meet you Dan. Good to meet everybody. Daniel: All right, see ya. Andy: All right, look for a
maple leaf under your pillow. Michael: Ah yeah– Andy: Canadian tooth fairy. [Andy chuckles] Andy: All right. Cheryl: Bye Michael. – Michael: Bye everybody.
– Cheryl: Bye. Andy: Since April 7th he’s been
held in solitary confinement. Solitary confinement means that
he has no ability to have a social conversation with anyone. Within 30 days of his
arrest he had his only child–a little boy, Isaac. Conversation with him
today about his wife– Daniel: Yup. Andy:–is that she’s been
hospitalized recently, the majority of it is the stress of
the situation. Andy: You know, we get to know
the family, we get to know all the circumstances of their life,
other than this one event. You just have a different
perspective. ♪ ♪ Benedict Arnold–I have no idea
who that is, I still haven’t looked that up. Said it was someone who switched
sides. I don’t like that terminology of
switching sides, because I’m not on a side. I don’t want to befriend a
murderer. I haven’t told them all my work. I did give him the main bulk of
it though. Each car has a dash. So there’s gonna be recordings
of like people talking, so I would know the testimony
as it came out. I don’t have that–like, that’s
what I’ve asked Andy Savage. I don’t think he wants to give
it to me. That’s a huge problem–that’s a
huge problem. If I had all the info, I’d know
whether or not I’d want to be involved. ♪ ♪ You know a lot of people in my
generation try to put you all down, saying it was like
inconsistent with what we did–it is absolutely
consistent. Yes sir, yes sir. And it’s time–it’s been time. That’s what I’m talking about
ma’am. I’m so glad to see it. And the thing I love about you
guys is that you stay focused. Yes sir. I remember back in 1966 it was
like, “Be patient, be patient.” – Mm hmm.
– Woman: Ugh, hate those– – He died in 1822.
– Yup. Man: And ever since then they’ve
been saying, “Be patient.” Muhiyidin D’Baha: We just had
some protestors shot in Minneapolis yesterday, so we’re
taking hit left and right. Man: Yeah. You really are doing the right
thing, and the right way, just stay true to it. Yes sir, appreciate you. – Yeah.
– Thank you, thank you. – You’re in my prayers.
– Appreciate you. Enjoy, enjoy. For sure. So it’s like, I go down this
rabbit hole of like frame-by-frame, and then I
realize that Walter Scott actually threw the Taser, so he
had the Taser in his hand but he threw it in his blind spot as
he’s drawing his weapon. I don’t know this 100%, I wasn’t
there, I wasn’t in his head. Mm hmm. But it’s highly, highly likely
that he shot him in the back thinking that he had his Taser. So you get this bizarre
narrative. It is a bizarre narrative, it’s
one of those narratives that–which is interesting
because Feiden, Walter and Michael Slager, you know, are
the three people that were there. And so I like the radical
narrative. I like us being able to think
about telling stories ourselves. And then I like us to be able to
be in tune with–the reality of things at the same time. The fact that Michael Slager
pulled his trigger eight times, and the holes in the back of
Walter Scott–those are the types of things that, you know,
can’t be interpreted. With media there’s so many
different narratives that then nobody knows what the truth is. We all suddenly become really
relativistic, like the truth doesn’t really matter, as if
like the truth can be argued. There’s an element of trusting
your gut. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ Muhiyidin: The first time I saw
the video we were sitting in the car. You know there was some of the
Scott family and Mr. Santana. Hearing the shots– ♪ ♪ –and then seeing the
members of the Scott family processing it–there’s not many
words for that, you know. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ This is the vicinity. I’ve built this place digitally. I’ve moved the trees around. Weird, weird being here. [muffled voices over a radio] [muffled static] [multiple gun shots fire] [muffled voices on a radio] [muffled voice on radio] Michael [muffled voice on a
radio]:–shots fired, subject is down. He grabbed my Taser. [muffled voices on a radio] [sirens] Had this been almost any
European country, Walter Scott would not have in the back of
his mind the threat of going to jail while being pulled over. The system in Europe is,
you don’t have someone going to jail for six months, building
up child support, leaving, finding out your job is lost,
given to someone else. And then you’re poor, and then
you have court fees. Some people have reported that
he was only earning $10,000 a year. How do you pay child support
earning $10,000 a year? It’s not that he doesn’t want to
pay it, it’s that he can’t pay it. And then if he gets pulled over,
he’s going to jail? That isn’t a system that works. If the jury does take the
officer’s side, there’s certainly gonna be this
perception that justice doesn’t exist. It’s a joke if you’ve got a good
enough lawyer, if you were a cop there’s no such thing as
justice. We already know the truth, we
already know that this has been happening, this has been
happening for 400 years. It might be a colossal event for
folks that still have faith in the justice system. But this system of justice has
never been just to us. Like, this is not getting
better–it’s not getting better. More people know but it’s not
getting better. Man [voice over]: We’re getting
to a point of fatigue of trying to analyze individual videos of
individual cases arguing about, “At this moment of the video I
see this–and in this moment I see that.” Man [voice over]: We can’t keep
having that kind of argument. Democracy depends on faith in
institutions. And when you have institutions
where people begin to lose faith that those institutions will
treat them fairly, that the power
that they vest into those institutions will be equally
exercised over all citizens, then that is a danger to
democracy itself. – No justice!
– No peace! – No justice!
– No peace! Man [voice over]: We’re losing
sight of the largest sociological and historical
moment that we are witnessing as a country. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪

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  1. Dec 7, 2017 Case Update:
    Ex-police officer Michael Slager gets 20 years for Walter Scott's death

  2. You can't blame the justice system! If you can't support childrens you should be having them in the first place! You can't blame the police officer for doing his job! Run from him because your scared you can't pay the fines or whatever without consequences! What do you expect to happen

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    Its easier to choose a side, when everything seems to point in that direction.
    And most of the times, people only want a catalyst to fuel their anger, an excuse to behave outside the norm.
    This is why, mob justice is wrong or mislead in most of the cases.

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  8. I'm way late to the party. Who fired the taser? It was discharged before being thrown as the dart wires are clearly seen as the cop pulls his gun.

  9. My first question is why this damn lawyer has poured 100000 dollars into this case for free..Nothing's for free,especially in the USA.. And then that hillbilly lawyer saying he switched sides..You want to know the's not about sides..That Canadian young man has a good head on his shoulders..

  10. No matter.. your missing the point that the cop was in no danger the guy was running away from him when he shot him in the back 6 times.
    I think cops should have rubber bullets rather than live amo..

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  13. The end was the most intriguing to me. Both sides are right. I am an LEO, regardless of whether Slager thought the man had his tazer or not and regardless of what their policy is with the man running away he posed no threat to Slager whatsoever, so their was no need or justification for Slager to shoot the man. It is not worth it to take that chance to take someone's life. It just doesn't matter.

  14. And there it is…how can he afford child support on 10k a year? Well, we end up supporting them. How is it he is unable to pay for his kids but I am able to pay for his inability to control himself? A very wise person once said, "if you can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em."

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  17. There's an assault but doesn't suppose any physical harm to the police officer. So, no matter how you look at it, a guy running away from you does not represent a threat and nobody (police officer or not) has the right to take a man's life over an infraction. It's neither a proportional punishment nor a professional way to proceed as law enforcement. Michael Slager's solitary confinement VS Walter Scott's non-existence… yeah, pity Michael Slager, right?

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    if i’m ever in a situation where the world is against me, PLEASE send me a brilliant nerd angel with morals!

  19. On the very first day that this video hit the news I noticed that the taser line was running from the cop towards Mr Scott, as though, only a moment before, they had been fighting over control of the taser, which seemed to support the officer's statement. Then everyone said the officer killed Scott and planted the taser on him and I was like… "Okay, I guess I'm missing something here", because surely there were highly qualified experts who viewed this, who were also able to determine whether or not Slager's story was true. After watching this video, I'm once again questioning what really happened here… and I get the distinct feeling that, had that video started just a single second earlier and captured what Scott and the officer were doing in that moment… officer Slager would be a free man today.

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    Looked like they wrestled with it and the victim slapped it away.
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    I do nor know if the shooting was a racial thing, or just another arrogant killer cop who thought the blue line would back him up.
    Either way, the cop got off lucky. Had I been that judge, I would have put him away for life.

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  26. Wow its sad there only 800 comments on this. I think the video is very clear, the tazer falling behind him, the cop not knowing do the extreme stress of the situation, the guy running away, cop not knowing he has tazer, cop shoots, guy drops with no tazer, cop freaks out picks up tazer and plants. The whole thing is so crazy but it was justifed by the shooting. But because of riots and the news and making it politacal they had to find a scape goat and convict. Sad a mother lost a son who got shot and a little boy of the cop lost a dad in prison, very very sad.

  27. Truth has no agenda.
    The search for truth should not be sought with a biased mind. I applaud this guy for seeking the truth regardless of where it lead him. I wish we could all do that. BLM do not want equal justice. They believe they have been treated harshly by the criminal justice system and therefore believe that they should be treated differently in the future. That is the core of social justice. That people should be treated by the criminal justice system based on how their ancestors or community has been treated in the past. And that I wrong. Everyone should be treated fairly and equally based on their own case and situation.

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  30. It looks to me from the animations that mr scott could have been hitting the taser, thus knocking it out of officer slager's hand, casung him to draw his gun.

    However what I wonder about is on the HD footage we see the taser cords and they appear to be "held" by officer slager, as if he fired the taser, got it knocked from his hand and then mr scott starts running.

  31. A guy gets pulled over, his documents are being checked. He tries to get out of the car, say something then, when instructed to go back, he goes back. Then he runs. It's clear, somethings wrong. Next we see them struggling on the ground, a guy tossing the taser out and then running in the opposite direction.

    Basically – it's all the things YOU DO NOT DO when being pulled over. Unless you have some serious reasons to run, but then why would you even consider pulling over in the first place?

  32. This whole thing would have been completely avoided if the cop hadn't dropped the Taser on the ground in an attempt to plant evidence. Regardless of whether both cops are in on the planting of the Taser. If one of the arresting officers plants evidence beside me, am I going to believe either of them? Or think that my interests or safety is in there mind, or JUSTICE? No, I'd want to get out of there.

  33. Man tries to use the officer's tazer on him, fails, runs, and is shot. Sounds about right to me. At the moment of trying to grab his tazer I say it's fine to shoot. Even if it was my kid. I'd teach my kid better than to try and fight an officer.

  34. How can u feel threatened if the guy is 20m from you running the opposite direction? Oh better dump my clip on him,wheres the logic.

  35. I had watched the shooting video before and thought it was a clear cut murder. then i watched a top 10 video on youtube to do with reddit mysteries and discovered this documentary. After watching it in my mind the scenario runs like this:
    cop pulls guy over
    guy runs as has outstanding issues to do with child support and is likely to be arrested
    cop catches him they tussle on the ground
    they come to their feet
    the guy either has in his possession the cops taser or he knocks it from his hand with out having it in his possession
    the guy runs and the cop shoots him in the back
    the cop shoots repeatedly until the guy falls to the ground

    when you run from the police they are going to assume you are dangerous, when you tussle with them and resist arrest they know it, and if the cop believed the guy had the taser he may have felt it necessary especially in the heat of the moment to shoot what he perceived, true or not, as an armed and dangerous man fleeing the scene of a crime (resisting arrest).

    A far murkier picture than was presented at the time as i recall it.

  36. This guy seems to think he's way, way more important than he is.

    Standing at the crime scene looking around longingly like he's looking for "answers"?

  37. "How do you pay child support earning only $10k a year?":
    Two points for you. a) if you can't afford kids then don't breed; (b) can't pay child support but is driving a Mercedes?

  38. if it didn't go viral on social media, slager wouldn't be behind bars
    i don't care because I accept everyone judges everyone else by some degree according to appearance and stereotypically on apperance.
    Cop shouldn't be behind bars for doing his job

    this case was wayy too influenced by social media and going viral.
    that alone is enough to discard the whole damn case
    black people need to straighten up.

  39. just to be clear your crime Daniel is making the video go viral that ain't good either. your gonna have to deal with your own conscience on that one. the vagueness and uncertainty of knowing, that can't be healthy to drag around with you every where we all try to do the right thing, but man i don't know if i could have a clean conscious after that

  40. One dead deadbeat and a cop in jail for defending himself in the heat of the moment after some loser takes off in him. Dudes driving a Mercedes, if he was really only making 10k a year, his support payments would be next to nothing. The liberal side of the pitty party doesn't even make sense.

  41. I hate the way American black activists talk – "were taking hits left and right" like black people are a military unit, a separate entity. They separate themselves by USING such terms, by implying they are some sort of united opposing force.

  42. I love this guy for the money stand point.. Wish we all could be like this.. And I can't help but to get angry at people like the black guy who says nothing get better.. YES IT DOES!!! Sometimes slow and sometimes fast


  44. That black dude at min 24, made the right point. Lose track of reality. Man running away gets killed, us law compliant or not, it's not ideal. Making that point about europe is valid in a multitude of ways.

  45. The cop had already called for backup and he knew backup would be there any second. Backup arrived seconds after Scott was shot.

    Scott was in a fenced in area, so where was he going to run to?

    Scott already ran from his car to this point. The cop and Scott first engaged each other at the entry of the park. They then engage each other a second time at the spot the cop draws his gun. Scott's out of breath and isn't going to run much farther and is going to be caught when back up arrives. Look how slow Scott is running before he's even gets shot; he's not getting away. The direction Scott is running is towards a fence that he would've had to climb over to get away. The only way out of the park was to run down the road to the un-fenced entry and Scott was not running in that direction. Shooting someone when they are running away from you is not a life and death moment where the cop had to shoot him even if the cop thought Scott had the taser with him.

    If you watch closely the cop is right handed. The cop has the taser in his right hand. His side arm is on his right hip. The cops left hand is gripping Scott's right arm then the cop throws the taser behind him self with his right hand then his right arm comes forward and he draws his side arm from his right hip with his now empty right hand.

    It's not possible that the cop did not know the taser was thrown behind the cop because a) the cop threw it there, b) the cop looks behind himself at the taser after he's done shooting Scott, and c) he RUNS back to pick up the taser after handcuffing Scott.

    At the time of this shooting the media used a still pic to show the cop facing the guy filming the shooting. This is fake news. The still pic was taken from the film. The still is one still pic from the film. The cop turned his head to the left to look behind himself over his left shoulder to see where the cop threw the taser. The still pic is of the exact second the cops head is facing the guy filming. The cop did NOT turn to look at the guy filming as the media falsely claimed. The cop does not even know someone is filming until much later.

    If Scott had the taser the cop would've drawn his sidearm before the cop even got back on his feet. Even if Scott threw the taser the cop knew he threw the taser behind the cop before the cop shot him because the cop immediately turns his head after the shooting to look at the taser that was thrown behind him.

    However, it is possible Scott had the taser as you can see the taser line is tangled around the cops arm (and possibly his badge on his chest) and stretches out towards Scott as Scott runs, therefore the line is tangled around Scott too. If Scott had the taser he threw it at the cop with his left hand because the cop was gripping Scott's right wrist /arm before Scott breaks away and runs. After the shooting and during a filmed debriefing, the cop has his left pant leg rolled up to his knee in the video. Therefore, something happened to the cops left lower leg. It's believable that Scott had the taser in Scott's left hand and threw it at the cop partially hitting the cop in the left lower leg with the taser, then the taser continues to fly behind the cop after it grazes off the cop left lower leg. If you watch closely it appears the cop let go of Scott's right arm at the same time that the taser hits the cop in the left leg then the cop draws his gun.

    In any event, the cop fired 7 times then there is a delay and he fires again. It's over kill. The cop does not say Stop or I'll shoot. The cop provides no first aid after shooting him several times.

    Scott caused his own problems by running, but did not deserve to be shot. The cop deserved to do some time, but his sentence was too long. This was not a justifiable shooting. Cops are trained to unload their weapon if they shoot at all. The cop decided to shoot and unloaded his gun as he was trained to do. Scott dying is merely a consequence of being shot. Had Scott not ran from the car, wrestled with the cop twice, and ran from the cop a second time, Scott does not get shot. The cop should've got 5 years in prison max.

    The police released the dash cam of the stop and the POLICE edited into the dash cam video a song by Everlast called What's It's Like, which is a song about a guy getting shot. Scott bolts from the car at the very second the police edit into the video the lyric "there was a big gun fight", which is beyond pathetic for the police to do.

  46. Daniel an i are extremely like minded.. An you can see the struggle within him like myself .. To be on the side of political correct but yet not… There are gray areas in life people should just not challenge in the ways we do.. We only exacerbate the problem without coming to a solution.. Demonstrating this issue in this film is simply brilliant. Good work Daniel…. Good work…

  47. Walter Scott was a fleeing criminal. All fleeing criminals should be shot before they can endanger any more of the public. Well done officers.

  48. Soon as he said he didn't know who Benedict Arnold was I knew he wasn't totally intelligent but the quest for the truth is riddled with many hard to swallow pills

  49. This work shows to me the officer made clean shots! The officer made multiple shots because he didn’t see the taser being thrown and the officer felt Walter Scott still had the taser!

  50. So, the guy literally had a fight with the cop, where they were ON THE GROUND. The cops taser was deployed, likely not by himself. The guy might have run from him, again, but let's all be honest….IF HE HADN'T DONE WHAT HE DID, THIS NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED.

  51. I've learned one thing that I'll take with me for the rest of my life- the media can never be trusted to tell the truth. Justice is for the courts and juries to determine- not us and definitely not the lying news media. Also, black lives won't matter until they matter to black people who murder each other by thousands each year.

  52. Here is what the BLM activist said as I can tell he was trying very very hard to choose his words carefully because of the info the tech guy gave him: “we don’t know with all certainty that Walter threw the taser because we don’t get that act directly in the shot. We do however know that the officer shot Walter in the back because we literally we saw it. Please do not make this about moral relativism. Instead of saying ‘let’s address why shoot to kill seemed to be the cop’s natural response’ it seems as if you’re looking for a reason to blame Walter. 8 back shots is excessive no matter how you spin it.” For those of you calling the BLM activist dumb or a crybaby or the those of you who think you’re clever posting that ‘ididntdonuffin’ joke ppl love to post when someone black is killed by a cop, you don’t have to be eloquent to be compassionate.

  53. This whole situation is sad, frustrating and unfortunate. Split decisions are almost impossible to to gauge, but with that being said shooting a man in the back is…. I dont see how anyone could come to a conclusion that its the right reaction?… The worst thing I think a cop can do is shoot a person in the back…
    Please remember to keep all family's in Prayer.

  54. Inconsistencies run riot even in this Documentary, the tazar wires are clearly visible that means it has been deployed. The tazar then gets thrown/hit/slapped out of the cops hand and falls behind the cop. Cop does not see it or maybe he does but does not look so his eyes remain on the target, knowing it needs a new cartridge for it to work again. Then shots the guy in the back multiple times as he runs away, the cop then realizes he needs to cover his actions by planting the tazar…. Love the USA and their laws, lucky for me i'm in the UK, Far better policing…

  55. Well, nice try, but all the people he spoke to in this film had already made up their minds.
    The reddit comments at the beginning should have been a clue.
    Incidentally, Europe is pretty big. It's not all Netherlands and Sweden, and the justice system in some places is still a monstrosity.

  56. Sometimes sadly enough we are our own downfall. Slager panicked and tell me what he did was wrong and I'll threaten your life by struggling with you while I have the LONE weapon drawn in hand and then someone hands you a gun and somehow 100% you tell me how many times you fire it. The cop never saw him throw the taser HE JUST FIRED AT HIM. Scott introduced threat of great bodily harm into the situation even before he grabbed the taser and FIRED IT AT THE OFFICER!

  57. Even if he grabbed his taser…when the guy turned and ran..when was he ever in danger ..;how is anybody in danger when there running away from u and u shoot them in the back like a coward

  58. It looks like the cop had the taser pointed at him then he slapped the taser out of the officers hand and then the officer drew his gun and cowardly shot him in the back

  59. that police officer Michael Steger dogs that black man in the yard he shot the duty out of them it is it sad that that police officer dogs that black man go hospital morgue

  60. 1) he was shot with a taser, 2) you can see the cord or cords in the video, 3) if you are shot with a taser you would instinctively take it away from the person who shot you if possible. 4) a. can tasers be shot twice, and b. was this officer’s taser capable of multiple shots? (This is not even mentioned! Why?)
    5) Is a man running away, taser or not, a threat to that officer?
    6) The man ran away and did not attack the officer. The officer apparently followed him and tackled him. Apparently there was a scuffle and the officer tased the suspect. 7) the man grabbed the taser before or as he was getting up, 8) threw the taser away as he again fled from the cop. 9) the cop shot him in the back multiple times. 10) the man fell, and the cop handcuffed him and did not render aid! 11) apparently no one rendered aid but 12) one of the cops had time to go and get the taser and throw it down by the dying man!
    13) Why?
    14) Why is the fact that he grabbed the taser more important than the fact that 14, a. he threw it away and 14,b. he again fled from a deadly encounter?
    Don’t circumstances prove that fearing for his life was justified? The man was shot in the back and is dead!
    My guess is that this fellow is sorry he gave this info to this attorney. He should be. Both cops and attorneys are dangerous. Cops can kill and are happy to put innocent people in prison, and attorneys are in the business of making the weaker argument appear the stronger! Insofar they harm the innocent and protect the guilty—and they don’t care which!

  61. Bottom line, it was a traffic stop for a broken tail light, Slager, at the time did not know about Scotts “criminal record!” Or lack there of, unpaid child support, is not a “CRIMINAL OFFENSE” I don’t understand, why you would chase someone, unless you were racially profiling. Then to shot Scott 8 times, when there was no threat to Slagers life, Scott’s running away! Scott gets shot in the back! That’s why he is a murderer!

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