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September 19, 2019

Our societies face complex problems. Global Warming, an ageing population, economic
crisis and more. Societies ask for solutions. To do so, policy makers invest in public science. To produce knowledge to tackle these issues. By supporting public science, new knowledge,
technology and capabilities are created in the public realm. But how can this knowledge be applied to solve
real problems? This knowledge must be spread across all economic
actors to innovate and to sustain economic growth to create new, innovative solutions. This is precisely what FRAME looks at. How can this knowledge diffuse into all economic
actors? FRAME provides an economic analysis to investigate
which factors ease the diffusion of knowledge. For example, how do the labor market dynamics
influence the knowledge diffusion? But also, why are some sectors or countries
the first ones to benefit from this knowledge? FRAME then creates a toolbox for designing
new policies to set up the right frame.

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