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August 25, 2019

This question was posed to me… Why do I do it? Why do I do what I do? Straight up, no bull… Two things, the love of creating art, and getting paid for it I fell in love with photography the moment I looked into the viewfinder of a friends camera Watching that image slowly fall into focus was like… wow What started as a simple hobby quickly turned into an obsession with just wanting to learn everything I could. I was a below average student but a gifted child artist. I could pretty much paint and
draw anything at very young age I remember vividly a teacher pulled me aside, thinking he was doing the right thing… and said to me and is his very stern teacher voice,
“Art doesn’t pay” Forget about this art crap, get a real job. That’s stuck with me forever more Art. Doesn’t. Pay. I grew up the real wold took hold Got a real job as a steel worker. Girlfriend turned into a wife and turned
into a family With a hobby that was slowly turning into another career Over time people started to buy images off me I remember my very first check from a
small yachting magazine for $50 dollars. I was speechless. I literally stared at that piece of paper for an hour or more. My head was exploding with ideas This is a future I had no idea I could have Ringing in my ears was that bloody teacher Art. Doesn’t Pay. That single check made me shift into 4th gear at hit the gas Pushing myself into many late nights of just learning every photographic technique I could think of And moving from photography into motion… Watching my photography come to life was another great love Constantly building my knowledge and business skills, learning all types of computer programs Reinvesting all my profits back into
professional cameras, equipment, studios I just jumped on this huge monster and
just rode it around the world As the hunt and chase of capture of great projects from around world became even more intoxicating . It’s been 25 years since that check came
in the mail I’ve filmed around the planet many times over. Captured amazing faces, in the most amazing places The world gets small for me each year but my aspirations are getting bigger now than ever This is an industry not for the
meek and lazy As this world is fast and furious With affordable equipment
flooding into the marketplace there’s no excuses anymore It’s not about the tools you use it’s about your execution of your idea
and trying to get your imagination onto a screen I say learn and embrace of all new technologies As they’re all designed to
shape and craft your vision Share with the world and collaborate with others as ideas get bigger when like-minded people get together This is a new age and video content is
the new language of the day A thousand words can be thought or spoken of from a single image Video has built new empires and toppled old dictatorship And moved from dark rooms into the hands of 2 or 3 billion people Video is the quickest way to tell a story and the easiest way to share your imagination All this said, I did prove to myself… my teacher was wrong But it makes me smile because although he’ll never know it… His words are part of my verse And this is why I do, what I do I’m Mark Toia, and I’m a master

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  1. This is amazing and so inspirational. Please, let me help you translating the subtitles to Spanish. I've got some viewers who doesn't speak English and they'll love to get this message.

  2. До мурашек! Смотрел в наушниках – ооочен круто! История вдохновляющая, спасибо!!!

  3. I can't wait to see the Episode 2. Thank you for making such an amazing content and huge inspiration for global filmmakers/ cinematographers

  4. Amazing guys!! And no letter boxes on youtube? Is this new?! Things like this make me keep going at the toughest moments.

  5. Rly great Video. Rly inspirational. My only complaint is his voice, which sounds over processed in my ears. (kind of muffled, to much bass)

  6. This just blew my mind!! Wow!!…. speechless!!….

    Just stopped what I was doing and made my wife watch this!!

    I'm hooked!!

    Now emailing it to everyone I know.. hahahah…

  7. In a content driven world, I hands down think this will be just as well known as any other SaaS when it comes to video edition and collaboration! Can't wait to see where you guys will be in a few years!

  8. Never heard of Mark Toia before but I will never forget this name after watching this. Thanks for reminding why we are still in this business even though many a time it makes you feel it doesn't pay…. Kudos to for sharing this!

  9. When is episode 2 coming out? I re-posted the previous video on a professional film facebook group in Vancouver and I want to continue doing it

  10. An inspirational story which really resonates with me and many others aspiring to be great filmmakers and understand the hours and grind it takes to get better.

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