Frame and Insulate a Basement Wall in Under 10 Minutes
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Frame and Insulate a Basement Wall in Under 10 Minutes

September 14, 2019

Alright 3-2-1 You might have noticed that were actually using
the cut-offs from the other wall from the top, so were actually utilizing everything.
We’re not wasting anything. We actually have a self-leveling screw that’s put in there so that’s already been adjusted to fit the dip in our floor. So this will sit at the right spot. Need some more glue. All yours.

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  1. Hello – i found your product while looking for ideas to insulate/convert a 2 car garage into a sewing studio.  Do you recommend interior or exterior Insofast panels inside a detached 2 car garage?  I will have it heated and ac as well.  I'm looking to just put white wash panel and peg board over vs. sheet rock.  Will i just glue them directly to the Insofast panels?  Thanks!

  2. i like the idea of under 10 minutes but you don't take into account that everything is cut before hand and made sure its fit

  3. I understand that this is a fast system. My issue is that you precut for the pipe in the wall as well as the areas around the Windows. To be fair, that time should be included.

  4. The guy gluing is 5' 6" and the InSoFast guy pressing the panels in place is 6' 6"…. Haha thanks for asking.

  5. that's pretty slick but if you didn't take the time to pre-cut and level everything up it would have took a lot longer than 10 minutes

  6. I really like the product and it sells itself in many ways. Pre-measuring, fitting on the wall and cutting all the panels and then placing them back into the stack (in order) doesn't impress anybody with the 10 minute installation.

  7. Can you install this product over wavy sandstone basement wall s cause looks like you need a flush surface to liguid nail it to?

  8. Hi,m I am interested in your product. I have a Manufactured home with an attached room constructed of corrugated steel.Can Insofast panels be installed on this type of surface? Thanks


  9. That is great and all… and I'd like to use this product… but where will the electrical wire and outlet boxes go??? In some states it is code that an outlet be located every few feet.

  10. i just did this to my basement but the glue (you guys shouldve mentioned that you need to use special foam board glue NOT regular PL adhesive), required me to squish it down, then removed it for 2-5mins to let the glue tack and set itself, then re-apply the board

  11. I put insofast in my Colorado basement. No moisture problems and it is a dyi project for sure. Once everything is cut, it is easy to put up by yourself. The cutting is what takes the longest to do and even that isn't bad. The truck delivered the product on time and it is much easier to carry in the light boxes than 2x4s. I haven't put up the drywall yet, but I do know the studs are strong. If you use the adhesive they recommend, and let it cure for 24 hours, it is quite strong stuff. The basement is much more comfortable temp wise already. Coloradans need to ensure it is up off the floor to mimic a floating wall. But is is MUCH easier to install this than a floating wall.

  12. What if I lived in an apartment and the walls were concrete blocks? Could I use your product or should I use something else? Feels like I live in an upstairs basement. Love the place but the steel on the outside and the cement blocks on the inside do nothing to keep hot or cold out. Need a good solution ☹️

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