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Frame In A Frame Composition

October 23, 2019

you would never ever normally put your
subject smack in the middle of a composition I’m not in the middle of your composition or screen now am i? i’m off to one side and it’s a little bit more pleasing but
there are times when you can do it now right here I got this row of becah huts, this is the frame on a porch of a beach hut, and there’s a row of them going all the way off down there were I have my lovely young assistant sitting on a rail to model for us, by using a slightly longer lens I can move back and then I can frame my model smack in the middle of the shot, and it will still look okay because we’ve got this tunnel, that’s forcing your viewer to look down at the subject we human beings are very vain if we see
a human figure we automatically pick that figure up, even if they’re tiny tiny tiny in the
viewfinder, let’s shoot the picture and i’ll show you what I mean. So I’m gonna use about a hundred and thirty five millimeter lens and just look down through here, i’m framing tom with the struts in the uprights the beach huts I’m using a long-ish lens to
do this because I want to compress these vertical uprights together I want to bring tom a bit closer, I wanna stack the uprights together, so there’s more impact to the shot, If I use the shorter lens Tom starts to get very very small in the image and the uprights start to get further and further apart, and there we go straight away along the composition so you can see Tom sitting at the other end it’s a simple trick, but it works it’s very rare you can put
your subject smack in the middle composition just occasionally when you
can find the circumstances you can

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  1. Hey sr. im dreaming to have a slr cam. but i can't coz its expensive.
    Can you give me slr camera ? pls pls plss
    Perfect as a Birthday and Christmass gift to me… ­čÖé

  2. Thank you very much Mr.Mike , more then 200 videos and , i m learning more and more everyday, your way of explaining is very friendly, appreciate it.. Good Wishes

  3. Thank you for the great explanation about "Frame In a Frame Composition",
    I would like to bring to your notice that the "Scene Within a Scene" composition chapter from your website links to this video about "Frame in a Frame".. It would be of great help if you could re-upload or link the "Scene Within a Scene" composition video to it.. Thank you Mike ­čÖé

  4. Mike, I just found your channel (watched all the leading line, diagonals, foreground and 50mm vids).  I LOVE IT!  Great compositional tools, and I would pretty much watch anything you put out.  Thank you!

  5. Mike, I have watched many of your videos. Thank you for your job, energy and enthusiasm that give not only knowledge but inspiration as well for the viewer. Brgds,István Bokor

  6. Was Tom actually in the center? his torso seemed to be mostly on the left of the image giving a nicely balanced image.

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